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Nancy Drew 30: The Shattered Medallion

By Her Interactive
Walkthrough by MaGtRo

May 2014

Gameplay: This is a first person point and click game.
The main menu has new game, load game, options, help, extras, more ND
and quit selections.
The options menu has voice, effects and music volume adjustments. Full
screen and windowed game screen selection and Fast convo selection are
here also.
Help shows the different cursors and navigation arrows used in the game.
The interface description is shown at bottom of screen.
Extras have awards, credits, teaser and bonus art. Bonus art and teaser
are locked until the end of the game.
More ND shows the other Nancy Drew casual and adventure games
released by Her Interactive; as well as links to Facebook, twitter, You Tube
and Pinterest.
Select to play either Amateur or Master Sleuth difficulty mode. Amateur
Sleuth has regular puzzles; hints available and detailed task list. Master
Sleuth has more challenging puzzles; no hints and has basic task list.
The game screen has menu at bottom left of the page. It has main menu,
save game, load game, options, help and resume game links.
The main menu frame has a trophy cup icon at right side. Clicking it will
show the trophies that can be achieved in doing certain actions in the
The cell phone is beside the menu link. It has phone, camera, games,
settings and hints.
The phone has pictures and names of available characters that can be
called. Click on the name or picture to get another frame that has a "call"
The camera can take 30 shots. Photos that are taken can be viewed. The
focus can be zoomed in-out.
There are 8 games installed on the phone.
Settings have wallpaper selections as well as ring back, ring tone and
message sound selections.
The envelope icon show messages received.
My Diary has Nancy's notes on the game's activities.
The power button closes the cell phone.
At the center of the bottom bar is where the items collected are seen. Use
the slider tab at top of the bar to go through the items.
The frames for Tasks and Journal are right of the inventory bar.

The tasks list has the to do things in the game. The question mark beside
the task gives hints to help the gamer fulfill the task. If you did not use a
spoiler, you will get an award.
The journal has observations and suspects.
The dialogue frame has a double arrow at right; it is used to hasten the
The game is non-linear. The walkthrough below is just one way to get
through the game.
Phone charms are only for the games with bonus.
Saved game folder in Win7 is located in My Documents folder or
C:\Users\computer name\Documents\The Shattered Medallion.
Read Bess' letter to Nancy. Bess got George and Nancy; a spot in this
season's Pacific Run in New Zealand.
Meet the competitors. Nancy and George are Team Tui.
Listen to Sonny Joon, the producer of the show give instructions.

Keep an eye on your phone for announcer updates.

Bring back the medallion pieces to the stand.

Producer areas are off limits.

Read the rulebook in your tent.

The first team to finish a stage gets the highest score.

The second team to finish gets the next highest score.

Keep an eye for extra missions to earn perks.

See a blue disk on the monitor that has a note: Find the team, get the
rest. Looks like this was not supposed to be seen.
Rebuild the train tracks:
Get the team's Pacific Run chip when you win this puzzle.
Look close at the puzzle and see miniature train tracks in squares.
The aim of the puzzle is to put together all the rails to make a continuous
path from start at top left to end at top right.
Click on a square and then click on the square you want to place it on.
Take the Pacific Run data chip from the train that run the rails.

Explore the playing field:
Plant challenge: Read the message on the cellphone.
Use the chip to access other locations and find the 5 plants: Mt. Cook
lily, waterfall fern, pikao, kakabeak and spider orchid.
Place the plants in the correct vase on your team's plant stand.
Check the playing field: Pull back and turn around to face the playing
You are standing by the Stage 1 - train area.
Other test area: Across the field is a blocked access to another test area.
Platform: Go to the center platform and turn around to see the whole
Dining tent: Go to the tent right of the blocked test area. See dining
Sheep book: Pick up the New Zealand Sheep Farming book from the
dining table at right. Read about the history of sheep farming in New
Zealand and the characteristics of wool.
The last page shows the different sheep breeds.
Above this page is written: 20 in each row and column unlock the blades.
Auction House: Go to the auction house beside the dining tent.
See items that can be bought by points won during the games. There is a
minimum of 50 points to be able to buy anything.
Team Tui has 20 points as of right now. Win an award if all items are
bought during the game.

Exit gate: Go to the arched gate with Tiki posts.
Examine the map stand that is activated by the chip won at the train
Puzzle palace: Enter the building right of the exit gate.
Look around. Check the Raid game right of the exit door, a large machine,
Monster game, and flower decors at left side.
There is a large monitor at center wall.
Examine the natural disasters that occurs here at New Zealand:
Earthquakes (Alpine fault and Kermadec trench), landslides, tsunamis
(wave troughs) and volcanoes (cone, volcanic fields and calderas).
Red Tiki phone charm (bonus game only):
Check the topographical
display of earthquakes. Take the red tiki phone charm at top left of the
If you find all 7 charms, you win an award.
Read the explanations on the monitors. Press the button on the panel
below the monitor and see the event occur on a topographical map.
Enter the Quake shack. Press the button on left wall to experience the
shaking during an earthquake.
Exit through door at right. Exit the puzzle palace.
Explore the base camp:
Go through the Base Camp arch right of the stage 1 train puzzle area.
Patrick Dowsett: Turn left and talk to the competitor sitting on a
boulder left of the green Team Kea tent (green-red bird).
George Fayne: Go to George sitting by the blue Team Tui tent (blue
Team Tui Tent: Enter the Tui tent and read the Show Rules pamphlet.
Learn the do and don'ts and also know the other competitors.
Flower book: Read the Native Flora of New Zealand book. Note the
pictures of the plants to be located and where they can be found.
Mount Cook Lily is found in the mountains of the South Islands.
Spider Orchid favors damp shady sites in the forest floors.

