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Vocational Training Report




SESSION – 2014-15
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(M.E. Department)


In the present competitive world market when customer
satisfaction is the prime objective. Quality, price and services are
the major areas to conquer. Initiative, foresight, talent and
competency are imperative to manage the business.
The B.Tech. course imparts the students the tinge of such
virtues and prepares to take the technical world in their stride. In
the midst of the course. Summer training in some technical
organization is arranged for the students: that is vitally essential.
Such training gives practical experience and helps the students to
view the real technology closely, which in turn widely influences
their conceptions and perceptions.
The summer training assumed all the more significance
when it is done in a reputed, last growing and professionally
managed world level organization like BHARAT HAVEY
ELECTRICALS LIMITED. I was really fortunate in getting an
opportunity to work with them The project taken up was to study
the Central foundry forge plant.
I feel proud of getting a chance to study the technical system
of a world level company and have learnt a lot about the
complicity and legal aspects of the system.


The preparation of this project would not have been possible
without the guidance and blessings of several people.
I owe my thanks to Mr. B.K BASU for this encouragement,
expert guidance in bringing out this project.
I would also like to thank Mr. B.C. Sharma co-coordinator
(V.T) BHEL for his kind support and help.
I thank SH.SUSHIL KUMAR RAWAT also for his guidance
and help that he provided me in completing this project report.
My thanks are for all the BHEL staff also who so ever helped
me in taking the overview of BHEL and particularly the
fabrication block. I thank you all for your every bit of help.
In the end I would like to thank the whole BHEL family for
providing me with an opportunity to add a new dimension in my
knowledge by getting trained in their esteemed organization.





BHEL caters to core sectors of the Indian Economy viz.BHEL – AN OVERVIEW BHEL is the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in the energy related infrastructure sector today. BHEL has already attained ISO 9000 certification for quality management. Telecommunication. four power Sector regional centres. 6 .. eight service centres and 18 regional offices. Defense. systems and services – efficiently and at competitive prices. enables the Company to promptly serve its customers and provide them with suitable products. and ISO 14001 certification for environment management. Transportation. Power Generation's & Transmission. over 150 project sites. Industry. BHEL was established more than 40 years ago when its first plant was setup in Bhopal ushering in the indigenous Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry in India a dream which has been more than realized with a well recognized track record of performance it has been earning profits continuously since 1971-72. Renewable Energy. The wide network of BHEL's 14 manufacturing division. etc.

Co-generation and combined-cycle plants have been introduced to achieve higher plant efficiencies. The power plant equipment manufactured by BHEL is based on contemporary technology comparable to the best in the world and is also internationally competitive. BHEL has proven turnkey capabilities for executing power projects from concept to commissioning.146 MW in the country. hydro. Pelton and Kapian types for different head discharge combination are also engineering and manufactured by BHEL. 7 . Custom made hydro sets of Francis. BHEL supplies circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers to both thermal and combined cycle power plants. BHEL supplied sets account for nearly 64737 MW or 65% of the total installed capacity of 99. gas. orders for more than 700 utility sets of thermal.POWER GENERATION Power generation sector comprises thermal. In all. gas and nuclear have been placed on the Company as on date. to make efficient use of the high-ash-content coal available in India. it possesses the technology and capability to produce thermal sets with super critical parameters up to 1000 MW unit rating and gas turbine generator sets of up to 240 MW unit rating.03. hydro and nuclear power plant business as of 31. as against nil till 1969-70. The company manufactures 235 MW nuclear turbine generator sets and has commenced production of 500 MW nuclear turbine generator sets.2001.

dry type transformers. POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION (T&D) BHEL offer wide ranging products and systems for T & D applications. Products manufactured include power transformers. vacuum – and SF circuit breakers gas insulated switch gears and insulators.The Company has proven expertise in Plant Performance Improvement through renovation modernisation and uprating of a variety of power plant equipment besides specialised know how of residual life assessment. series – and stunt reactor. capacitor tanks. BHEL has indigenously developed the state-of-theart controlled shunt reactor (for reactive power management on long transmission lines). instrument transformers. Presently a 400 kV Facts (Flexible AC Transmission System) project under execution. health diagnostics and life extension of plants. shunt compensation systems (for power factor and voltage improvement) and HVDC systems (for economic transfer of bulk power). A strong engineering base enables the Company to undertake turnkey delivery of electric substances up to 400 kV level series compensation systems (for increasing power transfer capacity of transmission lines and improving system stability and voltage regulation). INDUSTRIES 8 .

