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Technology Sector Intelligence

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As many of you are aware,
independence is an unbreakable
Megabuyte rule.
It is for this reason that we have
historically declined paid-for advertising
from our corporate subscribers.
However, we are able to accept
advertising as a charitable exercise,
otherwise known as Megabuyte's

BannersforGood: Getting involved

3 Available
to all Megabuyte subscribers (Companies, Advisers and Investors). 

3 Brand building or tombstone adverts only.
3 Advertising slots are sold in blocks of four days.
3 You
cannot purchase more than one block a month. 

3 The
number of blocks available in any single quarter is three. 


• The cost of a single ad block is £250. This includes a £50 processing fee for making your artwork
ready to publish on our system.

• The
cost of any subsequent ad block is £250 if using different artwork (each new ad execution 

attracts a £50 processing fee) or £200 if using existing artwork.

• We will invoice you for the cost of your campaign, with the invoice payable on our normal 30 day

terms. We will, in turn, make a donation for the relevant sum (£200 for each ad block purchased)
on the Byte Night Action for Children on-line charitable donations page. The donation will be
credited to your company unless you prefer to remain anonymous.
• Please
note that we do not design or typeset adverts for customers. We only process customer artwork 

(overlaying it with our artwork) as a precursor to publication.

Artwork Specifications

a The published size of your advert as it will appear on the Daily Newswire is 598px x 181px 364px
a We require you to supply artwork at double size 1196px x 364px. This enables the
highest quality reproduction where the advert appears in hi-resolution environments.

Excluding our BannersforGood branding your design area is 1196px x 322px and the type area
within this is 1136px x 264px. The design area can be white space or a fill colour as you
prefer. Please see overleaf for further information. You must leave a clear area of 413px x
50px in the top right hand corner of the advert, which we will infill with our
BannersforGood artwork. We will also apply BannersforGood artwork to the bottom
of your advert (see example right). We will do this once you have sent your artwork
to us and prior to publication.

Artwork supply size
BannersforGood Tab 413px x 50px


BannersforGood Footer 1196px x 42px


• All adverts will be static with a single click-through html link.
• For legibility reasons, please do not use any type smaller than 16pt. (N.B. Please remember
the font sizes will be reduced by 50% in your published advert, e.g. 16pt will appear as 8pt).
• Please do not add a border to your artwork. Please see the examples overleaf for artwork
All adverts will be reviewed prior to publication and we reserve the right to refuse any
content we feel unsuitable for the Megabuyte platform. If you are unsure about whether or
not your proposed content is suitable, please feel free to check with us.

Supplying Artwork
high resolution (300dpi, RGB) jpg file
We ask customers to supply their own artwork against the specification detailed above.
Artwork will be required 48 hours (two working days) in advance of the agreed start date
of your advertising slot. Please send your artwork file to:

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The Blade, Abbey Square, Reading RG1 3BE
0118 948 5850 | |
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Technology Sector Intelligence

BannersforGood: Advertising Examples
Can and Can’t Dos
We accept general brand building or tombstone banner ads. If you are in any doubt
about your proposed ad content, please get in touch with us to discuss. So that your
message is clearly visible please ensure that logos and text sit within the type area
(1136px x 264px) and the type size is not smaller than 16pt. The finished supply size
of your advert will be 1196px x 364px, inclusive of our BannersforGood branding.

Example 1:
Advert content (type and logo) uses the recommended type area given overleaf.

Example 2:
Advert background uses image/colour within the recommended design area given overleaf.

Example 3:
Advert uses more than one logo while remaining within the specified type area given overleaf.
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The Blade, Abbey Square, Reading RG1 3BE
0118 948 5850 | |
© Copyright 2007-2015 All rights reserved.