Team standing board: Right of the medallion stand is where the team scores are posted. Confession booth: See the confession booth right of George. Unlock map location for plant challenge and check Puzzle Palace: Exit the camp.Waterfall fern grows in wet forests throughout the country. take the Team Tui phone charm on the side of the ivied rock wall at right. Find the difference puzzle: Click on the large monitor and see a find the difference puzzle. Phone charm (bonus game only): On the path between the base camp and playing field.Kakabeak from the plant display left of the large monitor. top right and bottom right pictures and bottom left and bottom right pictures. Crew area: This area is off limits. Exit gate: Go to the gate. Message from Pacific Run: Get a text message on the cellphone.password is at the Puzzle Palace. A selected item cannot be selected anymore for other pictures. This where the medallion pieces won are to be placed. top left and bottom left pictures. Kakabeak is a popular ornamental plant in gardens or planters. Click on the difference between the top right and top left pictures. The first one . Pikao grows in sand dunes. Use the chip won at the train puzzle on the map stand. Medallion stand: Check the wood medallion stand right of the confession booth. See a map of the area outside the field. . Other team tents: You cannot look inside the team Kea tent right now. It says that passwords are needed to unlock the areas in the map with padlocks. Puzzle Palace: Enter the Puzzle Palace. Team Tui has 30 points posted. Tiki phone charm (bonus game only): Enter the Team Tawaki tent left of Patrick and take another Tiki phone charm on the blue sleeping bag. Take the top plant .

. It has a button for a challenge later on. Grab a letter . See an unscramble puzzle. There is a map stand at right. See that current location is now at Doubtful Sound. Press enter and Mossburn location is unlocked. It really doesn't matter.hold it and move it to the position you want to form a word. Check the stand on the left. Select the letters to form Woolshed. Unlock Mossburn: Click on the map monitor and click on the locked Mossburn location in the map. you can ride any kayak. Start looking for plants: The playing field and base camp are at the shores of Lake Wakatipu.Unscramble the password to Mossburn: See that there are letters that are not "crossed off" in between the difference pictures. Which boat is the one for Nancy? There's a red. yellow and blue kayak. Doubtful Sound: Doubtful Sound: Click on Doubtful Sound location to jump there. See a pier with kayaks at the end.

Go forward and pick up the paper of the trail. Go back and climb the ladder. There's ladder ahead and trail to the right. George walks ahead of Nancy on the rope bridge. Bess Marvin: Bess supposedly volunteered to take George's place. Read the exchange between Leena and Patrick of Team Kea. She thinks there's something odd going on. Leena wants Patrick to get Sonny's show rules that would lead a competitor to be expelled from the show. Pick up Woodland Lily on the ground at end of trail. Go forward. Turn right at the camp and talk to a worried Bess. She has producer feed while in bed so she can watch the show. Turn right. Hear a man and a woman quarrel. See a closed hatch and a monitor that needs a password. The rope bridge breaks. you win an award. non-cancellation of deduct cards. pick up Spider Orchid. She gives a key to the producer area. Cement structure with hatch: Go around the island and forward to the red buoy. forward and left to the sandy beach. Go forward to the end of the trail. forward to blue buoy and to the pier at right. The trail to right ends in a small cave blocked by roots of a dead tree. forward to yellow buoy.Pikao at sandy beach: See the island ahead. Trail by Doubtful Sound: Lily: Go forward pass the stands at start of pier to be on the trail. If you take out the kayak 12 or more times. Go back to the kayak. and seen beyond bounds. Bess and other competitors: George broke her leg and is in the infirmary. It is locked. At the end of the walkway. Hahahahah. Rope bridge: See a rope bridge and waterfall ahead. Pick up some Pikao. Mossburn: Go back to map stand. Click on Mossburn. . George. Read the last paragraph written by Leena for within game rules that can cause expulsions: remove medals. See a code on 3 squares besides a backpack drawing at top right of the note. Go there. card creation not specified. Check the woolshed. Note: Turn around and forward. Continue down the trail pass the wind generator. Go forward to the cement structure with a light on top and hatch. It has sandy beach at right.

Sonny Joon: Talk to Sonny left of dining tent. Kiri Nind: Go to playing field and towards the gate. She says that Sonny Joon was not supposed to be here. If you reach 700 or over points. The new bridge needs to be tested for the strength in design. Pick up the Waterfall fern. Go forward to the waterfall. Learn that he doesn't know how to swim. Learn more about Kiri and her need to burn off her energy. Leena and Patrick were near the bridge when the accident occurred. Kiri by the dining area calls to Nancy. Sonny admitted that he was the cause of the real crews not being here. The bridge footage was destroyed. Patrick: Talk to Patrick. Go forward to the end of the bridge. Learn that Erin her partner tried to save George at the bridge and is now hurt. Talk to Kiri. You can step forward or back up for a distance of one or two squares per step. He trashed the travel papers of the real crew.Leena Patel: Pan left and talk to the girl in green of Team Kea. Amateur . Team standing board: See that Team Tui and team Matata are at the bottom of the standings... step on each square until the end. Start at blue square. She promised her agent that she will get air time. Fix the bridge: Go to the exit map stand and jump to Mossburn. Rope bridge: See a new rope bridge. Read the note tacked on the right post. She wants an alliance so that she can stay till end of the show. you might win an award. Hmm. She is continuing the competition alone.

