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WHAT’S ON 2015


You’ve probably picked up this booklet because you want
to check the time of our Sunday gatherings, find a club for
your kids or a small group for yourself. And yes, all that
stuff is in here. But strange though it might sound, this
booklet is actually an invitation to transform your life –
to be thrillingly changed by an encounter with Jesus.
Many of us at TBC used to think that God didn’t exist or
didn’t matter. But we heard the story of God’s action in history
(the Bible) and saw the spirit of Jesus alive in others today. We
saw broken lives restored and people awakened to all that they
can be. We recognised a radically different Jesus: a friend with
outrageous love and generosity. You can see why we can’t keep
this good news to ourselves – even in a ‘what’s on’ listing!
We’re far from perfect. We mess up. But join us, and your own
talents and experience can help make us be more than we are –
more open, more generous, more effective.
This booklet outlines the many things happening at TBC
during 2015. If you’re new and want to try out activities for the
first time, you’ll find information to get started. If you’ve been
sampling one part of TBC for a while, you’ll discover how to go
deeper, wider and higher.
So, a booklet of nice activities for nice people?
Or an open door to a life made astounding by
a generous Jesus?
You decide.

Small Groups



MEN 20
KIDS 0–11s 28
YOUTH 11–18s 34
YOUNG ADULTS 18–30s 40


Photo credits: Brett Burden, Nigel Davey, Yolanda Frost




Kevin Burgess
Creative Director


Here at TBC, we want to connect with God and to each
other in every way that we can. The next few pages
introduce the huge variety of events where we meet to
pursue life with God together.
At TBC, we open our doors to you, whoever you are.
Whether you feel most at home in a large group or a smaller
setting, we have opportunities for you to meet with God. We
seek God’s presence with us through as many means and
media as possible. So, if you’re an artist, a singer, a musician,
someone who prays or someone simply seeking God, we hope
you will find a place here where you can be ‘simply and honestly
yourself before God in your worship’ (John 4: 24 paraphrased).
Take a look at the events listed here. We look forward to
pursuing God’s presence with you here at TBC!



We get together on Sunday mornings and evenings as
people of all ages and backgrounds. Come as you are: dress
down or dress up – whatever helps you feel comfortable and
open to God. Our times together are informal. Our teaching
and prayers are both conversational and insightful. Our
singing together is easy to pick up and inspirational.
At the end of our gatherings, our prayer ministry team is
available to pray with you about situations in your life or as
you respond to the teaching.

Contact us


for all enquiries or to contact the
Leadership Team:
01732 352 824
Tonbridge Baptist Church
Darenth Avenue
TN10 3HZ

Keep up-to-date
We’ve done our best to get all
our info correct, but some dates
may change, especially for activities
later in the year. For the latest
updates see:





All Age Sunday Mornings
On special occasions throughout
the year, there are one-hour
celebrations for every member
of the TBC family, often including
the boys and girls in our uniformed
children’s and youth programme
called ‘Brigades’.







18 January
15 March
Mother’s Day
5 April
Easter Sunday
21 June
Father’s Day
26 July – 30 August
Summer Programme
20 Sept
Recommitment of Youth
and Children’s Leaders
15 November
20 December
Children’s Carol Service

Everybody Worship
Sunday Mornings
Every other week as a church family,
we worship together, all generations,
for the first 20 minutes or so. We
share in sung worship, but also times
of prayer, prophecy, communion and
ministry. Our children and young
people then leave for their teaching
while the rest of us hear our
teaching in the worship room.

Special Sunday
Commitment Sunday
A Sunday where we confirm our
decision to follow Jesus together, to
be inspired and transformed by his
example in 2015.
{ 11 Jan morning and evening
Evening Baptism services
Baptism is a remarkable symbolic
action of being dunked fully clothed
in a pool of water and then being
brought up again completely
soaked! It’s the messy, dramatic
and definitive way for someone
to show to everyone that Jesus
has transformed their life and that
they’re now living for him.
{ 22 March

24 May

26 July

22 November

Easter 2015

1 March: Mission Focus

Maundy Thursday gathering
{ 2 April, 8pm

Inspiring one another to get involved
in Jesus’ world-changing work, at
home and abroad.

10 May: Volunteers
In the morning gathering and over
lunch together, thanking God for
what he’s done through us who
serve in any way at TBC.

5 July: Gift Day
Jesus gave more than he had, and
we want to do the same. Gift Day is
a chance to give back a fraction of
God’s gifts to us, to local and global
mission partners.

27 September:
Harvest Celebration
Appreciating God’s generosity to us
and giving to a world mission project.

3 November:
All Souls Service
An evening of prayers and readings
and an opportunity to remember
loved ones who have died.
{ 7.30pm

8 November:
Remembrance Sunday


Easter Sunday morning family
{ 5 April, 10.00am



Christmas 2015
Carol singing on Longmead
and Trench estates
{ 10 Dec 7.30pm
Children’s Carol Service
20 Dec 10am


Traditional Carol Service
20 Dec 6.30pm


Christmas Eve Celebration
24 Dec 7pm


Christmas Day Celebration
25 Dec 10am


A time for everyone to reflect,
pray and seek God together
in a light-hearted and informal
atmosphere. Reflections is
followed by a light lunch.
{ 12.00– 12.30pm
2nd Wednesday of the month
, Darenth

For centuries Christians have
shared bread and wine (or grape
juice at TBC!) together to remember
why Jesus died and rose again.
We remember the forgiveness
and peace with God that Jesus
offers us. Join us for this great
Christian tradition.

