Sacher Torte - original recipe

Fanz Sacher. Source:

Sacher cake recipes are available in many variations and modulations, and since the 19thCentury. The original recipe of the legendary
Viennese Sacher torte was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 - from this original recipe for the Sacher Torte is the rumor that it would be kept in
the safe of the Hotel Sacher like a treasure from the public and strictly guarded.
It follows that it is itself the readers of Sacher Cookbook (edited by Alexandra Gürtler and Christoph Wagner) with a "slightly simplified
version" content, which - for the comfort of the reader - "the original, if you do it right, the flavor is pretty close to that. "
What horror the zealous guardians of the original Sacher cake recipe is packed with the Courier in 2007 as a "recipe Sachertorteappeared "was
the title of the manuscript Carla Sacher, one can only guess. Carla Sacher was the grandson of the Sacher cake inventorFranz Sacher been
married, have the prescription written by a longtime cook at home and things get down to her granddaughter Irene Sacher in 1980.
We have quoted these two recipes for you and complemented with other variants.
Carla Sacher Sacher torte

Mass for two large pies
28 dkg butter or Rama with 8 dkg sugar until fluffy
12 egg yolks (for small eggs more)
28 softened chocolate, not too hot because they will lose flavor
Whisk egg whites to 12, add salt and beat with 20 dkg sugar packed snow
22 dkg dkg sifted cake flour and cocoa mix in 6
Wrap the iron rings with paper and pour in the mass
45 minutes at 160 - 170 ° C bake
allow to cool and remove from the rings
cut in the middle, with warm apricot jam and brush put together. Upper and outer sides with apricot jam spread very hot.
Chocolate Glaze:
75 dkg chocolate crush,
3 dkg cocoa
25 dkg sugar or fondant
1 / 8 liter water, a little more if needed
cook until small threads can be pulled
with the lip glaze over warm water

Sacher torte Sacher Cookbook

Ingredients for a springform pan with 22 - 24 cm diameter
140 g of room temperature butter

if a gentle pressure answered gently with your finger. Remove the paper after about 20 minutes.6 minutes to boil. smooth glaze mix. Pichler Verlag.These accumulate on the ground. Remove from the mold and share horizontally with a knife. Serve with whipped cream. Vienna. Then plunge into the mold and let cool. smooth. and (preheated) oven bake in under an hour at 170 ° C. During the first 10 . Spread with jam at the outer sides and let dry slightly. Meanwhile. 2005. Gradually stir in the egg yolks and beat until a thick frothy mass. flip and allow to cool completely still in the mold can be to smooth surface. . the flour and fold it seven with a wooden spoon. the oven door slightly open to let. allow to cool. The bulk fill.110 g icing sugar Mark scraped from ½ vanilla pod 6 egg yolks 6 egg whites 130 g cooking chocolate 110 g granulated sugar 140 g plain flour 200 g apricot jam Butter and flour for the mold Whipped cream for garnish Glaze: 200 g granulated sugar 125 ml water 150 g chocolate Preparation: Soft butter. Allow to dry until the glaze is frozen. Christoph Wagner. spread it on both cake bases and assemble them again. Egg whites with sugar until stiff peaks until the snow has a firm and shiny.15 minutes. Springform pan bottom with baking paper. The cake is finished baking. Melt chocolate in water. For the icing sugar and water for 5 . icing sugar and vanilla until creamy. little by little with the sugar solution into a thick. melt the chocolate in a water bath and then stir. Source: The New Sacher Cookbook. Warm lip glaze in a train pour over the cake and spread smooth with as few strokes. The slightly warmed jam and stir until smooth. cross out the edges with butter and dust with flour. Alexandra Gürtler.