Read the plant book for clues. Team Kea won this stage. shear a sheep and drop the bag of wool in the bin in the woolshed. Place plant from left to right: Kakabe ak from pea family on pea vase. Message from Pacific Run:: Get another message on the cellphone. Place the plants on the vases: Go to the playing field.Master Read the message on the cellphone. Waterf all fern on waterf all vase. Team Message from Pacific Run: Tui finished stage 1.Team Matata at the bottom of the standing is eliminated. Enter the stage 1 flower area. The next trial for stage 2 is to get a bag. Place the collected plant at the appropriate vase. Learn also that Sonny bent the rules and allowed Team Tui to stay in the competition while the other team . Team Kea and Team Amokura have placed the medallion pieces on the stand. Spider orchid that .

. Place the medallion piece under the Tui icon. Open the stand. Get a message from Bess on the cellphone. She's interested in Sonny. Pikao used in Maori weavin g crafts on basket vase Mount Cook Lily is not a lily but a butterc up on flower vase. Talk to Patrick. Find a way to visit George: Go to the Crew area entrance. The list is with George in her tablet. Nancy sends Bess to get info from Sonny and to look everywhere they saw Sonny before. Complete the plant challenge: Go back to the base camp and the medallion stand. Bess and Sonny: Talk to Bess.resemb les spider on spider vase. Take the stage 1 medalli on piece. Use the security key given by George on the lock of the power box. Check the team standing and see that Team Tui has now 80 points. See a power box right of the entryway.

E. his retirement and his river talk. She wants Nancy to read everything in Sonny's tent. Read about all the Sonny sightings in Nancy's adventures. you might win an award. Learn that Sonny's real name is Seung Joon and he runs S. . Click on a light blue star to position a block. Get bonus points for winning Raid and Monster at the Puzzle Plaza. If you visit George often enough. If you play Raid or Monster 10 or more times.I.white cross ahead. diagonal and vertical. Learn about Patrick.The aim is to block all the cameras spread on the grid. an organization started by his grandfather.D. Read about the relics seen when Sonny was talking to the competitors. Tablet: Check the tablet on the hospital table beside a dozing George. Leena works on data encryption. Read the reports about the other competitors. The block will affect the cameras that are on the horizontal. Talk to George.P. you might win an award. Do this 3 times to block the cameras in zones 1 . George notes that they should check what Sonny accidentally played on the video and she thinks someone may have cut the bridge. Am ate ur Ma ste r Explore the crew side of the camp: George: Go to the white tent with the green .3. Producer feed: Look at the TV screen on the table in front of George.

you might win an award. Jin's letter: Take read the envelope at bottom shelf. Look right of the bed and pick up the comics of Tales of Laika and Sonny Joon. The team confessions are hilarious. Then click on the run .See Confessions that were taped. Read the pamphlet.: Read Jamila's (Tomb of the Lost Queen in Cairo) note on the S. Exit the tent. Sonny must go to New Zealand now to gather the Chosen and find the artifact. Instructions to the locations of the artifacts are hidden in their "own way". Read the updates whenever possible. He knows Nancy is in the restricted area. Leena does not want to talk about the bridge. (Strange Phenomenon Inspectors: Extraterrestrial Division) pamphlet. If you listened to all team confessions. . Check the blue chest that needs a code. Raid: You can choose the level of difficulty: easy.single right arrow to play the confession.D. If you need more points since the minimum amount to have before being able to buy an item is 50. Read the show rules again. The testers that taught and guided us want us to prove that we learned enough for the next lesson. There are symbols on the first frame. It states that the "time" is now.P. Green Easter egg: If you open the curtain using an Easter egg. STAGE 2: Get item for stage 2 trial: Get bag: Go to the playing field and then the auction house. Thanks.D. Look into Sonny: Exit the infirmary and enter the producer tent at right. The artifacts need to be assembled to send the beacon. Get a bag for 10 points. S. Sonny's grandfather who wrote the letter is following a lead in the Nordic countries while Sonny is here to follow another lead. Click Main Menu to go back to the list. Learn about the testers.I. Sonny is told to salvage what you can of the comics. Read the game rules at bottom right. The comics is similar to what happened to George at the bridge. Turn left and check the blue cabinet. medium or hard.I.P. See Sonny at end of path. Sonny's grandfather is Jin Soo Seung.E. the aliens that are allowed to enter a sentient world. Click on a confession to select it.E. They belong to a special organization called Annunaki. This game was played at The Captive Curse. get a green Easter egg. July. play the games at Puzzle Plaza. She knows that Nancy teamed with Kiri. Their main mission is to keep the world from exploding. It is signed by Sonny's grandfather.

Take a key from the wool of Suffolk sheep with black head and legs at top left. The shed needs to be powered on and the blades of the shearing razor left of the sheep need to be replaced. get a sheep Easter Egg. Isabelle. Thanks. Explore the woolshed: Woolshed: Use the map stand by the exit to jump to Mossburn. Sheep Easter Egg: If you open and close the stove door 5 . The bag of wool is to be placed here. Take the needle and thread charm from the hay. Stove: Check the stove opposite of the bin. Take the flint on the right post of the gate. Go down the aisle and check the chest at left stall. Sheep: Turn left and check the sheep display at left. Message: Get a message from George about a blueprint that Sonny asked her to review. This game was played at The Captive Curse. First stall at right: Check the first stall at right. Written names and places: See names and places written all over the woolshed.6 times. Easter Egg with stars: If you win either Raid or Monster 7 times (doesn't have to be consecutive). Needle and thread phone charm (bonus game only): Open the gate. Message from Pacific Run: Read the new message about winning the Puzzle Palace's latest challenge and get phone access to outside and a map password. Sheep to shear: Check the sheep at right corner. It is the one that needs to be sheared. The rules are at top right of the screen. Isabelle and July. Bin: Check the bin at left corner.Monster: You can also choose the level of difficulty. Enter the now opened woolshed. you win an Easter Egg with stars. Turn on the power in the woolshed: . Thanks.

