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1711 Grant Street Hopewell, VA 23860 MARCH 2010 TO GOD BE THE GLORY

It wasn’t long ago that we were celebrating the birth of our Savior. It was a time of joy and happiness and of great tradition. How quickly we have jumped into a more somber mood—at least liturgically and in song. During Lent, the Church’s worship intentionally assumes a penitential character. We omit the “Alleluia” in our liturgy, the color purple (often associated with penitence) is used, and certainly the sermons focus on the cross of Christ where we cannot escape the reality of Christ’s death for our sin. Wow—from “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” to “From depths of woe I cry to thee” in just 8 weeks. That’s a reel flip of the switch on us! If we take a step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture, the church calendar is somewhat reflective of the Christian life. One second, we are higher than high—we are confident in the LORD, confident in life, and moving forward clicking on all cylinders. Then, like a flip of a switch, we are consumed with trouble. Maybe it’s a physical ailment. Maybe were under spiritual attack. Whatever the reason, our yelling is no longer in celebration, rather it is a cry for help! Oh boy! “Lord, from depths of woe I cry to thee!” Whether you are confident or confused, Lent is a time that God uses to strengthen us in our faith through Words that point us to the depths of woe. By leading us to the cross, God points us back to our Baptism. In the ancient Church, the weeks leading up to Easter were a time of preparation of the candidates who were to be baptized. The relationship between Christ’s death and resurrection and man’s death and resurrection in Baptism were clear then, as they are now. God confirms this through Saint Paul,

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Deacons Report


Pray for One Another


don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death? We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” Romans 6:3-4 Because we are Baptized, we can say to anyone, even the devil himself, “Because of my Baptism I’m always living in the light of Christ!” When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” —John 8:12 We live in a post-resurrection world. Christ has won victory for us, so in the light of Christ, go ahead, yell, “Alleluia!”, yes, even during Lent. Anytime!

Lenten Schedules


From the Pastor’s Desk 10

The Hometown News is a publication of Nazareth Evangelical Lutheran Church. Member of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.

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Hometown News

Operation Barnabas – Helping LCMS congregations encourage military families
Summarized from an article printed in Harvest, a publication of LCMS World Missions, spring 2009

Each year, thousands of families experience firsthand the reality of our nation‘s ongoing conflict against terrorism as loved ones serving in the Armed Forces are sent overseas. Congregational ministries can help these families and their loved ones make it through the anxious times of separation that a military deployment brings. However, it is not always easy to know how to reach out to these families in ways that are helpful. In response to this challenge, Operation Barnabas was created as a resource for congregations and pastors. It is a program of Ministry to the Armed Forces, which operates directly under LCMS World Mission. Mandated by delegates to the 2007 LCMS convention who asked that the church address the needs of military chaplains and other service men and women, Operation Barnabas supports Lutheran chaplains and reserve soldiers returning home from deployment. Named for the apostle who accompanied St. Paul on his first missionary journey, Barnabas means ―son of encouragement‖. ―Operation Barnabas seeks to train an equip congregations to reach out to all military families, including those who are not yet members of the congregation, in order to show Christ‘s love to those who are scared and hurting‖, shared Chaplain Mike Moreno, a Navy chaplain who directs Operation Barnabas. ―You can let them know they are not alone and that they have our deepest appreciation. Support them and give them the greatest fit of all—the rich Gospel of Jesus Christ. ―The Gospel is deep and gives us strength, but chaplains and pastors are human beings who get tuckered out. They need a little down time to reconnect with their families and catch their breath. All too often, reservists ‗fall between the cracks‘ and may not get the help and resources they deserve.‖ Operation Barnabas trains counselors who are a resource to congregations considering ways to support the military in their communities. The Operation Barnabas counselor is an LCMS pastor with military experience. He can help congregations address such issues as: What happens in a military deployment? What are the soldier‘s and family‘s needs before, during, and after deployment? How can the church support those needs? Currently, 27 counselors have been trained. Resources for the counselors have been under development since 2007, with an updated Web site created in 2008, The site contains resources for military families, congregations, counselors, and reserve chaplains. There are a host of resources, including a congregation guide and Chaplain Moreno‘s blog.


