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1. Short title
This scheme shall be called “HIL On the Job Training Scheme”.
2. Definitions
‘Company’ shall mean Hindustan Insecticides Ltd and includes its
Units, offices, Regional Sales Offices including Corporate Office.
‘Diploma holders’ means a person, who holds a diploma in
Engineering or technology or equivalent qualification granted by
State Board of Technical Education
‘Graduate in Engineering’ means a person, who holds a degree in
Engineering or technology granted by a recognized institution /
‘Graduate’ means a person who holds graduation in any discipline
granted by a recognized university.
‘Scheme’ shall mean “HIL On the Job Training Scheme”.
‘Trainee’ means any person undergoing on the job training as
envisaged under the HIL On the Job Training Scheme.
‘Worker’ means any person who is employed for wages in any kind
of work and who gets his wages directly from the Company but shall
not include any persons who are undergoing on the job training.
3. Objective of the scheme
The industrial sector, over the years, has undergone a remarkable
change in the country and elsewhere consequent to the modernization of
technology in the Manufacturing process and other related fields. However,
the system of education in the country is such that those qualified hands
come out from various institutions, even if they are academically brilliant,
lacks practical knowledge which always stand as a hurdle in attracting offers
in the job market. As it is clearly evident these days, the requirement of
qualified and experienced manpower, especially in the manufacturing sector,
has been increased manifold which in turn necessitates providing quality
training to the qualified persons to equip them to meet the new challenges
and to enhance their potentiality for employment.
It is in these backdrops, HIL, being a Central Public Sector Enterprise, always
committed to serve the society through various means takes the
responsibility to draw this scheme as part of its Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
The objective of the scheme is to provide ‘On the Job Training’ to qualified
persons to enrich themselves in the field of their specialization so as to equip
them to meet the emerging challenges in the globalized world for getting
placed elsewhere. The Scheme envisages imparting training in application of
theoretical knowledge in the practical background to qualified persons in
various Plants and Offices of the HIL for a specified period under the defined
terms and conditions.
4. Fields of Training

Sc (Chemistry) Diploma in Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Diploma in Commercial Practice/ Any other three years degree with certificate course in MS Office ITI /ITC in Electrical/ Fitter/ Welder/ Mech (R and AC) /Machinist/Blacksmith 6. Qualification for being engaged as On the Job Trainee Persons having qualification from a recognized university/institution in the following streams are eligible for being engaged as Trainee in their respective field. . He should not be suffering from any disease which is likely to be aggravated consequent to training or is likely to render him / her unfit for training.i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Production Engineering Finance Commercial Personnel Marketing Research and Development 5. III. Standard Physical Fitness A person shall be eligible for being engaged as a Trainee under the scheme if he / she satisfy the minimum standard of physical fitness as specified hereunder a) He / She should be free evidence of any contagious or infectious diseases. Graduation in Chemical / Mechanical / Electrical/ Instrumentation /Civil Engineering B. V. IV. 7. II. b) The On the Job Training shall be deemed to have commenced on the date on which the contract for On the Job Training has been executed with the company under subsection (a) above. Execution of contract for On the Job Training a) No person shall be engaged as a Trainee to undergo On the Job Training in a designated field unless such person has executed a contract with the company in the Format as specified in the annexure appended to this scheme. I. MBA with specialization in Finance OR Marketing OR Human Resources. c) Every contract for On the Job Training may contain such terms and conditions as may be agreed to by the parties to the contract. VI. b) There should be no evidence of any morbid condition of either eye or lids of either eye which may liable to risk of aggravation of recurrence.

@ Rs.@ Rs. Selection of the trainees will be on the basis of written test/interview.per month For Graduates / Diploma holders During First year During second year .@ Rs. 10.6000/.@ Rs.@ Rs. IV and V of the Factories Act. the company at its discretion shall extend the period his/her training until he/she completes the full prescribed period. Period of Training a) The Period of training under the scheme shall be two years. .per month The Rate of stipend will be reviewed periodically and be fixed accordingly. Stipend The Trainees so engaged shall be paid consolidated stipend as mentioned below: For Graduates in Engineering /CA/ICWAI/MBA During First year During second year . 13. 1948 (63 of 1948) shall apply in relation to the health. Method of Selection Applications will be invited by open notification in local news paper and/or company’s web site from time to time. safety and welfare of the Trainees as if they were workers within the meaning of that Act.4000/. 9.per month For ITI/ITC holders During First year During second year .12000/.10000/.@ Rs.5000/. Number of Trainees in designated field The number of Trainees in respect of each designated field will be fixed by the company from time to time. Safety and Welfare of On the Job Trainees Where any Trainees are undergoing ‘On the Job Training’ in the company. Health.per month . the provisions of Chapters III. b) However a Trainee engaged under the scheme is unable to complete the On the Job Training within the period prescribed in clause(a) referred above owing to illness or other circumstances beyond his control. leave and holidays:i) The weekly and daily hours of training of a Trainee while undergoing ‘On the Job Training’ shall be as prescribed by the company from time to time. Hours of training. 12.8.per month .per month .7000/. 11.