Midweek Communion


This monthly gathering is open
to everyone. We meet in Longmead
Lounge for reflection, traditional
hymns, meditation and to share
communion together. This is
followed by a light lunch in the
Youth Room.
{ 12 – 2pm,

4th Wednesday of each month
, Longmead and Youth Room

Morning Communion
1st Sunday of the month


Evening Communion
3rd Sunday of the month



Church at Prayer
Everything begins with prayer. It’s the
'engine room' of our life together,
talking to God and listening to him
in reply. We reflect on his wonderful
character and trace how he’s on
the move in our lives as individuals
and together. As we sing, read from
the Bible, share stories of ‘God
moments’ in our lives and recognise
our own brokenness, we become
more aware of what God wants us
to be and do. We listen together
and God guides us how to pray. We
invite you to be a part of this exciting
pursuit of God and his dreams for
our community.
{ 7.30pm

2nd Thursday of the month.
, Worship Room

7-11 September:
Week of Prayer

Church at Prayer
//Prayer Chain

We gather together each evening in
the week and at various times during
the day to seek God for TBC, and
commit ourselves to pursuing our
mission together in 2015-2016.

A network of TBC people love
to pray confidentially for specific
needs. Contact the Church Office
or email
for your prayer request to be sent
along the chain.

Every Sunday, we want to pray for
our gatherings. We pray that God will
meet us powerfully and intimately.
We listen out for words, insights,
and encouragements from God’s
Holy Spirit for 20 minutes before the
evening gathering.
{ 6pm
, Dove

Church at Prayer
Asking God to give his peace,
encouragement and healing to
those facing personal challenges,
difficulties, illness or trauma.
{ 8am

every Tuesday
, Worship Room

Church at Prayer
At TBC we’re passionate about
sharing the story of Jesus and
his radically generous love here in
Tonbridge. Some of our members
have gone a step further. They’re
reaching those who need to know
God’s love in other cultures, in and
beyond the UK. We support them
in that mission, and Church at
Prayer//Mission is a time to pray
for them, share their stories,
and hear first-hand from visiting
members and partners.
{ 8pm

Wednesdays: 11 February,

29 April, 10 June, 30 Sept
, Darenth


Church at Prayer



Jesus sends us on an incredible
mission to share the good news of
his love, not just in Tonbridge, but
across the world. We are committed
to three special partnerships that
help us do this. Our Vision Partners
offer a wide range of opportunities
for us to get involved and learn
how to serve in whole-life mission:
offering spiritual, physical and
emotional hope to people of other
nations and cultures. We seek to
develop awareness and involvement
in these key partnerships across as
many TBC groups and activities as

Vision Partners
Fulani Ministries, Burkina Faso
Gives the Fulani people of West Africa
the opportunity to hear about Jesus.
Our support includes prayer, finances
and short-term mission trips to see
new Christians trained and gathered
into new churches by Fulani Ministries,
led by Boureima and Susanna Diallo.

BMS World Mission, Albania
We partner with an emerging project
led by Albanian churches and the
BMS team from the UK working
among marginalised children
and families, including the Roma
Samaritan’s Purse, Krygyzstan
We promote, collect and pack
gift shoeboxes for needy children
across the world through Operation
Christmas Child. We also partner with
their work in Kyrgyzstan, distributing
shoeboxes and supporting
a community development
programme that helps families raise
themselves out of poverty.

Mission Connections
We also support other individuals and
families from or connected with TBC
who serve in mission, but we do not
aim for church-wide engagement.
We pray for our mission connections
and give financial, pastoral and other
practical support – coordinated by
the Mission Support Group.
Suzie & Philip Burgess
serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators
in Cameroon in the early stages of
Bible translation and literacy projects
for several people groups.

Stuart & Emily Freestone
train families (parents and
children) in how to share the good
news of Jesus and to grow as
his followers. Based at YWAM’s
UK base in Harpenden, they are
developing training in team building
using outdoor and wilderness
experiences. Their vision is to take
this training to work with YWAM in
New Zealand.
Phil & Rachel Lane
reach out to and advocate for
victims of people trafficking in
Belgium. Phil leads Oasis Belgium,
developing the work of Oasis
throughout Europe and advising on
combating people trafficking globally.
David & Ruth Lewis
develop resources and tran local
Christians to share their faith with
friends and neighbours of other
faiths and cultures in various parts
of Asia.

Andy Matheson
provides leadership training and
mentoring to the leaders and staff of
Oasis India to help them reach out
effectively to marginalised people
and build communities centred on
the hope and love of Jesus.


Global & Local
Mission in the UK
We also support members of TBC
who have close connections with
other mission agencies or who
work for their UK offices. This
includes Faith Mission, Kisumu
Children’s Trust, Latin Link, Philippine
Community Fund, Prison Fellowship,
Oasis Academies UK, Reach Across,
Sovereign World Trust, Stand by Me
(Ethiopia), World Shine Ministries
(Uganda) and more!
One Sunday in the year we inspire
and challenge one another to get
involved in mission. We also work
together on special projects for local
and global mission through an annual
gift day in July and a harvest appeal in


Barrie Evans
is an experienced Bible translation
consultant based in Hildenborough
who travels internationally to guide
and train translation teams and
mentor other consultants.


Help us to... reach,
restore, reproduce

Sunday gatherings set-up
Evening gatherings refreshments
Children’s Work
Youth Work
Young Adults Work
Seniors Work
Small Group leader
Serving our Neighbourhood
Live Visuals
Live Sound
Media Production
Sunday Live Video
Building Maintenance
Toddler Groups
Pastoral Care
Lock-Up or Security

What next?
Pick up a Connect Me form from
Reception, fill it in and post it in the
blue post box in Reception.
Alternatively, email the Church

10 May: Volunteers
In our worship gathering we will
recognise all of us who serve in any
way in the life of TBC. We will also
eat lunch together and share great
opportunities for more of us to get
involved as volunteers.

