Alan Eduardo Martínez Telles

Self-sustainable city
The uncontrolled growth of the population, factories, transportation are causing
pollution of water, air, ground and others. They impact us with consequences like
damage different ecosystems where plants and animals live together, global
warming, deforestation and health damage. We are conscious about this situation
in our world, and we have created some alternatives of solution to decrease the
impact in the environment.
Now we have a majority of organization like Greenpeace, WWF, PNUMA dedicated
to reduce the pollution problems and to attempt to give to the population a
message about care for the planet. A new proposal is a Self-sustainable city that
can help to fight with those kind of problems.
A Self-sustainable city is a place where people can live with a high quality of life, it
can reduce the impact in the environment and with itself government but at the
same time we can found natural open spaces, reduced waste, lower crime, sense
of community, clean air and water quality, and environmental diversity.
Nowadays we have designed prototypes of self-sustainable cities around the world
we can see those of them in countries like New Zealand, Spain, Scotland,
Denmark, United Arab Emirates,etc. In every one of them we look a goal in
common creating a new way of life more ecological, more efficient and cleaner.
A special place in the world that could be a fact in the future is Masdar city located
in middle of the desert in Abu Dhabi, it was designed by Foster + Partners and
announced since 2006 like project not only of self-sustainable city but also friendly
with the environment and high technology and it could be finished in 2021
Masdar city was designed to benefit any way of energy (wind, solar, etc.) because
in everyplace of this city we can see solar panels which help to give energy for
personal consumption, water desalination, transportation and dehumidification and
cooling, all with the idea of not relying on oil but we can also see that the air
currents are benefiting for air conditioner.
It has a lot of ways to be comfortable in this city, it has a special characteristics for
example if you want to travel from the one place to another, you don’t have to drive
anymore because it has itself transportation known as light train that travel across
the city in seven minutes, in addition It’ll work twenty four hours of the day and It’ll
be connected with airport.
All these characteristics of that self-sustainable city sounds good because it is a
really example of high technology uses in the environment but different economic
problems don’t allow to finish it.

Alan Eduardo Martínez Telles But not all bad news. it has the ability that be self-sustainable due to its solar panels. Also they have its walls are made with old tires. . programs and invitations to be more conscious our population and that way creates respect in the environment. bottles and cans mixed with concrete that help to be more ecological. Right now there are campaigns. and maybe we could be achieved to increase the mortality rate in the population. global warming and health. We can mentioned a lot of examples of sustainable place but the reality is that the care and respect in the environment begins with everyone and it should be leaned to future generations. and have a better place for future generations with high quality of air. less pollution and cleaner water. in the south of United States near of Mexico we have a kind of self-sustainable home named Earth ships that they are located in New Mexico. and reduce troubles of pollution.