as defined under the said Acts will be recovered from the trainees. iii) The Trainees shall be entitled for 12 days Casual Leave in a year. iii) The Trainees under going on the Job Training shall carryout all lawful orders of his superiors in the company. 15. the company will be at its liberty to terminate him from the training. the trainee has to refund the stipend received from the company. ESI and PF Coverage All the trainees engaged under the Scheme will be covered under ESI and PF Acts and the employee contribution. Qualified Officer in charge of Training i) The company shall ensure that a qualified person is placed in charge of the On the Job Training in the respective Unit/Office to co-ordinate the training under the Scheme. 16.ii) The Trainees so engaged shall be required to report in shifts on rotation basis as decided by the company from time to time. The officer so nominated by the Company is authorized to enter into contract for the purpose of the training under the Scheme. iv) In the event of any Trainee unauthorisedly absenting from the On the Job training for a continuous period of 5 days. vi) In case of any loss or damage to company’s movable or immovable property caused by the Trainees. the Trainees shall be governed by the Rules and regulations of the company ii) The Trainees shall learn his field conscientiously and diligently to enrich themselves in the field of their specialization so as to equip them for placements elsewhere. In the event of termination of training. ii) The company shall utilize the existing strength of skilled manpower as instructional staff for imparting Training to the Trainees in their . v) The company shall be at its liberty to terminate the training of Trainees without assigning any reason whatsoever. 14. Conduct and Discipline i) In all the matters of conduct and discipline. the company will take its own course of action to make good the loss from the concerned. iv) Medical Leave up to 15 days for each year of training shall be granted to the Trainee who is unable to attend On the Job Training owing to illness v) Holidays declared by the company from to time to time shall be applicable to the trainees.

…………. Annexure HINDUSTAN INSECTICIDES LTD (A Government of India Enterprise) CONTRACT FOR ENGAGING ON THE JOB TRAINING (UNDER HIL ON THE JOB TRAINING SCHEME) . No lien or right for appointment Successful completion of two years training will not confer any right on the Trainees for permanent/temporary employment in any vacancies in existence or that may arise in future in the company.respective field. On the Job Trainees are not Workers a) Every Trainee undergoing training under the Scheme in a designated field in the company shall be a Trainee only and not a worker . ii) Every Trainee who completes his/her two years ‘On the Job Training’ to the satisfaction of the Company shall be granted Certificate to this effect. 18. 17. 19. Grant of Certificate on conclusion of On the Job Training i) The progress in ‘On the Job Training’ of every Trainee shall be assessed by the company once in six months. and b) The provisions of any law with respect to labour shall not apply to or in relation to such Trainees.

Contd….2 -2I.………………….. …………………………………………….. having been selected to undergo training under “HIL On the Job Training Scheme” and the Surety named hereunder.Paste Passport size photo here 1) Name of the Trainee : 2) Father’s /Mother’s/Husband’s/ Name : 3) Correspondence address : 4) Date of Birth : 5) Date of Execution of contract : 6) Whether belongs to SC/ST : 7) Name of the Course : 8) Year of passing : 9) Percentage of marks : 10) Name of Institution : 11) Name of the Board/University : 12) Duration of Training: From………………. solemnly and irrevocably declare that we have read and understood the HIL On The Job Training Scheme including the rights and obligations and agree to abide by all the provisions made there under.. ..………… Second year Rs………………………….To……….………… 13) Rates of Stipend : First year Rs. We are aware that the Trainees have no right to be absorbed or appointed against any vacancy in existence or that may arise in future on the sole ground that they have successfully completed the training under the Scheme.

and the surety. Dist. we …………………………. Maharashtra.In case of any default by the Trainee. of India Enterprise) P. Taluka.Panvel. Name & signature of Trainee Address: Name & signature of Surety Address: Training Officer HINDUSTAN INSECTICIDES LTD HINDUSTAN INSECTICIDES LIMITED (A Govt. 410206 Ph : 02192-250393/394 APPLICATION FORM FOR ‘ON THE JOB TRAINING’   Field of Training :­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ i) Name in full (IN BLOCK LETTERS) ii) Date of  birth & age  (Proof to be attached)   :  : Affix recent passport size Colour Photograph . mutually and severally. Raigad.O Rasayani. agree to compensate/pay the company as per the company’s rules for the time being in force.

 No. Place :  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Date  :  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­            Signature of candidate .iii) Place of  Birth  :  iv) Nationality : v) Father’s/Husband’s Name   :  vi) Address for correspondence        (Mention contact  Tel.  ix)  Details of Qualifying Examinations :        (Attested  Photo  copies of  all certificates to  be enclosed) Qualification Discipline/ Subject Year of Passing Board/ University/ Institution Marks obtained Percent age of Marks DECLARATION : I hereby certify that the foregoing information is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.  I am also fully aware of the objective of the ‘HIL On the Job Training Scheme’ and that the Trainees engaged under the Scheme shall have no right to be absorbed or appointed against any vacancy in existence or that may arise in future in HIL on successful completion of the training. I have not suppressed any material fact or factual information in the above statement. or suppressed any material fact of factual information. if  any)   : vii) Permanent  Address   :  viii) Whether the applicant belongs to SC/ST/             OBC/Ex­Servicemen/PWD (YES/NO):       IF YES. please write category to which you belong and attach a copy of Certificate in the              prescribed format issued by Competent Authority. In case I have given wrong information. then my ‘On the Job training’ is liable to be terminated without giving any notice or reasons thereof.