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Password Management Market Size, Market Share,
Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends,
Competitive Scenario and Forecasts, 2012 To 2020

A password is string of characters which allows user to access a system or computer. They
provide line of security from unauthorized users and hackers. Password manager is software
which enables users to manage and organize their passwords. Increasing requirement of
password management by organizations and individuals is expected to drive the market growth.
With the help of password manager the companies can manage and organize the passwords
whenever they reset the passwords. Stringent rules and growing number of complex systems for
changing and creating passwords is expected to boost the demand for password management
among organizations. Manually created passwords are algorithmically weak and can be easily
hacked. Hacked and forgotten passwords may cause a loss and delay for the enterprise and the
individuals. These problems can be solved by password management software.
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Deployment Model Insights

Hexa Research Inc.
Industry Research,Custom Research & Consulting

Password management can be either hosted or on-premise. On-premise provides password
customization and control, which are easy to manage. Hosted password management is chosen
over on-premise owing to more flexibility and security to manage the passwords.
End-Use Industry Insights
End-use industries include education, energy, banking financial services and insurance (BFSI),
manufacturing, healthcare, wholesale distribution and retail, IT and telecom and others. These
industries uses password protected systems which can be accessed by only authorized users.
Organization Size Insights
Organizations can be segmented on the basis of the size such as small and medium-sized
businesses (SMBs) and enterprises. Increasing strict compliance mandate and threats is expected
to boost the usage of password management by SMBs.
Regional Insights
North America and Europe is expected to grow at a significant rate owing to increase in usage of
password management by end-use segment. Increasing cyber thefts and hackers in this region is
expected to drive the market. Increasing consumer, SMBs and enterprise awareness regarding
cyber thefts is expected to drive the smart homes market in Asia Pacific over the forecast period
Competitive Insights
The key players in the password management solutions market include IBM Corporation,
Microsoft Corporation, CA Technologies Inc., Dell Inc., Avatier Corporation, Hitachi ID
Systems Inc., FastPassCorp, Sailpoint Technologies, Knowledge Secure Systems Ltd., Google
Inc., and Curion Corporation among others. The market players provide service by hosted cloud
and on-premise models
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
1.1 Password Management - Industry Summary & Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Chapter 2 Password Management Industry Outlook
2.1 Market Segmentation
2.2 Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3 Password management Value Chain Analysis
2.4 Password management Market Dynamics
2.5 Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.6 Industry Analysis - Porter's

Hexa Research Inc.
Industry Research,Custom Research & Consulting
2.7 Password management - Company Market Share Analysis, 2013
2.8 Password management - PESTEL Analysis
Chapter 3 Password Management Deployment Model Outlook
3.1 Hosted system
3.2 On-premise system
Chapter 4 Password Management End-Use Industry Outlook
4.1 BFSI
4.1.1 Global demand in BFSI, by region, 2012 - 2020 (USD million)
4.2 Education
4.2.1 Global demand in education, by region, 2012 – 2020 (USD million)
4.3 Energy
4.4 Healthcare
4.5 Manufacturing
4.6 Retail & wholesale distribution
4.7 Telecom & IT
4.8 Others
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Chapter 5 Password Management Organization Size Outlook
5.1 Enterprises
5.2 Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB)
Chapter 6 Password management Regional Outlook
6.1 North America
6.2 Europe
6.3 Asia Pacific
6.4 RoW
Chapter 7 Competitive landscape
7.1 Avatier Corporation.
7.2 CA Technologies Inc
7.3 Curion Corporation
7.4 Dell Inc
7.5 FastPassCorp
7.6 Google Inc
7.7 Hitachi ID Systems Inc.
7.8 IBM Corporation

Hexa Research Inc.
Industry Research,Custom Research & Consulting
7.9 Knowledge Secure Systems Ltd
7.10 Microsoft Corporation
7.11 Sail point Technologies

Chapter 8 Methodology and Scope
8.1 Research Methodology
8.2 Research Scope & Assumption
8.3 List of Data Sources
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