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A collection of data and insight

into the universe of Amazon Kara and Amazon Brawl


the biggest one being home to most of Dalame's population. Most of its surface is covered by water. . one to the Daemons. There are only a few things known: 1. Aside from the main island. one to the Parasites and one was hidden in the Wildlife. „Dala“ referring to the Goddess. the new generation of inhabitants was designed in Mirandala's image. These shards were believed to hold the power of Mirandala and should keep balance among the new tribes. The Cleansing as such remains a mystery for the most part as well. It has a rich underground cave system as well.Our world. There are several islands in these oceans. Mirandala deemed the world had no future in this state. greatly modified. 5 crystal-shards were distributed among the new inhabitants. or rather its inhabitants. to ensure no war would break out ever again. Since everything was created from a single source. There is not much information available about the time before the Cleansing. among these are the major tribes or races (called nations once). Dalame „Dalame“ in the old Elf-Language means „Everything of Dala“ or „World of Dala“. most of the world is still unexplored and holds many mysteries. After the world was created anew. It is not known what lead to the war of the first generation or what kind of weapons were used. one to the Grieka. which left the world inhabitable for the most part. One was given to the Elfs. it was necessary to have a total makeover to ensure a second generation can live on Dalame. most life on Dalame was created in a fine balance. 2. 3. so a lot mysteries still remain. The Cleansing The Cleansing refers to the second creation of the world. For unknown reasons the first generation of inhabitants had a series of conflicts and war. Mirandala. Mirandala. the old inhabitants of the world disappeared and were replaced with a new generation. It is home to all known life and was -strictly speakingcreated twice. including many symbioses and natural habitats.

omnipotent and without equal. because of the Cleansing. they all share some common features. This was to emphasize their connection and love to each other. Every being resembles the body of Mirandala in some form. Nevertheless. which makes it possible to categorize all organisms in some fact most of them – live a secluded life somewhere on Dalame. She is a beautiful woman with long rosy silk hair. it was concluded that these descriptions actually match her real appearance. The inhabitants of Dalame A lot of lifeforms . so now different interpretations of this message go around. but none of them have any concrete knowledge. so this matter is clouded in mystery still. There are some theories going around. But because all of these testimonies match each other. Most of the time she appears illuminated or semi-transparent . As she created Life anew with the Cleansing.Our Goddess. Nowadays every race agreed on the consensus that at least the breasts and crotch should be exposed. Some speculate that she is a timeless entity. Especially the Elfs were holder of the latter theory. some live in caves and some others live in forests. They have different kind of lifestyles. all organisms were designed with her body in mind (with some small differences). while others think she might have been a normal organism once and came to her powers at a later date. . while others believed every part of the body except the face could be covered if so desired. neither theory has been investigated further. different levels of intelligence and different understandings of coexistence. Mirandala Origin and history: Not much is known about the origins of Mirandala. But with the disappearance of the Elfs. she isn't covering any parts of her body with clothes. but most of them leave hands and feet uncovered as well. Some live in huts and small villages. Each and every living being on Dalame was obligated to present their body as such.which makes it difficult to make out exact features. featuring a feminine design and corresponding genitalia. Appearance: The only known information about Mirandala's appearance comes from testimonies given by people who saw visions of her in their dreams. claiming it would explain why she has kept her appearance even after gaining godlike powers. The original intention got lost over the years. which was the most important message Mirandala wanted to convey to her children. mostly by people who apparantly saw visions of her in their dreams. Some believe no part of the body should be covered. Mirandala made sure to enforce certain rules with this design as well.

capable of speech (depending on the race). urine or in rare cases blood. it continues to grow under the care of her mother(s) until the child emerges. Female organisms on the other hand only have genitalia to receive genetic information and aren't capable of impregnating other organisms without tools or other aids. It is near impossible to kill Mirandala was very keen on creating a peaceful civilization and she made sure killing other organisms would be very difficult. Each race decides on its own how this is handled and who reproduces. they will be covered in the corresponding entry for the race.The common rules: Every organism is either female.or some kind of unnatural power was involved. but usually the male genitalia can be hidden within the body and may be used depending on the situation. often through different cultural values or rituals. The new born child grows as an egg inside her mother's womb and is released once it has reached a certain volume. All Children are born out of eggs While the duration of the pregnancy differs from race to race. To settle disputes. This leads to some other points: The majority of organisms on Dalame are herbivore. or futanari Futanari in this context means every girl of that race has both a vagina and a penis to give and to receive genetic information through coitus. Once the egg is released out of her mothers womb. they consume the products of their body. The goal is to embarass and shame the opponent through sexual activity in such a way they lose their will to fight. but with normal means it is impossible to take a life. It is believed Mirandala made both the process of intercourse as well as the birth as such as pleasant as possible to make sure the population grows. Wounds done by blunt or sharp weapons. There are some species that live off other creatures. having an average level of intelligence and being able to reproduce. like the ones used by the Amazons and Grieka. There are many ways to hurt other organisms. but they aren't carnivores in the traditional sense. resulting in some blood-loss and pain but no fatal injuries. The process of laying the egg is both highly stressful and pleasurable. the birth functions the same way for every one of them. but rather to enforce the will of the wielder by inflicting pain. Instead of eating their victim's flesh. She doesn't grow any further throughout her life and doesn't show any signs of aging until death. individuals or races instead fight sexual combats. like semen. Reproduction within this race is therefore doable in every combination and every individual is capable of bearing children. retreating from the conflict and admitting defeat. . instead of trying to kill each other. making it an act of utmost sexual tension for the mother. Organisms therefore only die once they have reached a certain age and Mirandala wills it . Because these methods are special by nature. They aren't used to kill. heal almost immediately after being inflicted. sweat. The specific physical attributes vary. Right from the moment of birth the child is fully-grown.

