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DPWH Standard Specification
Item 1042 - Stainless Steel Door
and Frames


Series of 201S

In line with the mandate of the Department in providing effective standard specifications in
the implementation of various infrastructure projects and in view of the need of setting a
standard specification for steel doors and frames, the attached DPWH Standard
Specification for Item 1042 - Stainless Steel Ooor and Frames is hereby prescribed,
for the guidance and compliance of all concemed.
This specification shall form part of the on-going revision of the DPWH Standard
Specifications for Public Works Structures - Buildings, Ports and Harbors, Flood Control and
Drainage Structure and Water Supply Systems, Volume III, 1995 Edition.
This Order shall take effect immediately.

Department of Publk: Works <Ind Highway<;
Office of the Secle~ary

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signal.ji Series of 2015 DPWH Standard Specification for Item 1042 . Commercial Steel (CS). fireresistance rating. shall be according to ASTM E 84.Steel Doors and Frames. Details of conduit and preparations for power. Details of each different wall opening condition. and glazing.1 Description This Item shall consist of furnishing and installing all fabricated stainless steel doors and frames equipped with construction details. field splices. Type B. not less than 44 mm thick. 3. 9.STAINLESS STEEL DOOR AND FRAMES Page 1 of 8 DPWH Standard Specification for Item 1042 . removable stops. Type 304 or 316 as indicated. Details of doors. the Manufacturer's standard polystyrene board insulation with maximum flame-spread and smoke-develOpedindexes of 75 and 450. it shall conform to ASTM A 1008 or ASTM A 1011. For foam plastic insulation. of seamless. Commercial Steel (CS). austenitic stainless steel. and control systems. Construct doors with smooth. Frame details for each frame type. core descriptions. Mineral fiber insulation shall be composed of rock-wool fibers. 7.Department Order No. 5. fixing accessoriesand locking devices in accordance with the Plans and/or shop drawings and as herein specified. Type B. Details of accessories.2. Details of moldings. fabricated with smooth surfaces. and connections. Details of anchorages. 1042. without visible joints or seams on exposed faces unless otherwise indicated. hollow-metal construction. Locations of reinforcement and preparations for hardware. . Insulation shall be enclosed completely within door. 2. including vertical and horizontal edge details and metal thicknesses. The metallic coated steel sheet shall conform to ASTMA 653. and shall comply with Item 1006 . including dimensioned profiles and metal thicknesses. finishes.1 Stainless Steel Doors The contractor shall provide stainless steel doors. material descriptions. 8. 4. with minimum Z180 or ZF180 metallic coating. flush surfaces without visible joints or seams on faces. For steel sheet. Elevations of each door design. 6.2 Material Requirements The stainless steel sheet to be used shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A 240.STAINLESS STEEL DOOR AND FRAMES 1042. temperature-rise ratings. or glass fibers 1042.joints. slag-wool fibers. respectively. Shop Drawings shall include the following: 1.

2. and shall comply with Item 1006 . or vertical steelstiffener core. polystyrene.i Series of 2015 DPWH Standard Spedfication fa< Item 1042 • STAINLESSSTEEl. Fabricate frames with "closed and tight" mitered. Fire Door Core: As required to temperature-rise ratings indicated. Beveled Edge shall be 3 mm in every 50 mm. full depth continuously welded seams. Top and bottom shall be finished to provide a smooth flush condition. Model 2 (Fully welded.Steel Doors and Frames. finished smooth with no visible seam unless otherwise indicated. not less than the thickness indicated.3 mm thick steel.1. Standard Vertical Steel-Stiffener Core: Minimum 22 gage steelstiffeners at 150 mm on-center construction attached by either spot welds spaced not more than 130 mm on centers or stiffeners permanently bonded to both faces. . 1042. Level 3 and Physical Performance Level A (Extra Heavy Duty). 3. minimum of 1. The minimum thickness of steel sheet shall be 1. Surface applied hardware reinforcements shall be fabricated according to ANSI/SOl A250.3 mm. 4. a. 6.2 Stainless Steel Frames The Contractor shall provide frames of the type and profile indicated. 5.30 mm. polyurethane. DOORAND FRAMES Page 2 of 8 1.6 with reinforcing plates from same material as door face sheets. provide fire-protection and 3. The design shall be flush panel. The core construction shall be the Manufacturer's standard kraft-paper honeycomb. mineral core. Welds shall be ground. 2. filled and dressed smooth. Vertical edges shall have the face sheets joined by a continuous weld extending the full height of the door. Tops and bottoms of doors shall be reinforced with a continuous steel channel not less than 1. b. extending the full width of the door and welded to the face sheet. The surface applied hardware reinforcements shall be fabricated according to American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ Steel Door Institute (SOl) A250. 1. Polystyrene and Polyurethane Doors: Manufacturer's standard polystyrene or polyurethane core shall be permanently bonded to both faces. Knock down type frames shall not be permitted.6 Table 4 with reinforcement plates from same material as frames. Fabricate frames with mitered corners. seamlessface and edges).Department Order No. c. 2.

