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Holy Spirit. Bring to us an expected end. This is the day you have made. You who burns the weak with the sun and showers the strong with rain. MOVEMENT TWO . Uwem makes the sign of the cross. singing and dancing. I will get to the bottom of this. The river that swallows children and spares crocodiles. pull down every stronghold. Itoro turns and sees the statue – freeze. and enkindle in them the fire of your love. I sing you praises in appreciation of the power you gave me. The statue at the shrine falls. Holy Spirit and fill the heart of your faithful. success and victory over all our competitors through Christ our Lord. Itoro enters with the carriage and charisma of a native doctor. singing and sweeping. Why do you hide your face from your own? Look… I bring you wine and kola to celebrate the life you gave me. Itoro exits. Tell me who dares to move the great tree. bless me with a wife and means of livelihood. cast down everything that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Uwem: Come. The statue falls again. we rejoice and be glad in it. statues and clothes indication a shrine. gods of my fathers. Uwem enters from the right yawning. Itoro: Sai! Not again! Akwa –Eto. Itoro sets the statue in place Itoro: This the third time you are leaving your throne. Uwem makes the sign of the cross and exits. send forth your spirit and they shall be created and they shall renew the face of the earth. Reveal to me the guilty one and I shall sacrifice him to appease you myself. You who fights our enemies and stops our pursuers. Itoro: Akwa-Eto! Defender of my people.The front of the hut is divided into two: the right is adorned with flowers and the left with pots. the forest that buries men and spares beasts. Uwem? Uwem! Let him return.

Adiaha: You are intelligent. leaning on a staff. fair as the moon. I was just. Mama: Thank you. AdiahaObong enters. Adiaha: Are your thoughts of me so strong that you speak of me even in my absence? Uwem: Ah my princess. may all your efforts yield fruit. bright as the sun. never mind… you are welcome. may you be blessed. Uwem: Anyii. but you can have it. ObongEkpo! Eye of the gods I greet you. Adiaha: She must be a lucky woman. What else do you need to say…. Mama: My son find me something to eat. Anyii! Mama exits. I have nothing except this wrap of moi-moi. Uwem: Who? Adiaha: The woman you love. nevertheless I don’t have what it takes to tell her I love her. Uwem hands the moi-moi to mama. Itoro: Adiaha: Good morning my princess.Uwem enter unwrapping his food. Uwem: You do? I mean even if I tell. Mama enter. Uwem: Mama. you have a mouth and you can speak. may you marry a good wife. Uwem: I pray the one I love will be like her. I could not afford… Itoro enters and hurries to join. I love you. . Mama: What about you? Uwem: Don’t worry. I’ll just uproot some cocoyam and roast for myself. the one you were dreaming of. awesome as army set in the battle array. Uwem: Me marry! Who is she that cometh forth as the morning.

Itoro: (clears throat) here is your medicine. Itoro: Uwem what’s the meaning of this? Uwem: What is the meaning of what? Itoro: Have I not told you to stay away from my wife? Uwem: When did you marry her? Itoro: And why did you move the statue of the gods. Itoro: So to what do we owe this honour from the most beautiful woman in the land? Adiaha: Please stop. Adiaha turns.Itoro: AdiahaObong why do you insist on addressing me by a title. feverish at night and shivering from cold in the morning. Adiaha: Anyway my reason for coming is that my illness. I thought we are friends. Adiaha stands up and leaves. when you are given medicine. Itoro: You exaggerate my princess! No one would look at you and not see a fresh succulent palm tree oozing with fresh palm wine. Itoro: My concern is the guards. Uwem emerges. Adiaha: Thank you. . did you take it judiciously? Adiaha: Truthfully. I am in pains all day. The guards and maidens turn. Adiaha: Eye of the gods. take it as prescribed. the maiden might be jealous. Itoro enters. Itoro: The medicine I gave you. Adiaha: He seems in love. Itoro: Don’t mind the noise. the symptoms have aggravated. I did not. they may be interested in you. Itoro: You see. Itoro: I bid you quick recovery. stands from her seat. Uwem begins to sing. Adiaha: Thank you. Let me get you a fresh one. rather than abate. Itoro: The gods will reveal the source of his madness in time. Adiaha: I can only earn the respect of people by giving respect as it is due.

