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Ultra-high Accuracy

Laser Displacement

LC Series

Advanced optics and triangulation measurement
The LC Series uses a triangulation measurement system making it the
world’s most accurate laser displacement meter.

● Resolution of 0.01 µm* 0.0004 Mil
● Linearity: ±0.05% of F.S.*
● 12 µm 0.48 Mil diameter beam spot
● 50 kHz sampling rate
* Model: LC-2400A only

Measuring Range
Specular-reflective – 30 mm ±0.5 mm (1.18" ± 0.02")

Visible laser beam spot
The beam spot is only 12 µm 0.48 Mil in diameter. Even when measuring
minute targets, you can easily position the sensor head with the beam spot.

50kHz sampling rate
Utilizing a high-speed processing
circuit developed by KEYENCE,
you can more accurately measure
the eccentricity of a motor shaft
rotating at high speeds.

Diffuse-reflective – 50 mm ±8 mm (1.97" ± 0.31")

Superior operating distance
The LC-2430 has an operating
distance of 30 mm 1.18", a distance
unmatched in specular-reflective
sensor heads. The LC Series can
be used in situations where the
sensor head cannot be mounted in
close proximity to the target.


Target surface measurement
The LC Series can measure
irregularities or groove depth on a
surface that cannot be measured
with conventional displacement

Conventional meter

Measurement of irregular ities and
grooves on cutter

Irregularities on cutter

Groove on cutter

Thickness measurement

Refer to P.609 for a list of products
complying with EMC directiv e.


For More Info & Data

With the addition of an expansion
board, one controller can control
two sensor heads. Connections
and setup are easy.
The thickness of a plate can be
measured using two sensor heads
positioned above and below the

02 Mil 16-bit parallel NPN.38 x 0. 100 to 240 VAC±10%.0008 Mil 0. 3 A) 70 VA max. 4. Output impedance: 0 Ω. Intensity alarm. Upper/lower limit output. negative logic 1LSB=0.2% of F. Averaging measurements: 1) 100 µs 1 to 131072 (18 selectable settings) ±499.12 Mil 0. negative logic 16-bit parallel NPN.008 Mil 0.02 Mil Intensity data output.2 µm 1LSB=0. 50 kHz 20 kHz (-3 dB.48 Mil 1.8 kg (Approx.0004 Mil 0.18 x 0. 0.31Mil AUTO/MANUAL (4 settings) ±10 V.5 µm 0. negative logic 1LSB=2 TTL level.5 mm 0.80 Mil 1.98 µm 7. No freezing 35 to 85%.79 x 0.2 µm 1LSB=0.S.5 µm 0. 3.01 µm 1LSB=0. excluding the display unit) ±0.39" Bar Code Readers Vision Systems High Precision Sensors Displacement Sensors Thrubeam Measuring Analog Sensor Controllers Video Microscopes LK LB-1000 LB-70 LC LT EX-V EX-500 EX-200 Using a standard specular-reflective object (LC-2420/LC. 500 g Approx. +5 V ±5%.2 mm 0. Interface Power supply Power consumption Ambient temperature Relative humidity Weight 1. 2. Digital I/O Displacement data output 50-pin connector 2. solid state) Upper/lower limit.02 µm 1LSB=0.02" ±3 mm 0. 6.02 µm 0. 6 settings 0 to 5 V. No condensation Approx.008 Mil 0.0004 Mil 0. AREA OVER alarm NPN: 100 mA max. Output impedance: 0 Ω TTL level. Program selection.31" 30 mm 1. (30 V) Displacement data output and control input (baud rate: 75 to 19200 bps selectable) Displacement data output and control input ±0.008 Mil 0.0008 Mil 0.S. 439 . INTENSITY alarm output.50 Mil 0. Linearity 1.01 µm 0.12" ±8 mm 0. Can be used only when the display unit is removed from the controller.77 x 0. Sensor head Controller PLCs Specular-reflective LC-2420 LC-2430 Diffuse-reflective LC-2440 LC-2450 LC-2400A ±0.80 Mil 19. Timers Specifications Sensor head Model Controller Measuring range Operating distance Light source Maximum output Pulse duration Wavelength FDA Class IEC Minimum spot diameter Resolution 1. negative logic HOLD timing.2 µm 0. Sampling frequency Response frequency Response time Averaging measurements OFFSET range Gain adjustment Displacement data output Intensity data output Analog Output Displacement data output 96-pin connector 2.5 µm 0. 0 to +40°C (32 to 104°F).18" 50 mm 1.9 mW 10 µs 670 nm Class II Class 2 20 x 12 µm 30 x 20 µm 35 x 20 µm 45 x 20 µm 0.80 Mil 1. 1CH/2CH selection. LASER REMOTE Non-voltage (contact.0008 Mil 0. Intensity data output Output timing input Control Input Control I/O Control Output RS-232C GP-IB 3 Measurement stability(20 ±5°C)4. Optionally available Data was obtained when the standard target and the sensor head were fixed to a steel plate (LC-2420/LC-2430) or an aluminum plate (LC-2440/LC-2450) at a temperature of 20°C (68°F).S.03% of F.05% of F. positive logic 1LSB=0.97" Visible red semiconductor laser 1. ±0. 250 g Approx.007" 10 mm 0.Ultra-high Accuracy Laser Displacement Meters Applications LC Photoelectric Sensors Safety Light Curtain Proximity Sensors Pressure Sensors Measurement of CD pic kup travel Measurement of pin pitch and alignment Measurement of solder paste height on PC boards Measurement of silicon w afer thickness Counters.02 µm 1LSB=0.0004 Mil 0.5 A.01 µm 1LSB=0. 50/60 Hz (when using the control unit separately: ±15 VDC ±3%.02 Mil ±0. AUTO-ZERO ON/OFF. AREA OVER alarm output.80 Mil 0. 2 kg. Output timing input TTL level.2430) or white diffuse-reflective object (LC-2440/LC-2450) as a target with the averaging measurements set to 512.

