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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

121 / Monday, June 25, 2007 / Proposed Rules 34661

rotensis, Osmoxylon mariannense, and Dated: June 14, 2007. instructions at that site for submitting
Tabernaemontana rotensis)*. Kenneth Stansell, comments.
(5) Resubmitted petition findings for Acting Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife • Mail: P. O Box 21668, Juneau, AK
30 species (these species are identified Service. 99802.
with the code ‘‘C*’’ in Table 1 of the [FR Doc. E7–12282 Filed 6–22–07; 8:45 am] • Hand delivery to the Federal
CNOR published in the Federal Register BILLING CODE 4310–55–P Building : 709 W. 9th Street, Juneau,
(67 FR 40657, June 13, 2002)). AK.
We have endeavored to make our • Fax: (907) 586–7557.
listing actions as efficient and timely as DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For
possible, given the requirements of the specific information regarding the July
relevant laws and regulations, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric 31, 2007, hearing in Silver Spring, MD,
constraints relating to workload and Administration contact Chris Uyeda, NMFS, 1315 East-
personnel. We are continually West Highway, Silver Spring, MD
considering ways to streamline 50 CFR Part 224 20910–3226, telephone (301) 713–1401 .
processes or achieve economies of scale, [I.D. 021607C] For all other information regarding the
such as by batching related actions proposed listing of the Cook Inlet beluga
together where feasible. Given our Endangered and Threatened Species; whale contact Brad Smith, NMFS, 222
limited budget for implementing section Proposed Endangered Status for the West 7th Avenue, Anchorage, AK
4 of the Act, the actions described above Cook Inlet Beluga Whale; Public 99517, telephone (907) 271–5006; Kaja
collectively constitute expeditious Hearing Brix, NMFS, (907) 586–7235; or Marta
progress. Nammack, (301) 713–1401.
AGENCY: National Marine Fisheries
Service (NMFS), National Oceanic and
The information provided above Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Background
amends our finding, published January Commerce. On April 20, 2007, NMFS published
16, 2003 (68 FR 2283), that listing the ACTION: Notice of public hearing. a proposed rule (72 FR 19854) to list the
Sierra Nevada DPS of the mountain Cook Inlet beluga whale as an
yellow-legged frog is warranted but SUMMARY: On April 20, 2007, NMFS
endangered species under the
precluded. Specifically, the information proposed the listing of the Cook Inlet
Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA),
amends the finding to include beluga whale as an endangered species
as amended. This action followed
information pertaining to preclusion under the Endangered Species Act of
completion of the Cook Inlet beluga
and expeditious progress. Thus this 1973 (ESA). As part of that proposal,
whale status review, which found this
amended finding fully satisfies the NMFS announced a public comment
population to be at risk of extinction
requirements of section 4(b)(3)(B)(iii) of period to end on June 19, 2007, and
within the next 100 years and described
the Act. We note also that since then extended the comment period to
NMFS’ determination that this
publication of our initial warranted but August 3, 2007. NMFS has received
population constitutes a ‘‘species’’, or
precluded finding, we have made requests for public hearings on this
distinct population segment under the
resubmitted petition findings pursuant issue. In response, NMFS announced
to the requirement of section two public hearings to be held in Alaska
On June 13, 2007, in response to
4(b)(3)(C)(i) of the Act, and published in a previous Federal Register notice. In
requests, NMFS announced that two
these in the Federal Register on May 4, addition, NMFS is announcing a
public hearings would be held in Alaska
2004 (69 FR 24875), May 11, 2005 (70 separate hearing in this notice that will
regarding the proposed listing of the
FR 24869), and September 12, 2006 (71 be held in Silver Spring, Maryland, in
Cook Inlet beluga whale (72 FR 32605).
FR 53755). In each case we have found order to provide greater opportunity for
Following this announcement, NMFS
that the petitioned action is warranted public comment.
received an additional request for a
but precluded, and our finding has DATES: The hearing will be held on July public hearing to be held in Silver
included information demonstrating 31, 2007, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. in Spring. This request was submitted
preclusion and expeditious progress. Silver Spring, MD. Written comments beyond the 45–day statutory deadline
We will continue to monitor the must be received by August 3, 2007. for public hearing requests (16 U.S.C.
status of this species and its habitat. ADDRESSES: The July 31, 2007, hearing 1533(b)(5)(E)). However, NMFS has
Should an emergency situation develop, will be held at NOAA Headquarters, decided to voluntarily honor the request
we will act to provide immediate Building 2, Conference Room 2358, in order to provide additional
protection, if warranted. We intend that 1325 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, opportunities for public comment.
any proposed listing action for the MD.
Sierra Nevada DPS of the mountain Written comments can be sent to Kaja Public Hearings
yellow-legged frog will be as accurate as Brix, Assistant Regional Administrator, Joint Commerce-Interior ESA
possible. Therefore, we will continue to Protected Resources Division, Alaska implementing regulations state that the
accept additional information and Region, NMFS, Attn: Ellen Sebastian. Secretary shall promptly hold at least
comments from all concerned Comments may be submitted by: one public hearing if any person
governmental agencies, the scientific • E-mail: CIB-ESA- requests one within 45 days of
community, industry, or any other Include in the publication of a proposed regulation to
interested party concerning the status of subject line the following document list a species or to designate critical
rmajette on PROD1PC64 with PROPOSALS

this species. identifier: Cook Inlet Beluga Whale PR. habitat (see 50 CFR 424.16(c)(3)). In past
E-mail comments, with or without ESA rule-makings NMFS has conducted
attachments, are limited to 5 megabytes. traditional public hearings, consisting of
The authority for this action is the • Webform at the Federal recorded oral testimony from interested
Endangered Species Act of 1973, as eRulemaking Portal: individuals. This format, although
amended (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.). Follow the providing a means for public input,

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34662 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 121 / Monday, June 25, 2007 / Proposed Rules

does not provide opportunities for There is no need to register for these References
dialogue and information exchange. hearings.
NMFS believes that the traditional In scheduling these public hearings, The proposed rule, status review,
public hearing format can be improved NMFS has anticipated that many maps, a list of the references cited in
upon by also including a brief affected stakeholders and members of this document, and other materials
presentation on the results of the Cook the public may prefer to discuss the relating to the proposed listing can be
Inlet beluga Status Review and other proposed listing directly with staff found on the NMFS Alaska Region
topics of interest. during the public comment period. website
However, these public meetings are not
The preferred means for providing Authority: 16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.
the only opportunity for the public to
public comment to the official record is provide input on this proposal. The Dated: June 19, 2007.
via written testimony prepared in public and stakeholders are encouraged James H. Lecky,
advance of the meeting which may also to continue to comment and provide Director, Office of Protected Resources,
be presented orally. Blank ‘‘comment input to NMFS on the proposal (via National Marine Fisheries Service.
sheets’’ will be provided at the meetings correspondence, e-mail, and the [FR Doc. E7–12262 Filed 6–22–07; 8:45 am]
for those without prepared written Internet; see ADDRESSES) up until the
comments, and opportunity will also be scheduled close of the comment period
provided for additional oral testimony. on August 3, 2007.
rmajette on PROD1PC64 with PROPOSALS

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