Click in order the numbered blade seen on the picture.Power box: Turn around and forward to the far end of the room. Mast er Click on squar es numb ered: 2-48 -3 -711 -815 14 11 Razor: Go back to the sheep at other end of the shed. Nancy says the blades should be flat. Turn it on and Nancy says the razor motor must be the switches to remove or place numbers. . Use the key taken from the display sheep on power box.left of the sheep. Open the stall and pick up the shearing blades. Remember the Sheep book states: 20 in each row and column unlocks blades. Use the blades on the black razor behind . Pull back resets the puzzle. The aim is to have all the blades flat. Clicking on a blade affects other blades. See a power box right of window. Flip .4. Fix the motor on the shearing machine: Razor motor: Look at the red razor motor on the ceiling above the sheep. There is power now in the shed. Replace the blades on the shearing razor: Unlock the shearing equipment stall: Turn left and check the last stall. Amat eur Click on squar es numb ered: 1-23 .

Leena: Talk to Leena. Message from Pacific Run: Get a message that stage 2 is done. She mentions that she saw you at the out of bounds area. Bess: Talk to Bess by confession booth. Use the black razor and automatically get sheared wool. Team Kea won this stage. Check the fabric scrap. Learn about her progress with Sonny. Place the bag of wool in the bin at left corner. Someone has placed the medallion piece already. Ask her to distract Patrick. Look at the team standing board. The other page shows an underground lake and a statue of a man. See that 3 teams are now eliminated and Team Kea is leading. . Read the comics signed by Sonny's grandfather. Talk to Patrick. There are symbols on the first frame of the girl with glasses. Find the stage 2 medallion: Automatically be back at base camp. Team Kea's logo is green and red colors.Amateur Master Shear the sheep: Look at sheep. It is green. She gives comic pages and wants Nancy to ask Sonny if it means anything to him. She doesn't want Sonny to know that the comics came from her. She wants a favor. He tells a joke. Take the sheared wool and automatically have it in the bag bought from the Auction House. Take fabric scrap that is in the compartment. red and white. The medallion is gone from the opened Team Tui small compartment at side of the bin.

Return the completed figurine to the Tiki Turn in. Review the paper picked up at Doubtful Sound Trail.Search Team Kea's tent: Take the clipboard with compass. Open the backpack: Take the Deduct 50 bonus score card. Searc h the backp ack. Note the 3 colored meanings of up arrow. Pick up the deciphered Jin coded notes. Mast er G is the 7th letter in the alpha bet. middl e has no dots and the botto m circle has 8 dots. Amat eur See 3 circles and dots: the top has 3 dots. Enter 741 on the padlo ck Searc h the backp ack Message from Pacific Run: Check the message on the cellphone. Follow the butterflies to find 5 pieces of the Hei Tiki hidden underwater. Take the coded colored arrows paper. left arrow and down arrow. . Enter 308 on the padlo ck. Stage 3 is now unlocked. right arrow. you might win an award. If 4 points cards are used during the game. click it on the Team name in the team standing tall post. D is the fourt h and A is the first. Note the drawing of the backpack at top right. To use the cards.

Sound. When a rockslide occurs. Check the nest on the tree.base camp.UNDER NEST IN TREE D. Read her tablet for new information. Learn that Sonny talks to animals and apologizes to them. immediately back up to not get flattened by a boulder. The comic talks shows the charred tree and woman who spoke without words. Turn around and walk the trail. Learn about Sonny's crew and why Sonny let us stay. Talk to Kiri. Click the letter above the colored arrow to change them to first letter of the meaning seen on the clipboard . Go to base camp and place the medallion piece on the medallion stand. Jin is Sony's hero but the rest of the family is ashamed of him. Sonny wanted Nancy to read Jin's letter and comics. Sonny is protective of the blueprint and stays with George when she's working with it. You can try again if that happens. He wants to know what it is for. Kiri: Go to playing area and the dining area.Decode the coded colored arrows paper from backpack: Using the 3 colored meanings of each of the cardinal points arrows seen on the clipboard. Jump back to Lake Wakatipu . Learn about What Sonny asked George to make . Complete the wool challenge: Doubtful Sound: Jump to Doubtful Sound. Nest: Walk to the end of the trail. Sonny: Talk to Sonny. decode the arrows paper. George falls asleep. He makes contradictory statements. George: Visit George at the infirmary at the crew area. he gives another comic page. STAGE 3: Check out the Puzzle Palace latest challenge: .a compass similar to the Antikythera mechanism. Take the stage 2 medallion piece. After showing and telling Sonny about Leena's comics.

Her phone number was in the note of the S. booklets. See a phone that can be used to call outside. Call Jamila (Tomb of the Lost Queen).D. It is all in the S. Immediately back up. .E. Hmm. The words to look for are at left. book. Turn left and pick up the Birds of New Zealand book from the floor. Jamila gives the clue to get the combination to Sonny's foot locker. A padlocked letter is opened left of the found word . Read about George "interesting" and Nancy "strange". Pick up the phone and press the dial of the phone and talk to the operator. Complete the phone challenge at Puzzle Palace: Word search: Click on the large monitor and see Find the Word Puzzle.DOUBTFUL SOUND. Nancy gives Jamila's number. Hear Kiri talk to someone and gets something from the mystery person. Leena is a codebreaker for government. Click-hold on the word at right to make a line across that word.P.I. Exit the Quake Shack. The chance is won by finishing the find the word puzzle..P.Enter Puzzle Palace. Check out the phone reward: Use the phone for outside call: Pan left from large monitor. The decor on the ceiling falls down.E. Quake: The earth moved. Read the "keeping tabs on competition" notes made by Kiri Nind.. Enter the Quake Shack.I. Patrick's fear of swimming is well known. Jamila asks if Nancy is in danger.D.

