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Vivek Ramana, MD

The InnoVision Difference
 Its

not about being another company
in the market.

 Our

goal is to address various health
related problems in a affordable way,
with high quality research, with 100%
herbal products.

Good Health. Good Living.

Ayurvedic cosmetics and homecare State of the art manufacturing Rigorous quality control Formula integrity Safety. Good Living.The InnoVision Difference         Line of 100% herbal products catering to healthcare. . personal care. reliability and simplicity Dermatologically tested No animal testing Based on rigorous clinical trials Good Health. wellness.

InnoVision Healthcare Partners Good Health. . Good Living.

Good Living.  Herbal product market growth at a fast pace.  Well placed sales and distribution network.  Good Health.  Indian and global consumers are looking at purely herbal products for various health related problems as an alternative to pharmaceutically developed products. .Opportunities Highly experienced R&D capable of delivering high quality products through oriented formulations at an affordable price.

Good Living. .Challenges  Trade-ition  Trend-ition Good Health.

Product Line Good Health. . Good Living.

GUDUCHI )  Anti Stress Massage Oil  Joint Health Joint Health Cream Joint Health Liniment Good Health. TULASI.Products  Over the Counter Category  Pure Matifying Face Cream  Pure Matifying Face Wash  Pure Matifying Face Pack  InnoVision Dental Gel  Pure Herbs – (NEEM. . ARJUNA. ASHWAGANDHA . LASUNA. Good Living.

ASHWAGANDHA . ARJUNA. Good Living. . TULASI.Products (con.)  Ethical  InnoVision Dental Gel  Joint Health  Ligoflex cream  Ligoflex liniment  Cancer Drug/Escozine syrup & drops  Pure Herbs - (NEEM. GUDUCHI ) Good Health. LASUNA.

Good Living. Ligoflex Cream Ligoflex Liniment Cancer  Gel Innovision Dental Gel Tulsi Guduchi Neem Asgwagandha Lahsuna . Pure  Matifying Face Cream  Pure Matifying Face Wash  Pure Matifying Face Pack Joint Pain  Joint Health Cream  Joint Health Liniment Supplements (Pure Herbs)   Tulsi Tulsi   Guduchi Guduchi   Neem Neem   Asgwagandha Asgwagandha   Lahsuna Lahsuna Oral Care  Dental Products Category ( Ethical) Oral Care Products Category ( OTC) Anti Aging Joint Pain    Cancer Drug/Escozine syrup & drops Supplements (Pure Herbs)     Good Health.

Good Living. .Anti Aging Cleanse and Exfoliate Tone & Hydrate Moisturize & Protect Trifecta Technology Formulation Good Health.

) Complete care Face Wash Gel with Soft scrub  Soap free  Natural formulation  Enriched with natural bioactives that brightens and rejuvenates  Enriched with various bioactives proven for complexion enhancing properties Pure Mattifying Face Pack  Unique designed formulation and blend of natural ingredients  Refreshes. Good Living. revitalizes. lustreless skin that has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions  Rejuvenates skin and makes it youthful.Anti Aging (con. improves complexion and delays aging Good Health. and rejuvenates facial skin by removing external impurities and thus improve skin complexion and tone for its anti-aging and fairness activities. . Pure Mattifying Face Cream  Enriched with natural revitalizers and essential oils that nourish  Revives dry.

muscle. Good Living. Good Health. and faster absorbed after each application. its application extends to improved blood circulation. Joint Health Liniment  Potent and safe innovative formulation that relieves joint.  This helps to improve the flexibility and allows pain-free joint movement at all the times.Joint Health Joint Health Gel  Specifically designed formulation to address the acute and chronic muscle and joint discomfort  By virtue of the unique compositions of ingredients known for powerful joint support activities.  Non-irritating. pleasant aroma. nonstaining. tendon and deep routed pain associated with musculo-skeletal ailments.  Rubefacient property improves superficial blood circulation. reduction in inflammatory condition of the underlying structures and alleviates pain. thus allowing better absorption . .

by virtue of its innovative composition of time proven Ayurvedic massage oils like Bala Taila and Karpooradi Taila. rejuvenating and skin toning properties  Rich in compounds to help modulate oxidative stress and toxins and quell inflammatory reactions  Acts as a powerbank that rejuvenates mind and body. and relax the skin. . Good Living.  Improves skin texture as well as tonicity Good Health.Anti Stress Massage Oil  Anti-Stress Massage Oil. this massage oil has relaxing.  Unique formulation for the entire family as a daily application to soothe.

. Good Living.Singlets  Six different single herb capsules  100% Vegetarian  Granulated and standardized       Neem Tulsi Ashwgandha Guduchi Lahsuna Arjuna Good Health.

