Retail Segment

Apparel and Accessories

“Infinite Analytics’ Personalization Platform
integrated into our existing technology very
easily, making the deployment very smooth
and ready in time for our 3rd Anniversary
Prabhkiran Singh
Founder, Bewakoof


Keeping the bizarre interest of the young astute Indian with his new
approach to life in mind, two young IITians thought it prudent to
think out of the box, beyond their academic teachings to set up a

The Challenge
• Provide customers with a more

flagship brand termed Bewakoof. Launched on April 1, 2012 in sync

engaging, personalized shopping

with fool day syndrome by the two member duo of Prabhkiran


Singh & Siddharth Munot - Bewakoof as a brand speaks out its

• Implement test and deploy in

mind in form of creative designs on apparels as part of its foray into

production in a matter of 1 week in

online apparel retailing to begin with.

advance of the



• Increase in conversions & AOV

Integration with the Infinite Analytics’

Wanting to showcase its breadth of merchandise while offering

Personalization Platform

users a personalized shopping experience, Prabhkiran recognized


that Bewakoof required a solution that would deliver on the brand

• Deployment in production in less

promise while avoiding costly, cumbersome integration processes

than a week with the support of one

that would take up IT resources. In his search for a partner,

dedicated engineer from both sides

Prabhkiran stipulated two requirements:

• Access to real-time dashboard gives
precise and immediate numbers







recommendations and higher engagement

Introduce this new personalized experience in time for the
3rd Anniversary campaign


offline or One of the key benefits over other solutions is that the implementation for Infinite Analytics customers has been anywhere from 4 hours to two weeks because it doesn’t rely solely on historical data. Quality of Recommendations and reporting is tested on the test and staging platforms  Recommendations & Personalization is implemented on production 2 .CTO.” – Puru Botla . but also they shared our cutting edge philosophy.bewakoof. “The Infinite Analytics Platform has been engineered for simplicity.” Infinite Analytics uses a multi-dimensional approach to personalization. one-week timeline to be ready for the 3rd Anniversary.THE SOLUTION “We started working with Infinite Analytics not only because they had cutting edge technology. Infinite Analytics Faced with a tight. This makes it easily deployable across any platform . Infinite Analytics worked with the Bewakoof team to rapidly implement IA Personalization Platform on The integration is a quick and simple process and was done with the support of 2 dedicated engineers from both the sides:  Integration Document was shared with Bewakoof Tech team  IA Consumed Product Catalog Feed and began testing quality of Bewakoof Recommendations on IA Internal test platform  IA Personalization platform was integrated on Bewakoof’s internal test and staging platform  Latency.

3 . The partnership is growing stronger with enhancements and new features to the implementation in the pipeline. Bewakoof MOVING FORWARD Bewakoof and Infinite Analytics to work together on new and innovative ways to delight their customers with a personalized shopping experience. started driving conversions and customer engagement. efficient integration with the Infinite Analytics Personalization Platform resulted in smooth implementation on test and eventual deployment on production in less than a week.” Prabhkiran Singh Founder.“Infinite Analytics not only delivered in one week but has already THE RESULTS The timely.