I.5 (from #9X5Q). There are symbols on the first frame. Take the number from the UFO (on spaceship): 8. Code: Open Sonny's cabinet and read the S. Enter 1 1 6 4. Amateur Master Take the number in Chapter 2 .P.3 (chapter).8 (on spaceship). He might be looking for an Annunaki artifact.E. Follow Jamila's instructions. Take the lower number of the constellation pamphlet . Take the number from the UFO . Enter 6 5 8 3.Sonny is following his grandfather's Jin's wishes. He says .D. Open Sonny's chest-locker. Take the number referenced in Chapter 5 . They are like a galactic parliament.3) = 8 Then divide the number by the chapter on testers: 8148/7 = 1164 Open Sonny's chestlocker.look to the stars. Sonny has put things moving "as the story demands". Jin says to find: . Jin gives a medallion.6. Comics: Take and read the comics. Sum of the constellatio n pamphlet (from #9X5Q) 9+5 = 14 The number of stars that looks like a hat (Chap. Find out what's inside Sonny's locker: Go to base camp and producer's tent at the crew area. The comics? Learn about the Annunaki.

Fish display: Turn around to right wall and study the fishes pictured at Fishes of the Fjordlands display.. Remember what a butterfly perch looks like. Find a way to get the Piano Lesson decoded: Go to Leena at base camp. Take the Piano Lesson code from back wall of athlete strong with speed and ambition. A cube is then placed on the grid at right. Dive rules: Read the dive rules left of the submarines. Charge the submarine claw: Go to the red stand left of the subs. The subs are equipped with critical failure warning system. See a fishbowl at center of the pictures. He's calm. cow and had crackers. The hatch opens. . Return immediately to the observatory. Get into a kayak and paddle to the cement buoy. profound in simplicity. Take the leatherback phone charm at base of window. Team selected: Take and read the manila folder. Turn left and check the Tiki Turn In. . Figure out the password to open the hatch: Jump to Doubtful Sound. Open the door and see the puzzle. Explore the underwater observatory: Leatherback phone charm (bonus game only): Go to the windows at left. Nancy gives the Piano Lesson code to Leena. Enter the password obtained from the word search puzzle DOUBTFULSOUND (no space). Return the completed figurine to the Tiki Turn in. what she thinks of the show and her job. Remember that stage 3 tasks are: Follow the butterflies to find 5 pieces of the Hei Tiki hidden underwater.a linguist who fiddles with broken languages. See the ones are that Sonny chose that match Jin's criteria. The retractable claw arm must be pressurized before use.a man adrift. Match the figure on the left to show at right frame. Enter the elevator. He expects Nancy to ruin everything.Talk to Leena completely and learn about Jin. Click on a square at center to place a cube where you want it to be. The center has a grid similar to the 2 on the sides. . Bess: Talk to Bess about getting a Points Card for Leena.a mind overflowing with questions. . Press enter. Note the cartoon of the girl with magnifying lens. Learn what Bess thinks of Patrick.

The light colored cubes at right match the brown cubes on the pattern at left. The dark brown cubes at right matches the blue cubes on the pattern at left.Right click to remove a cube. If you so desire an easier pattern or just to play. pull back and click the claw recharger again to change the pattern. Get the Hei Tiki parts: .

Exit at middle bottom to the observatory. sides and back. Click the arrows to use the joystick at left to move forward. Move the altitude lever on the right to lowest position. Face the arrow to the right. Use the latitude lever at right to raise and lower the sub. Move the altitude lever on the right to highest position. Use claw to get chest with Tiki arm. Use claw to get chest with Tiki body. Go to #4 in the picture. Face the arrow to the bottom. Move (click-hold-move) the altitude lever on the right to lowest position. Use claw to get chest with Tiki head. Go to #1 in the picture. Go to #5 in the picture. Face the arrow to the left. Move the altitude lever on the right to middle position.Enter the submarine. If you dive 6 times on different occasion. Go to #3 in the picture. Go to #2 in the picture. Use the claw to pick up the chests. Face the arrow to the right. Use claw to get chest with Tiki legs. Locations of chests have butterfly perch tied on strings before the exact square. Face the arrow to the top. you might win an award. . Move the altitude lever on the right to middle position. Use claw to get chest with Tiki arm.

Then return to dock. review the clipboard taken from Team Kea's tent. Go to the Kayak Race stand at right. Leena notes that the Red Touring has speed. Complete the kayak race quest: At the pier.Southland. Go back to the pier.forward to blue .forward 3x . The only clue is "turtle".forward .forward 3x .click purple buoy.purple. smooth turns.right at blue . Read what Leena wrote about the kayaks.yellow .forward 2x .green . See that the time to beat is 5:57 for amateur and 5:16 for Master. Message from Pacific Run: Read the cellphone .forward 6x .click blue buoy.right . Turn around .click green buoy. Press the red button to start the .right forward 2x . Team Tui gets 50 points and get password to Cromwell . Support bar at ceiling of the aisle facing where the sheared sheep is located: Taylor . label the sheep display and return Jock Stewart to the fish bowl for your next medallion. Turn around . Inside first stall at right: Instone . Paddle: Left .click yellow buoy.Cook. Click fast. Go around barn and check names written red buoy Turn around .left . Label the sheep display: Jump to Mossburn. Use the red kayak. Touch the buoys in order: blue .Tiki Turn In: Place the Tiki on the Tiki Turn in stand.forward . Message from Pacific Run: Check the cellphone for message. Get breeder names: Face the sheep display.right . Message: Get a call from Bess. Enter the shed. Label the sheep by their breed and breeder name.right .forward 2x . .yellow . post the best time in the kayak race. Thanks July! Start the race: The order of the buoys to touch: blue . Turn around . Forward . For a golden reward.forward 3x . Exit and use the kayak. Time I got is 4:57.right .press stop button.forward .purple. Message from Pacific Run: To finish Stage 3. Sonny gave them a side quest.left .

