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Bupa UK - Job Description

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Software Engineer (Level 2)

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Team Lead


Application Services – Line of Business (LOB)


Staines, UK.

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Job Purpose
As part of a wider digital Dev Ops team you will be one of the core members who will
drive the adoption of dev ops culture, principles, practices throughout the wider team
and delivery pipeline.
You will be accountable for the automation and running of the delivery pipeline for
the digital team, working with necessary stakeholders to identify and implement
tooling required.
You’ll also be responsible for the successful operation of Bupa’s digital estate and
along with other Dev Ops engineers and digital team members provide 2nd and 3rd
line support. This will include necessary monitoring and taking any required proactive actions required to ensure the continued availability of systems.
In collaboration with external teams you’ll drive forward any necessary changes to
remove constraints from the continuous improvement process.
In summary you’ll be a core part of a wider digital dev ops team with a focus on
automating build and run for Bupa’s digital estate as well as driving forward the
continuous improvement process.
Accountabilities and Activities
 Provide and ensure availability of automated delivery pipeline services including
build, test and environments from development through to production.
 Provide support services to deliver the required system availability, reliability and
performance necessary to underpin business operations.
 Provide and ensure sufficient monitoring and alerting is in place for automated
notification of systemic failures including interfacing to the in house ITSMF tools.
 Provide 2nd and 3rd line application support that includes ‘Fix on Fail’,
management of defects and change requests, support requests, proactive
performance monitoring and management.

Pro-actively identify and in collaboration with necessary stakeholders drive the removal of constraints to the continuous improvement process. Work closely with the IS Delivery Management team to ensure the Service Introduction process runs smoothly and effectively.  Experience of using and supporting Bupa’s chosen technologies (or similar): Amazon Web Services (Cloud Computing Services)  Azure (Cloud Computing Services)  Windows Server  IIS  Sitecore (Content Management)  MS Visual Studio (Application Development)  Knowledge of technologies (or similar). monitor and ensure the delivery of Service Levels. including participating in technical war rooms meetings and communicating to senior management the status and progress of them.             Qualifications. Training and Experience  Educated to degree level or equivalent experience. Provide effective mentoring of junior staff to ensure that they achieve 100% contribution to the success of Bupa.Business Services Bupa UK . analysis. Work in collaboration with 3rd party software vendors to ensure services meet or exceed their contract obligations. Provide technical support to assist in resolving Major Incidents.  Experience of using preferably cross platform across Windows and Linux automated delivery pipeline tools covering continuous build. When required provide data and reports for inclusion in the monthly governance report.Job Description   Assist in the creation and optimisation of 2nd and 3rd line support processes. Re-engineer and improve existing configuration management processes where necessary. Track compliance by use of comprehensive dashboards and governance reports. development. resolution and communication of the outcomes to the System Support Manager. Liaise with internal service users to define.Job Description . Particular attention being paid to configuration management. Ensure that effective Root Cause Analysis and linked actions are undertaken to prevent the recurrence of incidents. Adhere closely to the principals defined within ITIL.  Experience of working in a “DevOps” team or a similar multi skilled team in a technically demanding function. integration. testing and implementation of software releases. ensuring effective coordination. Carry out the necessary technical tasks to support the planning. Assist in the creation of and measurement of KPI’s. testing environment provision and deployment. management. . although not essential 2 Business Services Bupa UK . Contribute fully to the IS audits as required. Using the in house ITSMF tools track all software service-related Incidents and Problems. environment management and release management.

Knowledge of ITSMF tools such as Service Now. or acquired knowledge.  The role is highly pressured due to the critical nature of the system to Bupa’s business operation. Remedy and Assyst. from feasibility through to support.  Logical approach to problem-solving.        Judgement Skills  The analysis of different situations requiring the identification and selection of the appropriate solutions based on previous experience.  Ability to adapt to different situations requiring interpretative and constructive thinking and a considerable degree of evaluative judgement. Demonstrable track record of communicating effectively at all levels of the organisation ITIL certified or basic knowledge of its contents. Can demonstrate the ability to think ahead and be proactive in understanding when to push issues hard to achieve a desired outcome.  Subject to the Application Services Manager’s direction. People mentoring / team leading experience. Freedom of Action  Subject to the detailed principles and practices defined in the IT Strategy and Methodology and other standard Bupa operating procedures. However.Business Services Bupa UK . there will be limited requirements for the jobholder to travel to other Bupa and partner Offices both UK and overseas based. Must be well organised.Job Description .  Involves working flexibly outside of normal office hours in order to provide 24x7x52 support. work to deadlines and be analytical.Job Description  Linux  Akamai (Content Delivery Network)  Forgerock (Identity and Relationship Management)  Apache  GSA (Google Search Appliance) Familiarity of application performance monitoring tools such as New Relic and Dynatrace (Gomez). Information Security This role has accountability to the Team Lead who has responsibility for the security of Bupa’s information and information systems accessible to you. Practical involvement in all stages of the information systems delivery lifecycle. including:- 3 Business Services Bupa UK . Environment  The role is a predominantly office based role.

internal. this role has responsibility (with accountability with the Application Services Manager) to provide security for the information systems that support the operations and assets under its control through: Assessing the risk and magnitude of harm that could result from unauthorised use. Help determine the levels of information security appropriate to protect such information and information systems Periodically testing and evaluating information security controls and techniques to ensure they are effectively implemented Ensuring appropriate security training is received to assist Bupa in complying with the requirements of its integrity and availability of Bupa’s information and information systems from unauthorised use. modification or destruction An awareness of Bupa’s information security policies. Services Bupa UK . procedures and guidelines Ensuring that junior team members are aware of their responsibility to comply with the information security policies.Job Description Changes Made . disclosure.bupa. modification or disruption of such information or information systems Assist with the implementation of policies and procedures that are based on risk assessments and cost effectively reduce information security risks to an acceptable level. Compliance with security policies and procedures related to the information and information systems you use and the reporting of vulnerabilities or incidents affecting security or security policy compliance to the IS Security Manager or the Group Information Protection Manager. practices and guidance appropriate to their role in the organisation      Version Date 1 05/12/2014 New job description 2 10/12/2014 Updated Job purpose and QTE sections. (information on the security policy is available here: http://intranet. 3 08/01/2014 Updated Skills QTE section 4 Approved By Business Services Bupa UK .   As a senior team member.Job Description  The protection and preservation of confidentiality. practices and relevant guidance appropriate to your role in the organisation.