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2 course focus

More than
EDUCATION is one of the most
important investments the country
makes for its people and future.
This sector has been given high
priority by the Malaysian
Government, as evidenced by the
substantial amount of financial aid
it budgets for it.
Another critical element in this
field is dedicated teachers. Without
quality teachers, educational
institutions cannot produce the
best doctors, lawyers, architects
and other professionals.

profession has always been in my
Although Mahani had not
intended to become a teacher, she
took the opportunity to teach. The
experience opened her eyes and
led her to aim higher than
becoming a school teacher.
As a result of her hard work and
perseverance, she is now a lecturer
at Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin.

What it takes
Teachers are the ones who hold
the responsibility to educate and
nurture the younger generation
and ensure that children will have
a brighter future. They equip them
to contribute to society and the
nation in the future.
“We need to be brave in
breaking out of the norm,” says
Calvin Tan Han Jin, science teacher
in a high-need school in Sarawak.
He encourages teachers to not
fall into the trap of stagnation and
subsequently revert to the old
ways and “tried and true” teaching
Besides teaching, Tan Poh Lee, a
secondary school science teacher,
says, “To be a teacher, you should
also be kind-hearted to students
and show them that you care.”

Inspiration to be a
As a language teacher in
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
Deborah Ubung Ngerong was
inspired when she realised how
limited the usage of English
language is in this country.
“What I notice is that the people

that there is still hope for the
newer generation of teachers.
As a young educator in this field,
Deborah is confident that she is
well equipped with the
qualification and knowledge to
deliver what her students need to
learn the importance of the English
language as a medium of
Meanwhile, Calvin says: “I do
believe that deep down, every
teacher wants to see their students
achieve success – in whatever way
they define it.”

teaching career

Tan Poh Lee.

in this country are so afraid to
speak in English because they fear
being accused of ‘forgetting their
“They are so afraid that they
reject English. As a result, English
language proficiency has
plummeted. I want to change that,”
says Deborah.
Christina Chan, who did not
expect to venture into this field,
changed her perceptions when she
started her teaching career at her
first school in Perak back in 1993.
“As I started teaching, I realised
that I enjoyed moulding young
minds and encouraging young
people to achieve more than they
ever thought possible,” says Chan,
who teaches English in a secondary

maintained,” says Mahani, in
reference to the small age gap
between young lecturers and
their students that allows them to
act more like friends rather than
maintain a teacher-student
“There is a lot to learn but some
young teachers do not realise what
teaching means and are also
unwilling to learn. Teaching is not
just a job and they have to learn
quickly that it is a calling,” says
Despite all this, Chan believes

Mahani Mohamad.

Old vs new
As the number of young teachers
who enter this profession increases
yearly, many senior teachers have
their own personal opinions of
Poh Lee, who has 24 years of
teaching experience, sees the
younger generation of teachers to
be IT savvy and says that they have
interesting ideas that can be
inculcated into the teaching and
learning process.
However, she also says, “Some
young teachers tend to have a
lackadaisical attitude.”
“Some boundaries between
lecturers and students have to be

EVEN in an economic crisis,
there will always be a need to
employ more teachers.
If you have the passion to
educate the younger generation
to attain a brighter future, then
the teaching profession is for
Over the years, this noble
profession has gained the
interest of many individuals,
mainly SPM graduates and
When it comes to postings to
public schools, the availability of
teaching positions may vary by
school location and subjects.
Be aware that there is also no

guarantee that you will be
posted to a school immediately;
you may be put on a waiting list.
At this point, there is
contradictory information about
the varying pathways that one
can take to become a teacher,
which has caused confusion for
many who are keen to pursue a
career in education.
Hopefully in due time, the
relevant authorities will provide
clarification regarding the

n For further information,
call 03-8000 8000 or visit

Pathways to become a teacher
l Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda (PISMP)
In Malaysia, to be a teacher you are required to enrol into the
Program Persediaan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perguruan (PPISMP)
in the Institut Pendidikan Guru Malaysia (IPGM). This
12-month course acts as a foundation before you further your
studies with the four-year Program Ijazah Sarjana Muda
(PISMP). Upon completion of the course, you will be posted to
secondary schools to teach. Both PPISMP and PISMP are only
conducted in full-time mode.

l Diploma Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI)

Christina Chan.

