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RBSE Schools in Bikaner

Over 6000+ schools are operated under RBSE in 32 districts of the state of
Rajasthan and over 300+ schools including government as well as private schools
are operated under RBSE (Rajasthan Board) in Bikaner. Melbourne Secondary
School is amongst these 300+ RBSE schools in Bikaner but is foremost of all as it
not only imparts the bookish knowledge but also helps to prepare students
intellectually, emotionally, ethically and enables them an all round development.
Unlike other RBSE schools in Bikaner, here students are inspired with the true love
of learning and help them to develop them deep. We provide such a curriculum that
prepares children for challenges and opportunities in and out of the classroom
Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER), is a board of education for the
school level education which is responsible for the promotion and development of
Secondary education in the state of Rajasthan. This board is commonly known as
RBSE or Rajasthan Board. RBSE is a state agency regulated under the Government
of Rajasthan and has its headquarters in Ajmer. It endeavours to provide a quality
education to all the students enrolled in the RBSE schools in Bikaner and of other
places school recognized by this board currently.
RBSE conducts examination for every year such as Secondary School Examination
(+10), Senior Secondary Education (10+2) (in Arts/ Science/ Commerce fields),
Praveshika Pariksha (+10), Varishtha Upadhayaya Pariksha (10+2) and many State
level and National Level examinations which provide a big platform for the students
to participate and showcase their talents and skills in academic as well as other
fields. It also provides certificate of participating or winning or passing for all the
students appeared in the examinations in order to facilitate a piece of appreciation
for the students of RBSE schools in Bikaner for going further studies.
Providing affiliations to schools in Rajasthan is amongst the functions performed by
the State Board. There are various types of affiliation under RBSE for a school to
choose from namely- 1). Affiliations for middle school up to 8 th class, 2). Affiliations
for Secondary School up to 10th class and 3). Affiliations for Senior Secondary School
till 12th class. There are several categories of schools which are eligible to get the
affiliation or recognition from RBSE but that school shall not be affiliated from any
other board. To get the recognition from RBSE every school should fulfill the
conditions as stated by the board, only after they shall be given the affiliation from
BSER. Melbourne Secondary School has the affiliation from RBSE and is a CoEducational, Secondary School in Bikaner for the classes up to 10 th.

Faculty of Melbourne Secondary School is very singularly focused on one thing

i.e. your child. Our teachers pay close attention to every needs of an individual
child whether it is emotional, social and is related to academics. Apart from other
RBSE School in Bikaner, the experience of Melbourne Secondary School is
enriched with the resemblance of tradition and modernity with a stress on the
development of child beyond the active participation in their classrooms but to
serve them as learning for their life long.