Six times a year we meet to hear
updates on our mission and discuss
progress on our vision. At Special
Church Members meetings we make
key decisions, vote on Leadership
Team appointments and our annual
budget, and pray for people stepping
up into leadership positions.
At TBC, we want to pursue God’s
world-changing work with total
commitment. Membership at TBC is
a public promise to join in this mission.
We are a church not for ourselves, but
for others. To find out more about
membership see page 60.
{ 7.45pm – refreshments,

8pm start

28 January,

25 February,

22 April,

24 June,

21 October

(Budget presentation),

25 November

(Budget approval)
, Worship Room






Church can sometimes feel very big.
Our small groups network makes
‘big church’ feel smaller by providing
a core group within the TBC family.
Experience the richness of church
life beyond the Sunday gatherings
by joining a small community where
we can love, encourage, learn and
support one another as we deal with
the normal things of life. This is real
community, a place of belonging
where we can develop our gifts,
deepen relationships and be inspired
and transformed by Jesus’ example.
Whether you have been a part of
the TBC family for just a few days, or
for many years, there is a place for
you in one of our small groups.
Lizzie Martin
Young Adults & Small Groups Team Leader
When, Where and Which Type?
Whether you have been a part of
TBC for just a few days or many
years there is a place for you in one
of our groups. Each group provides
a place for awakening our spiritual
lives and putting our faith into
action. They are a place where we
can turn head knowledge into heart
knowledge, pray for each other, care
and support.
{ Daytime or evening

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
, Various locations

Many of our groups centre their
discussion around the Sunday
teaching. They use the current
teaching series as the basis for
discussion, reflection and going
deeper with each other.

After Alpha Groups
Set up after each Alpha course, these
provide an environment for new
Christians and those still seeking.
It’s a place to enquire and ask
questions about the Christian faith,
while deepening understanding and
intimacy with God.

Start Up Groups
Settling into an established small
group can be a challenge. Start Up
Groups run for a period of four to
six-months, with a particular focus
on deepening friendships, after
which members can either continue
as a new Sunday teaching-based
or Bible study group under new
leadership, or move into one of our
more established groups.

Bible Study Groups
Going a bit deeper into the Bible,
these groups take a theme or book of
the Bible and follow this for a period.

Special Interest Groups


For people who share a particular
passion, are in the same life stage,
or have some other specific focus
which brings them together.

Finding the Right Fit...
It can be hard to pick a Small
Group without meeting the people
involved. Why not try a Small Group
for a season, maybe for the duration
of a particular teaching series? It
doesn’t matter if you don’t get it
right first time! If you find it’s not
a good fit, or your circumstances
change, you are free to move to
another group. We want you to
discover and live out your God-given
potential, and sometimes different
groups can be helpful during
different seasons of life. Pick up a
copy of our Small Group Directory
or speak to Lizzie Martin for more

Families’ Lunches
Once every half term there’s an
opportunity for families to get
together after the Sunday morning
gathering for an informal lunch.
Bring a picnic.
{ 12–2pm

First Sunday in each half term
, Brent


Sunday Teaching-based



We need to do a reality check today. An outspoken element
in our culture ridicules men in general and Christian men in
particular. The battle line against biblical manhood is clearly
drawn and finely contested. As a result we struggle as Christian
men to sustain what we have started and finish the race.
Many men feel like there is another man coiled up inside of
them and wanting to get out. How about you? Well, here is
some good news: because God is good, your life will not turn
out as you fear!
Here at TBC we believe that every man is on the cusp of
something great. Come and be part of a group of men who
have faced many of life’s tough issues and found reality,
acceptance and purpose in being with like-minded men and
together exploring the radical life of following Jesus.
We hold occasional events that include sporting activities,
inspirational events and curry eating. Full details are advertised
in TBC’s weekly bulletin and on the TBC website.
Paul Martin & Andrew Meade
Men’s Ministry Team Leaders




Man Up

TBC Trotters

Events and activities are held at
least once every couple of months
for men to enjoy doing something
together. Many are designed to
include our wider circle of friends,
neighbours and work colleagues.
We do Saturday morning pub
breakfasts, half-day walks with pub
lunch, curry evenings, discussion
forums, canoeing, and any good
idea for an activity we come up with
between us!
{ Every other month
m Paul Martin or Andrew Meade

A mixed ability running club with
various routes and times depending
on abilities and seasons.
{ Alternate Tuesdays
m Kevin Tolhurst

TBC Football Club
TBCFC is a Saturday league team
currently playing in Division 2 of
the Sevenoaks & District League.
We welcome people of every
background, and we’re keen to see
guys become all that they can be off
the pitch as well as on it. We’d love to
have more supporters on the sidelines on Saturday afternoons too, or
volunteers for fundraising events.
{ 8pm – 9pm

Tuesday training sessions

during the football season
m Ben Spring

Man to Man
We’re passionate about continuing
to learn and take risks as we pursue
God throughout our lives. So join
other retired men once a month
for friendship, lively discussion and
inspiration. Guest speakers present
interesting topics of current and
historic importance. As well as the
Thursday gatherings, there are
occasional day trips to local places
of interest and even the opportunity
for holiday weeks together.
£1 per meeting.
{ 10am – 12 noon

Last Thursday in the month
, Longmead
m Peter Goodes or John Potter





Women thrive in relationship and so our activities for
women at TBC are a great way to get to know each other
and build meaningful and supportive friendships.
As women, we also thrive when we’re able to explore our
gifts, feelings, passions and faith by talking and sharing and
by helping each other practically. So our activities encourage
you to express yourself in a wide range of ways. Women
are great influencers – in the home, in the workplace, in
our neighbourhoods and in church. Being part of women
at TBC gives us a brilliant setting to let the generosity of
Jesus change our lives and share and help reproduce that
transformation in others.
Rev. Astrid Vaswani
Director of Pastoral & Community Care




Eden and Eden Cafe
We meet during term time
alternating an informal ‘Eden Café’
with a more structured ‘Eden’
where we meet to explore issues
how to follow the Spirit of Jesus in
our daily lives.’
Eden Café
{ 10am –11.45am

1st & 3rd Wednesday

each month


10.30am –11.30am
2nd & 4th Wednesday
each month
, Youth Room
m Fiona Tolhurst

Women’s Daytime
Small Group
We meet to support and encourage
each other through Bible study,
prayer and fellowship. Our doors are
always open to new members as we
pursue God together.
{ 10am