125 6 0.0890 41 0.3320 W 0.2570 F 0.0595 28 53 0.1960 7 0.0700 19 47 22 45 0.1360 14 29 0.0820 14' 44 .6) Oearance Hole Drills Size of Screw No. ~ Series of 2015 DPWH Standard Specification for Item 1042 • STAINLESS SlEEL DOOR AND FRAMES P"ge 3 of8 Table 4 of American National Standards Institute/ Steel Door Institute A250.500 Tap Drills No.164 10 0.Department Order No.1360 27 0.0760 46 0.060 1 0.5312 Drill Size Decimal Equivalent Drill Size 31 3/64 0.0700 48 0.0469 52 25 53 0.112 4 5 0.3680 8 25/64 0.2010 11 3 0.1130 12 29 0.1820 8' 10 0.1590 9 16 0.2570 H 0.375 7/16 0.4531 15/32 0.2010 2 0.0890 19 42 0.138 8 0.1015 17 37 0.099 .0700 25 50 0.1360 9 25 0.0810 43 0.1770 11 14 0. of Threads per em Free Fit Oose Fit Drill Size Decimal Equivalent 0.3320 5 U 0.086 3 0.1695 16 0.2010 8 7 0.5156 17/32 0.250 5/16 0.2660 P 0.1040 35 0.1935 9' 7 0.1495 12 21 0.4687 33/64 0.1285 29 0.2130 7 F 0.242 1/4 0.2460 Free Fit 0.0860 15 43 0.3230 Q 0.4531 Decimal Equivalent • Screwsmar1<edwith asterisk (*) are not in the American Standard but are from the former American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME)Standard.1495 18 0. .1770 9 0.3970 29/64 0.4375 1/2 0.6 (ANSI/SOl A250.3125 9 Q 0.190 12 0.216 14 0.4219 8 29/64 0.2720 6 5/16 0.3860 X 0.1065 15 33 0.1100 32 0.3906 5 27/64 0.1440 25 0. Decimal Equivalent 0 0.1040 12 36 0.0595 22 50 0.0635 50 0.0935 15 38 0. or Dia.2570 9 I 0.0960 37 0.2210 1 0.0785 0.3125 3/8 0.1160 30 0.2280 D 0.073 2 0.1285 30 0.