sugar. The range of system & equipment supplied includes: captive power plants. industrial steam turbines. heat exchangers and pressure vessels. The Company is a major producer of large-size thruster devices. fluidized bed combustion boilers. oil and gas. fabric filters. and control & instrumentation systems for power plant and industrial applications. paper. gas turbines. electrical machines. co-generation plants DG power plants. TRANSPORTATION 9 . metallurgical and other process industries. chemical recovery boilers and process controls. reactors. seamless steel tubes. It also supplies digital distributed control systems for process industries. BHEL is the only company in India with the capability to make simulators for power plants. refinances. petrochemicals. cement. The Company has commenced manufacture of large desalination plants to help augment the supply of drinking water to people. Wate heat recovery boilers. defense and other applications. industrial boilers and auxiliaries. pumps. valves. fertilizer. electrostatic precipitators.BHEL is a major contributor of equipment and systems to industries. centrifugal compressors.

engineering. both for mainline and shunting duly applications. diesel-electric locomotives from 350 HP to 3100 HP.. BHEL is also producing rolling stock for special applications viz. maintenance and after-sales service of Rolling Stock and traction propulsion systems. light rail systems etc. BHEL is also diversifying in the area of port handing equipment and pipelines transportation system. BHEL is geared up to turnkey execution of electric trolley bus systems.. Special well wagons. The electric and diesel traction equipment on India Railways are largely powered by electrical propulsion systems produced by BHEL. diesel-electric locomotives. In the area of rolling stock. electrical multiple units and metro cars. The company also undertakes retooling and overhauling of rolling stock in the area of urban transportation systems. Besides traction propulsion systems for in-house use. production. BHEL manufactures traction propulsion systems for other rolling stock producers of electric locomotives. overhead equipment cars. installation. BHEL manufactures electric locomotives up to 5000 HP.BHEL is involved in the development design. Rail-cum-road vehicle etc. 10 . marketing.

heat exchangers. Libya. rehabilitation projects. solar lanterns and battery-powered road vehicles. 11 . hydro and gas-based types. over the years. established its references in around 60 countries of the world. like transformers. Bangladesh. Egypt. Sri Lanka. substation projects. Greece. castings and forgings. insulators. The Company has taken up R&D efforts for development of multi-junction amorphous silicon solar cells and fuel based systems. besides a wide variety of products. Azerbaijan. valves. solar photovoltaic systems. ranging for the United States in the West to New Zealand in the Far East. RENEWABLE ENERGY Technologies that can be offered by BHEL for exploiting nonconventional and renewable sources of energy include: wind electric generators. well-head equipment. These references encompass almost the entire product range of BHEL. INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS BHEL has. medium and large switching systems. Cyprus. covering turnkey power projects of thermal. switchgears. Some of the other major successes achieved by the Company have been in Australia. Apart from over 1110MW of boiler capacity contributed in Malaysia.TELECOMMUNICATION BHEL also caters to Telecommunication sector by way of small. centrifugal compressors. and execution of four prestigious power projects in Oman. Malta. photo-voltaic equipment etc. Iraq etc. Saudi Arabia.

utility power generation or for the oil sector requirements. BHEL has proved its capability to undertake projects on fast-track basis.The Company has been successful in meeting demanding customer's requirements in terms of complexity of the works as well as technological. In addition to demonstrated capability to undertake turnkey projects on its own. Executing of Overseas projects has also provided BHEL the experience of working with world renowned Consulting Organisations and inspection Agencies. be it captive power plants. BHEL possesses the requisite flexibility to interface and complement with International companies for large projects by supplying complementary equipment and meeting their production needs for intermediate as well as finished products. quality and other requirements viz extended warrantees. TECHNOLOGY UPGRADATION AND 12 . financing packages etc. The success in the area of rehabilitation and life extension of power projects has established BHEL as a comparable alternative to the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) for such plants. associated O&M. The company has been successful in meeting varying needs of the industry.

leads BHEL's research efforts in a number of areas of importance to BHEL's product range. and micro-controller based governor for diesel-electric locomotives. Research and product development centers at each of the manufacturing divisions play a complementary role. etc. high-efficiency Pelton hydro turbines. Products developed in-house during the last five years contributed about 8. The Company has also transferred a few technologies developed in-house to other Indian companies for commercialisation. petroleum depot automation systems. such as application of super conducting materials in power 13 . The Company has upgraded its products to contemporary levels through continuous in house efforts as well as through acquisition of new technologies from leading engineering organizations of the world. and development of new products. several state-of-the-art products developed in-house: low-NQx oil / gas burners. BHEL's Investment in R&D is amongst the largest in the corporate sector in India.RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT To remain competitive and meet customers' expectations. spread over a 140 acre complex. The company is also engaged in research in futuristic areas. BHEL has introduced. The Corporate R&D Division at Hyderabad.6% to the revenues in 2000-2001. Some of the on-going development & demonstration projects include: Smant wall blowing system for cleaning boiler soot deposits. 36 kV gas-insulated sub-stations. BHEL lays great emphasis on the continuous upgradation of products and related technologies. circulating fluidized bed combustion boilers. in the recent past.

HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE The most prized asset of BHEL is its employees.  Continual Improvement applicable in 14 Environment Environmental Management . Occupational Health and Safety. positive.generations and industry. environment-friendly power generation. and to providing safe and healthy working environment to all its employees. The Human Resource Development Institute and other HRD centers of the Company help in not only keeping their skills updated and finely honed but also in adding new skills. is committed to protecting Environment in and around its own establishment. Continuous training and retraining. For fulfilling these obligations. and fuel cells for distributed. as an integral part of business performance and in its endeavour of becoming a world-class organization and sharing the growing global concern on issues related to Environment. Corporate Policies have been formulated as: ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY  Compliance with Legislation/Regulation. whenever required. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT BHEL. a positive work culture and participative style of management have engendered development of a committed and motivated work force leading to enhanced productivity and higher levels of quality HEALTH.

 Periodic review of OH&S Management System to ensure its continuing suitability. on  Formulation and maintenance of OH&S Management programmes for continual improvement. adequacy and effectiveness. offering the Company's capabilities is this field.  Enhancement of Environmental awareness amongst employees.  Setting objectives and targets to eliminate/control/minimize risks due to Occupational and Safety Hazards. and other units are in advanced stages of acquiring the same. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY POLICY  Compliance with applicable Legislation and Regulations.Systems to protect our natural environment and Control Pollution. Action plan has been prepared to acquire OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification for all BHEL units. BHEL will also assist and co-operate with the concerned Government Agencies and Regulatory Bodies engaged in environmental activities.  Communication of OH&S Policy to all employees and interested parties. The major units of BHEL have already acquired ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification. customers and suppliers.  Promotion of activities for conservation of resources by Environmental Management. 15 .  Appropriate structured training of employees Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) aspects.

BHEL will continuously strive to improve work particles in the light of advances made in technology and new understandings in Occupational Health. Safety and Environmental Science. BHEL has joined the "Global Compact" of United Nations and has committed to support it and the set of core values enshrined in its nine principles: PRINCIPLES OF THE "GLOBAL COMPACT" HUMAN RIGHTS 1. international labour and NGOs. It provides a forum for them to work together and improve corporate practices through co-operation rather than confrontation. PARTICIPATION IN THE "GLOBAL COMPACT" OF THE UNITED NATIONS The "Global Compact" is a partnership between the United Nations.In pursuit of these Policy requirements. and 2. Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights. the business community. Make sure they are not complicit in human rights abuses. Labour Standards 16 .

Eliminate discrimination. 4. and 6. The effective abolition of child labour. 8. 5. Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and 9.3. Environment 7. BHEL would get a unique opportunity of networking with corporate and sharing experience relating to social responsibility on global basis. By joining the "Global Compact". The elimination of all form of forces and compulsory labour. Business should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges. Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. ACTIVITY PROFILE 17 .

Bag Filters .Gas Turbine-Generator Sets - Waste Heat Recovery Boilers Heat Exchangers Condensers Bowi Mills and Tube Mills Gravimetric Feeders Regenerative Air Pre-Heaters Electrostatic Precipitators .Broad Gauge AC.AC Drive .PRODUCTS Power Generation & Transmission .Once-through Boilers . Variable speed .Electric Trolley Buses .Industrial Fans Seamless steel Tubes .AC DC Motors.Mini/Micro Hydro Generator Sets .Equipment .Transformer .Pumps 18 .Insulator .Boiler and Boiler Auxiliaries .Nuclear Power Generation Equipment .Steam Turbine-Generator Sets & Auxiliaries .Valves .Switch gear .Capacitors .DDC for Process Industry Thruster Equipment .Hydro Turbine-Generator Sets & Auxiliaries . AC/DC Loco Motives Diesel-Electric Shunting Locomotives .Power Devices .Traction Motors & Control Equipment .Energy Meters .Electronic Control Gear & Automation .Fabric Filters .

Photo Votaic Systems Defense Equipment INDUSTRIES/TRANSPORTATION/OI Reverse L & GAS/ Osmoses Desalination Plants 19 .Electrical Machines .Wind Electric Generators .Control gear .Rectifiers .Synchronous Condensers .X-Mas Trees and Well Heads .Cathodic Protection Equipment Digital Switching Systems Rural Automatic Exchange .Ceralin .Bus Ducts .Simulators Stations ..Battery-Operated Passengers Vans .Distributed Digital Control for Power .Switchgear .Solar Powered Water Pumps .Reactors .Porcelain Insulators Solar Water Heating Systems .AC/DC Electric Multiple Units Drives and Controls for Metro Systems Instrument .Piping Systems -Power. Distribution Transformers & .