Thursdays weekly
, South Tonbridge
m Sue Miller – 01732 850895

Emma Fox – 01732 300470

‘Unique’ Events



We run different events for women
every month as well as an annual
Women’s Day, seeking to celebrate
women, awaken our potential, build
relationships and grow in Christ. We
aim to hold events that inspire us to
change our world and seek justice,
and also inspire and empower
others. Our prayer is that every
woman will identify with at least
three or four events over the year.
We look forward to seeing you there!
31 January 2015: Released Women’s
February and April: Meals Out (dates
to be confirmed)


We love children at TBC! We have outstanding, fun-filled,
God-centred, age-specific programmes for children 0–11
years old running alongside our Sunday morning gathering.
Each of the children’s groups has the highest health
and safety standards, great leaders and lots of fun. Each
group includes a mix of play, craft activities, singing, stories,
quizzes, prayer and small group time as well as lots of other
fantastic activities. Parents need to register their children
before the service. We also have a group for children with
special educational needs (subject to available places).
We have a regular Monday afternoon mums and tots group
called “Toddler Time”, and Friday evening “Brigades” where
there are five groups for school-age children. On Saturday
mornings there’s the “CTBC” club for 5–11s, where children
can take part in craft, dance, drama, cookery or sports in
small groups. There are many exciting events happening
throughout the year including a weekend away, Holiday Club,
Kids Parties and many more.
We’d love to see you here. We passionately believe that
Jesus speaks to and through children in a special way. So we
get especially excited when he teaches the rest of us though
them, using kids to multiply his mission.
Daniela Hughes Francisty
& Alison Bacon
Children’s Team Leaders




Creche (0 – 18 months)
, Dove
Beginners (18 months – 3 years)
Tyne and Mersey


Adventurers (3 – 5 years)


Club Sunday (5 – 11 years)
Brent and Cherwell
10am – 11.15am


Every Sunday*
Various rooms at TBC


* except 18 January, 15 March, 5 April, 21 June, 26
July-30 August, 20 Sept, 15 Nov, 20 Dec

Children’s Parties
A fun, high energy way to sample
TBC’s children’s programme and
a great opportunity for children to
invite their friends to TBC. Open to
all aged 2–11.
{ 10–11am

Sunday: 8 Feb, 17 May

Children’s Weekend Away
A great chance for kids in school
years 3–6 to go away together for
a weekend of fun, games, singing,
prayer, learning from the Bible and
awakening life with God. Led by a
dedicated team of children’s workers
who love to see kids grow and get to
know Jesus.
{ 10–12 April
, Letton Hall, Norfolk.

Children’s Holiday
Club 2015
Club Sunday every morning for
five days running! Can there be a
better way to start the Summer
holidays for school years R-6? We
round off the week with an all-age
celebration on Sunday morning
to show parents and adults what
they’ve missed out on!
{ Monday 27 July to Friday

31 July and Sunday Morning

2 August

The talented and energetic Duggie
Dug Dug will help TBC kids and their
friends meet with Jesus in a real and
profound way and have a bunch of
fun en route.

Toddler Time

If you have a baby or pre-school
child to care for then join us at
Toddler Time to meet new friends,
have a coffee and chat while
the children play. Mums, dads,
grandparents or carers – all are
welcome! Activities include toys,
bikes, climbing frames and slides,
craft, puzzles, a book corner, singing
and instruments. There is also an
enclosed safe baby area. Charge £1
per family, to include refreshments.
{ 1.15pm – 2.45pm

Mondays in term time
, Brent and Cherwell
m Rebecca Halfacre



17 July: Special Children’s


Girls Brigade

Boys Brigade

Girls Brigade is a youth programme
committed to transforming
communities and enriching
individuals through God’s
revolutionary love. There are
numerous activities but they all
have the same aim: for children and
young people to discover what it
means to experience and share life
to the full. For more information
please contact the Church Office.

We believe that we learn most
through risk and curiosity –
especially boys! Boys Brigade
provides a safe place to get children
and young people together to learn
and grow through fun activities.
They’re empowered and challenged
as they’re given responsibility
appropriate to their age and
aptitude. We set them activities and
projects in which they can make a
difference, and encourage them to
surprise themselves with what they
can achieve.For more information
please contact the Church Office.

Girls Brigade awards evening.
{ 15 May
Girls Brigade Explorers
Open to all girls in school years 1–3.
Section leaders: Ann Hutchinson
and Judith Collins.
{ 4.45pm – 6.15pm

Fridays during term-time
, Derwent
= £15 per term
Girls Brigade Juniors
Open to all girls in years 4–6.
Section leaders: Jo Bentham.
{ 6.15pm –8pm

Fridays during term-time
, Derwent
= £15 per term

Boys Brigade awards evening
{ 1 May
Boys Brigade Anchors
Open to all boys in school years 1–3.
Section leader: Nikki Blundell
{ 4.45pm – 6.15pm

Fridays during term-time
, Tyne/ Mersey
= £15 per term

Open to all boys in years 4–6.
Section leader: Henry Austin
{ 6.15pm – 8pm

Fridays during term-time
, Darenth
= £15 per term



Boys Brigade Juniors



TBC offers a generous welcome to the youth of Tonbridge.
Whatever their background, they’ll find a safe place
to belong, to come and hang out with each other.
Our main focus is on relationship, building strong and
lasting friendships with each other and, more importantly,
with Jesus.
By putting on a variety of activities – Bible studies, church
events, youth cafe, youth club, camp and great socials and
gatherings, we want to share life and laughter together and be
a place where people can feel free to be themselves. We are
passionately committed to awakening the God-given potential
in every one of their lives and situations, through a church
experience that’s relevant to today.
Through a wide range of activities we want young people to
find who they are, feel supported in their identity and grow as
individuals. We encourage them to use the gifts God has given
them and equip them to invite their friends to join them in lifechanging encounters with Jesus.
Dan Potter
Assistant Youth Team Leader




Sundays: RnR

RnR is a group for school years
7-10 which meets on Sunday
mornings to hang out, drink coke,
eat chocolate and learn about God
together through Bible teaching,
discussion, videos and interactive
tasks. It’s a relaxed environment with
a focus on making the Bible ‘Real
and Relevant’. We enjoy playing pool,
table football, air hockey and other
games. Whatever you think about
the Christian faith, you’re welcome
to come and find out more, meet
people who want to learn about God
and just enjoy chilling with friends
old and new.
{ 10am – 11am, Every Sunday*
, Youth Room
*except All Age services 18 January, 15 March, 5 April,
21 June, 26 July-30 Aug, 20 September, 15 November,
20 December

Sunday Evening Youth
At least three times this year we’ll
have a big gathering for all our young
people to pursue and listen to God
together through singing, prayer,
sharing stories and teaching.

