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Automates manual order and exception

handling tasks and system interactions

Graphical workow management tools
enable end users to rapidly create and
congure processes, business logic,
ordering screens, and data models
Integrates easily with other systems
through XML/JMS/EAI interfaces
Pre-built service-specic data and
ow templates minimize
implementation costs/timeframes
Fully web-based, intuitive front end
supporting guided order entry and

ConceptWave Order Care is a metadatadriven order automation product suite supporting

total order lifecycle management.
ConceptWave Order Care suite encompasses
Order Negotiations (ON), Catalog Management (CM),
Order Management (OM) and Order Analytics (OA)
product modules which can operate as a total
product suite or as stand-alone components.
ConceptWave Order Care is a fully integrated
and highly congurable service management
platform that supports several functions through a
common product platform addressing the combined
needs for order entry/order negotiation, order
management, and fallout management.
ConceptWave Order Care has the ability to
leverage capabilities of middleware applications to
provide connectivity to legacy systems and is able
to build metadata-driven APIs tailored to the data
required and available.

ConceptWave Order Care Product Suite

Order Negotiations (ON):

Catalog Management (CM):

Order Management (OM):

Order Analytics (OA):

Provides a highly exible, fully customizable order negotiation process

that integrates with virtually all back-end systems to speed new
services to customers, reduce order errors, and improve ow through.
ON capabilities include order entry, telecom sales support, service
negotiation, Web/contact center support, customer account
management, product data, & front oce automation.
An intuitive environment allowing the central denition of attributes
like product features, availability, and bundles. Workow rules can be
tied to the product items at the product catalog level. Easily interfaces
with downstream systems to manage and fulll complex multi-product
Enables customer-specic order processing capabilities with
unprecedented exibility and low total cost of ownership. OM
capabilities include order decomposition, order fallout management,
routing, status tracking, business rule validation, message mapping,
and automated work ow sequencing and control.
Audits and tracks all aspects of the order lifecycle. Assesses order
performance by responsible organization using a built-in reporting
management infrastructure. Possesses ability to generate reports such
as Order Alert Summary Dashboard, Operational Search Reports, and
Management Reports on a number of parameters.

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