Calvin Tan Han Jin.

Chan believed it was her passion
to teach that helped her adapt to
her situation, which is what is
often required of those who want
to venture into the field.
In contrast, Mahani Mohamad,
who was raised in a family of
teachers, says, “The teaching

On the other hand, aspiring teachers who have obtained a
bachelor’s degree in any field can opt for the Diploma
Perguruan Lepasan Ijazah (DPLI). Instead of being sent to
IPGM, you study this programme in selected public
universities. Upon completion of the course, you will also have
the opportunity to be posted to secondary schools to gain
teaching experience.
Deborah Ubung Ngerong.


course focus 3

Cream of the crop
IN line with its mission to
provide qualified hospitality
graduates and guarantee the
future success of Hilton
Worldwide, the prestigious
Hilton SEA Management Trainee
programme chose Tiffany Ling, a
graduate of BERJAYA University
College of Hospitality (BERJAYA
UCH), to join this intensive
training programme.
Ling, who hails from Sibu,
Sarawak, and was a student of
the top-quality SMK Saint
Elizabeth, chose to pursue her
degree in hospitality at BERJAYA
She was advised to pursue a
career in life sciences such as
nursing or physiotherapy but
instead followed her heart and
found her passion in the field of
hospitality. She has not looked
back since.
“Studying in BERJAYA UCH
gave me an immeasurable
wealth of knowledge and
experience to tackle the
hospitality industry with
“My lecturers shared their
industry experiences and were
very well versed with their
subject matter. They were
always willing to share their
real-life experiences and skills,
which have proven valuable
to me,” says Ling.
She believes that the
knowledge and experience
gained while studying at
BERJAYA UCH has given her
an edge on the professional
Her exposure to the real
world, such as working at the
restaurant Samplings on the
Fourteen as part of the course
curriculum, is an experience
that students will gain from
studying at the institution.
Ling says, “This experience
helped shape our thinking and
attitude towards serving
customers who come from all
walks of life to patronise
Samplings on the Fourteen.”
Additionally, BERJAYA UCH
is strategically located in the
middle of the Kuala Lumpur
Golden Triangle and surrounded
by many hotels.
Its location has proven to be

The training
graduates with
a stronghold in
the hospitality
Tiffany Ling

a winning formula when it
comes to assignments and
projects as it provides easy
access to the industry.
“The Golden Triangle is our
hospitality lab and the five-star
education at BERJAYA UCH
prepared me for a five-star
career,” says Ling.
Hilton SEA Management
Trainee Programme is a
prestigious 18-month
programme that places
graduates in every department
within a hotel for the
purpose of accelerating their
knowledge of management.
This programme has three
phases and the final phase
involves placing a trainee
in another Hilton property
around the world to let them
gain further exposure.
The training programme
provides graduates with a
stronghold in the hospitality
industry, producing quality
professionals with hands-on
knowledge and experience
in all aspects of hotel
The primary reason is to
ensure that Hilton will have
capable leaders to support its
growing chain of hotels in the
To qualify for this
prestigious programme,
graduates must at least possess
a bachelor’s degree and go
through a series of interviews.
Five candidates are
eventually selected from an
initial pool of 60 applicants.
Ling was selected based on
her effervescent personality,
passion for the hotel industry
and ability to demonstrate an
organised nature in her work.

BERJAYA University College of Hospitality (BERJAYA UCH) is
arguably Malaysia’s premier University College in the fields of
hospitality, culinary arts, tourism and event management,
situated in the Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle.
Located on the 11th and 14th floors of Berjaya Times
Square, it is conceptually designed with a five-star hotel
ambiance equipped with the most comprehensive and
advanced facilities that mirrors real world settings.
BERJAYA UCH also offers courses in business and liberal
arts. It works to make higher education more accessible,
affordable and attainable for everyone.
The PTPTN education financing scheme is available to
Malaysian students. Its affiliation with the Berjaya
Corporation Group of Companies also allows BERJAYA UCH to
host several bursary schemes and education scholarships,
which are made available to both local and international

Addressing those who are
pursuing studies in hospitality,
Ling says, “Be picky and selective
and do a thorough survey when it
comes to deciding which company
to join.
“Most importantly, pursue a
quality bachelor’s degree
programme in hospitality such
as that offered by BERJAYA UCH
as it trains you to not only have
the book-skills but also the soft
skills that will be important
when you enter the workforce.”