One Sunday a month we have our
own teaching alongside the main
evening gathering, then three
Sundays we are in the whole service
and meet afterwards for prayer,
worship and chilling out.
{ Sunday evenings during

term time
, Youth Room

Youth Cafe

If you’re in years 7–13, come
and hang out after school in our
purpose-built youth cafe. From
getting homework done on one of
the laptops to playing X-box games,
youth cafe is a great way to spend
your afternoon. Try our ‘Panini of the
month’, cakes, milkshakes and more.
And bring your friends along too!
{ 3.15pm – 6pm

Every Wednesday in term time
, Youth Room
m Dan Potter

Brigades Band

Youth Band practises every other
week. It is open to any young people
interested in getting involved with
worship at TBC and offer a great
opportunity for younger musicians
to hone their skills in music and
worship. We work on practical and
technical skills but also want to build
a worshipping community, equipping
us to connect with God better
through music.
{ 5pm – 6.30pm

Alternate Tuesdays during
, Worship Room
m Dan Potter
= Open to all in years 7–13.

Tonbridge Brigades Band is a
marching band of young people
from the ages of 11–18. We provide
instruments such as trumpets,
side drum and bell lyres which you
can learn and then play together
as you march.
We provide a welcoming and
supportive environment for all
ability levels, encouraging creativity
and confidence. We work together
to create a display piece for the
National BB/GB Championships,
and members have a strong
influence in the music we play and
the display we perform. It’s a great
musical training ground, and many
previous and current members now
play regularly with the bands at TBC
Sunday gatherings.
{ 7pm – 8.30pm

Mondays during term-time
, Brent
m Steve Brown



Youth Band


Boys Brigade
Company Section
Company Section is all about
learning new skills, making your
own decisions and having fun. It’s
a place for adventure, exploring
new possibilities, making friends
and achieving personal goals, all in
a safe environment. Expect new
challenges and experiences, to be
listened to and to have a say, to be
respected and valued, and to be
surprised by God along the way.
{ 8pm – 10pm

Fridays during term-time
, Various rooms at TBC
= £20 per term

Open to all in years 7–9.

Section leader: Iain Wright

Girls Brigade Seniors
This group has loads to offer girls
today. It’s designed to challenge
and inspire, and it’s a safe, caring
place where girls can just be girls.
They’ll discover their creative and
sporting talents, build confidence
and self-esteem, and explore God
and the transforming power of the
Bible today. They’ll develop practical
and life skills, and find a sense of
belonging, equality and identity.
{ 8pm – 10pm

Fridays during term-time
, Various rooms at TBC
= £20 per term

Open to all in years 7–9.

Section leader: Jane Gardiner

Young people and adults work
together to develop and deliver their
own programme, in an empowering,
equal opportunities group for girls
and boys in years 10–13.
{ 8.15pm – 10.30pm
, Youth Room

£20 per term
= Leader: Mark Bacon

Cell Groups


Cell groups meet weekly or every
other week. They’re open to all
young people between the ages of
12–18. Some groups are a mix of
boys and girls and some are single
gender. Cell groups are all about
awakening the spiritual life of our
young people. They provide a safe
and more intimate space where
questions can be asked, issues
discussed and prayer can be given.
m Janet Simmonds

Mentoring is an exciting, faithbuilding journey with a slightly older
and wiser Christian to help you on
your Christian journey. It is a chance
to be honest and open about your
life and get the support of someone
who really wants to help you and see
you become all that God has made
you to be.
m Get in touch with

Simon Cuthbert, our Next

Generations Leader,

for more details.



On top of cell socials and worship
nights, we’ve planned a few special

This year we’re getting out on the
road for a few adventures together.

Youth Swim
{ 18 July
, Tonbridge Swimming Pool
Latest updates on

Road trips
A few opportunities to see what
God’s doing outside of Tonbridge
Soul Survivor
{ 21 – 25 August
, Shepton Mallet
Weekend Away
Spring 2016


Find out more on


Easter Lock-In
{ 2-3 April




Young Adults (18-30something students, singles and
young married couples) are an integral part of our church
family here at TBC! Our Young Adults are fully integrated
into the life of the church, so you’ll find them playing in the
worship bands, leading services, on the welcome team,
leading in our children and youth ministries, contributing
to our vibrant Small Groups and volunteering in a whole
host of other ministry opportunities throughout TBC.
However, we also recognise that young adulthood can
be an incredible transitional time and presents a unique set
of challenges which often require a pastoral rather than a
programmed approach, and so Lizzie Martin serves as chaplain
to our young adults to extend pastoral care to those in this age
and life stage.
Lizzie Martin
Young Adults and Small Groups Team Leader




Going away to university or college
is an amazing adventure and TBC is
right there with you!
We like to stay in touch with your
students, sending encouragement
and info on up-coming events, as
well as regular updates on what’s
happening back at TBC.
Our Student Mentoring
Programme links up students with
a mentor who pledges to support
them in prayer (and chocolate) while
they study.
We also hold a social every holiday
for students and their mentors.
m Lizzie Martin