Bottom left: Ryeland sheep promoted by Breeders in Hereford. Back is to main door see beam above the shearing equipment stalls: Hughes . Take Jock Stewart the fish from drawer below the Merino. Top right: Dorset Down sheep found in Canterbury region.Waimate North. Massey is from Hawkes Bay. Back wall right of wool bin: Massey .Clarke .Canterbury Chest in stall at left: Sutton . Sutton is from Hereford.Marlborough. Middle: Merino sheep first arrived at Waimate North. Match the sheep.Post on stall at right: Cormack . Post back of sheared sheep . . Hughes is from Marlborough. Clarke is from Canterbury Bottom right: English Leicester sheep raised in South Island. Above the wool bin: Bowyer .Hereford.Canterbury. Bowyer is from Waimate North. Change the label of the sheep according to breed based on the book. Check the region the sheep is commonly found. Shearing equipment stall: Wadell . location and breeder: Top left: Suffolk sheep found in Marlborough. Then match the names posted around the shed to the region and find the last name of the breeder.Fjordland Identify breed: Review the sheep book.Hawkes Bay Middle post at left while facing the windows by power box: Rankin Nelson. UK.

In return. Place Jock Stewart the fish on the fishbowl at center of the Fish display Take the medallion piece.I. Bonus quest: Kiri: Go to the playing area and then to dining area. She's still pining for Sonny.D. Follow the clues in the whale comic: . Patrick: Talk to Patrick and learn that his family belongs to an order and teaches how to not exist. Sonny: Talk to Sonny. Message from Pacific Run: Stage 4 is opened. Take the Points card Bess got for you.Kiri Nind won the stage 3 competition. Leena: Talk to Leena. Message from Pacific Run: The individual side quest wins 70 points. Comics: Sonny gives more comics. Find a way to have the Piano Lesson decoded: Be back at base camp. lit a lantern.I. Nancy has been a member of S. It came from his grandfather Jin who founded S.E. ankerite and hidden below. jagged. Nancy gives the Points card and get the decoded Piano Lesson letter. Learn where the name Sonny comes from. The bonus quest for Team Tui is to discover the secret life of the leatherback turtle. Bess: Talk to Bess. Whales like to chew Blubba Gum.P.E.D. At the back of the book are several Maori phrases. Maori Art: Read the book to learn about the different shapes and meanings of Maori Art. Read the decoded Piano Lesson .Etude. Mine some gold to place on the tray outside the golf mines to obtain next medallion. Kiri gives her the Introduction to Maori Art book. He also mentions to check the cellphone about special update about the show. Nancy gave Kiri the password to the mines. The last frame with the turtle has symbols.P. Read the comics. Learn that Team Tawaki . for several years now.Message from Pacific Run: Stage 3 is completed. Use a kayak to go to the cement structure and down the hatch. Complete the underwater challenge: Jump to Doubtful Sound. Talk to Kiri. mined. Check the standings. Some words are written in red: gold mine.

Charge the claw: It looks like we have to go underwater again. Click on a square to place a cube where you want it to be. Black and red colony: Go to the fish display. Black coral is white when alive and turns black when it dies. The center has a grid similar to the 2 on the sides. To find the colony of Black and Red. Follow the turtle riddle: Take the note from the turtle's mouth. Open the chest to see a purple and gold artifact . Face the arrow to the bottom. Sends you to the water deep. Right click to remove a cube. And reach into the rocky steep. The light colored cubes at right match the brown cubes on the pattern at left. Alarm: Alarm goes off. The solutions maybe random. Please refer to solutions at the first "charge the claw" puzzle. Use claw to get a chest in a cave.Review the whale comic again. Go back to the observatory as fast as you can. Go to the red stand left of the subs. Match the figure on the left to show at right frame. It is an old artifact and looks like not part of the show. Right click to end the lines. Find the red and black colony: Use the sub. Move the altitude lever on the right to middle position. Connect the dots on the back of the turtle. The dark brown cubes at right matches the blue cubes on the pattern at left. . Look close at the turtle's back.relic section. Leatherback turtle: Go to the turtle. Open the door and see the puzzle. Go to the square marked in the picture. It reads: On the trail to what you seek. Note the picture of the red coral and the black coral.

. There are 2 mine entrances. Mine: Look around. Cromwell is unlocked. Check the scales used to weigh the gold on the table right of the mine entrances. sluice and creek. She is dissolving the partnership. Eventually George goes back to sleep. Stage 4 Gold area: Go to the stage 4 gold area right of the Base camp arch. Bess: Go back to the camp and talk to Bess. Nancy asks her to figure out Patrick. Go to base camp and the medallion stand. George wants Bess to keep talking to Patrick. Go to the mine: Click on Cromwell on the map stand. Listen to Patrick's confession 4 about Bess. Kiri: Talk to Kiri at the dining area. Press enter. George's progress: George: Go to infirmary and talk to George. STAGE 4: Get items for stage 4: Auction House: Go to the auction house and get a pan for 30 points. Watch additional confessions on the monitor. Get the Golden Dreams book. Place the medallion piece on the stand. Read the tablet to get an update on Sonny's grandfather foray into the concert hall.Complete the underwater challenge: Go back up to the kayak and the pier. Sonny: Talk to Sonny. Read the book to learn about panning for gold. Get a pick at the center container. Enter the password OTAGOMINES on the map stand. Jump back to the camp.

