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Name:__________________________ Grade: _____ Date: ____________

Mrs. Giltner, Art Teacher Hour: _________________ Class: _____________
Class Supplies
Materials you will need
Students are required to have a pencil, a sketchbook or notebook, a thumb drive to store
all work. Students are required to bring these items with them to class everyday.
Journal/ sketchbook will be brought to and from class everyday. Journal/ sketchbooks
can be left in the art room in the proper crate. Papers should be securely held within a
folder. Students are required to keep all handouts, notes, and assignments in a
folder until the end of the trimester. Students will receive a copy of materials or the
materials can be found online at
Learning Goals
1) To demonstrate familiarity with the basic tools and techniques of page
layout, illustration an editing software applications.
2) To apply design and problem-solving techniques to a variety of
graphic design challenges.
3) To develop writing and image-making skills for the expression of
ideas and client needs.
4) To understand the production sequence of printing graphics from the
idea to the delivery.
5) To understand the sequence of designing, creating, and presenting
digital media.
6) To develop an awareness of careers in graphics-related fields.
All work will be placed in the Dink Box- Drop Box at the class Blog for credit when due.
Files that are not uploaded will not receive credit. Both the Drop Box and Blog are
accessible from anywhere and anytime for information on the course.
Student Evaluation: Skyline High School Grading Scale

97 - 100
93 - 97
90 - 92
88 - 89
83 - 87
80 - 82
78 79



73 - 77
70 - 72
68 - 69
63 - 67
60 - 62
Below 60 is Failing


Graphics Grade Weights:

Projects/Class work ..........................70%
Final Project/Exams.......... 20%
Participation ..10%
(Participation includes: being on time, prepared for class, participating in
class discussions, cleaning-up, responsible use of equipment & supplies,
work ethic, and generally doing what you are suppose to do everyday).
Classroom Procedures
In order to meet the aforementioned learning goals students are expected
o be in class on time every day
o music with headphones only allowed at work time
o no cellphones
o be prepared for class everyday (must have a pencil and journal
o work productively in class everyday and take responsibility for
their own work
o clean up after themselves and help to maintain the classroom
o work independently when the teacher is working with other
Late work will be accepted when the student discusses the situation with
the teacher, otherwise late work will be accepted with credit loss.
After 5 absences it becomes difficult to know what is going on in a lab
class where most of the information is delivered via demonstrations and
lectures. In these cases, the student will be given alternative assignments
that can be done without the missed instruction.
Students who misuse the classroom equipment or supplies will be given
alternative assignments that can be done without the classroom equipment
and supplies.
Students will need a flash or thumb drive that will hold 8GB/16GB or 32GB.
Students will have room on the desktop in the lab but they will need to back up
their work.

Mastery Learning
Each student in the arts will accomplish a set of benchmarks in a cyclical
manner of learning where the students demonstrate their ability of each
skill, working towards the National Standards.
Skyline Writing Center Website:
The Skyline Writing Center offers free writing support to all currently enrolled
Skyline students. Writing Center tutors are highly trained juniors and seniors that
have been identified as having excellent writing skills and teaching ability. The
Writing Center is open every hour of every day that school is in session. Writing
Center tutors can assist students at any academic level and at any stage in the
writing process from initial brainstorming to final revisions. Students may use the
Writing Centers services for writing assignments in any course (except for world
language courses). Students may also use the Writing Center for creative writing,
college essays, ACT writing preparation, and more.
Students can visit a tutor in person in room B429 on a walk-in or appointment
basis. Appointments can be made with specific tutors at specific times by using
the Writing Center website. In-person sessions typically last 15-20 minutes.
Students can also submit their work through the Writing Centers website for
online tutoring in the Online Writing Lab (OWL). Writing is returned in 48-72
hours with suggestions and an invitation to visit the Writing Center for a followup appointment.

Please sign and date the form below and have your child return to Mrs. Giltner as soon as
possible. Please feel free to email me any questions at

As the Parent/Guardian of _______________________________________, I agree to

the following:
(Please check all that apply to you.)
_ I have fully read the letter sent home explaining materials needed for art class.
_ My child has a camera they can bring to school and use.
_ My child needs to borrow a camera from the school. My child has permission to sign it
out and we will be responsible for its safe keeping.
_ I will contact Mrs. Giltner directly and immediately with any concerns I may have.
_ I will encourage my child to finish their assignments on time and ask about their work.
_ I will monitor my childs weekly homework assignments to ensure they are complete.
_ I would like to provide my email for communications from Mrs. Giltner as needed.

My email (please print clearly): ____________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date: ___________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Phone Number(s): __________________________________________