setting upper and lower limits for received light intensity will eliminate this problem.002" LC-2440 ±0. 440 . you can act to prevent further errors from occurring. Data processing mode NORMAL PEAK TO PEAK (P-P) PEAK BOTTOM Function Measures displacement from reference position.03" Error message The LC displays an error message to indicate that a problem has occurred.3 mm 0. a minute change in measured values can be monitored with high accuracy without being affected by noise interference. Timers Bar Code Readers Vision Systems High Precision Sensors Displacement Sensors Thrubeam Measuring Analog Sensor Controllers Video Microscopes Functions Data processing modes Light intensity limits Each of the four modes can be set by simply pressing a key.02 mm 0. 2.95 Mil 100 3. data transfer and remote operation for changing settings are possible. The displayed value and output value are retained by simply pressing a key. This displacement meter is equipped with the HIGH and LOW comparator outputs as the standard function.98 Mil 50 1. can be easily switched depending on the workpiece. This allows you to easily find the reference distance (position where the laser beam spot is smallest) and mount or adjust the sensor head. AUTO GAIN LK LB-70 LC LT Pressing this button sets the current measured value to “0”.0008" LC-2430 ±0. Analog voltage output range selectable The controller can be set to automatically switch between 4 gain levels. Digital I/O (optional) This displacement meter is equipped with the digital I/O terminal that can be connected to a computer.5 0. The analog voltage output is useful for monitoring changes in intensity level over a period and for setting upper/lower intensity limits. Easy confirmation of reference distance Sensor head Range the LED lights orange LC-2420 ±0. By selecting the analog voltage output range based on the measuring range.1 Mil 5 0.LC Ultra-high Accuracy Laser Displacement Meters Photoelectric Sensors Safety Light Curtain Proximity Sensors Pressure Sensors PLCs Counters. Output hold Output range of LC-2420 sensor head (µm/ V) When the target is in the center area of the measuring range. The GP-IB I/O allows up to 15 devices to be interconnected. The output range can be changed to 6 steps. You can select from six analog voltage output ranges. Measures maximum value.2 Mil 10 0. the LED indicator lights green. the LED indicator lights orange.39 Mil 25 0. LB-1000 AUTO ZERO Five program storage capability Up to five sets of parameters can be stored in EEPROM. BRIGHT) and the AREA OVER alarm output (FAR. EX-V EX-500 EX-200 Interface Analog voltage output GP-IB I/O (optional) Analog voltage is output in proportion to the measured value. All of the settings. Receiving sensitivity will automatically adjust to different target colors and materials. making it easier to systematize the measuring instrument. If the measured value is inaccurate because of excessive or insufficient reflected light or ambient light. including preset tolerance and calibration. enabling quick data processing and analysis. In addition.01" LC-2450 ±0. regardless of target position. Measures displacement between maximum and minimum values. Since the displayed error message reveals the cause of the problem.05 mm 0. Measures minimum value. This enables high-speed processing of measured values. the LIGHT INTENSITY alarm output (DARK. NEAR) are provided. RS-232C Control output The RS-232C interface enables communication with a computer. When it is outside the center area but in the measuring range.8 mm 0.9 Mil Analog voltage output (intensity) Analog voltage (0 to 5 V) proportional to the intensity level is continuously output. Thus. This simplifies offset target positioning.