Look through the hole and see letters on the wall. Bess is having an anxiety fit. Turn around and go left. The fire opens the lid of the lantern. Lit lantern: Look close at the lantern.Ankerite . If the boulders fall on you. Use the pick on the wall. Learn about the estrangement of Jin with Sonny's mother. Take the journal that is hidden below the ankerite vein. Get dirt: Letters on wall: Go to the other mine at left. Take the old key. See a jagged pattern of an ore vein on the wall. Let's follow the clues: Gold mine: Enter the mine at left up to the end.hidden below: Look at the wall at the back of the mine.Maori totem phone charm (bonus game only): Take the Maori totem phone arm from the wheel propped on the rock by the sluice. Enter and forward. Message: Read Bess' message on the cellphone. Jin wants Sonny to complete the tasks left by the testers. Pull back and take the Deduct 50 Points Bonus score card from the beam on top left. see bare dirt on the wall that might have gold. Exit the tunnel. Get a bucket full of dirt. Continue deeper in the mine at left. mined. ankerite and hidden below. jagged. Figure out the hidden meaning in the Piano Lesson: Review the deciphered Etude. lit a lantern. Study the drawing of the medallion and the symbols. Journal: Read the journal written by Jin for Sonny. Use the pick on the rocks at bottom right of the ankerite ore wall. Some words are written in red: gold mine. Exit this mine. Mined. Use the flint on the lantern. Dirt: At the end of the tunnel. Go left to see a hole on a wall of boulders. . try again.Jagged .

Note the position of the blades. Place in vertical position the yellow. See fans with uneven number of blades. blue and brown fans over those horizontal fans. The blades can be superimposed on top of each other. Place the bucket of dirt under the faucet. . white and yellow fans in horizontal position at empty center square. Use the tap on the faucet. Right click to turn the blades and check if 4 blades are now shown on each square. Fix the fans: Check the box with screen cover right of sluice. Right click to turn the blades. No water.Get the sluice box running: Sluice: Look close at the sluice. Arrange the pink. The aim of the puzzle is to have 4 blades appear on the fan.

Use the gold flakes on the Team Tui scale. Patrick: Talk to Patrick about Bess. Check the team standing. Get gold flakes. The password is Waitomo. Use the bucket of sand on the pan. Bess: Talk to Bess. The water removes the large rocks to get a bucket of sand. Use the medallion piece on the medallion stand. Complete the gold challenge: Go back to base camp. Bridge and waterfall: Walk the path until the bridge and then come back. Weigh gold: Go to the scales table. There's only Team Kea. Team Tawaki and Team Tui left. He told the Mystic to pick a spot and stand.Pan for gold: Turn the faucet on. Take the medallion piece. Click on the pan on the water several times until the sand is washed off. Go to the stream at left. Follow the clues in the waterfall comic: Review the waterfall comic again. Jump to Mossburn. Team Tui wins stage 4! Yay! Message from Pacific Run: Stage 4 is finished. Patrick? . Automatically have the pan on screen. hear Sonny talk about the Mystic. Sonny: Talk to Sonny at dining area about Bess. Message from Pacific Run: Final stage is unlocked. On the way back. Activate the symbols inside the caves at Lake Te Anau.

Turn around. Pick up the Award Bonus Score card for 50 points on the rock at right.Cave with roots: Walk the path and turn left after the ladder. All spaceships must be placed horizontally or vertically on the grid. There 2 4-squares ships. click it on the Team name in the team standing tall post. Enter the cave that looks like the spot in the comics. It looks like the drawing in Jin's journal. . Numbers along the sides of grid correspond to the number of ship segments in that row or column. 2 3squares ships. The ships are the green ones on the left. Use the key taken from the lantern in the mine. Take the gold artifact . Unlock the carving behind the waterfall: See a panel that has a keyhole. Solve the spaceship placement: Read the rules in the deciphered Jin's coded note from Sonny that was taken from Team Kea's tent. 3 2-squares ships and 3 single round ships. Stars indicate squares where no ship is located. No spaceship can touch a square occupied by another ship in any direction including diagonals. To use the cards.relic piece.

Light up all the grid sections. Turn the lights on in the cave: The cave is too dark. A grid lights up when the other end of the disk reaches it.Amateur Master STAGE 5: Go to Lake Te Anau: Go to the map stand. Unlock Lake TeAnau using the password Waitomo. Jump to Lake Te Anau. The number of circles indicates how many squares it can light up. Press enter. . Check the power stand left of the cave entrance. See disks with a specific number of circles inside. Go down the path at left and be on a platform.take the ring phone charm on the floor at left. Ring phone charm (bonus game only) . Amateur Master Explore the cave: Enter the cave. Click on a disk and select where you want it to reach.

Go left and pick up a paper from floor. Climb the steps to the large monitor. July! Use the flint on the bowl to get fire. see and read the paper. No medallion.Turn around and take the Points Bonus Score Card for 100 points on the rock wall at right. Look close at the bowl.. Find the symbol listed on left in the shapes at center. Light the fire: The monitor states to light the fire to proceed. The secret compartment opens. Read a list of individual tasks given by Sonny to the competitors. Instead of the medallion. Bird Easter egg: Before you light the fire. use an Easter egg on the bowl to get an Easter egg with bird. Fill the symbols on the cave wall: Activate the symbols inside the caves at Lake Te Anau: See shapes on the monitor. Pick up a comic page on the floor at left. Koru . Thanks. Sonny wuz here. Click on shapes until the shape is completely green. Review the Maori book given by Kiri.

