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Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan

Jawaharlal Nehru

IS 7479 (1985): Specification for Recess Penetration Gauges
[PGD 31: Bolts, Nuts and Fasteners Accessories]

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Satyanarayan Gangaram Pitroda

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“Knowledge is such a treasure which cannot be stolen”



Example : A recess penetration gauge of recess size No. Requirements 6.1 Dial Gauge . 1 3.The dial gauge used with ‘Specification for plunger type dial gauges’. and the number of this standard. 2 shall be designated Recess Penetration Gauge 2 IS : 7479 Q May 1986.Covers the requirements of recess penetration gauges for checking cross recesses to IS : 7478-1985 ‘Dimensions for cross recesses ( first revision )‘. scope . Material 6.UDC 621’882’216’6 : 621’753’3 IS : 7479 . as: INSTITUTION ZAFAR MARG 0 BAHADUd SHAH NEW DELHI llOqO2 . 7. Dimensions - CONTROL POSITION METHOD OF PENETRATION GAUGING OF CROSS RECESSES The dimensions of gauge point are given in Table 1.5. 2.The gauge point shall be hardened to 750 HV minimum [see IS : 1501-1969 Vickers hardness test for steel (first revision ) I and ground to obtain a good finish. Terminology - 33 Shall be as given in Fig. Designation - Shall be designated recess penetration gauge shall conform to IS : 2092-1983 by the name. General - Method of The gauge point shall be made of gauge steel. recess No. 4. . ISI Adopted 17 December 1985 Or 2 I INDIAN MANAK STANDARDS SHAVAN.1985 Indian Standard El 1 SPECIFICATION RECESS PENETRATION I ( First ( Reaffirmed 2001 ) FOR GAUGES Revision ) I. Method of penetration gauging of cross recesses is given in Appendix A. Finish . 1. GA BO ZERO POSITION FIG.

1985 TABLE 1 GAUGE DIMENSIONS FOR RECESS TYPE H ( Clause 3 ) All dimensions in millimetres.- .1s : 7479 . -_ f I 0’61 0’31 --JO6 - B 3’17 3. 2 1 1'001 0’64 -CO25 1’530 0’813 +oo’026 2’286 1’27 0.64 _- cc 3’674 _ .38 0’25 +:*13 0’38 0’613 0’315 -i-025 1’102 ._ +15’ 0 -k 5’08 __ _ Min - 3’91 2’098 0.25 + 0’025 mm [see IS : 7478-1985 2 . _ - *This will be replaced by r 0...] .b c - - Dimensions for cross recesses ( first revision). SECTION XX VIEW 0 Gauge No.16 + 0’38 . 146” 153” 6” 45 7” 6” 45 I 8’74 7’14 - 7” 1’12 - 140” _ 2’738 0’97 4’71 138” 7” - 0’38 -_ . - -_ e 2’497 __ * se d - - me g 4 3 -_ .

Gauges shall be coated with damage during transit. fixed with the help of the bearing surfaces of the gauge sleeve. A typical example of the method of application b of the gauge point. and b) Manufacturer’s 9. Packing . It is the test dimension for the usability of the cross recess. 1.1 ISI Certification name or trade-mark. In the case of crowned screw heads.1985 so as to prevent the following: a) Recess No. The point of the gauge is identical with the point of the respective screwdriver. This standard is in full conformity with IS0 4757-1983 the International Organization for Standardization ( IS0 ). A-3. A-5. It corresponds thus to the surface of a of the recess wings and the top surface of the screw head. India . screw with flat head. A-4. Marking - Details available with the Indian Standards A ’ APPENDIX Institution. Due to the permissible error for the core thickness 0’13 mm can arise when measuring penetration depth. 9. New Delhi. The revision has been standard in line with the agreement reached at International level j IS0 ).IS : 7479 8. in the different A sleeve serves A-2. ‘Cross recesses taken for up to align screws’ issued this by 3 Printed at Printrade. it lies below the crown in the transition For these screw heads. of recess penetration EXPLANATORY a dial an inaccuracy gauge. This plane passes through the point of intersection to guide the ~gauge and fix the reference plane. ( Clause 1 ) METHOD OF PENETRATION GAUGING OF CROSS RECESSES A-l. the reference plane is area from the recess wings to the surface of the head. of up to gauge is given in Fig. Marking - a suitable rust preventive Gauge hodies and gauge points shall be marked legibly and packed with . The penetration depth of the depth gauge ( minimum dimensions ) is indicated product standards. NOTE This standard was originally published in 1974. The penetration The zero and control depth of the gauge is measured from the reference plane by using positions of the depth gauge can be found on a flat surface.