Power system analysis Electron comissionly and Operation Consultancy .Captive Power Plants .Gas Turbine-Generator Sets .Industrial Valves .Turkey Utility Power Stations/ EPC .Modernisation & Renovation of Power Stations and FLA Studies .Industrial Heat Exchangers .Fluidised Bed Combustion Boilers .Steam Turbine-Generator Sets .Diesel Engine-Based Generators .Drive Turbine .Co-generation Systems Combined Cycle Power Plants .Reactors .TELECOMMUNICATION/RENEWAB LE ENERGY .Industrial Steam Generators .Contracts .Manne Turbines .Heat Recovery Steam Generators .Switch yards and Substations HVDC Transmission Systems .Columns 20 SYSTEMS & SERVICES .Centrifugal Compressor .Shorts sines condensation Systems .

 Heavy Power Equipment Plant. Sultanpur. Jhansi. Bhopal  Electricals Machines Repair Plant (EMRP). 21 . Varanasi.O. Tiruchirappalli. Distt.. Goindwal. Hardwar  Heavy Equipment Repair Plant. Ramachandra Puram.  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited : – Heavy Electricals Equipment Plant. Jagdishpur. Consultancy Services .Pumps MANUFACTURING DIVISIONS  Heavy Electrical Plant.  Industrial Valves Plant. BHEL. – Central Foundary Forge Plant. Indira Gandhi Industrial Complex. Ranipur. Hyderabad  High Pressure Boiler Plant & Seamless Steel Tube Plant.Pressure Vessels . Piplani.  Boiler Auxiliaries Plant. Mumbai  Transformer Plant P.  Insulator Plant.

 Electronics Division : – Electronics Systems Division. Rudrapur. – Industrial Systems Group. OF TOTAL SETS CAPACITY (MW) 30 15000 9 2250 138 28570 20 2420 . – Amorphous Silicon Solar Cell Plant (ASSCP). New Delhi SUMMARY OF BHEL'S CONTRIBUTION TO VARIOUS CORE SECTORS Power Generation THERMAL RATING (MW) 500 250 210/200 120/125/130 22 NO.  Piping Centre.  Regional Operations Division. BANGALORE . Chennai.  Component Fabrication Plant. – Electroporcelains Division.

2 6FA STG GEN TOTAL (GAS) 5 17 13 6 2 3 24 4 74 RATING (MW) NO. BHEL is both a leading equipment23 .GAS NUCLEAR 195 110 100 70/67. 9 6 5 3 V 94. 500 220 TOTAL (NUCLEAR) 2 10 12 TOTAL (THERMAL+GAS+NUCLEAR) HYDRO 195 4180 600 410 840 150 54615 OF TOTAL SETS CAPACITY (MW) 730 580 309 48 286 207 1190 87 3437 OF TOTAL SETS CAPACITY (MW) 1000 2200 3200 353 61252 402 GRAND TOTAL 755 18735 79987 POWER TRANSMISSION & DISTRIBUTION In the T&D sector.5 60 30 TOTAL (THERMAL) 1 38 6 6 14 5 267 FRAME SIZE/ SCOPE NO.

steam turbines and turbo-generators. photovoltaic systems. Refinery.manufacturer and a system-integrator. TRANSPORTATION In the transportation filed. Automobiles. pressure vessels. diesel-electric shunting 24 . electrostatic precipitators. DG power plants. fabric filters. The technology for state-of-the-art Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) is being developed. BHEL-manufactured T&D products have a proven track record in India and abroad. solar water heating systems. Petrochemicals. AC/DC dual-voltage locomotives. Complete HVDC systems can be delivered by BHEL. today. EHV level series compensation schemes have been installed in KSEB. the Industry Sector business has grown at an impressive rate and. Fertiliser. Aluminium. SMPSEB and POWERGRID networks. supplies all major equipment for the industries: AC/DC machines. diesel engine-based power plants. BHEL. BHEL provides turnkey solutions to utilities. heat exchangers. complete range of steam generators for process industries. Chemicals. gas turbine based captive co-generation and combined-cycle power plants. MSEB. product range covers: AC locomotives. special reactor column. alternators. today. In the area of T&D systems. centrifugal compressors. The industries which BHEL serves include: Steel. INDUSTRIES Since inception in 1982. Substations and shunt compensation installations set up by BHEL are in operation all over the country. etc. contributes significantly of BHEL's turnover.

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited has emerged as world class Engineering and Industrial giant. 25 . traction motors and transformers.locomotives. diesel power car and diesel –electric locomotives. mission and committed values to sustain and augment its image as a world class enterprise. competitive and profitable engineering enterprise providing total business solutions. A high percentage of the trains operated by Indian Railways are equipped with traction equipment and controls manufactured and supplied by BHEL. VISION World-class. MISSION The leading Indian engineering enterprise providing quality products systems and services in the fields of energy. DC and dual voltage EMUs. battery-powered vehicles. innovative. HEEP : AN OVER VIEW Over the years. The Company is embarking upon an ambitions growth path through clear vision. B. traction elections and controls for AC. The Company today enjoys national and international presence featuring in the "Fortune International-500" and is ranked among the top 12 companies in the world. diesel-electric multiple units. manufacturing power generation equipment. the best of its kind in entire South East Asia. 8 Service Centres and 4 Power Sectors Regional Centres besides a large number of project sites spread over India and abroad. BHEL has now 14 Manufacturing Divisions. Its business profile cuts across various sectors of Engineering/Power utilities and Industry.

