1. RICHARDm.1. 21 Dec. 1665 ELEANOR WRIGHT (d. 29 Aug 1672) 2. Mary Wood (m.1. John Frink) Richard lived in Newbury and Ipswich and was a witness in the settlement of the estate of Samuel Symonds of Gloucester 16 June 1679.(1) Issue  (2)       I. twins- b. Jan. 1665/6 Newbury,MA II. Richard- b. 19 Aug. 1666 Newbury, MA, m. before 1685 Mary Cutt (m.1. Humphrey Churchwood) III. Elizabeth- b. 11 May 1669 Newbury, MA IV. Judith- b. 27 Dec. 1670 Newbury, MA 2V. WILLIAM- m. 1702 SARAH (2) EASTMAN, d. 5 May 1718 VI. Samuel- b. 20 March 1678 Ipswich, MA VII. Robert- b. 8 March 1680 Ipswich, MA VIII. Margaret- b. 7 Apr. 1682 Ipswich, MA

Ref: (1) Mass. Archives- Vol. 16, p.232 (2) York Deeds- VI, 153 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire- p.110 Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers in New England- Savage, I,283 The Essex Antiquarian- XI, 57 (1907) Ipswich and Newbury town records Essex Co. Records 2V. WILLIAM (RICHARD 1) m. 1702 SARAH (2) EASTMAN (m.2.19 Oct. 1722 Benjamin Hammons) d. 5 May 1718 William was in Kittery by 1699. To all People to whome this present Deed of Sale Shall come, I John Frink of Kittery in the County of York in ye Province of ye Massachusets Bay in New England Yeom Send Greeting. Know ye that for and in consideration of fifteen pounds/ Currant money in New England to me in hand well and truly paid at and before the ensealing and Delivery of these presence by William Briar of the Same Town County and Province aforesd Yeoman—The receipt whereof I doe hereby Acknowledge and my Self to be fully Satisfied contented and paid And thereof and of & from every part and parcel thereof for me ye sd John Frink my heires Executrs Administrators and assigncs Do Exonerate acquit and fully discharge him ye said William Briar his heires Executrs Admrs and assignees by these presence forever I the sd John Frink Have given granted, bargained. Sold, Aliened Enfeoffed conveyed and confirmed And doe by these presence for my Self my heires Executrs Admrs and assignes fully, freely and absolutely Give grant, bargain. Sell, Alien, Enfeoff convey and confirm unto him ye sd William Briar his heires and assignes a certain tract or parcel of Land containing twenty Acres Scituate Lying & being in ye township of Kittery on ye Eastern Side of Sprice Creek And is part of that tract of Land that was Frtnk given by Captain ffrancis Champernoun Esqr to Mary Cutt ye now wife of Mr Richard Briar of ye same place abovesaid and is butted and bounded as followeth (to Say) beginning at or near ye Northeast end of Nicholas Tuckers house Lot in Spruce Creek And So to run from thence in breadth Northwest and Southeast as the sd John ffrinks land runs twenty two


poles And in length Northeast and Southwest one hundred and forty eight poles bounded ye whole length on one side by ye sd ffrinks land Together with all yc timber and wood Standing or Lying on ye sd twenty Acres of Land And all other profits priviledges and Appurtenances to ye sd land belonging or in any wise Appertaining To have and to hold the sd Tract of Land with yc appurtenances thereunto belonging, with all ye Right title Interest Claim and Demand which I ye sd John ffrink now have or in time past have had, or which I my heires Executrs Administratrs or assigncs may might Should or in any wise ought to have in time to come of in or to ye above granted Premisses or any part thereof to him ye sd William Briar his heires and assignes forever And to ye Sole and proper use benefit and behoof of him the sd William Briar his heires &c forevermore, And I ye sd John ffrink for me my heires &c Do covenant promise and grant to and with him ye sd William Briar his heires &c, tliat at and before ye ensealing and Delivery hereof I am ye true right and proper owener of ye above mentioned premises and their Appurtenances And that I have in my Self full power, good right, and Lawfull Authority ye same to grant and confirm unto him ye sd William Briar his heires and assignes And that the same and every part thereof is free and clear of and from all former & other gifts, grants, bargains, Sales, Leases, Mortgages, Dowries, titles, troubles, Acts Alienations and Incumbrances whatsoever And that it shall and may be Lawfull to and for ye sd William Briar his heires and assignes the aforesd premises, and every part thereof from time to time and at all times forever hereafter to have, hold, use, ocupie, improve, possess and enjoy quietly and Lawfully without any Lawfull denial hindrance Molestation or Interuption of or by me or any person or persons from by or under me or by my procurement And that the Sale thereof and every part thereof against my Self my heires Executrs Admrs and assignes And against all other persons whatsoever Claiming or Lawfully Demanding ye Same or any part thereof I will forever Save harmless warrant and Defend by these presence. In witness whereof I ye sd John Frink and Hannah my wife have hereunto Set our hands and Seals this twentieth day of January, Anno Domini One thousand Seven hundred & two-three and in ye first year of her Majtys Reign Anne over England &c. Queen. Signed Sealed and Delivered In the presence of us............................................................................. John A Frink (seal) Elisha Clark George ffrink Elihue Gunnison...................................................................................Hannah ffrjnk (seal ) The words three in ye last line was interlined before Signing hereof. A true Copie of ye originall Transcribed and compared Augst 2d 1703 p. Jos Hamond Reg.(1) In 1710 he took a 10 year lease of Woodman's Ferry and was an Innholder. He exchanged farms with Diamond Sargent and moved to York. He was appointed administrator of the estate of his father-in-law Robert Eastman 6 Jan. 1712/3. To All Christian People to whom these presents Shall Come William Briar of Kittery in the County of York in the Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England Yeoman Sends Greeting Know ye That ye sd William Briar for & in Consideration of ye Sum of forty pounds Currant money of New England to him in hand paid before ye Ensealing and Delivery of these Presents by Andrew Haley of ye Town and County aforesd Yeoman the receipt whereof to full Content and Satisfaction he y e sd William Briar doth by these presents acknowledge and thereof and of Euery part thereof for him Selfe his heirs Executors and Administrators doth Acquit Exonerate and Discharge the sd Andrew Haley his heirs Exrs & administrators and Each of them for Ever by these Presents he the Said William Briar hath given granted bargained Sold Aliened enfeoffed conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth fully freely and absolutely give grant bargaine Sell aliene enfeoffe convey and Confirm unto the sd Andrew Haley his heirs and assignes forever a certaine Tract or parcell of Land containing Twenty Acres hy Estimation Scittuate Lying and being in Kittery aforesd adjacent to andrew Haleys Land and is that Tract of Land which was granted to Robert Desmond Deceased by ye Town of Kittery on June ye 12th 1673 and Measured and Laid out to him on Decemr ye 20th 1678 butted and bounded on the South South East Side of Andrew Haleys Thirty Acre Lot near the head of ye Eastern Creek an hundred and Sixty poles in Length East north East into ye Woods & twenty poles in Breadth South South East or howsoever otherwise bounded or reputed to be bounded Together with all Such rights Liberties Profits Priviledges Immunities and appurtenances as in any kind



