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IB DIPLOMA Assessment CALENDAR 2015 - 2016

General school dates in black
Key University assessments/deadlines in green
General IB dates in blue
Subject specific deadlines in red


17th - Start term
date tbd - Year 12 IBDP Induction Day
date tbd - Theatre: Mock Collaborative

dates tbd - Trips week (Year 12
involved in CAS activities)
Sep 28th to Oct 2nd - Holidays
4th – 5th – Art Trip

Oct 3rd - SATs
Oct 24th - ACTs

Nov 5th and 6th - Student holiday
Nov 7th - SATs


12th Nov - Econ IA Practice Final Copy

Dec 5th - SATs
Dec 11th - Term ends

Aug 17th – Start term
during the first week back - Students to Hand in
the Maths IA
on week beginning August 24th - Theatre:
Director’s Notebook
Chinese A Lang and Lit-(H&S)-End of August
Individual Oral
Aug 24th - Art Comparative Study Draft Deadline
Aug 20th - Geog - IA Final Copy
Transcript requests for all Oxbridge and
1st week Sept Medicine/Vetinerary written on
system for UCAS
Sept 17th - EE Draft due
Trips week – to be confirmed ? (but Yr 13 mostly
in school on EE, Uni and Tok work)
Sep 28th to Oct 2nd - Holidays
on week beginning 7th September - Theatre:
Final Director’s Notebook
Sept 21st - Art Comparative Study Final Deadline
17th - EE – First Draft due .
Science Group 4 Project
Sept 10th - Econ IA2 – Draft
Sept 24th - Econ IA2 - Final
Sept 21st - B&M Draft IA
Oct 3rd - SATs
Oct 24th - ACTs
Oct 3rd - Deadline to submit Oxbridge and
Medicine/Veterinary applications to UCAS
Deadline to complete applications for Early
Decision Universities (USA)
Theatre: Collaborative Project Performance,
Process portfolio Video recording reflection.
Oct 5th - History IA Final Copy
Oct 20th - D&T core deadline IA
Nov 2nd - EE Final due
Nov 5th and 6th - Student holiday
Nov 7th - SATs
Biology HL/SL IA – WB 9/11/15 data collection.
First draft 23/11/15. Final draft 9/12/15.
2nd - EE – Final deadline.
Nov 9th - TOK Draft Essay Due
week beginning 9th Nov - Eng Lit Mock IOC
week beginning 23rd Nov Eng Lit Assessed IOC
Nov 23rd - B&M Final IA
Dec 1st - Deadline to submit all UK applications on
Dec 1st - Deadline to sprepare all other
applications Universities worldwide
Theatre: Mock Solo Theatre Assessment
first week of December - Spanish, German and
French ab and B Mock orals
2nd Dec - Comp Science – Final Draft – Section
C&D – Product and Evaluation
week beginning 7th - Chinese BH Oral

Spring Break dates tbd .Comp Science – Final Copy Mar 5th and 6th .French.Chinese B SL Oral Jan 28th .Econ IA3 Final Feb 29th . German and Spanish .Econ.Write up of first half of essay/ secondary data written as prose/intro (subject dependent) April 1st – 8th .SATs June 11th .Term starts dates tbc .Econ .IB Art Studio Work Deadline & Exhibition Mar 2015 .supervisors to proof read and offer verbal feedback only – no mark to be given Date tbd .Vis Art IA Art Comparative study Jun 4th .Written Tasks 28th – 29th .Mock exams week beginning 25th January .English (Lit and Lan & Lit) Late Mock April 1st – 8th .proposal and supervisor allocation Jan 21st .Chinese Ab initio-oral Mar 18th .Econ IA3 Draft CNY holiday – Feb 1st to 12th Feb 26th .History IA Draft EE .Term ends JANUAR Y 2016 FEBRUARY 2016 MARCH 2016 APRIL 2016 MAY 2016 JUNE 2016 Jan 4th .SATs Mid May .Eng LaL 15% IOC Examination Mock W/C EE .D&T HL deadline IA week beginning 21st .Spring Break April 9th .Study Leave starts May 2nd .Students Submit 1st Draft of Maths IA May 21th – Comp Science–SL/HL Final Draft Section A EE .Comp Science– SL/HL Final Draft Section B Jun 10th .Written Assignment – all levels final draft Chinese A and B and Ab initio.Term starts Jan 23rd .Mid course exams Maths IA Launch – straight after Midcourse Exams EE .Deadline for letters of recommendations for Universities dates tbd .Eng LaL 15% IOC Examination W/C EE .Econ . Jun 3rd .French. German and Spanish B and Ab Initio Individual Oral examinations Mar 1st .29th .IA1 Draft Feb 1st to 12th .background reading and planning Feb 18th .Theatre: Real Solo Theatre Assessment (presentation and report) 275h .Geography IA Draft Jan 4th .IA1 Final March –IB Theatre: Performance evening on World Theatre Performance EE .ACTs 10/6/16 .Psychology IA starts May 19th .TOK Final Essay Due Dec 11th .CNY holiday Monday Feb 22nd .IBDP Exam period starts .Maths Students get feedback and start final version of IA.ACTs April 30th . Last two weeks of term .TOK Presentation Due (will run for the next month) Feb 25th .Biology Field trip (all HL some SL).SATs Theatre: Mock Director’s Notebook Monday Jan 18th .IB Art Mock December 11th .no meetings/targets set due to mid-course exams May 7th .Psychology IA Final draft Jun 8th .IB Art Process Portfolio Deadline Mar 25th .6th and 7th .IA2 Draft late May .fine tuning of secondary data prose/second half of the essay written First (Dates tbd) .Art Exam Feb 24th .Theatre: Research Presentation Mid-March .English Retreat Mar 4th .

Jun 2nd .Term ends .Econ Final Jun 17th .