* DPR – prepared in 1963-64.  Zeal to excel. The hum of the construction machinery woke up Shivalik Hills during early 60s and sowed the seeds of one of the greatest symbol of Indo Soviet Collaboration – Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant of BHEL.transportation. ESTABLISHMENT AND DEVELOPMENT STAGES: * Established in 1960s under the Indo-Soviet Agreements of 1959 and 1960 in the area of Scientific. VALUES  Meeting commitments made to external and internal customers. Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant (HEEP) & Central Foundry Forge Plant (CFFP).  Integrity and fairness in all matters. infrastructure and other potential areas. Technical and Industrial Cooperation. Following is the brief profile of Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant:- 1. construction started from 26 .  Respect for dignity and potential of individuals.  Team playing.  Loyality and pride in the company. 2 important manufacturing units of BHEL are located viz.  Foster learning creativity and speed of response. against the picturesque background of Shivalik Hills. HEAVY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT PLANT (HEEP) At Hardwar.

* Major construction / erection / commissioning completed by 1971-72 as per original DPR scope. * Annual Manufacturing capacity for Thermal sets was expanded from 1500 MW to 3500 MW under LSTG.3.3.63 Crores (Plant and Machinery – Rs.21 Crores). 3. Germany. 2. 76.81 Crores (Plant & Machinery – Rs. Relative humidity 20% during dry season to 95-96% during rainy season. CLIMATIC AND GEOGRAPHICAL: * Hardwar is in extreme weather zone of the Western Uttar Pradesh of India and temperature varies from 2 oC in Winter (December to January) to 45oC in Summer (April-June).95 is Rs. Project during 1979-85 (Sets upto 500 MW. * Facilities being modernized continually through Replacements / Reconditioning-Retrofitting. extensible to 1000/1300 MW unit sizes with marginal addition in facilities with the collaboration of M/s KWU-Siemens. * Initial production of Electric started from January. INVESTMENTS: * Gross Block as on 31.October '63. 27 . 355.32 Crores). * Net Block as on 31. 113. * Motor manufacturing technology updated with Siemens collaboration during 1984-87. Technological / operational balancing. 1967.95 is Rs. 285. * Stamping Unit added later during 1968 to 1972.

Ganges flows down within 7 KMs from the Factory area. 5. POWER & WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM: . Lucknow. Bombay.26 deep submersible Tube Wells with O.6 KV) (Connected load – around 185 MVA) . Dehradun and other major cities. Latitude 29 o55'5" North.40 MVA sanctioned Electric Power connection from UP Grid (132 KV / 11KV / 6. HARDWAR" * TLX Lines: 05909-206 / 207 * Telephones : P&T / STD – (01334) 427350-59. 4. Tanks for water supply. Delhi. * Height above Mean Sea Level = 275 metres. 28 . * Situated within 60 to 100 KMs of Foot-hills of the Central Himalayan Ranges.* Longitude 78o3' East. COMMUNICATION & TRANSPORTATION: * Telegraphic Code – "BHARAT TELEC. * HEEP is located around 7 KMs on the Western side of Hardwar city. .A 12 MW captive thermal power station is located in the factory premises.H. 423050423954 FAX : (0091) (1334) 426462 / 425069 / 426082 / 426254 * Direct Board gauge train lines to Calcutta (Howrah). Railway Siding for goods traffic connected to Hardwar Railway Station.

29 .3.6.Managed by CISF with around 40 personnel and a host of latest fire fighting equipment and fire tenders. MANPOWER: Total strength is 9904 as on 31. FIRE PROTECTION: . 5200 skilled artisans and the rest in other categories. 7.96 which includes around 3000 qualified Engineers and Technicians (including substantial number of Post graduates).

Police Stations .Shopping Centres .8. * Medical: 1 - Main Hospital (200 beds) - Dispensaries in various - townships sectors Occupational health center 9 1 * Educational: 19 No.Good Road network .A Club . 30 .CISF – Complex for over 500 CISF personnel.Community Centres . TOWNSHIP INFRASTRUCTURES: AND PERIPHERAL * A large modern township for employees and allied personnel with social and welfare amenities.Central Stadium . of Schools (including Intermediate levels) Science Degree College 1 * Residential: Around 6780 quarters. * Other amenities: .