3 Department Order No.8 mm) thickness.2. Continuous Hinge Reinforcement: Welded continuous 12 gage strap shall be provided for continuous hinges specified in hardware sets in Item 1004.3.2 Floor Anchors: Floor anchors shall be provided at each jamb. with minimum radius for thickness of metal. Stainless Steel Doors: 1.1 Jamb Anchors: a. 1042. warp. shall be fabricated from same material as door face sheet in which they are installed. Construction Requirements 1042.STAINLESS STEEL DOOR AND FRAMES Page 4 of 8 Frame Anchors 1042. b.5 mm thick. It shall be formed from same material as frames. optional sanitary design shall be provided to completely seal door against water penetration. shall not be less than 0.7 mm thick. wire anchors not less than 4. Stud Wall Type: Designed to engage stud and shall not be less than 16 gage (0.3 Mortar Guards: The Contractor shall proVide minimum 26 gage mortar guards welded to the back of each hardware cut-out. .4 Stops And Glazed Lites Moldings for glazed lites in doors and loose stops for glazed lites in frames shall have a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm gage thickness. Sanitary Water Tight Design Doors: Where indicated. frames for large openings shall be fabricated in sections for splicing or splining in the field by others. Stainless Steel Frames: It shall be fabricated in sections due to shipping or handling limitations. or buckle.80 mm. Masonry Type: Adjustable strap-and-stirrup anchors shall suit frame size.2.2.DlWH Standard Specification 1042. Where practical.3 1042.3. 1042. fit and assemble units in manufacturer's plant. fabricated of same thickness metal as frames. or.2.n Series of 2015 for Item 1042 . 1042. Accurately form metal to required sizes and profiles. provide alignment plates or angles at each joint.3.2. When shipping limitations so dictate.1 Fabrication The fabricated stainless steel work shall be rigid and free of defects. "Hardware". and not less than 1.3. 2. with corrugated or perforated straps not less than 50 mm wide by 250 mm long.

Locate hardware as indicated. High Frequency Hinge Reinforcement shall be provided with 12 gage angle reinforcements for butt type hinges on every door and frame assembly. Sidelight and Transom Bar Frames shall be provided with closed tubular members with no visible face seamsor joints.Department Order No. 6. 4. Masonry and Stud Wall Types: Locate anchors not more than 450 mm from the top and bottom of the frame. dress. 1. and jamb mounted card readers as noted in Item 1004. Conduit shall be coordinated and installed in the field from middle hinge box and strike box to door position box. include cut-outs. drilling. Surface Hardware Preparation: It shall be factory prepared stainless steel work to receive template mortised hardware. c. fabricated from same material as door frame. Jamb Anchors: Number and spadng of anchors shall be provided as follows: a. Welded Frames shall be in full depth continuously weld frame seams. fill. door position switches. 3.~ Series 01 2015 DPWH Standard Specification for Item 1042 . grind. Spreader bars shall be for bracing only and shall not be used to size the frame opening. Space anchors shall not be more than 800 mm on the center. reinforcement. Floor Anchors: Anchors shall be welded to the bottom of the jambs and mullions with at least four spot welds per anchor. 2. mortising. and four anchors per jamb plus 1 additional anchor per jamb for each 610 mm or fraction thereof above 2100 mm high. 7. Electrical knock out boxes for continuous hinges shall be located in the center of the vertical dimension on the hinge jamb. 5. and make smooth and flush. this include but not limited to electric through wire transfer hardware. a. Electrical knock out boxes shall be welded 18 gage electrical knock out boxes to frame for electrical hardware preps. Welded frames shall be provided with two steel spreaders temporarily attached to the bottom of both jambs to serve as a brace during shipping and handling. electrical raceways and wiring harnesses. or if not indicated. magnetic locks. "Hardware". electric strikes. "Hardware". .STAINlESS S1EEl DOOR AND FRAMES Page 5 018 1. Fasten members at crossingsand to jambs by butt welding. Continuous Hinge Reinforcement shall be provided with continuous weld 12 gage straps for continuous hinges specified in hardware sets in Item 1004. and tapping. b. according to Item 1006 Steel Doors and Frames. Provide electrical knock out boxes as required in the Project.

