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Namespace If Else
Imports Namespace If(<expression>) Then
<statement 1>
Data Types
<statement 2>
Boolean,Byte,Char,DateTime,Decimal,Double,Int16,Int32,Int64,Integer, End If
Long, Object, Short,Single,String,IntPtr,UInteger,UintPtr
Inline If
Variable Declaration variable = IIf( condition, value_if_false, value_if_true )
Dim | Public | Private <variable_name> As <type>
For Loop
Type Declaration For <initialize> (Relational Operator) <condition>
Dim | Public <variable><suffix>
Suffixes For Each Loop
% -Integer. $ - String, @ - Decimal, & - Long, # - Double, ! - Single For Each <variable> In <object>
[Exit For]
Arrays <statements>
Dim <arrayname>(<MaxIndexVal>) As <type> [Continue For]
Dim <arrayname>(<LowerBound> To <UpperBound>) As <type> <statements>
Initialize Array While Loop
Dim <arrayname>() As <type> = {<value1>, <value2>, ... , <valueN>} While <expression>
Change Size of Array End While
ReDim <arrayname>(<MaxIndexVal>)
Do-While Loop
Comments Do
'Comment text
Loop While <expression>
'No multi-line comments at this time
Select Case Statement
XML Comments Select Case <expression>
Press the ' (apostrophe) key thrice. Case <expression1>:
<statement sequence 1>
Line Continuation Case <expression2>
strtext = “To break a long string across multiple lines, “ & _ <statement sequence 2>
Case <expressionN>
“end the string, add the line continuation character “ & _
<statement sequence N-1>
“and continue the string on the next line.” Case Else
<statement sequence N>
Arithmetic Operators End Select
+ (Addition), - (Subtraction), * (Multiplication), / (Division), % (Modulus)
Function Structure
String Concatenation <Private, Public> <Function_Name>([Parameters])
+, & body of the function
End Function
Relational Operators Class Structure
< (Less Than), <= (Less Than or Equal To),> (Greater Than),>= Public Class <Class_Name>
(Greater Than or Equal To),= (Equal To),<> (Not Equal To) body of class
End Class
Logical Operators
OR, NOT, AND, AndAlso, OrElse, Xor Public
String Manipulation
.Substring(<start>,[<length>]) 'method_prototypes
.Trim() <trims from beginning & end of string> 'data_attributes
.TrimEnd([<char array>]) Friend
.TrimStart([char array]) 'method_prototypes
.ToLower() <to lower case> Shared
.ToUpper() <to upper case> 'method_prototypes
.Replace(<find>,<replace>) 'data_attributes
.Equals(<expression>) <6 available overloads>
Error Handling
.Contains(<string>) Try
.Join(<seperator>,<value>,[<count>]) <statements that may cause an error>
.Compare(<string1>,<string2>,[<ignore case>]) <7 overloads available> Catch
.Copy(<string>) <statements to use when an error occurs>
<statements to use no matter what happens>
End Try

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Published: August 18, 2007