MARCH 2010

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Deacon's Meeting, 8 Feb. 2010
The Deacons met on Monday, February 8th, 2010. Present were Karen van Worth, Thelma Klein, and Bonnie Foxx. Karen opened the meeting with the reading of Psalm 121. The minutes from the previous minutes were read and approved. We discussed: - How to get people to volunteer to organize Lenten dinners - Visitation & people concerns - How often to update and republish the Nazareth congregational address book. We agreed it should be updated as often as people submit address/phone changes. Karen is currently working on a complete revision. - The Kohler scholarship - as far as we know, the only person attending college next year will be Casey Davis. We also asked the men of the congregation (represented by Steve Foxx) if they would like to provide breakfast for the Easter sunrise service. They graciously agreed. We closed with the praying of the Lord's prayer. Next meeting will be March 15th. Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Foxx

Publishing the Hometown News online is convenient in many ways. From an editing perspective, we just need to upload the file, but, more importantly, it is convenient for the reader (you always know where it is and you can‘t lose it). There is another major advantage to publishing online: over the long-term, it will equate to a massive cost savings by saving on printing, paper, and postage. This is why we would like for all members and friends, if possible, to read the Hometown News online. Also, consider that if you would like a printout, you could always print a copy out at home. By the 3rd of every month, an online version of the newsletter will be available on the church website at Simply click on ―Hometown News‖ on the home page of our website.
We understand that not everyone has a computer or even wants to read an online version. We will continue to mail a paper version to all members and friends who wish to continue to receive a paper copy, but you must sign up for this. Please call or e-mail the office to notify us that you would like a paper copy provided to you. Contact or 458-7994 to sign up to receive a paper copy.

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Hometown News

Sincere Thanks...
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you for your love and support during Betty‘s illness, hospitalization and death. Your prayers, thoughts and acts of kindness have meant so much to me. Words cannot express my appreciation for the comfort and loving support I received from Pastor Voss, Pastor Plvan, Pastor Dorn and Pastor Schmick! Thank you Pam, Steve, and the choir for the beautiful performance of ―Grace‖, a favorite anthem of Betty‘s. Thanks to the ladies for the delicious meal after Betty‘s funeral. I thank God for bringing Betty and me together, giving me the honor to be her husband and for giving us that very ―special‖ life for over 40 years. The memories of the life we shared, her strong faith, and the knowledge that she is with the Lord in heaven, coupled with your Christian love and support, will see me through this chapter in my life. With love and great appreciation,


I have been receiving a lot of cards extending sympathy in the loss of Betty. I have found much comfort in these cards. One that means a lot to me is a card from my brother Don and his wife, Barb. I want to share that verse with you.

Home Is Where God Is
There’s no place like the home God is preparing for us. There, Jesus waits to escort His own into a place of sweet and blessed rest. There, our loved ones wait with eager anticipation for us to celebrate with them the joys for which we were ultimately created. If we were allowed one glimpse of that place, our real home, we would not hold too tightly to the ones gone before us. Instead, we would grieve because we cannot go with them--because home, after all, is where God is. Rebecca Barlow Jordan

MARCH 2010

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The Hometown News
EDITOR: Susan Skalleberg CO-EDITOR: Pastor David Voss
PRODUCTION EDITOR: Karen Van Worth Thank you to all who submitted articles and information to this newsletter.

SUBMISSIONS We encourage you to submit your articles and ideas electronically to: or call 7316959 Newsletter information is due in by the third Sunday of the month.

CONTRIBUTORS We are looking for regular contributors to the Hometown News. If there is a certain article you would like to write on a regular basis, please let us know so we can discuss it with you. Young and old are encouraged to volunteer for this very important newsletter. PAPER VERSIONS If you would like a paper version of the Hometown News, you can print it off online or simply call the church office and we‘ll put you on the mailing list for paper copies.

