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Readme for Rayman2

This file will attempt to explain the basics of installing and
playing Rayman 2 on the PC. To play the game you must have either
DirectX(tm) or Glide(tm) installed.
Minimum Configuration
Pentium 133 MHz
32 MBytes RAM
DirectX 6.1 or Glide Compatible 3D Accelerator Card (Voodoo Minimum)
Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
Recommended Configuration
Pentium with MMX 200 MHz
64 MBytes RAM
3D accelerator with 16 MBytes VRAM (Voodoo2 or better)
8X CD ROM drive
Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
We recommend playing with a game pad such as the Interact
Gravis Power Pad Pro (tm). However, it is possible to play with
a keyboard. If you play with a keyboard, remember that all
movements are relative to the camera and not to Rayman. For
example, if you want to move right relative to the camera, press
the right arrow button.
Keyboard Controls for an american QWERTY keyboard
The arrow keys are used to move in the desired direction
Enter - to skip texts
A - to jump
Space Bar - to fire
Ctrl - the left control key - to strafe - useful in combat
Shift - to walk instead of running
Q - To rotate camera right
W - To rotate camera left
End - Cut Camera
Gauges - J
0 - on the keypad - mode look
Camera Controls
0 on the numeric keypad - look mode
Left Ctrl - puts the camera behind Rayman
Look mode is useful for looking around. Press 0 on the numeric
keypad and hold it down, and you can then use the arrow keys
to look around.

Also. ======================================================== Known Bugs ======================================================== There are a couple of problems with Voodoo based cards under different 3D APIs. and nets for example. If you have a Voodoo1 based.Rayman has many magical powers. Ly the fairy is the only one who can help him. For example. Please check the web . When fighting pirates. To free her. The pirates have broken the primordial energy of the world into a thousand pieces. the red lums contain vital energy that can restore Rayman's health. Rayman needs to recover these lums in order to regain his powers. that you are having a problem with your drivers. This allows him to fall much more slowly. if you press A to jump and then press A again. he can climb on a number of objects: rope ladders. Rayman will use his hair as a helicopter. Some of the newer 3D sound cards require the most recent drivers in order to function correctly with the game. Rayman needs to shoot the light switch with his fist. When two walls are close enough together to form a crevice. this can be very useful. the evil Razorbeard. and they have imprisoned him and most of his friends. but he needs to regain his powers in order to free his friends from the pirates and their boss. but different techniques are needed in order to access the hidden passages. Rayman can shimmy up between them by jumping rapidly. ============================================================ History ============================================================ Pirates have taken over Rayman's world. To jump up between two walls hit the "A" key rapidly. Some passages are blocked and can only be opened by finding the right switch. Rayman must battle pirates and disable the machine that has placed her in suspension. Rayman has escaped from the pirates. ========================================================== Hints ========================================================== Many interesting things are hidden behind the bandages. We strongly recommend installing the Glide version if you have a Voodoo based card. but the newest drivers on be used when possible. As a last resort we have provided CD ROM with the game. Rayman can pick up these barrels of gunpowder and throw them. To open a closed passage. Also. be sure to use the strafe mode by pressing the Ctrl key while fighting. and still others need to be broken with barrels full of gunpowder. Some bandages can be broken with Rayman's fist. A number of 3d If you suspect please contact drivers on the the web should graphics cards have problems with the drivers. you must play under Glide. but she too has been captured by the pirates. called "lums". your card vendor.

Most pads come with a utility program that allows you to create a profile. ======================================================== Supported 3D Cards Here is an incomplete list of cards which have been tested with the game: Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D (3dfx Voodoo 4 Mo) Guillemot Maxi Gamer 3D2 (3dfx Voodoo2 12 Mo) 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix AGP 16 Mo (3dfx Banshee) Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix PCI 16 Mo (3dfx Banshee) Intel i740 ATI Rage Magnum (ATI Rage 128) S3 Savage 3D NVIDIA Riva TNT Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor (NVIDIA Riva TNT2) Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor32 (NVIDIA Riva Ultra TNT2) Matrox Millenium G200 Matrox Millenium G400 Elsa Erazor III (NVIDIA Riva TNT2) S3 Savage 4 Creative 3D Blaster Annihilator (NVIDIA GeForce 256) . ========================================================= Resolutions The game can be played in three different resolutions LOW RESOLUTION (640x480) MEDIUM RESOLUTION (800x600) HIGH RESOLUTION (1024x768) These resolutions are selected in the menu Options/Video. If you play with a game pad. We have created a sample profile for a Microsoft Sidewinder (tm) game pad. the game doesn't allow you to configure of your manufacturer. Please note that not all resolutions are supported by all video cards. Thanks for your understanding.