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Education System in India

What is Education?
Education is a form of learning in which habits, skills, knowledge of
a group of people is transferred from one generation to another
generation through teaching or training. Education frequently
takes place under the instruction of others, but may also be

Why is India still a developing country and what is stoppage it
from being a developed country?
Let me firstly informs you about certain surprising facts. India has
about 550 million people below the age of 25 years out of which
only 11% are enrolled in tertiary institutions compared to the
world average of 23%.

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There are more than 15 education boards across the country.
While some of them are regional, the much interesting ones
are listed below:
The NCERT - Apex Body for curriculum:
As far as school education is concerned, the National Council of
Educational Research and Training takes care of all curriculum
related matters. Different schools in the country search for
technical assistance from this body.
State Government Boards:
This is the board under which the most children in India get
enrolled. Since 80% of the schools in India is managed by the
government,. The Board of Secondary Education gets across major
states has achieved its purpose of developing various systems.
CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education):
Which falls under the purview of the Central Government is a
board of education for both private and public schools in India.
ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education):
The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations Board is
a private educational board of education in India.It is a non
governmental board.
NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling):
Founded by the Government of India and the Ministry for Human
Resource Development in 1989, National Institute of Schooling
Board objectives at providing quality education in rural areas in an
inexpensive manner.
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Cambridge International Exams/IB:
International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International
Examinations proposed international qualifications to students.
This is a recent phenomenon in various parts of the country and is
mostly offered by up market schools and the like.
Islamic Madrasah Schools:
These schools may be either controlled by the state government,
may be affiliated with the Darul Uloom Deoband that is in the
Sahranpur District of Uttar Pradesh.
There are a number of errors of the education system in India, a
number of endeavors are being made to build awareness and
action for education in India.
Why Education Is Necessary:
Education is the only one thing which cannot be taken any one. An
educated person can understand the right way he/she can do work
and get an opportunity in the world. An uneducated person cannot
understand the real objective of life. And also they cannot
understand how doing the work and get opportunities. They
cannot understand the modern period. They just only that know
we are a labor and we have to do work hard. But the main thing is
that the life is not for liberty there are many things much than

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But that is just for an educated person. Being a student, I think
everyone should have to get education because the education is
anything that can't be taken from anyone.

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