Because you dies with him in baptism. Itoro: Why would I respect someone who has nothing to offer himself or society? And you want to marry the princess. Why am I wasting my time with you? Itoro turns to go. let him defend you. . The life you live now is his. Mba: Uwem: Fr. You will know machetes are sharper on the skin than in the farm. At the name of Jesus Christ every knee must bow. the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you. Why the long face. Itoro: If I see you near the princess again. Fr. he will deal with me physically and spiritually. Let him comfort you. Uwem: My God. Itoro: You have gone mad. Uwem: Greater are they that are with me. I will deal with you. Itoro: The world only bows to the greatness and power behind a name not just empty talk. He lives in you. Mba: Peace be unto this house. everybody who comes to Christ need not fear death. When you received the sacrament of confirmation.Uwem: Why would I play with your little furniture? Itoro: Meaning? Uwem: Itoro revel in your sense of power all you like but do not disrespect me. Mba: Uwem. and the drooping shoulder? Uwem: I really don’t know what to do. Here I am jobless. why have you forsaken me? Father said I should call on you that you will answer. And with your spirit. Itoro storms off. threatened and tossed from side to side. Uwem remains thoughtful. disempowered. He is now threatening that if I so much as talk to the princess. Not just spiritually. Fr. Was I wrong to live the god of my forefathers and follow you whom I’ve never seen? Father Mba enters. Mgh! You think she’ll marry you with no money and no name? Uwem: I have the name of Jesus Christ. EtteEkpo has threatened to kill me if I mention the name of Jesus.

Itoro: Kokomma. He asked me to come and remind you of his coming later. Uwem: Kill me if you dare. Uwem stand up and exits. a token for the medicine you gave her. eye of the gods. Kokomma: Greetings. but you will not lay a finger on the Lord’s anointed. MOVEMENT THREE Kokomma enters. Kokomma: This is from my mother. Itoro: How is he? Kokomma: Itoro: He is well. When a wise man chooses to visit you. Itoro hits Uwem to the ground and runs after Father Mba. Kokomma: Greetings! Is anybody at home? Itoro enters. How can I forget. Itoro: Get out of my way before I remove your stupid head from your foolish body. Uwem: Kill me if you dare. . I bring you tiding from my father. how are you? Kokomma: Fine.Itoro rushes in brandishing a machete. it is your privilege to prepare to get wisdom. Uwem: Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Itoro: Let him defend you. Itoro: Uwem out of the way before I do something that will us weep. Itoro: How is she? Kokomma: She is well. so you are the one poising his mind? Uwem stands in between Itoro and Father Mba.

might I speak freely on a very sensitive issue. Kokomma: I’ll be on my way.Itoro: Kokomma. because whatever your choice is will determine the next king of this land. Once she agrees. but I you know I like you friend. Tell your father. Kokomma: you are kind with words.… Kokomma: It’s personal and official. this must be official. Kokomma: Okay. Itoro exits. but for my relationship with your father I would have been chasing you like cock after a hen. MOVEMENT FOUR Adiaha enters with Kokomma. Adiaha. pretty maiden. I would like you to put in a good word for me. I will protect her. I will talk with her. Itoro: Truthfully. come on. Kokomma leaves. Itoro: My regards to your mother. you know how I like you. Kokomma: And official. that I’ll be expecting him. Kokomma: I have watched you move between Itoro and Uwem like a leaf in the wind. speak freely. Kokomma: Do you love Adiaha? Itoro: Ofcourse I like her. Adiaha: That’s personal. your father will be my right hand man. Adiaha: You called me princess. You know if I marry her. Itoro: Good! Thank you. Kokomma: You mean princess Adiaha? Itoro: Yes. you know I can take care of her. Adiaha: Okay. I’ll give you a gift. Adiaha: You’re meaning? Kokomma: I am wondering what your choice will be. Adiaha: So are you in a position to help me make a choice? . Kokomma: My princess.