March Birthdays

March 4 March 6 March 10 March 17 March 18 March 21 March 23 March 25

Lauren Anne Carroll Tracy Koren Holcombe Jean Koren Janet Antol, Madison Van Worth William Koren, Michael Lineman Gerald Koren, Ann Hanford Leanne Eckstein Logan Peden

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” - Philippians 4:4-7

The congregation of Nazareth Lutheran Church is filled with musical talent, thanks be to God and the gifts He has given us. Won‘t you consider sharing your gift with the congregation? We have heard such beautiful music from our members and we want to continue to encourage our members to let your gifts be known. Whether you‘d like to sing or play an instrument, alone or with others, we encourage you to volunteer your time and talents for the benefit of our church. Please contact Pastor Voss or Steve Foxx if you would like to participate in our Worship service.

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Hometown News

Pray for One Another

Prayer List for March, 2010

For our Brothers and Sisters in Christ in Nursing Homes Mary Blaho, HHCC (229) Velma Fleming, HHCC (227) Mildred Skroback, HHCC Mary Petik For our members and friends serving our country in the military Bruce Layne Danny Petik Chris Graham Dustin Petik James Eckenrode Scott Naumann Jeff & Stacy Crossen Courtney Williams Jeffrey Head Steve Foxx Landry Doane Brandon Edwards Michael McKinzie For our members and friends away at college – Casey Davis Brandon Edwards Rowena Carter Jordan Layne Charlene Logan Kay Grochowaski For our members who are sick, hospitalized, in need of spiritual care or recuperating Pastor & Joy Voss Evelyn Rayner Tina Doane Annette Dry Ilse Appleby Barney Hampton Lillian Lockton Darleene Farley Joann Miller Suzie Hilton Jonathan Weston David Petik Elsie Voda, HHCC For our Brothers and Sisters in Christ who are home-bound -

For our friends who are sick, hospitalized or recuperating Connie Williamson Rita Joyner Shelby Slayton Phyllis Kane Jeff Walter Mark Black Francis Brinkley Dorothy Kunkel Bobby Kirkman Regina Davis

Danielle Elliot-Gehle

For the Families of the Saints departed

Bible Study, Adult and Youth Confirmation
Whether you are young or old, visitor or pillar, we have something for you! BIBLE STUDY Meet in the ―Old Church‖ Room at 9:30 AM for a Bible Study on Hebrews led by Al Schneider. ADULT CONFIRMATION Arnie Slimmen leads an eight-week adult confirmation class every Sunday at 9:30 AM and on Friday evenings. If you are new to the Lutheran faith and would like to become a member of our church, please contact Arnie to join in. YOUTH CONFIRMATION Through Lent, Pastor Voss is teaching youth confirmation classes every Sunday from 9:45—10:30 AM. After Easter Sunday, we will resume with our 78PM Wednesday evening schedule.

MARCH 2010

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Notes for You
SUNDAY MORNING PRAYERS If you would like to have the congregation pray for you, a family member, or a friend, let Pastor Voss know of your request and we will include a prayer for you on Sunday morning. Please provide the name and, if you desire, the purpose of the prayer (for healing, for comfort, etc.). TRANSPORTATION TO LENTEN SERVICES AVAILABLE
Martha Staples has been kind enough to volunteer her time to drive anyone who would like a ride to our Wednesday evening dinners and Lent services. Please contact the church office by Tuesday evening if you would like to be picked up and we will make sure to get the message to Martha. Don‘t sit at home, let‘s keep putting our bus to

Scholarships Available!
Applications for the Koehler Scholarship Fund are now available. If you are interested, please see the church secretary. Applications need to be turned in no later than April 30. Current contact information for Ilse and Dawn: Ilse Appleby 2990 Trawood Drive, 16D El Paso, TX 79936

Any one wishing to sponsor ($50) or cosponsor ($25) an issue of the HOMETOWN NEWS, please put your envelope with appropriate amount of money into the offering plate, along with a note as to who you would like to honor Thank you.