n For more information
on BERJAYA UCH, visit

Tiffany Ling was chosen to
join the prestigious Hilton
SEA Management Trainee


4 course focus

Out-of-classroom experience
(From left to right) Michelle
Ling Shyan Mih, Donna
Elizabeth Tan (University of
London (UOL) International
Programmes LLB
programme leader and
lecturer), Santhana Barathi
and Chuo Chung Cheng at
the National Art Gallery,

YOU should expect to gain no less
than a versatile university
degree when you choose to read
KDU College School of Business
& Law is committed to provide
students with good and holistic
law education.
Students who enrol at KDU
have risen to become key
proponents in academia, student
welfare activities and extracurricular activities.
Recently, three KDU law
students Chuo Chung Cheng,
Santhana Barathi and Michelle
Ling Shyan Mih, accompanied by
the University of London (UOL)
International Programmes LLB
programme leader Donna
Elizabeth Tan, attended the Asian
Law Students’ Association (ALSA)
International Legal Training and
Workshop, which was held in
Manila, the Philippines.
The one-week workshop was
centred on three major fields in
Asia – intellectual property law,
international business law and
alternative dispute resolution.
Attendees comprised law
students from seven Asian
countries – Thailand, Indonesia,
Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei,
Sri Lanka and Malaysia – who
gathered together to gain
practical knowledge.
The workshop proved to be
beneficial for the three KDU
students who attended as the
speakers were experienced and
the contents discussed during the
workshop were complementary
to the students’ lessons at KDU.
In addition to that, the
workshop provided a golden
opportunity for the students to
network with other ALSA
members representing the other
six Asian countries.
The workshop was filled with
academic discussions and
touched on topics relevant to
major fields of law in Asia.
In addition, the students were
also given a night to get together
and forge bonds on the
Graduation Night.
The KDU students also had the
opportunity to explore Manila
during their free time between
workshops. Their activities
included a visit to the National
Art Gallery, which is housed in
the old Legislative Building.
The magnificent building was
adorned with many intricate
works of art such as awe-

inspiring paintings, artefacts,
sculptures and other displayed
The students agreed
collectively that the highlight of
the trip to the gallery was
witnessing Juan Luna’s largerthan-life painting, Spoliarium,
which is the pride and joy of the
National Art Gallery displayed in
the Masters gallery.
KDU prides itself as a provider
of holistic and quality education.
By funding workshops such as
this, KDU enables its students to
gain not only an overseas
experience but also invaluable
knowledge that adds to their
academic enrichment.
As a firm believer in
development and education
beyond the classroom, KDU
equips its students with skills
and knowledge that help them
gain a special edge.
Through exposure to different
types of education and teaching,
students are propelled to hit the
ground running.
KDU’s partnership with the
University of London (UOL)
International Programmes
provides students with the
opportunity to obtain a law
degree from one of the oldest
law schools in the United
The UOL law degree is
internationally recognised and
respected by law practitioners
and academics.
Some would say it is the “gold
standard” of undergraduate law
degrees. It is also the only
external law degree programme
recognised by the Legal
Profession Qualifying Board of
The UOL law degree gives
graduates opportunities to be
employed globally. Its wide range
of electives caters to market
needs and is consistent with
students’ study interests and
future ambitions.
Students pursuing the UOL
programme in KDU have shown
consistent excellent scores in
examinations, with KDU’s results
surpassing the world average in
80% of the programme subjects.

n For more information,
call 03-5565 0538 (KDU University
College, Utropolis, Glenmarie) or
03-7953 6688 (KDU College,
Damansara Jaya) or visit

The students from all seven participating countries having fun on the
Graduation Night of the Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA)
International Legal Training and Workshop.


course focus 5

Communication is a popular area
of study as the skills obtained can
be applied to a variety of careers.

Creating better
AT Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
(IUKL), the Faculty of Arts, Communication
and Education (FACE) offers programmes in
FACE recognises the need for
professionals with dynamic communication
skills as well as effective teaching skills to
support today’s corporate, business and
education sectors.
Its programmes are designed to meet
industry requirements for highly
professional personnel in various fields.
Hence, the programmes offered are
versatile and support a vast range of career
Communication is becoming a popular
area of study as students obtain skills from
the programme that can be applied to a
variety of careers. Communication
graduates are well equipped with excellent
skills in public speaking, presentation,
writing and negotiations.
Therefore, graduates with communication
majors are well prepared to enter the
workforce after they graduate because they
can apply their knowledge to various fields,
including business, education, public
relations, media and advertising.

