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This report covers the accomplishments of the Supreme Student Government of Regional Pilot
School for the Arts from the month of May 2011 to March 2012.
SSG officers started developing action plan as early as June 2011. It was presented to the Chairman
of Araling Panlipunan and forwarded to the school principal last June 2011 and after meetings it was
finally approved on July, 2011.
Among the programs listed in the SSG action plan, the Brigada Eskwela (National Schools
Maintenance Week) was the first to be accomplished even before the final approval of the action plan
by the school head. This activity was carried out from May 23 to 28, 2011 and was participated by
the students, faculty and staff, parents/guardians, alumni and education stakeholders who
contributed their time, effort and resources in ensuring that public school facilities are set in time for
the forthcoming school opening.
The dissemination of information just got easier with social networking site. Since the SSG facebook
account and page was created on September 2011, we were able to update the students about the
SSG programs, projects, and activities.
Our facebook page is…/RPSA-Supreme-Student-Government.
NAME OF PROJECT/ ACTIVITY: Ako Ayoko sa Bawal na Droga (AKO)
Ako Ayoko sa Bawal na Droga (AKO) a non-profit organization, conducted a free anti-drug forum and
seminar for 4th year and selected 3rd year students last October 2011. The chairperson of AKO is
Ma. Corazon “Bubot” Sarmiento, headed the said event in cooperation of the Rotary International
District 3800 assisted by the SSG Officers. In her lecture, she addressed the dangerous effects and
consequences of illegal drugs in the country.
NAME OF PROJECT/ ACTIVITY: World’s Teachers Day (My Teacher, My Hero)
SSG conducted significant programs and activities charged to organization’s fund and sourced from
private organizations through solicitations. Students enjoined actively leading to a successful
Teachers’ Month Celebration. The following activities were conducted:
A. Say “THANK YOU!”- Students posted and expressed their gratitude to RPSA teachers through the
official SSG facebook group. Printed copies of these messages have been given to the teachers
before the closing ceremony.

“Improve Maternal Health” III.B.Ramon Obusan: Goal 2. Cook/ Food Festival "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success" . The following were activities being conducted: A.Nicanor Abelardo: Goal 6. C. Interpretative Dance All activities above were based on the Millennium Development Goal assigned to them: I.Francisca Aquino: Goal 8. “THE WHO?”. Hernandez: Goal 3. Private sponsors provided free make-over and SPA treatment for RPSA teachers.“Develop a Global Partnership for Development” II-Amado V.RPSA teachers took a break from their classroom duties to give way for school program. Malaria and other Diseases” D.Anonymous .Nick Joaquin: Goal 1-“Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger” I-Lucrecia Kasilag: Goal 7-“Ensure Environmental Sustainability” II.Carlos “Botong” Francisco: Goal 5. TEACHERS IDOL. “WE SALUTE TEACHERS!”. My Hero” E.“Combat HIV/AIDS. San Pedro: Goal 4. PTCA prepared special breakfast and lunch to complete the event. UN 2011 E. D.Hanging of streamers and posting posters for Teachers’ Month Campaign in the bulletin board and other conspicuous places.“Reduce Child Mortality” IV.Videoke challenge for teachers NAME OF PROJECT/ ACTIVITY: United Nations Celebration 2011 SSG took part on the UN Celebration 2011 with the theme: Millennium Development Goals: "WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN" last October 25. Video-making Competition C.“Promote Gender Equality and Women Empowerment” III. F. 2011. Installation Art Contest B.SSG featured stories and trivia about the teachers of RPSA. Special Activities for Teachers.“Achieve Universal Primary Education” IV. Song-writing competition focusing on the theme “My Teacher.Lucio D. Mr. and Ms.