The mixed parts and slimey characteristics give it similar properties as sperm from other races. Still. the following 5 tribes were considered to be the main population of Dalame and received the blessing of Mirandala.000 Overview: The Amazons were the only major tribe which wasn't given a crystalshard. dark-green leaves which grow on the ground. Their main function is to absorb and store fluids. The released fluids are a mixture of the original fluid as well as parts of the plant. If they are exposed to a lot of fluids and can't store all of it. It's called „Bara“ (which in the old Elf-language means „bridge“) and consists of several long. often banding together in villages.80m and probably resemble Mirandala the closest. they have to use some aid. They want to be ready once the situation demands it. mainly due to the legend passed down about them being a special race. and extract their nutrition over time. their intelligence is average. Why this is the case is reason for much speculation. making it possible for the Amazons to impregnate each other with it. this new fluid will have it as well. If the original fluid happened to include genetic data. Appearance: Amazons grow to a height of 1. They are capable of producing metallic weapons. the wisest and most intelligent Amazon. they release everything that is over their storage-capability. Amazons like to work out and build their bodies to perfection. most of Dalame is still unexplored and not all information is availabe at the moment. The 5 once big nations have seen a few developments over the past years and some changed in such a way they couldn't even be called nations anymore. at the time of the Cleansing. There are some expeditions going on to solve the mysteries still dwelling in nature. The current Elder has lived for so long pretty much all Amazons accepted her existence as such and don't question it. usually water. They are ruled by an Elder.The 5 nations of Dalame As mentioned earlier. Special traits and cultural values: The Amazons live in small huts or caves. If an Amazon . making it viscous. The most popular theory. There are several rituals and cultural customs connected with the use of this plant. Method of reproduction: Since Amazons lack a penis or other means to give their genetic information to each other. herbivore Population: ~100. The Amazons female. Their task is to keep the balance if one of the other nations tried to gain control over more than one crystal-shard or nation. argues that the Amazons are a chosen tribe.60m to 1. the only thing not being in dispute is the fact that the Amazons got some kind of special treatment. Mirandala gave them the knowledge and capability to use a certain plant to do this. Their body is usually muscular and fit. which is mostly believed by the Amazons. There are several theories going around why this might the case.

The Queen is then – until the next queen is chosen – the only ruler of the tribe and her word is absolute. since genetic information of both partners is getting mixed at random inside the leave. always trying to prove themselves superior and having disputes and sexual combats here and there. To make sure the Bara releases a nice slime capable of impregnation. Their bodies looks rather similar to the Amazons. But there are a few things to take into consideration with this method. To enhance the pleasure and amount of fluids both Amazons will rub the leave between their genitals for an extended period of time until it is filled and releases the viscous slime over both vaginas. it is possible for the child to have genetic information of both her mothers .000 Overview: The Grieka are the second-biggest tribe after the Amazons and share a lot of their history. many believe the Grieka and Amazons were one race before the Cleansing and got divided afterwards. They can grow a penis for reproduction. The strength of each Grieka defines her position in the hierarchy. this reflects into their daily life and culural values as well. as well. Appearance: Grieka grow up to a height of 1. However. Different experiments with the amount of fluid or mixing other types in (like urine. sweat or blood) didn't seem to have much impact on the result. Of course. . she is given the task of protecting the crystal-shard the tribe was given by Mirandala. This can result in one or both partners getting pregnant. both to defend themselves against other races if the need arises or to choose a sexual partner among their tribespeople. the weakest being frowned upon or even expelled.70m to 2. it will be exposed to the body fluids of both partners.wants to have a child with another Amazon. the Grieka are capable of producing metallic weapons. but this is by far the most popular one. The Grieka futanari. In fact. This is usually done by putting it between their vaginas so it can absorb their vaginal juices. It is considered tradition to mainly use the vaginal juices for this ritual. Each year a tournament is held to choose the mightiest warrior among them to be crowned Queen. while the strongest ones are highly respected women.00m. herbivore Population: ~80. the Grieka uphold a great rivalry towards the Amazons. Since the moment of birth Grieka are trained to wield a weapon and undergo hard manual training to be champions of sexual combat.or to be a clone of one of the mothers. not much information exists to back up this claim. she will ask her to „share a leave“. To represent her status. Because of their many similarities both in appearance and cultural values. there are several variations and different positions to use the Bara leave. Just like the Amazons. Special traits and cultural values: The Grieka are a race of warriors. their intelligence is average. albeit a bit more muscular.