Communication majors
Corporate communication is one of the
most popular fields of study favoured by
students. If you are interested in the public
relations industry and find meeting new
people and building relationships exciting,
then this programme is suited for you.
IUKL offers the Diploma in Corporate
Communication and Bachelor of
Communication (Hons) in Corporate
These programmes prepare students with
extensive theoretical and practical skills of
corporate communication such as
organisational communication, managerial
communication and crisis management,
which equip students to communicate
across borders.
Designed to give students an edge in their
careers, graduates will not only be able to
build relationships but also sustain good
The Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in
Integrated Marketing Communication trains
students for a career in the marketing
communication field.
Students who graduate with this
qualification are capable of designing
marketing communication campaigns that
will spark interest and generate awareness
about brands and products.
Students are armed with knowledge
of the various types of marketing
communication tactics and strategies, from
basic publicity to the use of viral marketing.
In addition, this programme provides
students with the opportunity to develop

problem-solving and analytical skills to seek
new and innovative solutions in integrating
marketing communication functions.
Graduates will be equipped with the
necessary skills needed to pursue a variety
of careers in different fields such as
business, marketing or communications,
public relations and advertising.
This programme is a wise choice for those
who want to engage in more than one
aspect of the business world.
If you have a passion for writing, editing
or journalism, this bachelor’s degree is one
of the best programmes for you. It prepares
you for the exciting, promising, challenging
and competitive field of communication.
At IUKL, students can pursue a Diploma
in English for Professional Communication
and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English for
Professional Communication.
These programmes prepare students with
oral and written language skills for
successful communication.
Students are trained to synthesise
strategies for problem-solving and apply
analytical skills in designing, composing,
and evaluating various types of discourses.
They are also introduced to ethical
principles that govern the profession. Once
they graduate, they will be able to
communicate effectively with professional
capacity. Teaching is a profession that
requires excellent communication skills.
While one may have an interest in
English, the ability to teach English to others
requires certain skills.
Hence, the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in
Teaching English to Speakers of Other
Languages programme is designed to
prepare English as a second language
teachers who are theoretically informed
and practically equipped, caring, committed
and competent to teach English at various
The graduates of this programme will be
capable of using their knowledge of the
current trends in language teaching, apply
creative approaches to teaching and
problem-solving as well as integrate
computer skills in classroom teaching.

IUKL Info Day
IUKL Info Day will be held on Sept 12 and
13 from 10am to 4pm at its 100-acre (40.5ha)
The September intake is in progress and
you can start a programme at IUKL with
RM100 and enjoy a RM500 rebate for on-thespot registration on Info Day.
Scholarships and a tuition fee waiver of
up to 60% are offered to students who excel
in their studies. Study loans from PTPTN,
Mara and Yayasan Negeri are also available.

n For more information call 1800 88 STUDY
(78839) or visit

6 course focus


Beyond textbooks
AT Monash University Malaysia’s School of
Arts and Social Sciences (SASS), students
can pursue arts-related degrees and majors
in communication, journalism, writing,
psychology or international studies.
As future social scientists, students are
required to engage in principled debates on
current social and political issues in a fun
and safe environment, monitored by
experienced lecturers who are leaders in
their respective fields of specialty.
Monash uses an interdisciplinary
approach to teaching and draws
theoretically from disciplines such as
journalism, gender studies, sociology,
history, literature and film studies,
anthropology, political science and
international studies.
Tay Siao Lin, who is currently pursuing
her honours degree in the Bachelor of
Communication, says, “I was really shy
growing up, but being in Monash has
helped me open up to people a lot more.
“My time at Monash has taught me to
think more critically. It has expanded my
intellectual horizons beyond what’s
available in textbooks. Ever since starting
my degree, my perspective on careers has
also changed significantly. Although I was
initially adamant on being a journalist, that
“The exposure to various units, helped
put me on the pathway to pursue a career
in academia,” says Tay.
Learning about the world in the
classroom alone is never enough, which is
why study trips are essential.
“During my time at Monash, I was

