The BP story, from first oil to tomorrow’s

Our history is full of discoveries, starting in 1908 with oil found in a
rugged part of Persia after a long and difficult search. Since then,
discoveries large and small (and sometimes just in the nick of time)
have fuelled our progress.
In our story, you may make a few discoveries of your own. Winston
Churchill gives a rousing speech. The Smurfs cause a traffic jam. Our
employees help construct a giant spool, build the world’s largest
deepwater pipeline and bring solar power to remote villages in the


Finding oil and gas
Extracting oil and gas
Moving oil and gas
Making fuels and products
Selling fuels and products
Generating low carbon energy

BP Much of our business is done under the look and feel of our main brand More Aral With fuels and stations. Aral is one of the most trusted brands in Germany More .

Castrol Castrol is one of the world's top motor oils and specialist lubricants brands More ampm Convenience shops in the western USA with a strong personality More .

Working across teams. Equally. We also support family-friendly policies (such as career breaks and adoption leave) so people can contribute to their families without compromising their professional development. functions. We have a variety of flexible working arrangements such as part-time and flexible hours that may be available. for instance. with operations in over 80 countries. countries and even continents. you’ll be valued for your skills and expertise. So we’ll welcome your ideas and opinions. there’s our advanced biofuels business. trust you to do your job and treat you with genuine respect and consideration. . Collective success is rewarded and diversity is highly valued. We recognise that you have a life outside work. Or. which converts sustainable feedstock to energy. You’ll enjoy a culture of collaboration and respect. For a start. This means you can expect to work on some of the most technically and commercially challenging projects within the energy sector. you’ll enjoy access to some of the most talented people in their fields. our extraordinarily complex business depends upon continuous innovation.Working at BP As one of the most successful energy companies in the world. Take. the way we’re using the latest technology to manage risk and enhance our safety levels – our new wireless probes provide state-of-theart corrosion monitoring and management in all our refineries. we are ideally placed to meet the broadest range of career aspirations.

we’ll support you to learn as much as you can – however experienced you are – although you’ll have every opportunity to drive your own development. . for instance. whatever direction you want to take. achievable objectives with you. Then we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you accomplish each of them. long-term career in line with your strengths and ambitions. both to equip you with the technical skills to do your current job and ensure you have a fulfilling. safer. As you progress. Developing our people is such a key objective that we invest over $500 million each year in learning and development. We have partnerships with 19 academies and institutes to deliver technical learning and development. such as the British Science Association’s CREST awards – the leading UK STEM award scheme for young people. you’ll always know what experience. we’ll help you to develop the necessary level of fluency. formal training. Whatever your role. We’ll invest in your development. we’ll help you get to where you want to be through our performance management process. So whether it’s receiving safety training. First. you need to learn a new language when you start your job. we agree a set of clear. If. It’s very straightforward. guidance and support you need to take the next step in your career. This means you can expect world-class training and the flexibility to realize your full potential. We’ll provide great induction and work-shadowing programmes to get you up to speed. location or background. reliable and more sustainable energy future goes hand in hand with our commitment to the people who will make it possible – people like you. we support many scientific and educational awards around the globe. which could mean gaining a new qualification or taking on a fresh challenge. In addition.We spend over $500 million every year on learning and development – which puts our commitment to people into perspective Our commitment to building a stronger. regularly assessing your progress on the way. keeping up to date with technological innovation or developing the commercial skills to consistently deliver for the business.

who include some of the industry’s brightest minds. You’ll build your confidence and gain different perspectives by tapping into the knowledge of people working alongside you. Graduate and postgraduate development Our challenge programme immerses graduates from many countries and disciplines rapidly into the world of BP. It offers early development of both technical and professional skills. Our commitment to developing our people is reflected in our industryleading. support and guide you on your journey. we develop our managers too. mentors and a whole host of other methods for continuing your development. Equally important. online learning. you’ll have unmatched opportunities to develop to your full potential in our Downstream (refining & marketing) business. our extensive leadership development programmes have been attended by employees from 74 countries. in four regions. human resources or information technology and services (IT&S). it aims to propel talented graduates into senior roles within BP. so that they can bring the best out of their people. speaking ten different languages. Our future leaders programme is an accelerated development programme open to those with bold aspirations. We look today for our leaders of tomorrow – postgraduates with at least three years’ professional experience who can drive our business forward into the future. as well as technical capabilities. With real responsibility. along with practical experience working on live projects and formal learning. With access and exposure to our senior leaders who’ll advise. accelerated development programmes that are transforming the way many people learn. . In fact.Structured learning You’ll have access to structured courses. great variety and plenty of support. These will focus on leadership. true determination and a flexible outlook to work anywhere in the world. communication and presentation skills.