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Technical Information


Dolit HB
Issue 12/07


Dolit HB
Potassium Waterglass cement

1. Product Description
Dolit HB is a halogen-free water glass cement made of two components: Dolit HB Powder
and potassium water glass solution, which after mixing hardens through chemical
reaction. Dolit HB is a product out of our special protection materials range with the
following unique characteristics: 

Halogen-free, does not contain fluorides 

Waterproof material 

Extremely high resistance against acids 

Temperature resistance up to + 900 °C

2. Application Areas

Dolit HB is suitable for jointing of acid-proof bricks, tiles, special fabricated pieces, for
constructing apparatus and chimney linings.
Dolit HB exhibits excellent resistance to water and rinsing actions, which allow rinsing
even at acid and neutral range for several weeks and also permanent rinsing is possible.
Dolit HB is resistant to all acids except hydrofluoric acid, to solvents, to oxidising agents,
oils and fats but it is not resistant to alkalis.

3. Packaging

Dolit HB Powder:
Dolit HB Solution:

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D.130 Dolit HB_en.doc

CRS Chemieschutz GmbH

25 kg
310 kg

Bachstr. 38

D – 53639 Königswinter

doc CRS Chemieschutz GmbH • Bachstr.130 4.1 x 104 N/mm² Coefficient of linear expansion: 12 x 10-6 K-1 Heat conduction: 1.0 g/cm³ Proportion Dolit HB Solution: K2O : SiO2 1: 1. halogen-free Density: Dolit HB Powder: approx. 38 • D – 53639 Königswinter .15 g/ cm ³ Density (mixture): approx. 1.88 Viscosity Dolit HB Solution: 40 – 50 mPa s Shore – Hardness D: > 20 Compression strength (cylinders 25x25 mm): Approx.2 W / m x K Temperature resistance: + 900 °C Shelf live of components: Dolit HB Powder: Dolit HB Solution: 24 months at dry storage 24 months at dry storage (Mind the freezing point!) page 2 of 4 D.130 Dolit HB_en. Technical Data Composition: Dolit HB: Silicate. 35 N/mm² (after 28 days stored at room temperature) Compression strength (Prism): >18 N/mm² (after 28 days stored at room temperature) Tensile strength DIN 1048-5: Approx.Technical Information Sheet Dolit HB Issue 12/07 D. 2. 10 N/mm² (after 28 days stored at room temperature) Modulus of elasticity: 1.

0 N/mm² and the smallest individual value 1. to weight : 1. 80 % (mind the dew point) Mixing ratio acc. Application Instructions Surface preparation: concrete: Cleaning and contemporary roughening by shot-blasting (e. steel: Blast cleaned to Sa 2½ acc. pressure blasting or milling (after milling shotblasting is necessary). To avoid fresh rusting those surfaces have immediately to be coated with a thin layer made of Dolit HB and Dolit HB Solution (proportion1 : 1) Application temperature: min. part 2 should not be below 1.130 Dolit HB_en. to CM.000 kg = 1 Litre final mixture (321 parts) (100 parts) Preparation of the coating agent: After filling the mixing container with the weighted amount of silicate solution and adding the appropriate quantity of cement powder.525 kg Dolit HB-W Powder 0. Surface tensile strength according to DIN 1048. Blastrac®). With strong mechanical load.475 kg Dolit HB Solution 2.5 N/mm². wax. the contents are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous cement is obtained.0 N/mm². fat. Pot life: About 60 minutes at + 20 °C Application of the components: page 3 of 4 D.doc CRS Chemieschutz GmbH • Bachstr. 38 • D – 53639 Königswinter . water repellent agents or any other adhesion disturbing intermediate layers. Residual moisture content not above 4 % acc.130 5. Subsequently clean. +10 °C (substrate and environment) Relative humidity: max. oil.5 N/mm² and the lowest individual value may not be less than 1.g. free from laitence. Surfaces to be coated have to comply with building standards and must be solid and stable.Technical Information Sheet Dolit HB Issue 12/07 D. to ISO 12944-4. For relatively large quantities a forced circulation mixer should be used. dirt. the average standard reading should be 2.

For acidification we recommend a 20 % alcoholic sulphuric acid mix (mixture of 20 parts by weight of water 20 parts by weight of sulfuric acid + 60 parts by weight of isopropyl alcohol).130 Dolit HB_en. You may also use 20 % aqueous sulphuric acid. nor professionally distributed or otherwise made accessible to third parties without our prior consent. The Product Information sheet may neither be copied nor used by unauthorized parties.5 kgDolit HB Solution C) bedding / jointing: With a trowel Cleaning: Thinner Drying: Accessible: After 1 to 2 days (+20 deg.5 kg Dolit HB Powder + 0. If hydro-stability has to be achieved earlier.visor / glasses! Commissioning: Linings made with Dolit HB can be operated at least five days after finishing work. B) primer ( steel ) Painting / brushing Apply evenly with a brush or roller of lambskin Quantity needed for 1 sqm : 0. Coat . All information contained in this Product Information sheet is based on the present state of our knowledge and practical experience. but the drying will be slower. 38 • D – 53639 Königswinter . The information given in this Product Information sheet is our intellectual property. please observe the DIN 285 (Guidelines for drying. Regarding the operation of chimneys. add in first the water! Wear personnel protective equipment include facial protection . All data are approximate values for guidance only. If operation is with liquids above 150 °C. warming up and operation).130 A) primer (concrete ): If the concrete surface did not get a sealing (Laminate .Technical Information Sheet Dolit HB Issue 12/07 D. C object temperature): Loadable: Full mechanically and chemically after 8 – 10 days Curing: At +20 °C linings and floorings made with Dolit HB will be water-proof after 2 weeks without acidification.doc CRS Chemieschutz GmbH • Bachstr. if bricks laid with open joints in Dolit HB have to be filled with a phenol or furane resin cement. A legally binding warranty of certain characteristics or the suitability for a certain purpose of use cannot be derived from this. operation can only start 8 to 10 days after finishing. In this case the open joints have to be acidified 2 times within a few hours after the Dolit HB cement has dried and hardened. For mixing. Acidification is also necessary. page 4 of 4 D. Primer is a Dolit ET – thin coat in 2 layers. Foil . acidification is necessary. Rubber ) the min. Basins and apparatus with linings should be operated with diluted mineral acids first.

you are kindly requested to contact us for further technical advise. Due to the fact that our products are subject to permanent control and increase of efficiency.Technical Information Sheet Dolit HB Issue 12/07 D. page 5 of 4 D. possible modifications may not yet have entered this issue.doc CRS Chemieschutz GmbH • Bachstr. 38 • D – 53639 Königswinter . Therefore.130 This issue replaces all previous versions. We wish to point out that the offered materials are special products which require special knowledge and experience.130 Dolit HB_en.