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IGBT and Super Junction MOSFET Market Analysis,
Market Size, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook,
Competitive Strategies And Forecasts, 2014 To 2020

Industry Insights
Increasing requirement for energy efficiency and growing concern about renewable energy are
expected to drive the IGBT & super junction MOSFET market over the forecast period.
Increasing demand for the improved power electronics designs owing to electrical transmission
efficiency is expected to augment the market growth in coming years. Newly introduced concept
of green IT concept in organizations to prevent power losses as well as to prevent the
environment is expected to spur the market growth.
Increasing substitution demand and positive developments in the data center market is projected
as the drivers of IGBT and super junction MOSFET market over the forecast period. Increasing
shifts towards hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles so as to reduce carbon footprint and
meet emission norms is anticipated to have significant impact on the market growth. However,
accessibility of alternatives such as compound semiconductor materials including GalliumNitride (GaN) and silicon carbide is expected to restrain market growth over the forecast period.
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Product Insights
IGBT and super junction MOSFET includes product such as discrete products and modules.
Discrete IGBT is used largely in high power applications as well as consumer goods. Hence
increasing demand of these solutions is going to spur the market growth. Continuous growth in
wind & solar power generation, high frequency application and general-purpose inverters is
expected to increase the growth of the market in coming years.
Power adaptor miniaturization uses MOSFET which is going to enhance the market growth.
Discrete product growth is expected to be characterized to power supply application requirement.
Super junction MOSFET modules are projected as one of the prominent drivers of market share
in the inverter segment.
Application Insights
Application segment includes consumer converters/adaptors, PV inverters, uninterruptible power
supply (UPS), industrial, EV/HEV applications and motor drives. Adaptors/chargers demand is
going to increase owing to increasing number of smartphones and tablets. This growing demand
is going to fuel the market growth.
Owing to the large number of features such as infotainment, electric power steering, HVAC and
lighting facilitated by IGBT & super junction MOSFET, electric and hybrid electric vehicles are
expected to witness the growth. Controlled motor drive system requirement is expected to
augment the market growth in the motor drives segment over the forecast period.
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Regional Insights
The existence of large plants in solar sector in Asia pacific countries such as China, Japan and
India is going to impact the market growth significantly in Asia Pacific. Asia pacific is going to
witness the fastest growth due to developments in PV inverter manufacturing and in automotive
sector. Furthermore, high speed train web is anticipated as the driver of power semiconductors.
Increasing wind turbine installation owing to increasing demand of renewable energy sources is
expected to fuel the U.S. region market in North America. North American IGBT market is
expected to witness the high growth in coming years owing to growing HEV, motor drives and
industrial application sectors.

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Industry Research,Custom Research & Consulting
Competitive Insights
IGBT market key players include Mitsubishi Electric, Infineon Technologies and Fuji Electric.
MOSFET market key players include STMicroelectronics and Infineon. Strategic initiatives such
as mergers, acquisitions and vertical integration among organizations are expected to consolidate
global market and expand emerging as well as established regional markets.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Executive Summary
1.1. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET - Industry Summary and Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
Chapter 2. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Industry Outlook
2.1. Market Segmentation
2.2. Market Size and Growth Prospects
2.3. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Value Chain Analysis
2.4. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Market Dynamics
2.5. Key Opportunities Prioritized
2.6. Industry Analysis - Porter's
2.7. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET - Company market share analysis, 2013
Chapter 3. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Product Outlook
3.1. IGBT
3.2. Super Junction MOSFET
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Chapter 4. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Application Outlook
4.1. UPS
4.2. EV/HEV
4.3. Consumer Electronics
4.4. Industrial
4.5. Adapter/Charger
4.6. Motor Drives
4.7. Wind Turbines
Chapter 5. IGBT & Super Junction MOSFET Regional Outlook
5.1. North America
5.2. Europe

Hexa Research Inc.
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5.3. Asia Pacific
5.4. RoW
Chapter 6. Competitive Landscape
6.1. ABB
6.2. Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
6.3. Dynex Semiconductor
6.4. Fairchild Semiconductor
6.5. Fuji Electric
6.6. Hitachi
6.7. Infineon Technologies
Chapter 7. Methodology and Scope
7.1. Research Methodology
7.2. Research Scope & Assumption
7.3. List of Data Sources
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