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How well has James managed his global team?


Who is responsible for the HS Holding crisis?


What role did the open work play on this team?


What will you do in short run and long run, if you were in Jamess role?

Executive Summary
In the case Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc.
(A)Tsedal Neeley states that lack of inappropriate communication,
leadership anddecision-making is root of the crisis of HS Holdings. Overall,
cultural diversity isbased on the idea that cultural identities should not be
discarded or ignored but rathermaintained and valued. In view of this, diverse
cultural differences can result inorganizational problems. Firstly, identify James
techniques to manage his global teamand recognize the root of problems.
Secondly, identify James should be responsible forthe crisis of HS Holdings
because of miscommunication and improper leadership.Thirdly, defining the
important role of open work environment and diversity play in thecase in order to
focus on improvement of this two. Fourthly, finding out short-termdevelopment
and long-term development for James to match solving organizationalproblem. At
the end, summing all findings in a conclusion
1: How well has James managed his global team?
Short Introduction to James Mentioning James,
He is an unquestionable technical elites. After he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer
Engineering from Stanford University, he chose to work for the Sun Inc. Within four years, he had
risen in the Data Protection and Recovery Department. Five years later, he achieved the Sun
outstanding Manager award.
Greg James took to solve the problem that triggered the crisis in the Managing the global
commands. Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc (A) We will see how James solves the problems
associated with the process in the context of his team and to create a cohesive team to help them to
work effectively together. We also learn whether James successful in making it a global team to a new
level of performance and customer service
o Twelve months earlier, James had recruited his 45-person team composed of member she
hoped to use the program of open work to establish his team.

In a series of aspects related to work, he deals with them in different ways.

James had kept in touch with his direct reports many times during the week. Because
difference of the four areas, he had about compensation mismatch and vacation, faced to the
complain about different welfares and treatments from members from different areas, James
tried his best to explain according to the situation and make the situation more equitable under
local labor laws.

James realized that there was equal-opportunity disgruntlement among the sub teams. After he
had pressed his members, James had learned that the team members feared that they would be

deemed incompetent. In fact, they have to increase the chance of communicate such as face-to
face interaction.

At last, James had cringed when he was accused of playing favorites with his US team.
Members of the three non-US teams felt that they were copied only as an afterthought.

It seems that James spent more time on focusing on the US team.

Answer of question no 2.
By considering the whole case ,no single person was responsible for the
crisis. It was due to lack of understanding between the global teams
.Every team was trying to prove its own worth and to leave behind the
All teams are so competitive in a negative way such that they were not
thinking about the team goal as a whole. They only stick on indivisual
goals having no concern about the group.
There were also having lack of responsibility especially amongst the US
team members.
Division of labour was not equal. Teams like India and French was
overloaded because of time constraints and quality of work.
But if we have to specify one single person then it would be Nick Elliot
because he moved to the other department without filling the data and
information in the queue.
When you assign a task in a team, one single person is not responsible for
the failure ,it is a task of the whole team.


What role did the open work play on this team?

Open culture allowed them to work from diverse time zones, which
created a problem to many groups for eg: Indians complained about
long working hours. As they had to get briefing from the American
group before 6 a.m and work till late evening.

Each countries working policy was different then the others this
caused the different groups to think that the other was getting more
importance. For eg: French group was paid 30% less than their
American counterpart. But the French people got salary according to
there own countrys market price .

As the open culture allowed them to work from anywhere the

employees didnt have a definitee

Q-3What should Greg James do in the short-term in the long-term?

Short term
- resolve current interpersonal issues
- better distance collaboration issues
- resolve all technical issues
- sufficient crisis management system
o communication

collaboration based on self-initiative neglecting the aspect of

communicate compensation and vacation issues
Greg James should do more cultural awareness training
question the suitability of team

move the organization to a more integrated one, more matrix like
achieve improved communication structures
better collaboration structure for the work with partners
review the open work arrangements for his team
o Satisfaction surveys show flaws

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