Young Adults Small
Join the pursuit of God with other
young adults as part of a Young
Adults Small Group. You’ll meet
together midweek to catch-up,
discuss the Sunday teaching, pray,
serve, and maybe even share a meal
together. Several Young Adults Small
Groups already meet fortnightly,
and we will be launching more in the
near future.
m Lizzie Martin





At TBC we have a thriving community of seniors who are
served and are serving through a variety of events and
activities. We want everyone to be included in an all-age
community where each person can benefit and grow.
God has given you unique gifts and life experiences that are
important to our life here. To the extent you’re willing and able,
we would love to invite you to use those gifts among us, both
to continue your own personal growth and to awaken the Godgiven potential of others. We’re all about relationships, and we
know that often in the third and fourth ages of life, time needs
to be taken to recognise and meet particular needs. God’s
heart is to bring healing and fullness to everyone’s lives, and
we particularly recognise this as our priorities in life change as
we live our later years. Check out our activities for seniors and
come and try us out!
Astrid Vaswani
Director of Pastoral & Community Care




Luncheon Club

Derwent Day Centre

Come and enjoy a two course hot
meal with tea or coffee. Newcomers
are very welcome. Please contact
Alan Smythe for more information
or any enquiries for special dietary
needs. £3.50 per meal.
{ 12.15pm – 2pm

Every Tuesday

(No meetings in August)
, Brent
m Alan Smythe

Provides a friendly environment for
older people in need of support.
Various activities throughout
the day including a lunchtime
meal. Services provided by health
professionals. Cost £10 per session.
{ 10am–3.15pm

Wednesdays and Thursdays
, Derwent
m Liz Ford, Day Centre Manager

Friendship Hour
Join us for tea and conversations in
a friendly atmosphere from 1.30pm.
Our meeting starts at 2.15pm and
finishes at 3.30pm with live music
played by Alfred Toft and friends.
The programme includes guest
speakers talking on subjects of
interest. We also go on group
visits to local attractions. For more
information or to pick up a leaflet
with all our events please contact
Alan Smythe on 01732 352 824.
{ 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Tuesdays fortnightly

(No meetings in August)
, Derwent
m Alan Smythe

01732 352 824
= £1 contribution

Falls Prevention Class

Alpha for Seniors

A group for those concerned
about the impact of a fall and
the repercussions of a hospital
admission. It is run by a fully trained
instructor and partially funded and
backed by the NHS. As a progressive
class it aims to build up balance,
flexibility and strength over a period
of 36 weeks to help prevent falls and
to build confidence and mobility. A
small fee is charged. To book a place
contact Sarah on 01982 510 200.
{ 11am – 12.30pm

Every Thursday
, Tyne and Mersey
m Sarah

01982 510 200

For our seniors to explore life’s big
questions and seek God together
in an informal setting. We join
Luncheon Club for lunch together
afterwards and the course runs
for 8 weeks. An away day together
will also be scheduled during the
period of the course.
{ Tuesdays

from 21 April
m Sally Allen

A range of enjoyable activities for
Seniors to spend time with one
another and have fun.
{ 4 & 18 August

Seniors Christmas Tea
An afternoon of light entertainment,
tea, coffee and a lavish selection of
sandwiches and cakes. This event
is by invitation only as we need to
know numbers, but all are welcome.
Please enquire via the Church Office
if you would like to come as extra
places become available once the
RSVP date has passed.
{ 3pm – 5pm

December 2015 date to be
, Brent


Holiday at Home




For many years TBC has been at the centre of the local
neighbourhood of Longmead and Trench. Many activities
have developed as TBC seeks to reach people at their point
of need, providing places and activities where we can come
as we are and be accepted.
We believe God wants to restore his broken dream in each
of our lives, individually, as families and as communities, so
we’re here to help. As we learn, we pass on our experience
and our hope, so that God’s transformation is reproduced.
We’re actively engaged with all ages within the local
community and there are numerous opportunities to lead
or to participate. Take a look at the listed activities and see
where your gifts could be used. Let’s be encouraged by Paul,
one of the first agents of the Jesus Mission: ‘Love from
the centre of who you are; don’t fake it… Be good friends
who love deeply; … Help needy Christians; be inventive in
hospitality’ (Romans 12: 9–13)
Rev. Astrid Vaswani
Director of Pastoral & Community Care

Open House

Fish and Chip Supper

Twice a week we invite anyone to
come and find a warm welcome,
friendship, a listening ear and a safe
place at Open House. Enjoy tea,
coffee, biscuits and chat, read the
paper, and perhaps play games such
as scrabble and pool. Our team of
caring volunteers are happy to pray
over problems with anyone who
Every Friday at 9.55am we hold
‘Friday Five’ - a five minute thought
for the day - and once a month
“Reflections” follows Open House.
Four times a year we hold a Film
Night in the church and provide
{ 10am – 12 noon

Every Wednesday and Friday
, Derwent/Darenth
= For more information contact

Chris Blundell

Everyone is welcome to come and
share a meal together. Traditional
fish and chips are provided from
our local chippy. Booking forms are
available in Reception two weeks
before each supper. Please place
your order in advance.
{ 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Last Tuesday of each month
, Derwent
= £3 payable in advance

with your order.
m For more information contact

Barbara Myatt 01732 353341


We are the Burley Small Group,
and we want to use the gifts
God has given us to reach out to
people. Our main outreach is the
Burley Breakfast, which meets one
Saturday a month. This is open
to everyone, young and old from
our neighbourhood. We provide a
friendly welcome into church by way
of a hearty breakfast and friendship.
{ 7.30am – 9am

Last Saturday of each month
, Derwent
m Roger and Kath Durling


Burley Breakfast


Kingfisher Club

Keep Fit and Badminton

A club for people with learning
disabilities from secondary school
age. For more information contact
Barbara Myatt 01732 353341.
50p per session.
{ 6.30pm – 8.30pm

First and third Tuesday of

each month
, Derwent

For men and women of all ages and
abilities. Gentle exercises working
every part of the body which are
easy to get the hang of. You can do
as much or as little as you can, and
if you can’t get on the floor, you can
sit on a chair. Relaxed and friendly
atmosphere. Clothing: comfortable
clothing and trainers. Coffee is
served afterwards, joining our
Open House group. Many stay on
for Badminton.
{ 9.30am – 12 noon
, Longmead

Clothes to Go
Quality second-hand clothes for
all the family, for a nominal charge.
This runs alongside Toddler Time
on the first Monday of each month,
and Open House every Wednesday.
Donations welcome. Please bring
along on a Wednesday morning if
possible. Alternatively donations can
be left in Reception marked ‘Clothes
to Go’. Contact Mary Graffin via the
Church Office.
{ 10am – 12 noon
, Worship room and Brent.

