A Research Proposal
Submitted to
Mrs. Luzviminda M. Bago
As a requirement in the subject Research I

Longman, Michaella Toni B.
Miranda, Lex Marco Paulo A.
Rodriguez, Don Oliver C.

Dasmariñas National High School
Special Science Curriculum, 9 - Mendeleev
March 2015 S.Y. 2014 - 2015

Chapter I

Since. Cruto (2015). 2 . it is a national program that will manage the control. Some schools sell this waste and turn them into additional funds for the school. Waste management program are composed of waste segregation. this kind of recycling were already being utilized at Imus City. The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act is one of their constitutions. transfer. processing and disposal of solid waste in the country that would be implemented by the National Solid Waste Management Commission as stated by the National Solid Waste Management Commission. implementing waste management universities. why not implement it also to the waste management program of the school. transport. program. Its negative effects are being experienced here in the Philippines and as a solution the Government launched Environmental Management Bureau. Cavite as stated by R. One of the biggest problems of nature is waste from people that causes pollution. reuse what can be reuse and recycling wastes. and other institutions are One of those schools is the researcher’s. The researchers thought of another way to recycle plastic bottle and plastic caps together with other plastic wastes.Background and its Problem I. Introduction Environment is suffering from different problems and its effect is getting worse. reducing waste. The researchers thought of implementing the making of very useful materials needed by the school such as bricks. diseases and loss of natural habitat. plywood and chairs from these waste products. That is why schools. the Dasmariñas National High School.

Assumption The researchers assumed that the innovation on the waste management program which is making very useful materials from plastic bottle and bottle caps would be utilized by the Dasmari ñas National High School.1 durability . 1.II.3 cost efficiency ? III. The product is expected to be acceptable in terms of the durability of the product made. the study aims to innovate the waste management program of Dasmariñas National High School. Statement of the Problem Generally. The products that were made would help the students. and cost of making the product. teachers and the school. appearance of the product. Specifically. 3 . 2. the study also aims to answer the following questions: 1. Is the product made from plastic bottle and bottle caps acceptable in terms of: 1.

IV. For them to have a very useful recycled material. Teachers. For them to be to have a sturdy material made from plastics. Manufacturers. learn where to put their wastes. School. Students. be a role model to students. For it to have a new way of recycling waste materials and have a healthy environment. It can serve as a guide for future studies as they search for more products that can be produced from recycling. and help the environment. 4 . For them to have a source of income. and help the environment. Future Researchers. The study will serve as a basis for development for those who are interested in saving environment.Significance of the Study This study is to benefit the following: Environment. For it to have less solid wastes. and help the environment.

Assistance of an expert will be utilized to make sure that the process is correct. The visual sensory route will be the basis for judgment.V. Scope and Limitations The study entitled “INNOVATION ON THE WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM OF DASMARIÑAS NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL” will be conducted in the vicinity of Dasmariñas City. The study covers only the utilization of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) waste materials such as plastic bags and candy wrappers. 5 . Cavite and Imus City. One product will be made for the acceptability of the way of recycling materials into very useful materials. Involving plastic wastes such as plastic bags and candy wrappers will be mixed with cement and sand to make bricks. Cavite. The researchers did not compare the products with commercial ones.

Environment. An institution where the waste management program is being utilized and where the proposed system of recycling will be implemented.VI. Definition of Terms Appearance. or plant lives or operates that will benefit with this study. The amount of money that is needed in making the recycled product or products. The ability of the recycled product to withstand damage. especially by introducing new methods. To make changes in something established. 6 . Waste Management Program. The surroundings or conditions in which a person. The researchers plan of action for the implementation of the proposed system. School. State of the recycled product or products based on the visual sensory. Innovate. or products. from maintenance of waste transport trucks and dumping facilities to compliance with health codes and environmental regulations that the researchers will innovate. Product. Management of all processes and resources for proper handling of waste materials. animal. Cost. Program. Durability. A material made from recycling plastics. ideas. that the researchers would do to the waste management program.

7 . Conceptual Framework: Processes Gathering information Discussion of the system proposal With the head of the waste management program of Dasmariñas National High School Output Input Innovation on the waste management proposal Presentation and evaluation of the sample product Implementation Approval of the system proposal Paradigm: Since Dasmariñas National High School is conducting the Waste Management Program the researchers suggests an innovation on the system of recycling by turning plastics into very useful materials.VII.

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