By car

・ Take the Meishin Highway to the Ritto
interchange. Koka is a 30 minute
drive down Route 1. Additionally,
we are also a 30 minute drive from
the Kusatsu Tanakami interchange,
and a 15 minute drive from the Ryuo
・ Take the Higashi Meihan Highway
to the Kameyama interchange. Koka
is a 20 minute drive up Route 1.
Additionally, via the Meihan Highway
(Route 25) we are a 10 minute drive
from the Kami Tsuge interchange and
a 30 minute drive from the Mibuno

A journey that transcends time

By train
・ Take the JR Tokaido Line and transfer
at Kusatsu Station. Take the JR
Kusatsu Line to Koka City.
・ Take the JR Kansai Line and transfer
at Tsuge Station. Take the JR Kusatsu
Line to Koka City.
・ Kibukawa Station, on the JR Kusatsu
Line, connects to the Shigaraki Kogen
Railway and the Omi Railway.
JR Limited Express




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Central Japan

Koka Tourism
Shigaraki Tourism

Koka City, Konan-cho Noda 810

Koka City, Shigaraki-cho nagano 1142


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Koka Sightseeing Guide
Koka City Products and Tourism Division

Koka City Tourism Association
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520-3308 Shiga Prefecture Koka City, konan-cho Noda 810
TEL/FAX 0748-60-2690
All prices and fees are as of May , 2012 and are subject to change.




How to get here: 10 minute walk from Shigaraki Station. This is the tradition of Shigaraki ceramics. Phone: 0748-82-2345 (Shigaraki Tourism Association). Hours: 9:30 – 17:00. the Tokaido Road was built. Location: Koka City.Shigaraki Ceramics Shigaraki ceramics are characterized by their reddish brown hues and rough texture. during the middle ages. Phone: 0748-86-8026 (Koka City Cultural Asset Preservation Division). . making its own glaze. Fee:varies by location. Exhibitions are held regularly. Phone: 0748-82-2345. Fee: Only entrance to the Ceramic Hall requires a fee. Shigaraki-cho Chokushi 2188-7. Koka. Fee: free. In order In ancient times. Map: page 6. Maki. This is called a natural glaze.RND&LW\LV¿OOHGZLWKKLVWRULFDOVLJKWVDQGDYLVLWKHUHLVDMRXUQH\WKDWWUDQVFHQGVWLPH Koka City is made up of Shigaraki Imperial Palace Ruins Pottery Class Pottery Trail Excavations are still continuing at the Miyamachi Ruins and the Koka Temple Ruins. it is said that ninjas from Koka City worked with Oda Nobunaga. or a capital was instead built in Nara Prefecture. Hours: 9:00 – 17:00. from ancient times to modern day. How to get here: 20 minute walk from Shigaraki Station. ceramics are usually coated with a glass-like SUHVHQWGD\6KLJDUDNLGLVWULFWRI. and today the Shigaraki people create a variety of works by protecting conventions while also implementing modern sensibilities.WLVVDLGWKDW6KLJDUDNLFHUDPLFV¿UVWEHJDQWRWKULYHGXULQJWKLVWLPH OLTXLGJOD]HEHIRUHWKH\DUH¿UHG+RZHYHUDQLQJUHGLHQWLQWKHFOD\XVHGIRU6KLJDUDNLFHUDPLFV ZKHQUHVLGHQWV¿UHGFHUDPLFWLOHV+RZHYHUGXHWRVHYHUDOQDWXUDOGLVDVWHUVWKHSDODFHZDVQHYHUFRQVWUXFWHGDQGWKH reacts with very high temperature wood ash and turns into glass. Shigaraki-cho Nagano 1142. Konan Koka (UVSKRPSU[OH[^HZWV^LYLKI`ÄYL^VVKHUK\ZLK[VÄYL:OPNHYHRPJLYHTPJZ Location: Koka City. B-2 Location: Throughout Shigaraki. located on the Shigaraki Kogen Railway. Closed: Mondays (Open on holidays. How to get here: 6 minute walk from Shigaraki Station. Shigaraki-cho Miyamachi. How to get here: get off at Shigaraki Station. Ultimately. Location: Koka City. B-3 the districts of Minakuchi. Minakuchi Tsuchiyama Shiga Prefectural Ceramic Cultural Park Showcases Shigaraki ceramics and other pottery from all over the world. Phone: 0748-83-0909. Use a potter’s wheel and paint a design to create your very own Shigaraki pottery. characteristic of this pottery. Shigaraki-cho Nagano 1142. Konan and Shigaraki. Map: page 6. but closed the following day). Closed: Thursdays (Open on holidays. Phone: 0748-82-2345 (Shigaraki Tourism Association). Roam this trail where you can see pottery and old NLOQVWKDWZHUHSRZHUHGE\¿UHZRRGDQGXVHGWR ¿UH6KLJUDUDNLFHUDPLFV Location: Koka City. B-3 Shigaraki Shigaraki Traditional Industry Hall Exhibiting Shigraki ceramics by era. Map: page 6. and Koka City prospered from having two rest stations on this road: Minakuchi and Facilities relating to Shigaraki ceramics Tsuchiyama. B-3 Contents Shigaraki Ceramics Koka Ninja Tokaido Road Rest Stations Map 2 3 4 5 6 3 . Tsuchiyama. the Shomu Emperor made plans to create an imperial palace (Shigaraki no Miya) in what is the to improve water resistance and aesthetic qualities. Map: page 6. but closed the following day). 9LGURJOD]H)XUWKHUPRUHWKHEODFNLVKEURZQRU³EXUQW´FRORULQSODFHVWKDWZHUHFRYHUHGLQDVKGXULQJ¿ULQJLVDQRWKHU Several hundred years later. Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu to unify Japan.RND&LW\.How to get here: a 5 minute walk from Shigaraki Gushi Station. Shigaraki never became the imperial capital. After Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Edo Shogunate.

