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Inadequate supply of irrigation water

and improper monitoring system of water
Occasional water shortages and
drought especially in off-season planting.
Surface water resource become

The main objective of this research is to

analyze pumping test data from shallow
tube well and evaluate groundwater
potential of Seberang Perak aquifer.

To determine hydraulic characteristics of

the aquifer from pumping test.
To evaluate the performance of the
pumping well.

The study was conducted at the Block C, Kg.

Sg. Jejawi, Seberang Perak Integrated
Agriculture Development Area (IADA).
The study area is located between latitudes
of 4o 2 4 o 6 in the north and longitudes of
100 o 55 100 o 59 in the east.
The paddy cultivation is planted twice a year
where harvesting months are from June to
July for season one and from November to
December for season two.

The location of the study area in Seberang Perak, Perak

The preliminary study on the resistivity test

at the site shows that the area is covered
with alluvium deposit with resistivity values
between 10 and 800 .m.
The water stored at the upper layer (less
than 20 m depth) is the fresh water and the
water stored at deeper aquifer (more than 20
m) is expected brackish water due to low
resistivity values.

Resistivity test result and pumping well location at the study area


Flow rate meter

ABS pipe

Connecting wire
from inverter to

Power Source

Troll Levelogger
Submersible Pump

Water Level

Curve fitting of Neuman Method for Observation Wells

Theis Recovery for data comparison

Specific capacity of the tested well was

found to be 5.62481 m2hr-1
The relationship of the drawdown-discharge
of the pumping well can be expressed as

Observed and predicted drawdown from step test

Schematic diagram of water distribution system at the study area

Seberang Perak Crop

Water Requirement

775 mm per
season (119 days)

Irrigated Area (Area

Covered with water)

The wide of
irrigated area is
8000 m2

Estimated Volume of
Water Required

Volume of
required is 6200
m3 for one season

Volume of groundwater abstracted and rainfall at the study area during

rice cultivation

The potential yield = specific capacity x the

fraction (one half to two third) of the
available drawdown of the pumping well.
The available drawdown of the pumping
well was 6.1484 m (the depth from static
water level to pump suction area).
The average value of specific capacity
was found to be 6 m3hr-1
The allowable drawdown was assumed as
half from available drawdown for the
safety purpose

The potential yield of the pumping well

was calculated as 18.75 m3hr-1 (450
Since, the potential yield of the well was
exceeded the average water demand
for one day, single pumping well was
enough and sufficient to irrigate 1
hectare of paddy field.

Situation 1

Situation 2

Situation 3

Situation 4

By knowing the characteristic of the

aquifer, amount of groundwater can be
Groundwater can become alternative
water source during critical time as well
as during disaster.