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Digital Photography I

Course Outline
Journal entries are due each week.
Unit 1 - Introduction to Photographic Imaging
Lesson 1 - History of Photography
Lesson 2 - Elements & Principles of Art in Photography
Lesson 3 - Photography: Composition
Ethics and Saefty

Unit 2 - Digital Photography

Lesson 4 - Building a Personal Photo Library
Lesson 5 - The Basics Know your Digital Camera
Lesson 6 - Technical Issues: Downloading Photos (Folder D)/ Image Size (Folder G)/ Resize
(Folder H)
Lesson 7 - Photographing People Selfies, Figures, Portraits & Groups
Lesson 8 - Working with Objects
Lesson 9 - Still-life Photography
Lesson 10 - Photographing Environmental and Nature
Lesson 11 - Architecture and Location Photography

Unit 3 Photo Manipulation - Adobe Photoshop CS6
Lesson 12 - The Basics of Photoshops Workspace & Toolbox (Folder C)
Lesson 13 - Collage (Folder E) and Cropping (Folder F)
Lesson 14 - Unity and Balance (Folder K)

Lesson 15 - Layers, Masks & Channels (Folder M)

Lesson 16 - Transforming Digital Photos with Photoshop Techniques (Folder R)
Lesson 17- Photoshop Techniques
Lesson 18- 10 Rules of Photography

Unit 4 Final Projects- Research and Slide Show

Part 1- Photographer Research Project Part 1 and Part 2 and Personal Portfolio
(Part 1- Complete your PowerPoint or Prezi and present to the class. Please see handout for
details and checklist. Part 2 Take images inspired by the Photographer you did your
research on. You will need 3 prints. Please see handout for details and checklist.)
Part 2- Personal Slide Show of all lessons and Final Artist statement.

Personal Portfolio
Post all projects to your Weebly site.