E-2 Location: Koka City. “Spring Rain” 4 Tokaido Museum -Tsuchiyama Rest Station- Scenery of the Minakuchi Rest Station -Minakuchi Rest Station- With exhibits that reconstruct the old days of the Tokaido Road. Location: Koka City. How to get here: from Kibukawa Station. Hours: 9:00 – 16:30. Iemitsu. Iemitsu. Closed: Mondays.Koka Ninja Tokaido Road Rest Stations Ninjas thrived during the middle ages. Minakuchi Station had its own castle. on his journeys to Kyoto. Minakuchi-cho. * Facilities set up for travelers to take a rest or spend the night. D-2 Location: Koka City. Map: page 7.” or spies. Koka-cho Oki 394. The Koka Ninja Estate incorporates a number of gadgets and devices that were used to protect the ninja from sudden attacks. How to get here: 20 minute walk from JR Konan Station. The pine tree-lined streets that gave shade to the travelers of the Tokaido Road will bring you back to the middle ages. While you are here. New Year holiday. Minakuchi-cho Honmaru. Fee: free. Phone: 0748-66-0007. Map: page 7. How to get here: a four minute walk from Minakuchi Jonan Station on the Omi train line. and it was the rest area used before or after passing over the Suzuka Mountains. reservations are required for visitors. Location: Koka City Tsuchiyama-cho Kitatsuchiyama 1628. which was built as a lodging for the third generation Tokugawa Shogun. take a try at throwing ninja stars. Closed: Mondays (open on holidays. Tuesdays. Because this is now a private residence. and Kyoto. and it showed off the excitement and bustle of a castle town. a 30 minute bus ride and 3 minute walk. Phone: 0748-86-2179. Map: page 7. using special forms of martial arts. Fee: 300 yen. Map: Page 6. Fee: 100 yen. providing a vital link between Edo commanders. Phone: 0748-66-2770. the Inn is a 30 minute bus ride and 4 minute walk. The legendary Sarutobi Sasuke is said to have been a Koka Ninja. a time in Japan known as the age of provincial wars. E-2 Minakuchi. Facilities relating to the Koka Ninja Koka Ninja Village Koka Ninja Estate The Koka Ninja Village is a collection of reconstructed ninja estates in a spacious mountain forest. located on the JR Kusatsu Line (bus pick-up from the station is also possible). C-2 Tsuchiyama Station was said to be a trouble spot along the Tokaido Road. 27 – Jan. They served throughout During the Edo Period. Tsuchiyama Station and Minakuchi Station. this museum gives easy to understand information on the history of the Tsuchiyama Station. How to get here: located right next to Minakuchi Ishibashi Station on the Omi Train Line. Present day Koka City is home to two rest stations. Map: Page 7. Because they acted secretly behind the scenes of the stations * were constructed. Hours: 9:00 – 17:30. D-2 Minakuchi Castle Museum (Minakuchi Castle Ruins) -Minakuchi Rest StopA Restoration of Minakuchi Castle. a celebration that began during the Edo Period. located on the JR Kusatsu Line (bus pick-up from the station is also possible). How to get here: 30 minute walk from JR Koka Station. Phone: 0748-88-5000. C-1 5 . How to get here: Take the JR Kusatsu Line to Kibukawa Station. Location: Koka City. “Kampyo: A Local Specialty” Tsuchiyama. New Year holiday. Fee: 1000 yen. (present day Tokyo). Closed: Thursday. Phone: 0748-63-5577. Scenery of the Tsuchiyama Rest Station “The 53 St tations of the Tokaido Road” As drawn by Ando o Hirosh hige Facilities related to the Tokaido Road Tsuchiyama Daimyo Inn -Tsuchiyama Rest Station- Tokaido Pines -Tsuchiyama Rest Station- A public inn for the nobility.Friday. the third generation Tokugawa Shogun. Map: page 6. closed around the New Year. E-2 Location: Koka City. Hours: 10:00-16:00. 5. the Tokaido Road and its 53 rest the country under commanders. From Kibukawa Station. On the other hand. Map: page 7. ninjas are called “shinobi no mono. Konan-cho Ryuboshi 2331. the museum is a 30 minute bus ride and 4 minute walk. The local scenery from these days long past still remains. Fee: 600 yen. once stayed here. Location: Koka City Tsuchiyama-cho Kitatsuchiyama 1570. Closed: Dec. Here you can see the garages that store the hikiyama wagons that are used in the Minakuchi Hikiyama Fesitval. but closed the following day). How to get here: from Kibukawa Station. Tsuchiyama-cho Ichiba.