Monash University Malaysia nurtures
sophisticated communicators and analytical

fortunate enough to travel on study trips to
Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. This
provided me with the opportunity to study
the different cultures and people.
“In addition, I was able to hone my
creativity by producing content for radio
documentaries and magazine articles,” says
Helen Jambunathan, who graduated with
honours in the Bachelor of Arts from Monash
Malaysia and is currently a sessional tutor
and research assistant with the School of Arts.
SASS students have the opportunity to
participate in the Monash Abroad programme
to either Monash’s South African campus or
Australian campus for a semester.
The student exchange programme, on the
other hand, allows students to study in any of
the 150 partner universities in 30 countries
around the world.

n For more information, visit


ATTAINING a first class honours
degree from the University of
London’s International
Undergraduate Laws Programme
is something that only the crème
de la crème of students will
True to its tradition of
excellence, Advance Tertiary
College (ATC) has produced a
student who has made such an
Tan Chuan Yi from ATC’s Kuala
Lumpur campus is the 15th student
from ATC to obtain this world-class
achievement in the 28-year history
of this long-standing institution.
A first class honours student in
this particular degree programme
does not only have to study hard
but also ensure that their answers
and arguments stand out among
the thousands of students sitting
for the same examination.
“When I started my A-Levels at
ATC, I worked closely with my
friends and lecturers, many whom
have a great passion and
dedication towards the study
of law. ATC provides us with
one-on-one sessions with the
lecturers called SASSY sessions.
These sessions help us shed light
on the subject matter and clear up
any doubt regarding the subject,”
says Tan.
This year, ATC also produced the
winner of the Malaysian Law

course focus 7

Emerging at the top

(From left) ATC chief executive officer-cum-principal Dr Danny Choong with Daphne Sit Wei Jing and Tan Chuan Yi.

Scholarship for 2015, awarded to
Daphne Sit Wei Jing from ATC’s
Kuala Lumpur campus.
Each year, the scholarship goes
to the student who obtained the
highest marks in Year 1 of the
University of London’s
International Undergraduate Laws

Providing the
best service
NOWADAYS, hospitality is not
offered as a stand-alone course
in tertiary education but rather
a combined one with several
inter-related disciplines such as
tourism, management and
culinary arts.
Such combinations provide
opportunities for this field to
develop further in the near
future, thus increasing the
country’s revenue.

What it’s like
Despite an irregular working
schedule and being busier
during the weekends and public
holidays, those who enjoy
working in this industry will
Possible career titles

experience a higher level of
satisfaction where they are able
to provide warm hospitality to
their guests.
Furthermore, those who are
in this field will have the
opportunity to meet people
from all walks of life, thus
broaden their horizons.

Possible careers
There has been a growing
demand for hospitality
professionals in Malaysia due its
current multi-disciplinary
Here is a list of possible
career titles that a hospitality
graduate can hold:
Job description

Specialty chef

• Designs a suitable meal or substitute certain
dishes for diners who follow a restrictive diet

Wedding consultant/planner

• Discusses with couples on their wedding requirements
and budget
• Suggests a wide range of creative ideas and themes
• Advises clients on wedding customs and etiquette

Gallery/museum curator

• Acquires a collection of artefacts or works of art
for display
• Displays interesting objects for the public to access
and engage

Programme. It gives its recipient a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to
complete Year 2 and Year 3 of the
Undergraduate Laws Programme
at the reputable King’s College
Both Tan and Sit credit their
lecturers at ATC for their

remarkable success.
“The lecturers at ATC provided
me with a strong platform and
foundation to pursue and cultivate
my passion for law,” says Sit.
Tan adds, “I could not have
achieved this without the help of
the lecturers at ATC. They are

always ready to help and never
selfish with their time. I think that
the secret ingredient to success is
to have dedicated teachers and that
is something that ATC is proud to
ATC lecturers have many years
of experience that shape their
teaching technique to result in
a successful and unique ATC
learning experience.
ATC’s consistent track record of
success is unrivalled. In its 28-year
history of educating and producing
the finest legal professionals, ATC
remains the single institution with
the most awards.
The exceptional quality of the
students of ATC has been
recognised by the University of
London with the university
awarding the students with various
book prizes and prestigious
scholarships year after year.
The intakes for both the Kuala
Lumpur and Penang ATC campuses
are in progress.

n For more information,
call 1800 889 292 or e-mail or


8 course focus

Quest International University Perak (QIUP) offers hospitality, tourism and hotel management programmes to prepare
students for a rewarding career in the fast-growing industry.

