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Brooklyn College Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences
HNSC 1200 TR9 – Fundamentals of Nutrition
Syllabus – Fall 2013
Tues & Thurs 9:30 – 10:45 AM; 3 credits (1141N)
Tel: Leave message with dept. office: 718.951.5026

Instructor: Raizy Weinreb MPH, RD

OFFICE HOURS: Tues, 11:00 – 12:00PM; 4123N (adjunct room)

Fundamental principles of nutrition as they relate to optimum health of the individual
and the family. Social, economic, and educational implications. Evaluation of various
mass media relating to the field.
Course does not satisfy department requirement for students majoring in foods and
Not open to students who are enrolled in or who have completed HNSC 2210.


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to

identify the major functions of nutrients and describe how the energy-yielding nutrients
are digested and absorbed by the body.
compare the nutrient content of one food product or brand to a similar product, given
examples of Nutrition Facts labels.
identify and employ the five elements of a S.M.A.R.T. goal to formulate a S.M.A.R.T.
nutrition goal.
discuss how to achieve energy balance and a healthy body weight.
analyze personal diet and evaluate appropriateness to improve/maintain health.
defend Ellyn Satter’s concepts of the feeding relationship and eating competence
and apply them to meal and snack planning and family meals.



13 (*)
Cengage Learning

(*) 12th Edition may be used. ISBN-10: 0538734949.

contact by email is expected as soon as possible.2 73. Exam format: Multiple choices.0 – on F-section computers) COURSE GRADE DETERMINATION Grading based on a straight scale (i. a grade of ABS is given.3 – 86.0 – 93.6 – 69. The makeup must be taken within one week of the missed exam.2 93.3 – 100 COURSE GRADE COMPONENTS Midterm Diet analysis project (DAP) Final exam Thurs.0 – 73. Nov 26 Tues.5 86. If the instructor agrees that a makeup is warranted. Exams may be reviewed by appointment. MAKE-UP EXAMS Midterm exam A makeup assessment may be offered if there is a documented medical situation or other qualifying emergency.E.9 BB B+ 80. preferably before the exam. Dec 17 40% 20% 40% (not cumulative) EXAMS Midterm grades will be posted to Blackboard within the following three classes. true and false. documentation must be presented immediately following the absence and before a makeup is given. .0 – 83. If you have an emergency and must be absent for an exam. EXTRA CREDIT   There are several extra credit questions on the final exam.0 and 9. Less than 60 is F or failed.0) – Library Café (version 9.9 CC C+ 70.2 63.2 SOFTWARE: CD-ROM (REQUIRED) Publisher: Edition: ISBN-10: Cengage Learning 9.5 76.0 – 63. and/or matching. (version 8. Final exam If a student misses the final exam.2 83.e.3 – 76.B. Oct 24 Tues.5 66. Questions will be posted to Blackboard one week prior to the final exam.6 – 89.3 – 66.6 – 79.  Diet Analysis Plus 8.9 AA 90.0 (*) 0495387657 (*) Diet Analysis Plus 8. DD D+ 60.0 may be used. no curve) from A to F.0 accessible on campus: – W.

10/10 (*) Late Submission Penalty Tues. he or she will advise you to pay for the exam at Enrollment Services Center. 2. POWERPOINT SLIDES   PowerPoint slides are NOT posted to Blackboard. .  Submission should be stapled. & 3 Due Date -ByThurs. Remember. 11/26 (*1) 2 points (2% course grade) 2 points (2% course grade) (*) SUBMISSION (1 & 2)  Must include 1.cuny. Taking photos of slides is NOT permitted.2. Both deadlines are listed on the college contact your professor to schedule your exam by the published deadline. securely clipped.  Approved projects will be returned with Intake and DRI Goals Compared page initialed by me and will state: parts 1&2 OK. 10/29 1. box) 2. or in a PLAIN folder. After your grade is awarded. STUDY GUIDES An exam study guide will be posted to Blackboard a week before the exam.3 How do I resolve an ABS grade? http://www. Food Record Intake Forms (manual food records) – Staple each day’s Food Record Intake Form to its matching Complete Intake Spreadsheet printout. you must get CAASS permission prior to taking an ABS exam. DIET ANALYSIS PROJECT (DAP) Part Review Date 1&2 Tues.brooklyn.php You must make yourself aware of the two deadlines that pertain to an ABS grade:   the deadline to file your documentation to get approval to take the exam and pay for it. Relevant sections of 3-day average printout (see DAP instructions: p. the department will enter it online. You must have official documentation stating why you missed the final exam and bring this to your appointment with an adviser. and the deadline to take the exam. 9/3 3 Tues. Once you have been approved and paid for the ABS. If the adviser approves your appeal.

