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Chandigarh, Aug 10 (UNI) Concerned over the increasing prevalence of obesity, an NGO,
Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO), was launched here today.

Buzz up!
The NGO would be committed to bring awareness about obesity and initiating measures to
control it, Dr Navin C Raina, Laparoscopic Surgeon at Fortis Hospital here said at the launch
of the ASO.

Punjab Advocate General H S Mattewal, speaking on the occasion, stressed the need for
recognising obesity as a disease and expressed hope that punjab government and ASO
would work together for the control of the disease widespread in the region.

He announced that Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal had sanctioned a donation of Rs two
lakh from his discretionary fund to the study of obesity.

Dr Raina, who is also co-ordinator of the association said, ''If the trend of the emerging
figures on obesity prevalence particularly in the Urban population remains unchecked, India
would shortly be the Diabetes capital of the world with estimated 84 per cent of the
population living in urban areas as against 61.1 per cent in the rest of the world by 2025." Dr
Raina said the ASO had adopted the tri-city where it would begin to work, shortly. The
organisation would also launch ASO Obesity Website for free registration and counselling of
obese patients, Dr Raina informed.

The association would also help to spread awarenes that with addition of one kg weight over
the estimated normal, the risk of cardio-vascular disease increases by 3.1 per cent and with
reduction of one kg, survival increases by 3-4 months, he said.

"Also with reduction of 10 kgs weight the fasting blood sugar is expected to fall by 30-50 per
cent with 90 per cent reduction in Angina (chest pain due to heart ischemia), 10-20 per cent
reduction in Blood Pressure

and finally decrease in overall mortality by 20-25 per cent," he added.

Talking about childhood obesity, Dr Raina pointed out that scientific evidence
suggest that the process of thickening of blood vessels (atherosclerosis) starts
when one is young.

"Obesity in childhood adds to the process and diabetes appears early. Besides
genetic playing some role, it is often the type and quantity of food consumed by
children, automated transport and passive leisure pursuits which contribute to
childhood obesity," he said.
He said that in a study conducted to assess prevalence of obesity amongst
affluent adolescent school children in Amritsar, out of 640 children evaluated the
prevalence of overweight and obesity amongst them was found to be high, and
even higher than some industrialised countries.


Weight loss is not a modern phenomenon as obesity issues are as old as human beings. Above the
many number of diet pills, exercise regimes and diet plans for weight loss that have been developed
in the modern times, lots of complementary and alternatives for weight loss have been inexistence
for centuries. Though they may vary from the modern approaches of weight loss treatment
alternatives have been found to be effective in fighting the obesity menace.

Alternatives for weight loss cover a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies
that mainstream conventional medicine does not commonly use, accept, study, understand, or
make available. Many of these alternatives that include the use of acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy,
therapeutic massage, and other traditional oriental medicines have become very popular in the
recent past.

These alternatives may be used alone, with the combination of other therapies or as complementary
treatment to other standard treatment for weight loss.

Types of Alternatives:

There are many weight loss alternatives that have been in used for quite a long period of time that
there won't be enough space to talk about them here. Yoga, with its origin in India is one of the
most popular and holistic treatment for weight loss. Here are some basic facts about Yoga with
relation to weight loss.

Yoga & Weight Loss

Yoga is the oldest physical culture known to man, as it works both with your physic and your
psyche, body and soul. For successful weight loss, you can trespass those gimmicks available
everywhere and focus on this old way of life.

Yoga has many effective yet easy body poses and principles to achieve weight loss. Given below are
some basic Yoga poses for weight loss:

The Sun Salutations for Weight Loss:

These Yogic Poses are a generous combination of Breathing Exercises, Sun Bathing and Prayer;


1. Stand straight with the palms together as in a prayer position.

2. Inhale and stretch the arms above the head.
3. Exhale and bend forward while touching the toes.
4. Inhale and stretch the right leg away from the body in a big backward step and keep the
hands and left foot firmly on the ground. Bending the head backward the left knee should
be between the hands.
5. Inhale and hold the breath. Move the left leg from the body and, keeping both feet together
and the knees of the floor, rest on the hands (arms straight) and keep the body in a
straight line from head to foot.
6. Exhale and lower the body to the floor. In this position, only 8 portions of the body come in
contact with the floor: the two feet, two knees, two hands, chest and forehead.
7. Inhale and bend back as much as possible bending the spine to the maximum.
8. Exhale and lift the body of the floor. Keep the feet and heels on the floor.
9. Inhale and bring the right foot along the level of the hands; left foot and knee should touch
the ground. Look up, bending the spine slightly (same position as #4)
10. Exhale and bring the left leg forward. Keep the knees straight and bring the head down to
the knees as in the third position.
11. Raise the arms overhead and bend backward inhaling. (As in Position 2)
12. Exhale and drop the arms and relax.

These 12 steps together form one round. You can go on repeating it for a minimum 6 times and go
up to a maximum of 30 times.

These Yogic poses give you the following benefits:

• Lessen disorders of the skin and waist.

• Burn calories, reduce weight and controls depression.
• Loosen up, stretch and massage all joints and internal organs of the body.
• Stimulate and balance entire body systems including the endocrine, circulatory,
reproductive and digestive system.

here are other alternative treatments for weight loss other Yoga. It is up to you to choose the
treatment that is most comfortable to you.