Be a management
STUDENTS interested in a career in
the hospitality and tourism industry
can consider pursuing a programme
at Quest International University
Perak (QIUP) in Ipoh.
The related areas of tourism,
hospitality and event management
offer huge opportunities for
rewarding management careers
globally. Tourism, together with
travel, is now regarded as the
world’s fastest-growing industry.
Realising that the hospitality
industry is in continuous need of
managerial staff who can work
effectively in a professional, peoplefocused environment and are
equipped with the right skills, QIUP
introduced the Bachelor of Business
Administration (Hons) in Hospitality
and Tourism Management.
The university also offers the
Diploma in Hotel Management and
Diploma in Tourism Management.
The hospitality, tourism and hotel
management programmes at QIUP
equip students with the skills

necessary to manage operations as
diverse as hotels, resorts, cruise
ships, airlines, tour and exhibitions
and conferences.
Each programme provides a
broad coverage of the best practices
in the hospitality industry as well as
training in critical soft skills integral
to the profession.
The curriculum received valuable
industry input in its design and
includes both research and
internship components.
The internship involves valuable
hands-on training on the multiple
facets of hotel management at
premier local and international
hotels identified by the university.
Students can choose the hotels in
which they want to perform their
An integral part of the
programmes is the development of
communication and interpersonal
skills that will have a vital impact on
the career paths of graduates.
These programmes provide a

global, industry-specific and quality
education at affordable prices.
At QIUP, the minimum study
duration for the full-time mode is
three years for degree programmes
and two and a half years for
diploma programmes. Besides fulltime study, QIUP also offers its
programmes in part-time mode.
There are three faculties and two
centres at QIUP – Centre for
Foundation Studies, Faculty of
Medicine, Faculty of Integrative
Sciences & Technology, Faculty of
Business Management & Social
Sciences, and Centre for Graduate
QIUP offers programmes at the
foundation, diploma, degree and
postgraduate levels.
The September intake is open for

n For more information, call
1800 88 QIUP (7487), e-mail or visit

Practice makes perfect
“WITH the right attitude and
guidance from the university’s
expert lecturers, almost anyone can
learn how to cook professionally,”
says Amirul Amin Anuar, who is
pursuing the Diploma in Culinary
Arts at Nilai University (Nilai U).
He points out that just as an
aircraft maintenance engineering
student would not know how to fix a
plane before undergoing an
engineering programme, not all new
culinary arts students should be
expected to be able to whip up a
storm in the kitchen.
That said, Amirul is no novice in
cooking, having gleaned many
kitchen secrets from his mother.
“It started when I challenged my
elder brother to a burger-making
contest when I was in Year One and
won. From then on, I would help my
mother in the kitchen whenever
possible,” he recalls.
“By the time I was in Year Six, I
was confident enough to take up the
responsibility of cooking for the
family when my mother was
It was no surprise to his family

when Amirul chose to pursue
culinary arts at Nilai U.
“I had no plan to do anything
else except pursue my passion for
cooking. I had my parents’ blessings
and was ecstatic when I was offered
a place in Nilai U’s Faculty of
Hospitality and Tourism,” he says.
The 20-year-old Felda scholar
admits to being slightly nervous
at the prospect of an all-English
syllabus in the beginning, but soon
adapted to the programme.
“My lecturers helped me navigate
through my first few months at the
university. Through group
discussions and constant reading, I
became more confident about using
“I get to learn in a large training
kitchen and am exposed to cuisines
from all over the world. I am no
longer confined to traditional Malay
cuisine,” he says.
His immediate plan is to secure
an internship before working
towards his dream of becoming a
restaurant owner.
“I urge all students, whether
confident cooks or complete novices,

to check out Nilai U’s Diploma in
Culinary Arts programme,” says
“I believe that many will be
surprised at their own abilities and
how the programme can lead to a
successful and enriching career in
the food and beverage industry.”

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information, call
06-850 2308 or
07-226 2336 or visit

of the
in Culinary
Arts at Nilai