V.V5HNV`H (I\YHOP:[H[PVU Iga City . Phone: 0748-82-3411.000 Tokyo Osaka 3000m Koka City 6 A B C D E F 7 . Closed: Mondays (open on holidays.Z\JOP`HTH9LZ[:[H[PVU 2VRH.Z\JOP`HTH)YHUJO .LYHZOV:[H[PVU :OPNHYHRP. . It is said that the great monk Saicho brought this tea back from China 1200 years ago. winter. Map: Page 6.V 2PI\RH^H:[H[PVU ver :OPVUV/V[:WYPUN 7OVUL! :OPNHYHRP 0U[LYJOHUNL Otsu City .VRHPKV4\ZL\T 2VUHU:[H[PVU 2VRH*P[`/HSS 2VUHU)YHUJO 4[2VZOPU 4P`HUV/V[:WYPUN 2V\NHQP.V2VUHU*P[` Miho Museum 6T 2VRH7VSPJL:[H[PVU Location: Koka City.V2`V[V7YLMLJ[\YL . How to get here: From Kibukawa station it is a 20 minute bus ride and 5 minute walk. Fee: 1000 yen.V0NH*P[` Special Products Choju Rice Cakes Tsuchiyama Tea Asamiya Tea These are highly authentic. but closed the following day).`VRRLPQPTHL:[H[PVU 19 7YLMLJ[\YHS*LYHTPJ*\S[\YHS7HYR . Phone: 0748-62-0396.Z\JOP`HTH¹9LZ[:[VW 7OVUL! 4POV4\ZL\T 2 . Kobori Enshu. Closed: Obon holiday. The five colors each have their own distinctive ÀDYRU Tsuchiyama tea was born about 650 years ago. C-1 . Fee: 400 yen.Z\JOP`HTH+HPT`V0UU .V6[Z\*P[` H` U9HPS^ P2VNL OPNHYHR : KV .VRHPKV7PULZ 9VH K Yasu River 2VRH*P[`/HSS. With its distinctive ÀDYRU$VDPL\D7HDLVZLGHO\ORYHGLQERWKQDPH and in reality as the “fragrance of Japan.LTWSL9\PUZ RHP a Ri :OPNHYHRP0TWLYPHS7HSHJL9\PUZ Som 4[/HUKV 4PUHR\JOP9LZ[:[H[PVU :OPU4LPZOPU/PNO^H` 2VUHU 0U[LYJOHUNL・7HYRPUN 2\TVP:[H[PVU 2VRH5PUQH/V\ZL 2VRH*P[`/HSS2VRH)YHUJO 2VRH:[H[PVU *OVR\ZOP:[H[PVU :OPNHYHRP. when seeds that were brought from Kyoto’s Daitokuji Temple were planted in the area.YHPS .\ZOP:[H[PVU +PHTVUK:OPNH9LZVY[ 7OVUL! ¸(PUV. planting seeds in Shigaraki’s Asamiya area.V/PRVUL Hino Town 1 .YHPS .Daichiji Temple This temple is known for its beautiful azalea garden that was made by the famous Edo Period commander and architect. Map: Page 6.V/PUV.V@VRRHPJOP*P[` 4PUHR\JOP4H[Z\V:[H[PVU +HPJOPQP. from Egypt to China.VRHP5H[\YL. Hours: 10:00-17:00. glutinous rice cakes that are made from Shiga Habutae sticky rice.Z\NL . Koka City Sightseeing Map Location: Koka City.Z\JOP`HTH 0U[LYJOHUNL 2VRH5PUQH=PSSHNL .LTWSL . How to get here: 20 minutes by car and 5 minutes by foot from Shigaraki Station. A-2 4PUHR\JOP*HZ[SL4\ZL\T4PUHR\JOP*HZ[SL9\PUZ ` ^H HPS P9 Miho Museum displays ancient art work from the Silk Road area.YHKP[PVUHS0UK\Z[Y`/HSS [Z\ ZH :OPNHYHRP:[H[PVU 3P 6NH^H[LP0UU M i e P r ef e c t u r e 2VRH*P[`/HSS:OPNHYHRP)YHUJO UL 7OVUL! 3 2\ 7V[[LY`. New Year holiday.V^U 4PUHR\JOP:[H[PVU 4PUHR\JOP0ZOPIHZOP:[H[PVU 4PUHR\JOP1VUHU:[H[PVU 2VRH*P[`/HSS4PUHR\JOP)YHUJO Ko n a n Ci t y 6SK . Shigaraki-cho Tashiro 300. This is a WRSFODVVWHDWKDWSULGHVLWVHOIRQLWV¿QHTXDOLW\DQG being the largest producing tea in the prefecture. Minakuchi-cho Nasaka 1688.” Kyoto Pr efecture 0 1000 Shiga Prefecture 7OVUL! 2000 4 Lake Biwa /V[LS3HRL=PSSH 1 : 80.