Francis. pump drives & power station auxiliaries.Parks. Unit capacity upto 20000 KW AC / DC) * CONTROL PANELS (For Thermal / Hydro sets and Industrial Drives) * LARGE SIZE GAS TURBINES (Unit Rating : 60-200 MW) HEEP: FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE Regular upgradation / up gradation of facilities and other 31 .Convention Hall (a Most modern Air Conditioned Auditorium with 1500 seating capacity). Condensers and Auxiliaries of unit capacity upto 1000 MW) * HYDRO SETS INCLUDING SPHERICAL AND DISC VALVES (Kaplan. 9. Pelton and reversible Turbines of all sizes and matching generators and auxiliaries maximum runner dia – 6600 mm) * ELECTRICAL MACHINES: (For various industrial applications. . HEEP PRODUCT PROFILE: * THERMAL AND NUCLEAR SETS (Turbines.. Generators.

Facilities have also been added and establishments have been created for new projects in Defense and Aviation Project. unique and other facilities at HEEP. Stamping Unit Project. The Over Speed Vacuum Balancing Tunnel created for rotors upto 1300 MW (32T. TG Facilities Modernisation. 6 rpm upto 4500 rpm) is one of the 8 of its kind in the entire world. After initial setting up of the plant during the year 1964-72. Gas Turbine Project. Additionally. Governing Components Project. the plant facilities and infrastructures have since been continuously upgraded under various investment projects viz. HTL modernization and other such schemes. Blade shop.Today the Plant has unique manufacturing and testing facilities. in collaboration with the Soviet Union. Motor Project. Quality Facilities Augmentation.9 M – dia bladed rotor. computerized numerically controlled machine-tools.infrastructure is a continuous endeavour at HEEP. LSTG Project. EDP projects. Hardwar are the state-of-the-art in manufacturing processes and can be utilized for a variety of products' manufacture 32 . heavy duty lathes. milling machines. BHEL. 6. The total spectrum of sophisticated. machining centers and many more. boring machines. Pollution Control Research Institute. R &D facilities have also been created under Generators Research Institute. TG Facilities Augmentation.

hydro & steam turbine Block-4 -> CIM Block-5 -> Heat exchangers. forging & fabrication Block-6 -> Electrical repair & maintenance of motor & Transformer Block-7 -> Wooden packing works Block-8 -> exchanges Fabrication. hydro & gas turbine) Block-3 -> Gas.BLOCKS IN BHEL Block-1 -> Hydro & turbo generators. seamless 33 tuber and heat . AC/DC machines Block-2 -> Fabrication ( steam.

steam turbine hydro turbine. electrical machines Apparatus and control gears. hydro generators. diaphragm and Cooler section 34 . gas turbines and naval guns. NO OF BAYS -4 BAY /SECTION SIZE (in meter) Bay-1 Bay -2 24*192 36*192 Bay -3 24*192 Bay-4 24*192 OPERATION Cutting & press section assemblies & welding section small assemblies & pipe section machining.HEAVY FABRICATION BLOCK. Turbo generators. BLOCK -2 The fabrication block in block -2whcih is the Domain of our study is the feeder block for various products.

gas cut blanks and finished products.3 roller On lower roller shaft on gear is mounted and Gear is mounted on motor shaft. 35 . 1. PARTS OF MACHINE.LAYOUT OF BLOCK-II FACILITIES IN BLOCK 4 over head crane in each bay for movement Of plates. head .

111. gas turbines and naval guns. hydro turbines. apparatus and control gears. Brake Press) d) Shearing M/C section. Block -11 consists of 4 bays. Here is a brief description of manufacturing processes and facilities.IV of sizes 24*192. turbo generators.11.did. electrical machines. gas out blanks and finished products. This block has facilities for compressed air. namely bay no-1. acetylene and carbon. oxygen. c) Press section (400 and 800T. 24*192 and 24*192 mars respectively and is provided with over head crane facility movement of plates. Manufacturing facilitiesPreparation Bay-1 It has the following sections. a) marking cutting and straightening section’ b) Gas cutting section including CNC flame cutting section & CNC plasma cutting section. steam turbines.DETAILS OF FACILITES The fabrication block in -2 which is the domain of our study is the feeder block for various products. 36*192. hydro generators.oxide gas pipe lines. 36 .

