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SCHOOL: Păstrăveni
DATE: 02.05.2006
CLASS: 3rd
LEVEL: primary – beginners
COURSE: Way ahead
TIME OF LESSON: 50 minutes
TYPE OF LESSON: teaching- learning
UNIT OF LEARNING: „Guess where?”
TOPIC: This is our school
FOCUS: integrated skills
METHODS: conversation, game, reading approach, explanation
MATERIALS: pupils’ books, CD, cassette recorder, teacher’s book,
maps, speech bubbles, a box with: pupils’ pictures, a letter, a bag of sweets,
AIMS: - to describe a town/school/class
- to read corectly a text after model
- to make suggestions (let’s)
- to recycle vocabulary related to numbers, colours, parts of the
body, school objects, animals
- to write a letter after the given model
- to participate with pleasure at the lesson

- describing things
- making suggestions
- answering questions

Ss have already learnt simple grammatical structures (to be, to have,
noun, article, prepositions of place, adjective, pronoun) and lexical structures
( school objects, family members, parts of the body, numbers 1-20, toys, rooms
and furniture, colours,)
Ss are familiar with oral commands, and classroom language


Interaction: T-Ss. Interaction: recycle vocabulary Timing: 5 min.IN Aims: . S-Ss Procedure: T asks Ss to guess the meaning of some new words showing that things that those words refer to. The first team to reach 5 points is the encourage Ss to read in English Timing: 15 min. Each correct word receives a warm Ss up .to recognise and use new words . S-T. S-T Procedure: T divides the class into two teams and propose them an alphabet game. they will be translated into Romanian STAGES: ACTIVITY 1: WARM-UP Aims: . T asks Ss to sing an alphabet song „I have a dog” Ss sing the song ACTIVITY 2: LEAD. T say a letter name of the alphabet and write it on the get Ss into the new topic Timing: 5 min. Ss write the new words in their copy-books T reads the letter to the class Ss listen their teacher and then listen the tape . T congratulates the winner team. takes items out of the box and names them T asks Ss to look in their books and to listen the tape Ss listen the tape T asks for one or two volunteers to act out the scene again and encourages the children to join with „We do!” ACTIVITY 3: PRESENTATION OF THE NEW KNOWLEDGE Aims: .to give Ss practice in listening/comprehension . Ss have to give words with that letter.If Ss do not understand the oral commands or the tasks. S-Ss Procedure: T writes the title of the lesson on the board and Ss write it in their copybooks T shows the class a box . Interaction: T-Ss.

ACTIVITY 5: EVALUATION Aims: . T shows Ss a map an asks them to choose an adjective on that map which can describe the lesson. for example: .BACK Aims: . gives them a name („stars” and „butterflies”).T asks Ss to sing „You put your left hand in” -„Let’s write”.„Let’s count”.to write a letter Timing: 20 min.T gives Ss some worksheets and they have to tick the correct answer T explains to Ss the meaning of „Let’s” = Let us. . Ss. T encourages all the students and notes a point for each correct answer T congratulates the winner team and gives a „certificate” to each member and each member of the other team gets a „funny bunny” assign Ss homework Timing: 5 min. class and teacher as homework.T. Interaction: T. write it on the board and shows a speech bubble with „Let’s read” Ss read the letter aloud.T Procedure: T grades some Ss and accounts for them. and then Ss will read by roles.T shows a map and asks Ss to count the things on the map -„Let’s sing” . T invites a child in front of the class to take a bubble and read it to the class Ss do what the bubble says. Interaction: T-Ss. a different child reading each paragraph (almost all the students will read) ACTIVITY 4: FEED. class and teacher. S-T Procedure:T shows Ss speech bubbles. Ss complete their worksheets -„Let’s play” – T divides Ss into two teams. Ss have to come to a map and to do what is written evaluate Ss’ work .T gives Ss a worksheet and they have to write a simple letter about their practice in speaking English .to make suggestion . Ss are assigned to make a miniproject by sticking small photographs of their school. Ss.

This is a picture of our class. Her name is Miss Bun. Our school is small. This is our teacher. too: six girls and seven boys. It is a small town. Our class is small. Please write a letter! Paul Ann Rose Nick Ella Billy John Fay Jack Mary Dave Jim Jill .Hello! We are children at Sun Street School of Norton. She is nice.