consult page 49 of the Brooklyn College Bulletin.cuny.brooklyn. The student shall have equivalent opportunity to make up any examination or study or work requirements. .4 (*1) SUBMISSION (1. or if the student admits the violation. please provide your professor with the course accommodation form and discuss your specific accommodation with him/her as soon as possible and at an appropriate time. CENTER FOR STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES (CSDS) Students who have a documented disability or suspect they may have a disability are invited to set up an appointment with the Director of the Center for Student Disability Services. Valerie Stewart-Lovell at 718-951-5538. Ms. For a full description of the policy. The complete text of the CUNY Academic Integrity Policy and the Brooklyn College procedure for implementing that policy can be found at this site: http://www. the faculty member MUST report the If you have already registered with the Center for Student Disability Services. Originals must be submitted the following class. 2. If a faculty member suspects a violation of academic integrity and. STUDENT ABSENCE ON ACCOUNT OF RELIGIOUS BELIEF A student who. ACADEMIC REGULATIONS Students should read carefully and thoroughly the 2011-2012 Brooklyn College Bulletin. for a complete listing of academic regulations of the College.  Projects not picked up by the final exam date will be discarded.  Projects not submitted by last day of class will not be counted toward the course grade. 27-74. for religious reasons. especially pp. INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES UNIVERSITY’S POLICY ON ACADEMIC INTEGRITY The faculty and administration of Brooklyn College support an environment free from cheating and plagiarism. & 3)  If unable to attend class on due date you may have a classmate submit your project OR you may email me completed answer sheets before the end of the due-date class. confirms that violation. does not attend classes on a particular day or days shall be excused from any examination or other work. upon investigation. Each student is responsible for being aware of what constitutes cheating and plagiarism and for avoiding both.

If an emergency arises and you must take a message.  Latecomer seating: The last row will be left empty for latecomers. As such. Use polite language. Avoid abbreviations. Other Classroom Rules  Telephone use. Emails received with a blank subject line are deleted unread. As such. All phones must be off or on vibrate. If it APPEARS to me otherwise you will receive two warnings after which you will lose 3 points from your final average. after 6:00PM. • Class is only 75 minutes long. and cuteness. Emails sent Thursday. please discuss with me so accommodations can be made. is not allowed during class. If you have a medical reason to leave the room during class. it must contain a salutation and signature. capital letters. . For example: What chapters are on the exam? • Email is a formal means of communication in the context of school or work. through Sunday will not be acknowledged before Monday. slang. DO NOT disrupt class by crossing the room to seat yourself. • I respond to emails Monday through Thursday – usually within 24 to 36 hours.  Laptop use for anything other than note taking is NOT allowed.  You are to inform me via email in the event of an emergency or long-term illness. including text messaging. please leave the room. and punctuation. There is no reason to get up in the middle of class and leave the room except for emergencies. Email Correspondence • Always put “HNSC 1200 TR9 – [Your Name Here]” in the subject line. it is advised that you obtain contact information from one or two classmates at the start of the semester.5 COURSE POLICIES Absence and Lateness  A sign-in sheet will be passed around at the start of each class  If you are absent contact a classmate – not me – for material covered in class. You will receive two warnings after which you will lose 3 points from your final average. Drinking is permitted. • Eating is not permitted in class. • There will be no response to your email if the answer to your question is contained within the syllabus.

Starch.) 1 Nutrition Tools – Standards and Guidelines 2 DAP REVIEW: PARTS 1 & 2 9/10 Nutrition Tools – Standards and Guidelines (contd. Glycogen. Oils. Oils. and Sterols (contd. Phospholipids. and Fiber 4 BLACKBOARD: Creating S.M. Glycogen. Glycogen. and Fiber (contd.) 2 9/12 Food Safety 12 9/17 The Digestive System 3 9/19 NO CLASS BLACKBOARD: MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT – THIN 9/24 CHO: Sugar. and Sterols 5 Lipids: Fats.6 FUNDAMENTALS OF NUTRITION DATE TOPIC CHAPTER 8/29 Food Choices and Human Health 1 9/3 Food Choices and Human Health (contd.) 4 Lipids: Fats. Goals 9/26 NO CLASS BLACKBOARD: MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT – ecSatter 10/1 CHO: Sugar.R. Starch.T.) 5 10/8 . and Fiber (contd. Phospholipids. Starch.A.) 4 10/3 CHO: Sugar.