From 9:30—9:45 AM every Sunday, join the youth in the Sanctuary as Pastor Voss leads them in singing hymns. The youth are preparing for a mission trip in the summer, so we will soon be practicing songs for the trip. All ages are welcome. Bring your ideas and your instruments!

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and prayed while I was hospitalized. We have a gracious God who has brought me back to full energy in and for His service to family and church. Your expression of concern and love was very meaningful to my family and I. Your servant in Christ, Pastor Voss

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Mission Poem to Remember
Pastor Plvan suggested we put this message and poem into the Hometown News. It illustrates the main point of his sermon on Transfiguration Sunday: “The church must give of itself. It must serve others. It must bring the Gospel of salvation in Christ Jesus to the world. I recently ran across this “Servant Song” by Richard Gillard. It reads: “Brothers and sisters, let me be your servant, let me be as Christ to you. I pray that I may have the grace to let you be my servant, too. We are pilgrims on a journey. We are brothers and sisters on the road; We are here to help each other walk the mile and bear the load. I will hold the light of Christ up for you in the nighttime of your fear, I will hold my hand out to you and speak the words of peace you long to hear. I will weep when you are weeping, when you laugh I will laugh with you. I will share your joy and sorrow „til we have seen this journey through.”

THIS SPACE WAS RESERVED FOR YOU Communication to the congregation is critical. If you are a member of any official committee for the church, then we should receive an update from your committee for the newsletter no later than the third Sunday of the month so we can publish it. Thank you to those who have done so, and we encourage all committees to continue the information flow to the congregation. Please do your best to submit your updates to the editor (Sue). We really appreciate your effort to do so and to keep the congregation up to date and engaged with what you are doing. A loving reminder for the benefit of our church, Pastor Voss

MARCH 2010

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Lent and Holy Week Worship
Midweek 4, March 10, 7PM – Peace with God through Jesus Christ Midweek 6, March 17, 7PM – The Reason to Endure Midweek 7, March 24, 7PM – No Longer Dead, but Alive Maundy Thursday, April 1, 7PM – Christ Crucified in His Holy Supper Good Friday, April 2, 7PM – Once for All Time Easter Sunday, April 4, Sunrise Service, 7AM Easter Sunday, April 4, Worship, 11AM

Dr. Paul Maier to Visit Nazareth Lutheran Church
We are honored to announce that Dr. Paul Maier will present a seminar for the Hopewell and Ft. Lee area on Saturday, September 18, entitled, "Jesus, Legend or Lord?" Dr. Maier, Professor of Ancient History at Western Michigan University, is one of our country's leading authorities on the biblical world and a widely acclaimed author and speaker. This special event will be held at our church! Ticket prices and further details will be made available in a few months. This is a terrific opportunity for our congregation to be a beacon of God’s light not only for Christians who may be interested in attending, but for non-Christians who are skeptical of who Jesus was and is. This is a terrific evangelism opportunity that we can and should be telling everyone about!

Won’t you consider volunteering to be a part of the team that prepares for this event? Please contact Pastor Voss if interested. At this time, we have three volunteers, but we need many more.

Lent Soup & Sandwich Schedule
Our Lenten Season continues. The teams in charge of the various Soup & Sandwich suppers are as follows: March 3 – Maintenance & Trustees, Andy Martin March 10 – Missions/Outreach, Ann March 17 – Christian Education & Youth, Sandy March 24 – Adult Classes, Carol If you would like to help any of these boards by making a soup, sandwiches, or a dessert, please see the person named on the Lent Soup & Sandwich list.

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Hometown News

As anticipated and prayed for, the New Year brought a flourish of activity with regards to the mission of our church. On Friday, January 31, we met as a congregation to define our Mission Statement and our Critical Targets. What a great turnout we had! Please read follow up articles for both of those activities on this page. Through the spring, we have two more mission planning seminars scheduled. We don‘t expect every member can make every planning session, but we certainly encourage you to do so! These activities are important to building upon the foundation that Christ has laid down for us—so that we fully engage our community in mission and reach them with the Good News that Jesus Christ is LORD! Mission Planning Session II is scheduled for Saturday, April 10 from 9AM— noon. This session will focus on discussing and defining our Critical Targets— those to whom we will specifically be reaching out to. Mission Planning Session III is scheduled for Saturday, May 1 from 9AM— 3PM. In this session, we will learn about the attributes of a mission focused church and find out what we are good at and what we can do better. Led by Art Umbach. Please register with the office to sign up for either seminar by emailing or calling Karen at or 458-7994.