Keep Fit

TBC Photography Group

A keep fit class suitable for women
of any age, with gentle stretching
and toning to Christian music. This is
a small friendly group.
m Melanie

01732 358794

This group is a chance for
photographers to get together, swap
tips and talk all things photography.
For some sessions there will be
guest speakers, discussing a variety
of subjects, including shutter
speeds, using Photoshop and
studio -based working. Trips are
also organised throughout the year.
Everyone is welcome!
m Brett Burden

Sustain is a community food bank
run by TBC. It exists to express
God’s love through providing
emergency food supplies to local
people experiencing a short
term crisis. All the food items
are donated by individuals or
local groups and distributed to
recipients referred by frontline
care agencies. Lists of the foods
needed are available at Reception
and items can be left there in the
labelled container.
m Sharon Turner

or the Church Office

TBC Christmas Fair
Including over 50 stalls from local
craftspeople, café and more.
A perfect Christmas shopping
opportunity! The café will be open
for lunch and refreshments Free
entry and free parking.
{ 10am – 4.30pm

28 November





We work in partnership with
the following organisations as
we seek to restore God’s dream
for our community.

DisAbility Social Club
This organisation is for people with
disabilities and is run by Christians
Caring, a charity of helpers from the
Christian Churches in Tonbridge. It
meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays
between 11am – 4pm
m David Power 01732 351882.

Counselling Service
A professional counselling service for
Tonbridge and the surrounding areas
offering skilled, compassionate therapy
at an affordable cost. Sometimes
circumstances and situations can
seem to prevent us from living life as
we would like to. For others, events
that happened in the past, painful
experiences in the present or fears
about the future seem to prevent
us from moving on and living life to
the full. We can help you to talk things
through and move forward.
m 07907635379

West Kent Debt Advice
A completely free, impartial and
strictly confidential service helping
people in debt. If you are struggling
with debt, we’ll help you to work out
where the money goes. Then we’ll
work with you on some solutions to
get you back into the black.
= Call to make an appointment

on 01732 300425
= Registered Charity no 1125756

Torch Trust
This is a Christian group for people
who are blind and partially sighted. It
meets in Derwent at 2.30pm on the
second Saturday of the month.
Contact Cynthia Hoare via the
Church Office. Please visit their
website to find
out more about what they do.

North Tonbridge Prospects
North Tonbridge Prospects is the
local branch of a national charity for
adults with learning disabilities. They
offer a warm and friendly place to
learn more about Jesus and his love
for everyone.
{ 7.30pm – 9.30pm.

Second and fourth Thursday

of the month.
m Jean Millman 01732 352757



An invitation to those from
other countries to join an English
conversation, hosted by English
native speakers. Topics include living
in a different culture, education,
sport, leisure, history, food, beliefs.
Our international friends can
take part in sports, discussions,
educational games and visits to local
places of interest. All are welcome.
The volunteer team that runs
Interface is drawn from churches
in Tonbridge and welcomes
additional team members with
a heart to reach out in friendship
to our international neighbours.
{ 7pm – 9pm, Fridays
m Pete Gonsalves

Fridays during term-time.
{ 9.30am – 10.30am –

progressive Pilates programme

suitable for all ages and abilities.
{ 10.45am – 11.45am –

fitness for the older adult.
m Louise Renton 01892 863075

Here at TBC we’re happy to open our
doors to activities run by external
organisations. Please contact the
Church Office if you wish to talk
about using the TBC premises for
an organisation you are involved in.

A social enterprise that creates
up-cycled home decorative items.
Members are those who have
been out of work and need to build
confidence towards independent
{ 2pm-4.30pm Mondays
, Youth Room

Microsports teaches skills for ball
sports such as tennis, football,
hockey, cricket and basketball as
well as general sporting skills and
athletics for pre-school children
aged 2–4 years. Classes meet on
Friday and Saturday mornings in
m Jane Noble

07863 330200






Whoever you are, we want you to feel a part of TBC and
to discover real friendship here. Even when life gets a bit
complicated, we want you to find there are people who care.
We believe God can restore his dream for our lives as
individuals and communities. He often works through us
to transform brokenness into beauty in each other. So use
the following pages to find some sort of small group where
we can get to know each other and enjoy being community
together. Whether you’re a busy person or have lots of time
on your hands, whether you’re a man, a woman, younger or
older we hope there’ll be activities which will help you join in.
Sometimes more complex life challenges mean that we
need a bit of extra help or care. If you don’t see an activity,
course or group that can help you, contact the Care Team for
one to one support.
Rev. Astrid Vaswani
Director of Pastoral Care & Community

Pastoral Care Team

Accessing pastoral care

When you’re struggling with a
particular issue or life event and need
deeper one to one support, you can
meet with someone from our Pastoral
Team. This team is made up of people
who will listen and seek to understand
you and your circumstances,
encourage and come alongside
you. They may connect you to
organisations within or beyond TBC.
Astrid Vaswani
Director of Pastoral Care
Jean Delevingne
Pastoral & Community Care
Team Leader
Lizzie Martin
Small Groups and Young Adults
Team Leader
Jon Knight
Community Chaplain
Sally Allen
Alpha and new Christians Leader
Alan Smythe
Seniors Groups Ministries Leader

One of our values here at TBC is that
we want to be the most welcoming
place in Tonbridge and care for the
whole person. We want you to feel
welcomed and cared for the moment
you walk through our doors. Whether
you come here during the week or on
a Sunday, we are here to help in any
way we can. Sometimes life events
can get on top of us, or we feel
challenged by God in some way and
need support to work things through.
These next couple of pages will help
direct you to a level of support that’s
right for you.