) 8 11/7 Water and Minerals (major & trace) (contd.) 9 11/26 Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight (contd.) 7 Water and Minerals (major & trace) 8 11/5 Water and Minerals (major & trace) (contd.) 7 DAP REVIEW: PART 3 10/31 Vitamins (fat-soluble & water-soluble) (contd. & 3 .) 9 DAP DUE: PARTS 1. 2. Vegetarianism (contd. and Sterols (contd. 12) 10/29 Vitamins (fat-soluble & water-soluble) (contd. Vegetarianism 6 DAP DUE: PARTS 1 & 2 10/17 Proteins and Amino Acids.) 9 11/21 Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight (contd. Phospholipids.) 5 Proteins and Amino Acids.7 FUNDAMENTALS OF NUTRITION DATE 10/10 TOPIC CHAPTER Lipids: Fats. 1-6.) 8 11/14 Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight 9 11/19 Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight (contd.) 8 11/12 Water and Minerals (major & trace) (contd.) 6 10/22 Vitamins (fat-soluble & water-soluble) 7 10/24 MIDTERM (CH. Oils.

8 FUNDAMENTALS OF NUTRITION DATE TOPIC CHAPTER 12/3 Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight (contd.) 12/19 FINAL EXAM (CH.) 13 BLACKBOARD: SATTER SUPPLEMENTAL READING 12/12 Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Infant (contd.) 9 12/5 Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Infant 13 12/10 Life Cycle Nutrition: Mother and Infant (contd. & 13) (8:00 – 10:00AM) 13 . 7 – 9.

Cholesterol and Health (168-173) Essential PUFA (174-176) Effects of Processing on Unsat Fat (178-181) Fat in Diet (181-185) Chapter 6  SKIP o o o Fig 6-6 (204) Consumer guide (214-215) Food Feature (221-223) .9 TEXTBOOK READING Chapter 1    The Human body and Its Food (6-9) Challenge of Choosing Food (9-13) Can I Trust the Media (17) Chapter 2   Nutrient Recommendations (32-37) Checking Out Food Labels (49-57) o SKIP: A Consumer’s Guide to Controlling Portion Sizes (50-51) Chapter 12  SKIP Chapter 3  The Digestive Tract (82-94) Chapter 4  All Chapter 5        Introducing Lipids (157-160) A Closer Look at Lipids (160-164) Lipids in Body (164-166) Dietary Fat.

10 Chapter 7         Vitamin A: SKIP measuring beta-carotene (242) Vitamins D& E: ALL Vitamin K: SKIP Toxicity (252) Vitamin C: SKIP Toxicity and Recommendations (256) Thiamin: ALL Niacin: SKIP Toxicity and Recommendations Folate: ALL Vitamin B12: ALL Chapter 8         Water: ALL Calcium: ALL Magnesium: ALL Sodium: ALL Potassium: ALL Iodine: ALL Iron: ALL Zinc: ALL Chapter 9  The Problems of Too Little or Too Much Body Fat: ALL o      SKIP: DRI Method of EER Bodyweight vs. Bodyfatness: ALL The Appetite and Its Control: ALL How Body Loses and Gains Weight: ALL Medical Treatment of Obesity: ALL Controversy 9: The Perils of Eating Disorders: ALL Chapter 13  Satter supplemental reading (posted to ANGEL) .

cornell. allied health professionals. Feeding Kids Newsletter http://nutritionforkids. minerals and other dietary 2.ellynsatter.tcme.amihungry. Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think www. Nutrition Action Healthletter 1875 Connecticut Avenue. Suite 300 Washington. Ellyn Satter Associates Ellyn Satter is an internationally recognized authority of eating and feeding. N.foodpsychology. Website contains resources to enhance competent eating and feeding skills throughout the life cycle. http://ods.nih.od. and the public.W.thenutritionsource.11 Newsletters / Publications / Resources 1. Am I Hungry? This deceptively simple question is the answer to ending your struggle with weight and food without restriction. www. The Nutrition Source – Harvard School of Public Health The Nutrition Source aims to provide timely. Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) offers fact sheets give current overview of individual vitamins.00 (10 Issues) 7. The Center for Mindful Eating www. without deprivation and without . DC 20009 8.00 3.htm Price: Free access online 5. Introductory price: $10.cspinet. evidence-based information on diet and nutrition for Student membership: $ 4. www..