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SINGH, Luvjit T. 08/17-21/15
Integrated Science 8

The research is entitled “Phytochemical Screening of Selected Indigenous
Medicinal Plants of Tublay, Benguet Province, Cordillera Administrative
Region, Philippines, because they are studying some of the native plants if it
is a good alternative medicine. It is a qualitative research. This research was
conducted one year ago so it is still fresh.

The research is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and the
time- bound (S.M.A.R.T). It is well organized and comprehensible. It can also
be considered as an understandable piece because it can be easily
understood by some children. The researchers are well experienced people
and are well qualified to conducting this research because of their academic
backgrounds. Their focus is to help the DOH Tublay in their health
enhancement and to see if their analyses for the plants used have the
presence of various phytochemicals. The abstract of the research was quite
difficult to understand but it is an interesting topic for people who are
Biologist, Doctors, Pharmacologist, and a lot more. The medicinal plants
confirm the presence of flavonoids, tannins, terpenoids, steroids, and
glycosides. They accomplished the phytochemicals by soughting out the
plants. The main findings were the phytochemicals which are present in the
indigenous medicinal plants like flavonoids, tannins, terpenoids, steroids, and
glycosides which were stated above also.

Believability of the research
I believe in the research because of the researchers, they are the main
contributors for me to believe in this research and one of them is a Doctor
and the other one is a professor in the University of the Cordillera. I believe
in it because they are helping the Department of Health (DOH). The step
used to conduct the research is also a major aspect, for it to be considered
as a reliable research. They have also have interviewed elderly people.

The Introduction was a bit confusing because there is so many points being pointes out like “the study was conducted to identify the secondary metabolites” this is the main reason people gets confused they have a lot of objectives which they did not even included in the Abstract but it is a better way to learn if you have more objectives so every questions you are not sure will will be answered even though you are sure about your answer you so you can double check if it is not true or not. Benguet Province. This research discussed about the reference of the research question because there reference is helping the DOH and they had a lot of questions if the old folks medicine were useful or useless and also it is to enhance the medicine of the Philippines. Not all data were taken account because they are conducting a future experiment with some of the plants. The table included health problems which was a great idea without . Every time I read this research it makes me motivate myself to understand it like it’s my own research. The study wanted to know. The data was easier and clearer to understand. The steps in the data analysis were explained properly and they explained it step by step. The apparatus they use are mortar and pestle where the dried plants are crushed into small pieces and an electric osterizer to pulverize the dried plants. Step by step they made It easier to understand making it a nice research to review not like other research were they do not show the steps on how they do certain methods. It explains what the research is all about.The aim of the research was to help the Department of HEATH (DOH) and also for them to see if the medicinal plants do work. So it can be converted. Twenty grams of each pulverized plants are mixed with 100ml of solvent. It was briefly explained the procedure of how they have done making the components like how many milligram did they use as a solvent if any change occurred physically or chemically. Cordillera Administrative Region. The healthy plant samples were collected from the mountain areas of Tublay. The framework is organized without doubt because the abstract was not to long either short. The table was a great way to show how the data went as they finished their research. The result was relevant to the research because results were surprising because all of the plants were alright to use. Philippines all plants were extracted on the day of collection. if the medicinal plants are treatable for infections in the in skin of humans. into a new product which is beneficial.

Sometimes we miss understand the something and we over react. The conclusion was not accurately stated because there is no objective answered in this conclusion but the conclusion’s idea were gotten from the table where they have written there outputs which were correct have a confusing aspect because we think that there is no objective for this conclusion but there is an objective. . There were no recommendations but there is a future research but there is no suggestions too so the Conclusion is not clearly stated. So the plants are for providing basis for developing potential drugs.that the readers will not know immediately what the purpose of the Medicinal plant are. The sources were fully cited and the research provided the full bibliographic details.