Sometimes we need specialised support
which is beyond the scope and training
of the Pastoral Team. We can help you to
find local experts and services, including
debt counselling (some of which
operate within TBC), so you can find the
additional support you need.

Sundays, Small Groups,
Courses and mid-week
TBC is a big place! If you’re with
us on a Sunday our welcomers are
there to guide you. We believe in
the power of prayer to change lives
and our Prayer Team is on hand after
our gatherings to pray for any need
or situation. We also have a team
who can bring you Communion at
your home if that is helpful.
The best way to have on-going
pastoral support is to get involved
in a small group (page 18). We also
run various courses and midweek
events that seek to strengthen and
empower. Take a look in this section
of the booklet for what’s on offer.


Specialist support and



Learning in groups allows us to
express ourselves and our ideas.
It helps us establish relationships
with others and to make the
best of the circumstances we’re
in. That’s why we run courses
at TBC and in partnership with
other local churches through
Tonbridge Area Churches Together
(TACT). Discussion, some input
from a facilitator and excellent
refreshments help us to find our
way through seasons of growth and
change. Spaces can be limited so
contact us to register as soon as
you can. All our courses are free of
charge unless specified.

For everyone who wants to explore
life’s big questions. The relaxed
format is cake and tea, then a short
talk about the Christian journey
followed by the chance to share your
thoughts in an informal small group.
An away day together will also be
scheduled on a Saturday during the
period of the course.
{ Wednesdays: 20 May for 10
An Alpha course supported by
Tonbridge area churches is also
planned for a town centre venue
in Autumn 2015. Details to be

Natural Evangelism

The Recovery Course

In four hands-on sessions, Tim
Saiet, leader of St John’s Church
Hildenborough will provide insights,
activities and talking points to help
us as followers of Jesus understand
how to share our faith and become
more confident and effective in
connecting with people of the
twenty-first century. Open to all
our friends in the Tonbridge area
{ 7.45pm Tuesdays,

24 February – 17 March
, Worship Room

For anyone struggling with any sort
of addiction or compulsive behaviour
that is devastating your life,
{ Wednesdays

28 January – 13 May
= 16 sessions

A five session track designed to help
you catch the vision God has given
TBC, and encourage you to take
your next step in following Jesus.
You will meet key leaders, explore
what church membership means
and find out about our key activities
and ministries. Anyone is welcome
to come and ask questions about
TBC. Refreshments provided.
{ 7.45pm – 9.30pm Mondays

in Autumn: dates to be
, Longmead, TBC.

Marriage by Design
Helping engaged couples
prepare for married life together.
£25 per couple.
{ Two evening sessions – one

evening and one Saturday – in

Spring 2015 – dates to be


Get Connected



10 February: Parentalk

The Money Course

Insights and top tips for parenting
under 12s in an inspiring evening
led by Rob Parsons and Katherine
Hill from Care for the Family.
Looking at key issues such as
communication with our children,
setting boundaries and help them
grow into independence. Tickets: £6
in advance from Care for the Family
or TBC reception, £7 on the door.
{ 7.30pm – 10pm
, Worship Room

Blending down-to-earth wisdom
with tried-and-tested practical
teaching, this course is designed
to help you explore your personal
relationship with money and
take control of your individual or
household finances.
{ 7.45pm Thursdays for 4

sessions. Dates to be
, Longmead Lounge

Bereavement Course
For those who have been bereaved
or are helping someone through
bereavement. The course focuses
on four subjects: Session 1 – Telling
Our Story; Session 2 – the Grief
Journey; Session 3 – Attachment
Separation and Loss; Session 4 –
adjusting to change and letting go.
{ 7.45pm Tuesdays for four

sessions. Autumn 2015 dates

to be confirmed






Membership is designed to help you
catch the vision God has given TBC
and encourage you to take your next
step in following Jesus. You can fill
out a Connect Me form available
from the welcomers at Sunday
gatherings, or speak to someone at
Reception during the week and we
will get in touch to arrange a time to
chat with you more.

Here at TBC we want to support
and walk alongside you through life’s
key milestones.
m Astrid Vaswani

We would be delighted to meet with
you if you’re thinking of taking the
exciting and significant step of getting
married. We run a Marriage by Design
course to give you the opportunity to
plan your future together.

These are moments in Sunday
services for you to give thanks to
God for the safe arrival of your child,
and to dedicate their life and your
family to Him. They are brilliant
opportunities to invite families and
friends along to.

In the midst of grief and loss, we
simply want to be there for you to
help in any way we can. Our Ministers
can help practically in designing and
leading a funeral. We will do all we
can to ensure a funeral is authentic,
personal and full of meaning for
the family.

Meet the TBC Leadership Team.
They’re a friendly bunch of leaders
figuring out together how to be like
Jesus, and how to inspire others to
do the same

Kevin Burgess
Creatively directs the planning,
preparation and production
of gatherings where we seek
God together.

Steve Cole
Interim Senior Team Leader
Leads the Leadership Team and
helps them listen to how God is
leading TBC.

Nick Cole
Encourages the development of
TBC people, plans and premises to
pursue our mission effectively.

Gareth Allen
Chair of Leadership Team
Coordinates the Leadership team
making sure they follow through on
how God leads.

Jackie Potter
Leadership Team member
Helps us listen to God as part
of the Leadership Team

Rob Blundell
Ensures we use our money
wisely and courageously.

Astrid Vaswani
Pastoral & Community Care
Oversees how we care for and
support one another within and
beyond the church.





Accessing Pastoral Care
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Youth at TBC
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