Kokomma: I like both of them. Adiaha: I have seen a good man. if he would only ask me. Uwem lacks the wealth and position befitting your highness. our people. Besides Uwem is not one of us – he worships another God. he need not pay any bride price. joy and peace. Think of the kingdom. Or do you want him for yourself? Kokomma: No my princess. Uwem. Adiaha: I wish you were in my wrapper so you would know how tightly and uncomfortable it is. wise. he is mild. I admire his tendency to long suffering and contingency. just like he someone else. Uwem would be my choice at the drop of a staff. a union of spiritual and earthly power. I would marry Itoro. attend to and respect me. . Kokomma: Those are good qualities. I would give him my love for free. Koko who will you marry? Kokomma: With due respect despite the romantic sentiments. Uwem: Yes. He seems to have changed. Not to his fortitude. full of love. he is patient. Adiaha: Uwem is that good. Kokomma: Your highness stop this folly. Think of the people. No! I would choose Uwem. hold me close and keep me warm on cold and lonely nights. One who would make me laugh. modest and chaste. I mean he has wisdom. Adiaha: Folly? Funny! I can lie to my head. whisper comforting words when am sad. but no man is so good. Uwem emerges staggering weakly. I love him. you want me to choose another. he gives good counsel. strong and wealthy for the kingdom. What about the kingdom. My father told me I should marry a man. kind and good. Uwem: One would think you are trying to sell goods to an unwilling customer. My mother told me to marry a man who would care for. Adiaha: Uwem! You’re home. knowledge. Adiaha: Nice point of view I actually share that point of view. I can lie to the people. he is understating. Kokomma: My princess. Adiaha: As for leadership. I can lie to the gods. I know a good man is hard to find. Think about it a man. But I can’t lie to my heart. piety and faith.

but what kind of marriage would that be? Besides. I will cut you with this machete into pieces. He lives in me. Adiaha: Uwem. I cannot marry you. But my love. I would not let my daughter marry a poor insignificant man. Uwem: Kokomma. Uwem: Like the love you feel. Uwem: Itoro. show me your God and I will believe. Thank you for your generosity of letting go of the bride price….Adiaha: You heard all . it would be wrong for me to ask you to marry me when I can’t provide for you. my friend. . even worthy of note. Everybody runs behind Uwem. you can neither see nor touch it. Uwem: I do not wrestle with flesh and blood. where is it or he. even though I love you so much. Don’t let what people say come between us. Itoro jumps in with a machete. Itoro: You seek to wrestle with me. Itoro: This will be the first and last you will mention that name in this house. But I thank God that the princess sees me differently. yet you believe. tell me you’ll marry me. Uwem: I would but… Adiaha: But what? Is anything too big for the God you want me to believe? Uwem: No! His name is Jesus. If I were a mother. Uwem: My weapons of warfare are not carnal.interrupted my 9 days prayer. don’t be. you know I am a better wrestle. I’m sorry. Adiaha: But why? You know my love is true. Kokomma: An invisible God. Uwem: He cannot be held by human hand. put the weapon down. Uwem: You don’t believe in the God I serve. Uwem: Thank God! I did! Kokomma: Uwem…. Itoro: Now you’re scared. I believe. Itoro: You’re a dreamer. Adiaha: Uwem.

Itoro: Then I’ll cut you into pieces so I can see him. Fr. put the machete down. Fr. Itoro: Help…. I would gladly give her up. I saw your God! Fr. put the machete down. the banquet. Itoro rushes at Uwem and cuts him. Uwem: Itoro. Itoro: But you cannot afford to marry her. Itoro raises the machete to strike. If you truly loved her. I wanted to tell you that you are a very wealthy man. Uwem: My God shall supply all my needs. It does not concern you. her bride price. Uwem falls to the ground. Mba: Thank God you’re alive. Fr. I will not let you marry only for your ambition. her wedding attire. otherwise not just one head will roll. And I will show you he lives in me. Itoro: Yes stay out of this. Mba: Let’s help him. my eye. Itoro: Where is this God that you defy the gods for? Uwem: Itoro. Mba: Uwem he has indeed. You the palm and plantain plantations behind the church? They are yours.Father Mba arrives. Uwem: Father please stay out of this. Mba: Itoro. please put down the machete. . Adiaha: Will you marry me now? Uwem: Forever. No…no… I can’t see! Everybody rushes to Uwem. These statues cannot help you and if it is the love for Adiaha. Itoro: Aahh! My hand.