5 ø0. it takes approximately 60 minutes for the temperature distribution in the LC controller to become uniform.16" 0.87" 0.71" LC-2420/LC-2430 LC-2440/LC-2450 68 2.19" θ X LC-2440 30° 30.65" 51 2.08" θ 3 x ø4.87" 3.5 1.76" 0.56" 5.02" 0.61" 0.13" 297 11.68" 1.76" 0.36" 60 9.28" Cable length: 20cm 7.13" 199 7.99" LK LB-1000 4 X (X– 0. Compatibility With the LC Series.4 10.5 ø0.33" 237 0.4 0.18" Inch 18 0.5 ø0.13" 3.20" LC-2450 22° 50.28" Cable length: 20 cm 7.4 8.30" 61 2.02" θ 3 x ø4.43"11 15 0.5 0.26" Connecting cable 19 0.1 1.87" 1.09" 30 1.31" Proximity Sensors LASER RADIATION CAUTION Class II IEC Model Safety Light Curtain Counters.89" 2 0.5 X 12.91" 29.2 1.33" 25 ø7 ø0.8' ø0.5 1.85") (47) 232 9.5 0.5 0.5 0.2 0.5 (X– 0.30" 2 0.2 0.9mW 10µs 670nm High Precision Sensors CLASS 2 LASER PRODUCT in conformity to IEC825-1 11.36" 1.15" 180.40" 0.20" 60 2.54" 4xM5 89.5 22.83" 194 7.22" 5.5 0. Measures to reduce noise interference • Keep the wiring or connection cable away from highvoltage lines or power lines to prevent the LC Series from malfunctioning due to noise.70" 0.5 0.06" 230.5 7.8 2.8 0.9mW (AVERAGE OUT PUT 950µW) PULSE DURATION 10µSEC CLASS II LASER PRODUCT Dimensions PLCs Vision Systems 1.5 0. Therefore.2 2.5 0.02" 22.30" 166.28" • Front view 159 6.06" 1.5 110 1234.49" Thrubeam Measuring Analog Sensor Controllers 58. The LC Series conforms to FDA and IEC standards as follows: LC-2420 LC-2430 FDA LC-2440 FDA Class II LC-2450 IEC Class 2 LASER RADIATIONDO NOT STARE INTO BEAM Maximum output Pulse duration Emitted wavelength LASER RADIATION IS EMITTED FROM THIS APERTURE.57" 67.5 2.22" 19 0.02" Model ø7 ø0.18" • Rear view 441 .39" 70 2.49" θ X LC-2420 63° 10.1993 Displacement Sensors For CAD Data Download >>> Sensor heads Unit: mm 18 0.5 1. Insulating the sensor head is also effective in reducing noise.59" 12.5) 0.2 2.17" 0.36" 31 1.02" 4.21" 320 12.2 1.60" (1.5 0.84" 234 9.4 120 4.21" • Top view • Bottom view 3.5 0.15" 22 0.89" 0.06" ø10 ø0.06" ø7. to meet specifications.41" LC-2430 45° 30. the controller and sensor head are calibrated in pairs.87" 33 1.75" Pressure Sensors Bar Code Readers DO NOT STARE INTO BEAM AVOID EXPOSURE Class 2 58.2 0.06" 70 2.4 0.01" 15.2 7.5 0.69" 23 0. Be sure to keep wiring separate.5 0. Timers Warning Model LC 40 1.71" 58.5) 0.75" 4.15" 12.18" mounting hole 60 35.5 2.42" 17.60" 22 0.79" 45. SEMICONDUCTOR LASER 670nm MAXIMUM OUTPUT 1.39" 1.7 6.40" 36 1.18" 29.Ultra-high Accuracy Laser Displacement Meters Hints on Correct Use Photoelectric Sensors If the ambient temperature changes by 10°C.20" 194.64" 5.02" LT EX-V EX-500 Controller EX-200 Control unit LC-C1A LC-2401/LC-2400A 8.98" 25 ø10 ø0. be sure to combine a controller and sensor head having the same serial number.05" LB-70 LC 15.08" Video Microscopes 55.5 2.5 2.66" 9.46" 215 207.48" 2 x ø4. • Be sure to earth-ground the LC Series through the earth ground terminal.72" 29.8 4 x M5 255.18" mounting hole 52 2.33" 4. Cable length: 3 m 9.