From the Pastor’s Desk

We worship together. We serve together. Sometimes we even play together. Amidst all of these activities, what defines us? If someone were to ask you, ―What is the purpose of your church?‖, what would you answer? While God has made us all unique individuals, He also expects us to serve each other and the world. The expectation is inward growth through faith in Christ and outward growth of the Good News to all nations—mission! On January 31, we had a terrific turnout of members from the church who sat down and discussed where we feel led by the Holy Spirit in mission. What follows are some of the most popular responses that almost everyone believed needed to be incorporated into our mission statement. We are a people who are ―reaching out‖ and ―sharing the love of Jesus Christ‖ while ―serving others joyfully‖ while we continue to ―grow in faith‖. Pam Klein, Ann Hanford, and myself volunteered to take the ideas from our Mission Statement Planning Session and create 3-4 statements that incorporate these ideas. We will then present them to the congregation for a vote and final approval. Stay tuned, in the coming weeks we will present these statements during a worship service so that, as a congregation, we prayerfully conclude God‘s defining mission for our church.

Once we have defined our Mission Statement, we must then define to whom we will specifically be reaching out to. As a congregation, we defined Critical Targets, specific people or ministries that we will focus on. I have received quite a few comments that due to time constraints, they felt rushed during this process. Defining our critical targets is far too important of a responsibility for us to rush through, so in response to that input, we will have a morning planning session on April 10 to discuss and formulate our Critical Targets. Critical Targets as decided by the congregation on 1/31. Please review this list and answer the following questions. What categories can be combined? What categories can serve (or be a branch off of) other categories?
Young Adults Military Families Facilities Children‘s Ministry Youth 8 votes 7 votes 6 votes 6 votes 5 votes 3 votes


MARCH 2010

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We are bound to Christ and one another (Ephesians 4:1-4). On the second Thursday of every month, beginning on April 8th, from 7—9PM, Pastor Voss will be hosting a night dedicated to strengthening our relationships with one another, our families, our friends, and those who we are called to serve with the Gospel. Each month we will introduce a new ―theme‖ with a focus on one aspect of our relationships. Please join us for fun, snacks, and most importantly, a time for God to strengthen our relationships through His Word. Are you ready to be engaged and grow in Christ and with one another?
APRIL 8— STRENGTHENING THE BOND—WITHIN OUR CHURCH All members are invited to attend to find out how God will strengthen our relationships in the church through effectively listening, compassion, and caring for one another.
MISSION STATEMENT Critical to the followers of Jesus so that we know what God desires of us in the community in which He has placed us. Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit..." - Matthew 28:19 CRITICAL TARGETS Helps us answer the question, ―To whom is God guiding us to minister to?‖ After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go. —Luke 10:1 RELATIONSHIP BUILDING One of the teachers of the law came and heard them debating. Noticing that Jesus had given them a good answer, he asked him, "Of all the commandments, which is the most important?" "The most important one," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.' The second is this: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these." - Mark 12:28-31

MAY 13— STRENGTHENING THE BOND—HUSBAND AND WIFE Husbands and wives are encouraged to attend this presentation and discussion on marriage. How does God promise to strengthen our marriage at any age and at all times? This evening is for all ages, from newly wed puppies to wise old owls. JUNE 10—STRENGTHENING THE BOND—MEN Men and young adults are encouraged to attend this night of talking about the challenges and trials of being single, a boyfriend, husband, and/or father in a world where men often choose to go it alone. It will be a night of fun and discussion—competition and talk—good eats and most importantly, hearing how God desires to shape us as men.

Nazareth Lutheran Church 1711 Grant Street Hopewell, VA 23860


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