83 Series of 20 IS DPWH Standard Specification for Item 1042 . aligned. 3. comply with Drawings and manufacturer's written instructions. DOOR AND FRAMES Page 6 of 8 2. and invisible on exposed faces. Reinforce doors and frames shall receive non-template. 3.2 Preparation Welded-in shipping spreaders installed at factory shall be removed. Installation shall comply with ANSI/SDI A250. Where frames are fabricated in sections because of shipping or handling limitations. 1. field splice at approved locations by welding face . Shim as necessaryto comply with installation tolerances.STAINlESS STEE.Department Order No. 2. 1042. 1042. twist. Stainless Steel Frames: Install stainless steel frames of size and profile indicated. Tolerances shall comply with 501-117 "Manufacturing Tolerances Standard Steel Doors and Frames. remove temporary braces.3. welded stainless steel frames for squareness. Stops and Moldings: It shall be provided with stops and moldings around glazed lites where indicated. Provide fixed frame moldings on outside of exterior and on secure side of interior doors and frames. Single Glazedutes: Providefixed stops and moldings welded on secure side of stainless steel work. and surfacemounted door hardware.6 for preparation of stainless steel work for hardware. plumbed. properly aligned.11. Multiple Glazed utes: Provide fixed and removable stops and moldings so glazed lites are capable of being removed independently. leaving surfaces smooth and undamaged. After wall construction is complete. and securely fastened in place. Prior to installation. flush." Drill and tap doors and frames to receive non-template. Comply with applicable requirements in ANSI/SOl A250. 1. and plumbness shall be adjusted and securely brace. alignment. mortised.3 Installation General: Install stainless steel work plumb. mortised and surfacemounted door hardware. rigid. Form comers of stops and moldings with butted or mitered hairline jOints at fabricators shop. and braced securely until permanent anchors are set. Set frames accurately in position. a.3. Restore exposed finish as required to make repaired area smooth.

c. Remove stains and materials that will have an adverse effect on the doors and frames and restore slight blemishes in accordance with manufacturer's instructions to match original finish. .6 mm.. 2. Jambs and Head: 3 mm plus or minus 1.5 Stainless Steel Finishes Finish shall be either mill-finish.4 Adjusting And Cleaning Operating hardware items shall be checked and readjusted immediately before final inspection. Defective work. within clearances specified below. Series of 2015 Specification for Item 1042 . Grout Requirements: Do not grout head of frames unless reinforcing steel bars has been installed in head of frame. b. a. Install door silencers in frames before grouting. and secure with post-installed expansion anchors. Leave work in complete and proper operating condition. grind. 1042. Floor Anchors: Provide floor anchors for each jamb and mullion that extends to floor. fill. Stainless steel doors: Fit the Non-Fire-Rated standard steel doors accurately in frames. Masonry Walls: Coordinate installation of frames to allow for solidly filling space between frames and masonry with appropriate mortar. Grout and other bonding material shall be removed from stainless steel work immediately after installation. c. If graining is required. it shall run in the vertical direction. Do not grout vertical or horizontal closed mullion members. or otherwise unacceptable shall be removed and replace afterwards. Between Bottom of Door and Top of Finish Floor (No Threshold): Maximum 19mm. or high luster mirror-finish. 1042. Install frames with removable glazing stops located on the secure Side of opening.6 mm. 3.3.i DPWH 5tlndard Department Order No . and make splice smooth. including stainless steel work that is warped. flush. Between Edgesof Pairs of Doors: 3 mm plus or minus 1. 4.3. dress. bowed. Shim as necessary.8. and invisible on exposed faces. brushed satin-finish (general purpose with visible grain). b.STAINLESS STffL DOOR AND FRAMES Page 7 of8 joint continuously.

which price and payment shall be full compensation for furnishing and installing all materials including all (March 10. The width and height will be measured on the outer edges of the installed stainless steel door.6 STEELDOORINSTITUTE(SDI) SDI 117 Internet www.4 Method of Measurement The area to be paid for under this Item shall be the number of square meters (m2) of specified stainless steel door completed.8 A 250. 2015) .Department Order No. 4. 1042. 5. 3. equipment.STAINlESS mEt DOOR AND FRAMES Page 8 of 8 1042. 2.~ Series of 2015 DPWH Standarel Specification for Item 1042 . Payment will be made under: References 1. tools and incidentals necessaryto complete this Item.5 Basis of Payment The accepted quantity measured as prescribed in Section 1042. installed and accepted. Pay Item Number Description Unit of Measurement 1042 Stainless Steel Door (together with frame) Square Meter I Set : DPWH Standard Specifications on Buildings. Ports and Harbors.lawa. Flood Control and Drainage Structures and Water Supply Systems(Volume ITI) AMERICANSOCIETYFORTESTINGAND MATERIALS(ASTM) A 167 A 653 AMERICANNATIONAl STANDARDSINSTITUTE(ANSI) A 250.4 shall be paid for at the contract unit price for stainless steel door.