appurtain thereunto with ye reversions and remainders thereof and all the Estate right Title Interest Inlieritance property possession Claim and demand whatsoever of him ye sd William Briar of in and to the Same and Every part thereof To have and To hold all ye above granted Premisses with all and Singular the appurtenances thereof unto ye sd Andrew Haley his heirs and assignes to his & their own Sole and proper use benefit and behoof from hence forth forEver And ye sd William Briar for himself & his heirs Executors and Administrators doth hereby covenant promise grant & agree to and with ye sd Andrew Haley his heirs


and assignes in manner & form following (that is to Say) that at the time of ye Ensealing and Delivery of these presents he ye sd William Briar is the true Sole and Lawfull owner of all ye afore bargained Premisses and Stands Lawfully Seized thereof in his own proper right of a good perfect and indefeazible Estate of Inheritance In Fee Simple haveing in himselfe full power good right and Lawfull Authority to Sell and Dispose of ye Same in manner as aforesd and that ye Said Andrew haley his heirs and assignes Shall & may henceforth forever Lawfully peaceably and Quietly have hold use occupy possess and enjoy ye above granted premisses with ye appurtenances thereof free & Clear and Clearly acquitted and Discharged of & from all & all manner of former and other gifts grants bargains Sales Leases Mortgages doweres Judgments titles Trouliles Charges and encumbrances whatsoever had made committed done or Suffered to he done by ye sd William Briar his heirs or assignes at any time or times before ye Ensealing and Delivery Thereof and And farther ye sd William Briar doth hereby Couenant bind & and oblige himself his heirs Executors & administrators from henceforth and for ever hereafter to warrant and Defend all the Above granted premises and ye appurtenances thereof unto ye sd Andrew Haley his heirs Executors Admrs and assignes against ye Lawfull Claims and Demands of all & of Every Person or persons whomsoever and Sarah ye wife of ye sd William Briar doth fully and freely give & yield upunto ye sd Andrew Haley his heirs and assignes all her right & Title of Dowers & Interest of in or to ye premises respectively forever by these presents And at any time or times hereafter on demand they ye s'd William Briar and Sarah his wife Shall give and pass Such farther and ample Confirmation of ye premises unto ye sd Andrew Haley his heirs & assignes forever as in Law or Equity can be reasonably devised advised or required In Witness whereof they yd sd William Briar & Sarah his wife have hereunto Set their hands & Seals ye first Day of February in ye year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and fourteen/ fifteen and in ye first year of the reign of our Soveraign Lord George King of great Brittaine &ct Signed Sealed and Delivered William Briar (seal) Sarah Briar (seal) In Presence of us John Newmarch John Newmarch Thomas Mortgridge Province of New Hampshr ffebry 1714/15 William Briar and Sarah Briar psonally appearing acknowledged this deed to be his voluntary act and deed Coram/ Cha : Story Jus : pes — Recorded According to ye Original March 11th 1718/9 p Jos Hammond Regr(2) Issue I. William- b. 20 Dec. 1702, m. 11 May 1728 Elizabeth Weeks 3II. MARY- b. 9 Jan. 1705, m. 7 Aug. 1727 ANDREW (3) HALEY  III. Rebecca- b. 9 Jan. 1708, m. 19 March 1727/8 William Talpey  IV. Sarah- b. 12 Jan. 1709, m. 19 March 1726/7 Caleb Hutchins  V. Edah- b. 4 July 1712, m. 1732 William Wilson Jr.  VI. Elizabeth- bpt. 1 May 1715, pub. 17 Jan. 1732 Joseph Hutchins  VII. Richard- m. ______ Weaver, living in 1738  VIII. Margaret- m. John Haley


Ref: (1) York Deeds- Book VII, fol. 2-3 (2) Ibid- Book IX, fol. 134-5 Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire- p.110 Old Kittery and Her Families- Everett S. Stackpole, pp.303-4



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