CNC multi spindle drilling machines and horizontal ram borer are installed to help in machining of various components like drilling of tube plates of different types a part from machining of big assembles such as front wall. welded and stress relieved in this section.welded diaphragms of steam turbines are assembled. b) Diaphragm section: . This section supplies small parts and units of steam turbine. casings water boxes etc. then turned and thereafter winding and soldering of spirals on tubes is carried out by automatic 37 . generators hydro.IV a) Machine section: .Assembly and Welding section Bay -11 A) Assembly and welding section for large size units upto 75 tons B) Heat treatment section C) Shot blasting and cleaning section Sections in Bay-III A)Assembly and welding sections of small size units upto 10 tons B) Pipe sections Section in Bay. c) Coolers this section tubes of coolers are cut to the required is designed for machining parts and units during fabrication stage. The unique machines viz.turbine etc.

acetylene cutting machines for cutting parts out of steel plates. circular saws and bar shears are used for cutting angles. a roll bending machine is used for straightening and bending rolled beams and angles. c) A 800 ton hydraulic bending and 400 ton press and a 250 ton friction press are used for cold and hot bending From rolled sheets and shapes. 38 . parts to bend are pre heated in a 700 kW electric furnace. Manufacturing ProcessesManufacturing states with preparation of individual parts before assembly in Bay-1 a) the metal is first marked and cut by the cutting and trimming steel sheets and plates upto 25mm thick with Straight contours stationery and portable Oxy. A unique flame cutting machines is used for cutting steel plates by CNC programming. These are then assembled to from coolers which are then assembled and hydraulically tested. b) Straightening Rollers are used for straightening plates and large sized blanks and a 160 ton friction press for Straightening small blanks.machines. when ever needed. Combination punch. shapes. CNC plasma cutting M/C for cutting S.S & higher alloys. flats and roads. shear and bar cutters.

After preparation is complete the next step is Assembly and Welding:-Processes used in bay -2 and 3 is as follow.d) Finished parts are inspected at the working place. GTAW and argon carbon –dioxide shielded arc welding are also for Increased productivity and better quality. c) Semi. a) components of units are assembled and tack welded for subsequent welding as per drawing instruction on process Cards. bell and pit types after welding is completed. small size structures are welded with the help of manipulators Welding of high pressure cylinders of turbines is carried out after preliminary heating upto 250’c Heating treatment is carried out in electric furnaces of bogie hearth. b) Manual are welding is employed in restricted and inaccessible places or where semi.automatic or automatic Welding is not possible or has not been established.Automatic submerged arc welding. 39 . All assembly work is carried out on bed plates.

Major assemblies made in Block II Steam Turbine Assemblies        LP Front Wall LP Inner Outer Casing LP Inner Inner Casing ESV&IVC Diffuser Bearing Pedestal Guide Blade Carriers Turbo Generators Assemblies    Stator Frame (250&500 MW) End Shields Terminal Bushing Box Gas Turbine Assemblies        Outer Casing Of Combustion Chamber Mixing Chamber Inner Casing Flame Tube assemblies Exhaust Casing Exhaust Gas Diffuser Center Casing 40 .

TEMPARAUTRE. bas flame cutting for mild steel ELECTRODE – the muzzle contain electrode of copper (c4) Covering tungsten electrode Pressure is set by nozzle size which is according to no. plasma cutting for stainless steel 3. Requirement reading – water gas elements air for cooling Dia for size can cut by this . OPERATION .s. It is more efficient than Manual plasma gas cutting. No of the nozzle increase with the thickness of job plate.S.000’C Pressure of oxygen – 15kg /cm2 *In plasma cutting argon gas is not used 41 . plate. Ampere – up to 500amp voltage – o to 500 volt. of nozzle is from 1to8 no.Specification of machines in Block-II CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE: Plasma Company in Pama manufactured this Machine. For mild steel cutting gas are used it can cut 220mm it we can perform both the operation 2.temp of CNC plasma cutting is 37.For stainless steel cutting water and air is used And it can cut up to 80mm S.

s BASIC DATA Spindle d/a . = 1TO800 Total power input of machine -150kw Total weight -15800kg Floor area .18*6m Note .SKODA HORIZONTAL BOARING MACHINE Minimum length of boar of spindle -2000mm Tool bit .stator coil > is air cooled Rotor coil > hydrogen cooled.250mm Maximum boring depth with spindle =2000mm.High speed steel Job– IP outer casing of m.M. Vertical feed – 4150mm Spindle centre from bed – 670 R.6400*14300mm2 Bed . 42 . Extension of ram -1500mm.P.

52 mm Maximum depth -170mm In one revolution it moves 132.1) Drill 2) taping 3) boring 4) Spot facing. Hole produced maximum -50mm minimum -0.25mm. feed r.1700rpm Minimum rpm.1 to 1. 43 . Bed length -4m Maximum rpm.RADIAL DRILLING MACHINES It moves in all direction Parts – 1. Column 2 arm 3 carriage – [ for speed .:.40rpm It can move around 5m dia Minimum feed -0.m] 4 induced rods 5 spindle 6 gear 7 slide Use.p.