In the course of this combat the Queen judges who will be the one to bear the child and who is the one to give her semen. Under the surveillance of the Queen they have to fight a sexual combat. They valued their intelligence above all. but it is unknown whether this is their natural state or they had the ability to create artificial penises. If a Grieka decides to have a child. it is in principle possible for each Grieka to get pregnant or to impregnate others. As a result. Only the mightiest and strong-willed may reproduce – and the Queen is the one who decides who will have the right to do so. Their portfolio of inventions probably wasn't limited to weaponry. but whether these had a different purpose as well is still a mystery. killed every living Elf and even the majority of their neighbours. It seems like their basic appearance is similar to that of the Amazons and Grieka. Some pictures depict them as futanari. the Parasites.60m to 1.70m. Method of reproduction: Unknown. Comparing it to other races depicted in the same scribbles. Only a few things are still known about this race: in the past. They have long ears. But to ensure a specific genetic pool and cultural standard. the crystal-shard they were given was buried somewhere in the rubble as well. Special traits and cultural values: It seemed like the Elfs were a very harmonic race. it seems they grow to a height of about 1. How this happened is a mystery and will most likely be forever unknown. In some cases the Queen might forbid both of them to reproduce – or enforce her right to impregnate one or both of them herself instead. among other inventions. A giant explosion buried most of their glorious city. making them the same height or a bit smaller than Amazons. Their flourishing nation one day came to a sudden end when a terrible accident happened. . they coexisted with the other major nations and were known for their great intelligence. The outcome of the combat is secondary. it is forbidden to have sex with just anyone. Unfortunately it is not known how their tribe was governed or how they lived their daily lives. The Elfs futanari (?). making them appear arrogant from time to time. When she has reached a conclusion. wisdom and desire for tinkering. they were the ones who found a way to produce metallic weapons and gave this knowledge to the Amazons and Grieka. they were never depicted as violent or doing mischief. but most of it has been lost by now. she is to present herself with her desired partner before the Queen. Pictures were found depicting Elfs using machines or other tools for sexual pleasure. the two girls who presented themselves may then proceed to reproduce in the manner the Queen ordered. Appearance: There are a few scribbles and pictures left of the Elfs among the other tribes. herbivore Population: 0 Overview: Pretty much all information on the Elfs was lost a long time ago.Method of reproduction: Since all Grieka possess both a vagina and a penis. so it's possible to make a few guesses about their appearance.

The Daemons just live their life without any ambition. but after careful consideration they decided going against their Goddess would be more work than guarding the crystal-shard. They spend most of their time eating. Daemons like to wear black accessories to accomodate their horns and wings. The fact that the Daemons of several generations ago were a lot smarter is always left out in these tales. Most of them view work as an unnecessary distraction from the joys of life.000 Overview: The Daemons are a very laid-back race. either. From the verbally passed down tales there are only a few pieces of information noteworthy: the Daemons started out as a pretty small race with limited numbers. the Daemons experienced a great growth in population over the past few generations. Nowadays there isn't much being taught or passed on. There are only a few tales which are passed on from generation to generation. They don't like to meddle in the affairs of other races and keep their lifestyle simple. Even as the world began anew after the Cleansing and everything was turned upside-down. a lot of unnecessary traits are passed on. They grow to a height of around 1. There is no social structure or government to speak of. but nevertheless an observation made by the other races. wings and a tail. so they reluctantly accepted. driven by short-sighted goals.90m and have three distinct traits not found in any other of the major races: horns. Like the Grieka they can grow a penis for reproduction. Appearance: Despite their lazy lifestyles Daemons are slender and look fit. . Special traits and cultural values: Because of their laid-back lifestyle the cultural and historical values of the race suffered as well. but those aren't able to draw an actual picture of their history. playing or having sex. their will to live free of worry was unbroken and their motto of life. Because of this they don't have any kind of written heritage.The Daemons futanari. herbivore Population: ~20. They obviously didn't like the task of guarding the crystalshard either. They like to have sex with just about everyone in all kinds of combinations without any restraint. Method of reproduction: Having sex and reproducing is a one of the most enjoyed free-time activities of the Daemons. Because of this. but many also believe this is the cause for the dwindling average level of intelligence of the race. Since there is no cultural value attached to sex or some kind of regulation placed upon the choice of partner.70m to 1. It doesn't help that the majority of Daemons is very simple-minded and has an intelligence inferior to most of the other races.

