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Finish the sentences.
1 If you eat well,
2 If you eat too much,
3 If you study every day,
4 If you win a lot of money,
5 If it is sunny,

Choose the correct word
6 Joe has decided to give/giving up eating in the evening. ____________________
7 I want to ask/asking a question. ____________________
8 Im considering to move/moving to another country. ____________________
9 I cant afford to buy/buying a new car. ____________________
10 Have you finished writing/to write that letter? ____________________

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Write the passive

11 People made bread at home 60 years ago.(PAST was/were + pp)
12 Many people sent parcels with charity last weekend.(PAST)
13 My mother cleans my room every day.(PRESENT am/is/are +pp)
14 My company employs twenty five people.(PRESENT)
15 They grow rice in China.(PRESENT)

Put the verb into PAST CONTINUOUS TNSE WAS/WERE + V+ing
16 I (walk) to college when I saw Ross.
17 The last time we met, you (write) a novel.
18 I broke my arm while I (play) basketball.
19 While I (do) the washing up, I dropped a cup.
20 I (listen to) a CD when the doorbell rang.

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

Complete the sentences with can, can't, could or be able to

21 Will you ____________________help me next week?
22 I ____________________swim before I was twelve.
23 She took some lessons last year and now she ____________________sing very well.
24 Mozart ____________________play the piano when he was a child.
25 I ____________________drive now but Im going to learn.

Write C (countable) or U (uncountable)

26 trip ____________________
27 bread ____________________
28 luggage ____________________
29 money ____________________
30 air ____________________
Choose the correct word
31 I havent got any/much pets ____________________
32 Learning how to ski involves a lot of/a few hard work. ____________________
33 Ive just heard some/many bad news. ____________________
34 He has a few/any books to read. ____________________
35 Jamie wants many/ a piece of advice about shopping. ____________________

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

Write the or no article

36 Do you like ____________________ horror films?
37 Would you like to live in ____________________ country?
38 I dont let my children listen to ____________________radio.
39 What do you think of ____________________ weather?
40 Whats on ____________________ TV tonight?

Write the comparative

41 The River Nile (long) the Amazon.
42 English is (interesting) than Maths.
43 The film is (funny) the book.
44 Five star Hotels are (comfortable)than hostels.
45 My parents are (bad) yours.

Complete the sentences. In each case use one element from box A and one from box B.
get / go / keep / lost / school /

friends / in touch with / on / out with / touch

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

1 We ____________________and I dont know where they live now.

2 I like Mary, but I dont want to ____________________her.
3 At the weekend Im having a drink with some old ____________________.
4 You should ____________________with your old friends.
5 My grandmother and I ____________________ really well.
Write the correct preposition
6 apeal ____________________
7 agree ____________________
8 apply ____________________
9 belong ____________________
10 worry ____________________
Match the phrasal verbs with their definitions
11 put up with

find someone/something accidentally

12 come across

slowly stop having a good relationship

13 ask out

accept a situation

14 get over

invite on a date

15 grow apart

stop feeling sad

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

Change the nationality to the country

16 Chinese ____________________
17 Portuguese ____________________
18 Canadian ____________________
19 Brazilian ____________________
20 Polish ____________________
Write the correct word
21 She can talk a lot. Shes very ch____________________
22 He keeps himself to himself. Hes r____________________
23 You cant trust him to do what he says hell do. Hes u____________________
24 Shes rather emotional. Shes s____________________
25 Hes always prepared and well-planned. Hes very well o____________________
26 waist
27 toe
28 challenge
29 imagination
30 cheetah
31 speed limit
32 tired
34 tasty
35 luggage

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT


Hi Guys
Sorry I have been off-line for a while, but Ive been in hospital.
I had a pain in my stomach and felt sick, so I went to the doctor about it. He sent me to the
hospital for a test right away. They looked into my mouth, felt my stomach and back. They took
my temperature. They even put things onto my arms to measure this, that and the other. I had to
stay in for three days, so they could watch my reaction to the tests. It was like being on holiday.
I just had to lie there and they brought me food. The nurses were great, really friendly and very
chatty. Anyway, the tests showed there was nothing, Im fine and Im back home now.
I hope you are all well. Email soon.
Complete the notes
pain in (31)____________________, felt (32) ____________________
tests: stomach, mouth, back, (33) ____________________
(34) ____________________: friendly, chatty
results: nothing, (35) ____________________now

Describe someone you know.Write three to six sentences. Say:
Who they are(name/you relation)
What they look like (size/face/eyes/hair)
What they wear (clothes/shoes)
What they are like (appearance/character)

PHOTOCOPIABLE 2006 Pearson Longman ELT

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