P.M Minimum =8r.1) Turning 3) Threading 5) Chamfering 7) Knurling 9) Grooving It is 4 jaw chuck machine It can hold 850 mm dia. 44 2) facing 4) boring 6) center sinking 8) parting 10) step turning . R.m Maximum =750 rpm.p.CENTRAL LATHE MACHINE PARTS -1) head tock 2) Carriage 3) Compound rest 4) Cross slide 5) Tail stock 6) Bed 7) Tray 8) Feed rod 9) Lead screw 10) Leg 11) Beak 12) Chuck 13) Feed rod 14) Tool post OPERATION .

radius gear cutting Tools:-HSS Solid tool bit Parts  Ram  Body  Working table 45 . surface finishing. angle.CNC BREAK PIN MACHINE Parts       Punch No 1 Move according to job Two Cylinder (left & right) Die From No 1to No 7 Finger Used for small job which bends at 90 Degree Vice Machine Cranes Operation  Bending  Straightening  Cone Making Pressure:.Maximum-4000mm Minimum -2000mm Machine Crane Capacity:-2ton Punch metal:-Cast Iron SLOTTING MACHINE Operation:-We can perform following operation on it such as for making key ways.340 Kg/cm^2 Punch length:. slot cutting. radius.

S. triangle. 3fixed & 3 movable Hydraulic Cylinder Fly wheel Electric motor Operation:3 operation can be done on it viz– square. Dia of ball:. The size of fly wheel depends upon the power or ability of cutting metal. It drives by 3 sources electrical. compression & hydraulic.ball dia of 1 mm In this machine three clutches are used  Hand lever clutch  Hydraulic clutch  Electric clutch 46 . It can cut M. It can not cut Circular shape. In this machine only plates of any type of metal is shot blasted for removing the scale which comes during heat treatment . HORIZONTAL SHOT BLASTING MACHINE This machine is used for horizontal blasting. It is driven by electric motor. Brass.SHEARING MACHINE Parts     Blade 6 blades. Copper& stainless steel. It can not cut non magnetic steel. parallel shape.

It can cut all types of material like M. Ni .Length of plate:. SINGLE AXIS PIPE BENDING MACHINE We can bend 26mm dia to 114 mm dia of pipe on it on any angle up to 180 degree Thickness Of Pipe:-4mm to 6mm Bending radius :.200mm to 2000mm Parts  Sector  Clamp  Support mendal POWER HACKSAW CUTTING MACHINE In this machine hydraulic pressure is used.10 meter.S. S. Cu Blade Length:-600*50*2.57mm to 400 mm Angle of Bending:-180 degree Length of Pipe:.S alloy.5mm Cutting Working:-25-300mm dia Blade material:-HSS Speed:-120m/min to 130m/min Air pressure used:-120Kg 47 .

It consists of three rollers.4 ROLL BENDING MACHINE In this machine hydraulic system is used for opening clamp. Operation: Straightening  Cylindrical  Conical Capacity:-60 to 90mm thickness of plate 60 mm thick for 3 meter 90 mm thick for 1500 mm Maximum working Length:-3100 mm Maximum thickness of plate:-110mm Dia:-742mm of upper roller 3 ROLL BENDING MACHINE It is used for circular cylinder. Capacity: Maximum Working length: 8000mm  Minimum dia of forming: 1300mm  Minimum plate thickness: 32mm  Upper roll diameter:750 mm  Lower roll diameter:680mm  Speed of forming:5m/min  Speed of lowering speed roll:120mm/min 48 . In this machine electrical motor is used for opening clamp.

RUSSIAN PLANNER MACHINE(MANUAL) Operations  Size Maintain  Angular cutting  Planning  Grooving  Facing Bed:5m(self adjusting) Tool used:carbide bit Maximum dia of tool used: 500mm Includes 42 carbide bit VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE Operations:  Slotting  Drilling  Taper  Making size 3 Feeds:  Up down  Cross wise  longitudinal Cutter Used: T max Carbide bit is used in it 49 .

P.P.Minimum 40mm/min Maximum 150mm/min Facing R.Parts:  table  base  column  vice  cutter  spindle Feed R.M:.Minimum 34m/min Maximum 635m/min HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINE Parts:  carriage  head stock  table  spindle  bed  lead screw  face plate Maximum RPM:-2000RPM Minimum RPM:-1250RPM 50 .M:.

machining. 51 .  Specification: maximum boring 650mm Tool material:-High Speed Steel VERTICAL BORING MACHINE Parts:  Table  Left hand head:4m dia  Right Hand Head  Cross Rail  Column height 9.Operation:  drilling.5m  Round Table 2000mm  4 Jaw  Pannel for controlling Function:  Facing  Boring  Chamfering  Grooving  Angle cutting Weight Capacity: 2ton Tool bit: Tungsten bit + HSS Tool Post: Mild Steel. taping. boring.

It moves in 3 direction Viz-X. Z X-Left to Right Y.MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE It is CNC drilling machine.To and true motion Z-Feed (Up and Down) Operation:  Drilling  Reaming Parts:  6 Spindle  2 Ram  2 Motor  Computer Pannel  Bed 8*7m^2  Column tank  Lead screw 52 . Y.

53 .