60m to 1. Special traits and cultural values: If the shapeless body enters the physical plain. One body – which is the one people usually see – looks very much like a normal female. furniture or even imitating other liveforms. the shapeless body has a different surface-color. the female body often wears accessories. this can be as various tools. getting assaulted by tentacles is often enough to break their will to fight. The other body – usually not visible – is a shapeless mass of cells. while Parasites of different families have different colors. While the Parasites appear very similar to other tribespeople like Amazons or Grieka. As most other races despise the appearance of the parasites and their shapeless body. it can use the female body or surfaces near her to temporaly enter the physical plain. but rather in another dimension. Depending on the genetic information of the corresponding female body. accessories. the most common form is that of tentacles. jewelry and ribbons in the same color her shapeless body has. it was broken very abruptly when the big explosion happened and killed all Elfs and most of the Parasites. for the female body there is nothing more beautiful. Strictly speaking. who were responsible for their great loss. The Parasites naturally began living a secluded life. it usually does so in a form which mostly benefits the current situation. the Elfs. Nobody really understood how they worked and so most of the other races avoided contact with the Parasites or were very hostile. The only race which was very open to the idea of mutual contact and benefits were their neighbours. every Parasite consists of two bodies. sharing a conscience and mind. responsible for taking care of the metabolism of both bodies. carnivore Population: a few hundred Overview: The Parasites are a perfect example of the very fine-tuned symbioses created by Mirandala.70m. Without any contact to the other races. It gives the shapeless body ideal means of attacking as well as humiliating her opponent. Parasites closely related to one another have similar colors. The Parasites never really recovered from this loss and instead continued their isolated life. This body doesn't exist on the physical plain of existence. The shapeless body isn't bound by most physical laws and can vary greatly in size and form. Appearance: The female body of Parasites usually grows to a height of 1.The Parasites female. They always have blond hair. Because of this very unique physique the Parasites were considered an odd case by other races. Unfortunately. . especially against the now non-existent Elfs. While most other races see the shapeless body as something ugly. the family-ties within in the race gained importance. this relationship didn't last very long. their body functions very differently. as did the hostility against the other races. To emphasize their love and connection. For sexual combat.

The small council decides who may bear a child and who may not. consisting of the 5 oldest parasites. Shaping their tentacle into the form of a penis and attaching it to their body. But instead of extracting fluids. friendly contact or exchange with other races is impossible. their appearances. if they happen to find a lost girl of another race or maybe a small group. As they have decided to live a secluded life. but something they take urine and saliva as well. Most of the wildlife is still undiscovered and from what is known today. the parasites will settle for vaginal fluids and sperm. making it a worthwhile activity for all involved. there may only be one birth every month. For those who are playing victim it's a good chance to strengthen their resistance to sexual assaults. Method of reproduction: As parasites are carnivore and their food-supply limited. carnivore/herbivore Population: unknown Overview: It is impossible to account for all life on Dalame. While parasites are female. Most of the time. lifestyles. they know how to use their body and tentacles to extract fluids effectively. method of reproduction and cultural values are as different as can be. Until further investigations have taken place. the tentacles may change form to milk the penis as well. The process of reproduction may occur in several different ways . This is usually done with the help of their tentacles – it can go deep into the orifices of their victims and make sure no drop is wasted. a party of parasites will therefore set out and scout the surrounding area. The Wildlife female/futanari. If their victims happens to be a futanari. the fluids are shared with the other parasites. it secretes them. in order to survive they regularly need to ingest body fluids of other organisms into their own.Parasites are carnivores. an assessment is impossible. they will assault them and extract as much fluid as possible before leaving them again. it serves a lot of purposes. For those parasites who stayed home it is a good training. it was decided some time ago by the council that reproduction should be limited. others like to make the feeding a special event. Either as tentacles or in the form of a penis – if so desired – the shapeless body functions as a sexual organ. they engage in a roleplay. to ensure all parasites alive may have enough to eat and not overpopulate. The extracted fluids are then stored inside the tentacles and transported back to their hide-out. As such. Once back home. All decisions regarding the hunt and the life of the parasites are made by a small council. meaning a forceful extraction of these fluids is necessary. While some simply secrete the fluids out of their tentacles again. the shapeless body allows them to produce sperm-like fluids to impregnate others. if they go hunting themselves one day. Every so often. where the task is to „extract“ the fluids out of them again. While this may seem just like an amusement to pass time. carrying the genetic information of the parasite. .