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Redfone VGate Integration with Elastix-2.



VGate Initial Install Overview
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1. Download VGate image to Windows desktop and unzip
2. Login to VMWare vSpere client
3. Browse datastore
4. Create new folder in datastore and copy VGate .vmx and .vmdk images to it
5. Add image to Inventory
6. Start image
7. Enter Console screen, set IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and restart VGate
8. Enter Console screen again and choose activate license option. Manually enter license key.
9. Continue all configurations through web GUI using the IP address you just assigned

VGate Configuration via GUI
1. Login to GUI through IP address assigned in step 7 of Initial Install. User= root, Password=

2. You will be presented with the Welcome screen which lists all of the necessary steps to
configure the VGate.

3. Query the foneBRIDGE2 device by selecting System, Query foneBRIDGE2

4. Open the Redfone VGate GUI. Go to System and then select Configure. If the foneBRIDGE
was succesfully detected in the previous step then all of the Global information should already
have been completed automatically.

5. Under SIP Settings, input the IP address of your target Elastix server in the Remote SIP
server's 1 field.
6. Enable SIP Registration and input the Sip username and Sip password which we will later add
to our Elastix SIP trunk settings. These values must be the same on both VGate and Elastix in
order to establish the SIP trunk between both systems. The SIP Network Interface Card should
always be eth0.

7. Scroll down to the Span Configuration section and complete all fields according to the
information provided by your telco. The below screen shot is a typical North American T1
configuration used in more than 99% of all installs in the US and Canada.


Select Save & Apply at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

9. Go to System followed by Apply Changes
10. And finally go to System and Reboot System.

11. Log back into the VGate GUI and verify alarms are cleared and system is on line by going to
System followed by Query foneBRIDGE.

Elastix 2.0 SIP Trunk Configuration for VGate
1. Login to Elastix GUI, Select PBX tab followed by Trunks
2. Create a SIP trunk, add Trunk Description, Outbound Caller ID, etc. as per standard Elastix


Under Trunk Name use the following details to create the SIP trunk account that will connect
with VGate. Change the host, username and secret to match the values assigned to VGate. With
this configuration there is no need to create the Incoming Settings or Register String.

Note: DTMF mode must be set to 'inband' under PEER Details. Ex.;


Once all SIP PEER configurations are complete, select Submit changes button at the bottom of
the page followed by the Apply Configuration Changes Here bar at the top of the page.


For routing outbound traffic through the Vgate/fonebridge, go to Outbound routes and add rules
as per standard Elastix procedures and select SIP/Vgate as the Trunk.