J.R. K.G


Test Assignment

Ex-1 Dictation { small alphabets a to z}

Ex-2 Missing Alphabets .{ Small a to z }.
a____ , ____ , d , ____ , ____ , g
i, j , ____ , ____ , ____ , n , ____
t____ , ____ , ____ , x, ____ , z

Ex-3 Match the capital alphabets with small alphabets.{ A to Z }








Ex- 4 Write the other form of the given alphabets.{ a to z}
H h

l L

m M

R r

d D

p P

Ex-5 Find out the small alphabets and ring them:{ a to z }









Ex-1 Dodging Numbers { 1 to 20 }

Ex-2 Missing Numbers { 1 to 20 }
11 , ____ , 13, ____ , ____ , ____
15 , ____ , ____ , ____, 19, ____
6____ , ____ , 9, ____ , _____

Ex-3 After Numbers { 11 to 20 }




Ex- 4 Colour the objects upto the given numbers.{ 1 to 10 }



Ex-5 Draw the correct numbers of apples on the tree.{ 1 to 10}

ENG-GENERAL { Conversation } Oral.
1.When must we brush our teeth?
A.We must brush our teeth in the morning.
2.When must we have a bath?
A.We must have a bath everyday.
3.How must we comb our hair?
A. We must comb our hair neatly.
4. What care should we take of our nails?
A. We should cut our nails regularly.
5.When must we cover our nose and mouth?
A. We must cover our nose and mouth when we cough or sneeze.
6.How must we keep our eyes clean ?
A. We must splash cold water to keep our eyes clean.
7.When must we wash our hands?
A. We must wash our hands before and after eating.
8. Where must we throw rubbish? A.We must throw rubbish in the dustbin.
9.What should we do everyday? A. We should exercise everyday.
10. Whom should we pray to? A. We should pray to god.

11.How should we sit and stand?A. We should sit and stand erect.
12. What type of food should we eat?A. We should eat healthy food.
13.Do you go to school on time? A. Yes, I go to school on time.
14. When do you finish your lessons? A. I finish my lessons in the evening.
15. When do you go to bed? A.I go to bed early at night,
16 Do you help your mother? A. Yes, I help my mother.
17. What do boys wear ?A. Boys wear shirt and pant.
18.What do girls wear ? A. Girls wear pinafore.
19.What do you wear when you go to sleep? A.We wear night dress when we go to
20.What do you wear when you go to school? A. We wear school uniform when we go
to school.
21.What do you wear when you go for a party? A.We wear colourful dress when we
go for a party.
22.How must we keep our clothes? A.We must keep our clothes neat and clean.

G.K Oral
1.What are pet animals? Animals that are kept in our house are called pet animals.
2.Name some pet animals? Dog , cat, rabbit and fish.
3.Who guards our house? A Dog guards our house.
4.What does a dog like to eat? A Dog likes to eat meat and chappaties.
5. What does a cat like to eat ? A cat likes to eat mice.
6.What does dog say? A dog says bow-wow.
7. What does cat say? A cat says meow.
8.What does a rabbit like to eat? A rabbit likes to eat carrot and cabbage.
9.What are domestic animals? Animals that are useful to us are called domestic
10What are wild animals ? Animals that eat other animals are called wild animals.
11.Which animals gives us milk? Cow , buffalo , goat gives us milk.

12.Which animal carry heavy load? Donkey carries heavy load.
13. Which animals have stripes on their body? Tiger and zebra have stripes on their
14.Which animals have spots on their body? Deer and leopard have spots on their
15.Where do we see many animal? We see many animals in the zoo.
16.Name some flowers?

Rose , lily , lotus , mogra , champa , marigold , sun-flower and
shoe-flower are some flowers.

17.Where does flowers grow? Flowers grow on the plants.
18.What do flower gives us? Flower gives us sweet smell.
19.What do flowers have? Flowers have different shapes and colours.
20.What do we make from Flowers? We make garlands from flowers.
21.Which is our national flower? Lotus is our national flower .
22.Which flower always look at the sun ?Sun-Flower always look at the sun.
23.Which flowers grow in water? Lotus and lily grow in water.

Pg no 33 - Out in the garden
Pg no 35-Hickory dickory
Pg no 37-Incy Wincy spider
Pg no 39- Jingle bells
Pg no 41- There’s Kelly the kangaroo

READING: ab , ad , ag , am , an , ap , ar , as , at.