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ARTICLE 1 : Toward a Learning Organisation: The Strategic Building Blocks


: Swee C.Goh, Faculty of Administrative, University of Ottawa.


Companies can create a learning organisation by supporting the learning of individual
and teams in the organisation. The best definition describe the article is according to
Garvin (1993) is a learning organisation is an organisation skill at creating, acquiring
and transferring knowledge and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and
insight. Most important the writer explain on five key element known as strategic
building blocks on how to becomes learning organisation.

The writer stress that organisational learning is long-term activity that will build
competitive advantage over time and will requires sustained management attention,
commitment and effort. It can be develop through core strategic building blocks which
are Mission and Vision, Leadership, Experimentation, Transfer of Knowledge and
Teamwork and Co-Operation. Mission and vision must be clarify and clear so that
employees can support the mission, strategy and espoused the value of the








encouraging experimenting culture and showing strong commitment toward the
organisation. Allowing experimentation creates strong culture of experimentation that is
rewarded and support at all level in the organisation. Transfer of knowledge refer to the
ability of the organisation to transfer knowledge within and from outside of the

. Last. The key to generate five core strategic building blocks to developing learning organisation is through comprehensive training program that meets their individual needs.organisation and to learn from failure. Build a strong learning capability is crucial for knowledge-intensive organisation to be at competitive environment. teamwork and co-operation emphasis on teamwork and group problem solving as the mode of operation and develop innovative ideas.

Most organisation especially private sector willing to invest in formal learning where it’s has known to be the best method that give faster impact to the employees performance. Organisation can take this article as basic guide on step to build the organisation itself to be as learning organisation. transformative learning and incidental learning. knowledge and motivation of the employees. Professional can share their experience and knowledge to each other and create modelling learning. . and output to be competitive to the world change. self directed learning. identity. It shows organisation encouragement and commitment to educate professional to learn as their performing their job over time helps in develops organisation profit. However because of it is costly and involve time taken. Organisation believes the formal learning can enhance the skill. Encouraging organisation to be as learning organisation will help the professional to gain knowledge and become expert in their job as they go through the learning process. Human resources development in economy considers as long term return on training investment to the employees and organisation.CONCLUSION Organisational learning is synchronised with nowadays development of knowledge based economy in our country. Five strategic tips stress out above is work closely with informal learning to the professional. image. creating learning culture and develop sense of belonging among the professional within the organisation. Other informal learning activities exist in learning organisation for professional such as experimental learning. organisation itself can develop another way around to train their employees instead of send them to training program. Set up organisation with learning concept will definitely save cost of training.