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Cloud Telephony Solutions by


Pioneer of cloud telephony conceived in India and now globally domiciled in
Singapore - Create state-of-the-art telephony solutions for SMEs and Enterprises
Makes business telephony reliable and intelligent by providing a suite of hosted
products that help businesses to improve their productivity
Solutions focused on sales, marketing, customer/ employee support and
emergency response requirements
The company was incorporated in Aug 2009 and has grown from a garage
startup to a 350+ employee company

40,000 + customers in India and globally

Founded by IIT & Carnegie Melon Grads and funded by Sequoia Capital


OUR BACKBONE .KNOWLUS Knowlarity brings you the best in business telephony solutions. State-of-the-art Knowlus cloud telephony platform allows businesses to stay connected 24x7 q Customized IVR q Cloud Dialing q Web-SMS Integration q Automated Speech Recognition q Easy enhancement of q service load q Seamless scaling for ePLDT Vitro q special campaigns q Pay per actual usage Hosted locally at Detect & escalate any unusual behavior q Automated failover mechanism .

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ü Extension can be set to your present mobile or a landline number ü Customers can leave a voicemail in case no one answers their call Call Logs Call Forwarding After Hours Support Phone Book Welcome Message .Solution offered by Knowlarity Call Recordings Click-toCall PBX SYSTEMS FOR YOUR BUSINESS Mini CRM Programmable Extensions FEATURE S q Super Receptionist (SR) is a “phone number” for your business q On calling your SR number. customers are greeted with a professional welcome message q Your Customer can speak to the concerned person by pressing the extension.

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Fort Bonifacio 3. Makati 2. Alabang Select Type of Inquiry • 1. Schedules 2.Call Flow q Caller dials hotline  • q 63-xxxxx IVR is played • Select Branch 1. General Inquiry . Promos 3. Enrollment 4.

Multi Level IVR Extension Mapping .

3. 3. Connect to Associate Sequential Round Robin Parallel .Call Flow Diagram 1. Select Options * Call details can be passed through API Vanity Number * Select Option through Keypad * Route calls to agents in 3 call flow options 1. 2. Call Hotline Number * Forward calls to Knowlarity number 2.

000 Php 60.250 Php 45.000 Monthly Subscription Php 6.300 per channel/ month Php 1.300 per channel/ month Multi Level IVR Multi Level IVR Default Channels Additional Channel Channel Cost Key Feature Differences Single level IVR Custom Integration to own CRM / Modification .Commercials Product Type SOHO G2 (Professional) G3 (Advanced) One – Time Set up Cost Php 10.000 Php 20.0000 2 3 10 N/A up to 10 Channels Up to 60 channels Php 1.750 Php 11.

000 = 13.000 per month • Hosting & services = 20.000 per month • 1 PRI line = 30 channels > 10/30 = 33.34% • .000 per month • Equipment and Maintenance = 12.Cost Breakdown for G3 Advanced • 10 channels • 1 PRI line = 40.336 • Bandwidth = 1.500 • Total = Php 46.3334 x 40.964 – Actual Amount .

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Call Recordings • • • Listen to Call Recordings Easy Filter and accurate Logs Download Reports instantly .

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55 per minute Mobile Php 12.5 per minute SMS Php 1.00 per message .Call Rate Table Type Rates Local PLDT Free National Direct Dial (outside Manila) Php 4.5 per minute IDD Php 17.55 per minute Other networks (landline) Php 4.

System Architecture System Architecture .

3. Information Security – ISO 27001 Platform provided with multiple failovers for any component Continuous monitoring of IVR execution engine – Automatic restart in case of failure Warm back up of databases – Every 15 mins Real Time monitoring of Knowlus with the help of NAGIOS( en.wikipedia. 5.9% uptime Knowlarity Communications has been awarded the ISO 27001 Compliance Certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) by JASANZ. 4. Knowlarity Communications symbolizes it's commitment towards maintaining quality in safeguarding information and intellectual property assets within the organization and boosts the confidence of customers and other stakeholders . Redundant PSTN gateways Continuous monitoring of data transfer with Knowlus 6. Self-tests to ensure 99. 2.Redundancy and Information Security Redundancy 1. By accomplishing the ISO 27001:2005 ISMS Certification.


Knowlarity in News .

We were incorporated in Aug 2009 and in short span of 5 years have grown from a garage startup to a 350+ people company with revenue ranging in several million dollars serving over 8. YouTube. Investors Knowlarity is backed by Sequoia Capital. They have previously made investments in companies like Google. We create state-of-the-art telephony solutions for SMEs and Enterprises enabling them to get more out of their marketing. Awards . one of the most prestigious Venture Capital firms in the world. Apple. LinkedIn and Justdial.KNOWLARITY FAMILY About Knowlarity is a pioneer of cloud telephony conceived in India and now globally domiciled in Singapore.000 SMEs and Enterprises. Sequoia has invested over $6M in Knowlarity. sales and customer service initiatives.

SHRUTI AGGARWAL. Shruti is a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary by profession and has previously worked with a Big Four Audit Firm.O. He worked for 8 years in multiple startups in Silicon Valley. Bipul received his Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur in 1999.Management Team AMBARISH GUPTA. C. she keeps a hawk’s eye on our accounts and finances. and followed it with a PhD in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University. and corporate strategy.O Shruti has been instrumental in building the financial infrastructure of Knowlarity. KRISHNAN K. BIPUL PARUA. Evanston. . C.O. Ambarish worked as a Strategy Consultant with McKinsey & Company in the United States before returning to India to start Knowlarity Communications. and technical manager. with a stellar track record in general management.F.T. Krishnan is a rainmaker par excellence.E. He drives operations and excels in customer experience deliverable. Being the custodian of our financials. C..O. engineer. Bipul has deep experience in technology with hands on experience as architect.X. C. He graduated from IIT Madras. Ambarish received his MBA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 and Bachelors in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur in 2000.

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