Look through hole. Click on a letter to turn it. Go forward and see that the blocked tunnel is now open. Nancy comments that it spells something out. Go through. Read Kiri's quest. Right mine tunnel: Enter the mine tunnel at right. Left mine tunnel: Enter the left mine tunnel. Sonny's quest note to Kiri: Pick up the note on the floor at left.relic fragment. The ceiling caves in. Arrange the letters to form words. Take the artifact piece .Triple Rau Kumara Koropepe Hei Matau Muri Paraoa Follow the clues in the gold mine comic: Jump back to the mine in Cromwell. Go forward and left to the hole on the wall. See Kiri trying something on the letters on the wall. A compartment on the wall opens. Letters on wall: Check the letters on the wall. .

Bess: Talk to Bess at base camp. Sonny's list. Learn that she needs to prove herself. The tube can be opened or closed by clicking the cover at the bottom. 5 tubes at center has discs with pictures. Strange. Kiri: Talk to Kiri at the dining area at the playing field. Kiri's partner had to say.Lake Wakatipu. Patrick is not here. Read the tablet and learn what Erin. Depending on whether the tubes above it is open or closed. Kiri. Win the tie breaker: Go to base camp. Hear Kiri and Sonny argue. George: Go to infirmary and see George is asleep. Kiri follows to get ahead and place her medallion first to win stage 5. George was not supposed to fall.Exit the tunnel. at the same time places her medallion piece also. Sonny decides a sudden death contest (rules?). Each set increases in number of patterns to be copied. Nancy throws the medallion piece to Bess and Bess places it on the stand. He gives the last piece of the medallion. Bess is gung ho in winning. . This is the big machine at Puzzle Palace. A tube will pass through under the tubes. Ah. the tube will collect discs and exit at right. Well! Sonny: Talk to Sonny. The aim of the puzzle is to copy the pattern of the discs with picture seen at right in the correct order. Track down the missing Stage 5 medallion: Jump back to the playing field . There are 5 sets in the puzzle. Take the medallion piece and go back to base camp. Leena: Talk to Leena.

After the second tube passes. Press start. Press start. After first tube passes . open #1 and close #5. Press start. After the second tube passes. After second tube passes. Press start. Open #5. After third tube passes. After third tube passes. After second tube passes.Amateur First set: Close #3. Save game. After first tube passes. After the first tube passes close #2. Master First set: Close #3. open #1 and #2. Fourth set: Close #1 and #2. Close #4. Fifth set: Close #2 and #5. Close #5. After first tube passes. Open #4. open #1 and #2 and close #3 and #5. Close #4 and #5. Open #4 and #5. Third set: Close #1 and #5. open . After first tube passes. open Fifth set: Close #1. After first tube passes. close #2 and open #5. Third set: Close #2 and #5. Save game. Press start. Save game. Save game. After the first tube passes open #2. After first tube passes open #1. close #1. Press start. Fourth set: Close #1 and #5. Press start. Press start.close #2. Second set: Close #4. Press start. Save game. open #2 and close #4. Save game. Press start. Open #4 and #5. Open #3. Second set: Close #1. close #1 and #3. close #2. #2 and #3.

Pull the lever down. Look at it. #1 and open #5. This is why Sonny brought you here to solve this puzzle. . Survive the river: Sonny says the way out is down in the river tunnel. Answer the cellphone. After third tube passes. open #4.Go R L R R L. Sonny pushes Nancy into the raft. Kiri: Kiri throws down the rope to strand Sonny and Nancy at the bottom of the cave. After third tube passes. Automatically be at the cave at Lake Te Anau. Find out what Sonny wants: Talk to Sonny. Fill in the others with colors that doesn't touch a similar color. Start by clicking the top corners to green and bottom corners blue. close #1 and #2. Fill the colors on the device: See a puzzle on the wall. After fourth passes. bottom corners blue. open After fourth passes. Take rope from first dining table at right. immediately click. open #1. LOL. See sparkling fluorescent things on the wall. Team Tui wins. Open #4 After second tube passes. When intersections-arrows at sides are seen . Nancy climbs down the rope. #3 and close #5. George solved the blueprints. The lights goes out. The water recedes and river tunnel is seen. and #5. Sonny follows. Yay! Sonny calls Team Tui. After second tube passes. Go left down to the platform. #2 and close #5. Tie the rope on Sonny's sign right of the platform. She says top corners green. Close #4. Move the cursor to the intended place and when the arrow appears. Nancy and Sonny climb to the edge of the river.#2 and close #4. close open #2 and close #3. See a lever.

Escape the river: Sonny did not find what he is looking for and gets angry at Jin. Nancy is supposed to put it together to signal the testers. He decides that this is his river since he sinks rather than float. Patrick: Hear Patrick on the hole above. Sonny tells Nancy about his believing his grandfather that they are Annunakis. Turn the small central circle . Place the relic fragment.holes/lines for the symbols seen in the comics. Assemble the relic: Look close at relic. Unlock all the pins: Review the comics and Jin's journal. There are stairs going down. see Patrick jump down.relic fragment to position . Assemble all the other pieces first. 1. Rebuild the relic device. Water recedes. Align the stars in the specific symbol areas . See the final piece of the relic. He jumps into the river. Take the blue star chart sonny placed on the relic. Place the blue ring-relic section. Patrick stays down in the river for a while. Place the relic piece. Hear Patrick. Patrick sees something at bottom of river. Place the star chart.

relic piece to point at the specific zodiac sign seen in the comics. If the stars are to be positioned by the symbols on the middle bar with lines. If done correctly. Once the stars are aligned. 2. they should be at the position beside the line as noted on Jin's drawing. .the holes/lines to get the stars in/by them. Check Jin's journal above for those holes/lines. click-hold-turn the outer circle . the pins inside the relic fragment at center pull out.


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