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Basti Saleh Shah near Govt. Girls Middle
School Jhang Sadar, Pakistan 35200 Mobile:
0092-304 6225992

Assistant Manager Textile Material and Knitting Analyst at Interloop Ltd

Above 4½ years of experience in performing and leading an operational team of Yarn’s Material
and Knitting Analyst (socks) as per all quality aspects and their usual qualitative up gradation
w.r.t customer oriented requirements.

Have worked experience of about 1½ years at Masood Spinning Mills (Yarn Development), Kabirwala
, Pakistan

Quality assessment of yarns and all possible executions for yarn testing
Production control and new orders induction schedule issuance
Supervision of two-for-one (TFO) department from order induction to dispatch of export
containers including 3rd party inspection (Vigour Impex)
Trouble shooting and mechanical maintenance

Have worked experience of about 3 years as Assistant Manager Textile Material and Knitting Analyst
at Interloop Ltd. Faisal Abad

Globally working and searching for Qualitative yarn suppliers to meet customer oriented
objectives and standards
Conducting the meetings with sales team, marketing team and production technical team for yarn
quality observation at spinning/knitting stages
Sound knowledge of textile materials and their behavior during processing (Spinning, Knitting,
Dyeing) along with aesthetic and comfort properties of socks.
Visual assessment and appearance analysis of knitted fabric made up of various blended melange
and dyed yarns and filaments yarns (High stretch/ Dope dyed/ Hank Dyed)
Yarns quality parameters standardization w.r.t product at spinning/knitting stage
Handling of all yarn related complaints at floor
Elastomeric yarns quality assessment at covering units (Single covered , double covered and air
Dyed yarn shade evaluation and data color values analysis

Sound knowledge of textile materials and testing procedures.

Regular floor visits to hear problems regarding raw material at floor and to ensure their
development to make it suitability for knit ability
Proper record keeping for complaints and their settlements

Suppliers Developments w.r.t customer oriented quality standards
Ensure to work with Oekotex certified suppliers
Managed affidavit of Reach & CTPAT from all stakeholders as a basic requirement to clear
external and internal Audits
Implementation of 5 s technique to have easy approach to track out documents and record
Have achieve the targets of minimal rejection % age
Have attended international conference organized by National Textile University, Faisal Abad,
Have attended training session on Emotional Intelligence @ Interloop Ltd
Have attended the training sessions on ,’’How to take control of time and stress’’

Institution: National Textile University, Faisal Abad
Degree: M.Sc. Textile Engineering
Project Title: Improving the comfort and performance properties of Compression Socks
Institution: Bahauddin Zakarya University Multan
Degree: BSc Textile Engineering (Yarn Manufacturing specialization)


Institution: Faran Model College Jhang
Intermediate: Foundation of science
Main Subjects:
Physics, Chemistry , Math
Standard Grades: English , History, Islamic Studies


Institution: Govt. high school Jhag City
Main Subjects:
Physics, Chemistry , Math, Bio
Standard Grades: English , History, Islamic Studies



Computer literacy – Soft wares installation , MS word , Excel and Power point
Team work – Performing my services as a team leader and transferring my experience to sub
ordinates to make them specialized. Have supportive attitude , facilitator, good deliverer, imaginative,
delegator, open-minded
Customer service - Welcoming, friendly, caring, approachable, constructive, accommodating, tactful,
diplomatic, tolerant
Interpersonal skills - Listener, adviser, counselor, politically aware, initiator, professional, cooperative, constructive, assertive
Leadership - Dynamic, motivator, team-builder, confidence booster, energetic, capable, outward
looking, accountable, visionary
Numeracy skills - Accurate, logical, problem-solver, detailed, methodical, consistent, quick thinker,
analytical, through case study for better understanding and fight the case and deal all cases as a
Very soft way of talking experienced as a good tool to resolve the matters

Desirous to explore the new ideas by literature reviewing and latest updates
Proven ability to build strong customer/client relationships.
Well-organized, self-motivated individual with ability to rapidly learn new tasks.
Proper record keeping , also keep and sound knowledge of MS excel, word and power point ,


Habitual to play football
Exploring advance ideas in Textile materials and Finishes.
An ideal place in which to work; people would know one another.
To learn from the experiences of seniors and to gain knowledge
To enhance my technical skills to be versatile in all aspects.
Event organizer at University College of Textile Engineering, B.Z. University, Multan

Will be furnished on demand