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Syed Muhammad Masood

B168/1/A, Block 4A, Gulshan.e.iqbal,
Karachi, Pakistan.


Academic Highlights: Gold Medalist for securing FIRST POSITION in Industrial Engineering
Experience: 30+ years’ experience of establishing and running industries. This includes 21+ years with Sheet metal
and Plastics industries.

Expertise in
 Manufacturing Operations management
 Supply Chain Management
 Financial Management
 Cost Control
 Team Building
 Customer-Vendor relations

Highly skilled in
 Profit and loss management
 Daily business with banks
 Contract negotiations
 Sourcing and Purchasing
 Business re organization

Known For
 Strong analytical and customer management skills
 Energetic and self-motivated team player/builder
 At ease in high stress, fast –paced environments with emerging and multiple responsibilities
 Good communication skills
 Increasing revenues
 Streamlining work flow
 Creating a team environment to increase productivity

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Jigs and fixtures        Directed day to day operations complex sheet metal parts involving Cargo bodies.  Dec 2000 . Dampers . Plastics Molding. Tools. operating. banking . Page 2 of 3 .Sep 2013: Worked as Group Director (Operations) with Aftab Group of companies Karachi. Roll forms. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  March 2015-Present  Working as General Manager A K group of Companies Dubai and looking after entire business involving      HVAC ducts and accessories Aluminum doors and windows Powder Coating Steel Fabrication Civil Construction  SEP 2013-March 2015  Worked as General Manager Central Ventilation System Sharjah (U. while generating a 100% increase in sales.  Evaluated Local / foreign suppliers for raw materials. vendors and other agencies. Roll forming. budgeting.E)  Core business of the company involves Fire rated ducts. Sound Attenuators and other allied accessories related to HVAC. Product engineering. taxation. new project evaluation. Pakistan having a work force of over 1000 for businesses of Sheet Metal Parts. Chassis. operating forecasts. domestic and foreign marketing functions. human resource. Dies.  Directed all financial. replacement parts and equipment. and cost/pricing related activities.  Re organized management. Steel Fabrication. and liaised with bankers. public relations. Pedestrian bridges etc. government officials. systems and business operations with a resulting multi million rupees reduction in monthly operating expenses.  Ensured timely execution of financial reporting.  Monitored and controlled credit facilities. approved expenditures. packing materials. cash flow planning.A.

Mr. GPA A+ FIRST POSITION GOLD MEDALIST  Professional Development Courses:  Activity based costing from Pakistan Institute of Management  Hydraulics systems from Sunny Enterprises Pakistan. statement analysis. Talib Hussain: CEO Global Mackenzie Engg Services U.  Reduced cost of sales from 36% to a budgeted 29. financial audits.A. Pakistan. Married.5%. Mr. Jul 1996 . while increasing sales by 4 times.  Financial restructuring to meet increasing demands. UAE  REFERENCES: 1.  Participated and won International tenders for transmission lines of up to 132Kva.   IT SKILLS  Windows & Office tools  Office use Advanced PERSONAL  Profile: Male. B. Pakistan  Increased sales by 50% by better pricing strategies and cost management. 55.Oct 1996: Worked as Director commercial with Metropolitan Steel Corporation Karachi. 4Kids  Nationality: Pakistan  Current Location: Dubai.  Jul 1992 . inventory control etc.  Directed daily operations of high Volume plastics injection molding machines and sheet metal stamping operations  Orchestrated all strategic business expansion planning using cash management.Nov 2000: Worked as Director Operations with Omer Jibran Engineering Karachi Pakistan a Plastic/ sheet metal auto parts vendor.E Industrial Engineering .E Page 3 of 3 .Sep 1985 Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Hyderabad.  Assisted in negotiations with CBA  OTHER EXPERIENCES  Production Manager Omer Jibran Engineering Industries 1989 to 1992  Plant Engineer Synthetic Fibers (Pvt) Limited 1987 to 1989  Industrial Engineer Asia Board Industries 1985 to 1987  EDUCATION  Jan 1981 . Ali Ubaidly: Chairman Ubaidly Group Doha Qatar 2.