Tulasi Capsule  Tulasi (Holy Basil/Ocimum sanctum) is a well-known botanical speciality that provides many health benefits  Tulasi is known to release of accumulated mucous in bronchitis. flu and skin diseases  Tones up immunity and improves resistance Good Health. Good Living. influenza and asthma  It facilitates digestive activities and provides and cardiovascular protection  Its regular intake supports endurance to stress and UV induced damage  Traditionally the consumption of Tulasi is inversely correlated with the progression of various respiratory disease like chronic cough & cold. .

Good Living. lower blood pressure and transform immunity Good Health. Ashwagandha promotes sustained levels of energy  InnoVision’s Ashwaganda capsule provides benefits to calm nerves. emotional and physical)  Through its balanced phytonutrients.Ashwagandha Capsule  Ashwagandha (Winter Cherry/Withania somnifer) is well-known for its anti stress and adapatogenic activity  Adaptogens increase resistance to the adverse effects of everyday stress (mental. .

improving blood circulation in the coronary artery and promoting activity for the cardiovascular system  InnoVision’s standardized Arjuna capsule is a rich source of phytonutrients Good Health. Good Living.Arjuna Capsule  Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna) is a well-known botanical specialty that provides health benefits to the heart  Arjuna provides benefits by renormalizing cholesterol levels. .

blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. Good Health. allergies and autoimmune diseases.Guduchi Capsule  GUDUCHI (Giloy/Tinospora cordifolia) is a well-known botanical speciality that promotes and protects the immune system  It helps to increase the number of white blood cells thus improving immunity  Improved immunity provides protection against infections. . Good Living.  Guduchi helps to maintain a healthy body temperature.

. reduces free-radical induced oxidative stress and normalizes elevated cholesterol  Traditionally the consumption of garlic is inversely correlated with the progression of cardiovascular disease and works to lower blood pressure. tone up cardiac muscles and combat dyspepsia Good Health.Lasuna Capsule  Lasuna (Garlic/Allium sativum) is a well-known botanical speciality providing culinary benefits and medical and health benefits  InnoVision’s Lasuna capsule contains Allicin which is an important phytonutrient that provides benefits to the cardiovascular system. Good Living.

protective activity  InnoVision’s Neem capsule is contains bitters which are the important phytonutrients that provide natural protection to skin  Regular intake improves the body's normal ability to purify blood. . Good Living. lightens skin pigmentation and arrests aging Good Health.Neem Capsule  Neem is well-known botanical speciality providing culinary benefits and medical and health benefits  Neem is known for its antibacterial and antifungal. clear skin and detoxification of the body  Results provide a glow to the skin.

First Phase Launch States – 10  Cities – 19  Good Health. Good Living. .

gel & cream for moniliasis) Antacid Good Health.Future Products of  Healthcare              Digestive Hepatoprotective Anti-psoriasis (Capsules.Phytoestrogen with calcium  Young generation .Phytonutrient with calcium Anti-diabetic Anti-obesity Children health tonic Male sexual stimulant Female Sexual stimulant Women’s sanitizer (Vaginal douch. . Good Living. body lotion & hair wash regiment) Immunostimulant Renal profile (Stone & Alkaliser) Women's healthcare  Elderly (Over 45 yrs) .

. Good Living.Future Products of  Single Herbs             Triphala Shallaki Sunthi Amalaki Brahmi Karela Shuddha Gugglu Brahmi Bel Amalaki syrup Sunthi syrup Karel syrup Good Health.

Good Living.Future Products of  Personal Care         Skin care Body lotion Under eye cream Body wash Exfoliating scrub Protective sunscreen lotion (SPF 15 & SPF 30) Hand sanitizer Hair Care     Anti hair fall solution Anti dandruff shampoo Hair oil Hair sanitizer (Spray) Good Health. .

Good Living. .Future Products of  Home Care      Mosquito repellent rotavapor Mosquito repellent gel Vegetable wash liquid Room freshener Colour Cosmetics        Lipstick Rouge Kajal Eyeliner Mascara Powders Eye shadows Good Health.

Good Living. .Future Products of  Specialty Products       Oncology Dental Dermovitex Sensoclude Escozine Functional Food      Prebiotic & Probiotic Protein drink (General adult) Protein drink (For growing child older than 6 years) Protein drink (Below 6 years) Protein drink (Diabetic & Geriatric) Good Health.

diabetic friendly Mucolytec honey Anti stress honey Geriatric honey Young sip honey  Honey Good Health. Good Living.)  Teas       Herbal tea Green tea Laxa tea Cough tea Young sip tea Stress Tea      Low carbohydrate honey. .Future Products of  Functional Food (con.

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