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DSO Impromptu Verbatims

Q3. Thinking about the promotional materials you received, please describe any details you remember about the Impromptu

I remember that it sounded like a good idea but that it was kind of pricey for my family's budget.
I don't remember any details.
I remember the monthly fee - and it seemed a little high - but I liked the idea very much of being able to come when I could and
get the best seat available. If I recall it was $200 per month per person. If I could afford that, I would buy season ticket
Something about being able to trade tickets if you couldn't use them
Some old favorites were included.
flat fee, flexible ticket options
Pay several fees along with a monthly charge in order to receive best available seats to any concert on a moments notice.
You could get 10 concerts for any day you wanted.
It was a while back... I remember it being flexible in the times and concerts which is good these days when everyone seems so
$100 subscription, $50/month, $50 discount on subscription if you respond by June 30
$100 initial set up, $50 per seat every month for the symphony season. Fee entitles the payee to go to every concert of the
season. They are entitled to the best seat available. Every fourth concert you attend entitles you to a free guest pass.
You can pick any tickets, both from the Classical and Pops series
For a fixed price I could choose to attend a number of symphony concerts - my choice. No fixed schedule.
That they were casual
I mainly paid attention to the program and noticed some Brahms pieces that I would have enjoyed going to hear- my schedule
didn't allow it unfortunately
did not appeal to my liking
It is a program that charges around $150/year where you can attend any performance at the last minute.
The ability to attend any concert for a flat monthly fee
Signing up by June 10 will cut your initiation fee in half, saving $100.
Buy a card, pay $50per person monthly and have access to any performance with the best seats
I have just returned from a trip to Ireland -------and do not remember what the program was exactly. It seems that there was
flexibility in choosing several programs from a larger total.


I remember thinking that my girlfriend might enjoy attending some of the events described.
A good bit of freedom of choice seemed to be involved.
Customer pays a monthly fee and then can attend any performance on an impromptu basis and get the best available seat.
can go to as many concerts as you want
I recall only that it allowed some flexibility in attendance.
Concerts available, cost information about program
mix and match concerts; one concert a month; show up on day of performance for best seats available
It was a flexible program, but seemed to be costly if you were to not take full advantage of all possible concerts.
An innovative way to sell tickets giving patrons considerable flexibility regarding when they attend -- no fixed dates -- ask for
best available seats
Program initially costing $50, now $100 which allows participants to purchase symphony tickets for any performance without
season subscription, and be guaranteed the best available seat(s). Free guest ticket for every four tickets purchased.
It was a monthly fee type program that allows you to go to any concert
vaguely that it was different, but hard to commit with a schedule like mine
Can not recall too many details as I received the flier awhile back. I recall seeing the price and thinking that it was a good plan
for people who attend the symphony frequently so be able to choose what to see at their leisure.
If I remember correctly, it was about the upcoming DSO season and Andrew Litton's farewell season as the groups music
director and conductor.
buy a monthly subscription, go when you like. 50 a month?
Convenient and easy at the last minute.
You can pick and choose which concerts you want to attend.
not necessary to purchase tickets in advance, can attend programs at will
for a set subscription fee, the opportunity to obtain the best available seats for any performance
You could pick just the programs you wanted to hear.
Seemed like a lot of concerts to choose from and a lot of flexibility in the dates
I'm afraid I don't recall any details.
Package price for several programs.
a la carte ticket purchasing
It was addressed to my mother and I! I'd taken her to see Renee Fleming at her wonderful gala--and I'm a psychologist! What a
It allows for flexibility in choosing tickets to symphony concerts.

for a fixed monthly fee i could attend unlimited concerts on a best seat available basis
Flexible purchase, pick and choose
It seems to offer flexibility and value.

Q5. What do you like most about the Impromptu program concept? (Those who remember receiving flier and read flier)

I liked that it provides another way to enjoy the symphony and be involved with the DSO.
being flexible
Didn't really care about it
The informality.
Able to attend any concert with little or no planning.
It was convenient for my erratic work schedule
That it is flexible and I think it was a short series rather than a season of commitment
unlimited concert access, promise of good seats.
Being able to attend some of the Pops performances
The idea of going to the symphony regularly
The ability to pick and choose of course.
I remember getting fliers, not the impromptu aspect
Most busy people do things last minute instead of making plans then cancelling them due to prior engagements.
The ability to pick and choose the concerts I want to attend, instead of having to select from a pre-determined set
Being able attend all monthly programs at a low monthly fee.
It may make going to the symphony on a regular basis more affordable.
Choosing which programs I would like to see from a larger total.
Freedom of choice
You can take advantage of sudden openings in your schedule instead of trying to plan weeks in advance.
can chose your own time and show
Attend the concerts that fit in my schedule at one monthly price.
Preplanning not required.

Flexibility. This is great for busy lives!

Possible increased symphony attendance/ticket sales
The flexibility
As stated earlier, the concept that patrons could choose on their time what to see.
Last minute availability. Easy.
You don't have to create your own package by looking at the different types of packages.
able to attend programs at whim
no set schedule to follow
not being locked into a specific date
Pricing for several concerts.
I don't remember enough about the details to comment on this
The seating charts, who's coming (but not Renee this time), and the layout--the colors.
Flexibility - scheduling is always difficult

Q6. What do you like least about the Impromptu program concept? (Those who remember receiving flier and read flier)

The cost, which as I recall, that is paid ahead of time for concerts that I'm not sure when I'll attend.
I don't remember specifics.
worried that the best seat would be at the very top
Not relevant to me, an occasional DSO patron
It interfered with previous plans.
pretty expensive on a per-ticket basis
Paying for tickets you might not use.

I can't remember if there was anything I didn't like.

Nothing to dislike. I thought the fee was fair.
Paying for more concerts than we'd possibly be able to attend.
The price was more than I was willing ot pay but only because I do not plan to attent many concerts this year.
still tied you into a specific amount of participation
That you have to pay a fee in addition to the tickets
The initiation fee.
Tied in monthly fees.
I did not understand it exactly ------so I do not know what I liked least. Perhaps it needed to be easier to understand.
Nothing that I remember.
Choices were somewhat limited
That it's based on individual participation; would be nice to have a separate monthly fee for couples, instead of just double the
individual fee.
set-up fee
Not sure if I would attend that much.
$ commitment
No clearly significant advantage over simply pur-chasing occasional tickets online, by phone, or at the box office.
The fixed payment schedule
obligation to go once a month to make it worth it
Can't think of anything at present.
our attendance has declined because we have young children and occasionally have undependable babysitters. The Impromptu
program is targeted to people who have much more spontaneous/flexibility in their schedules
too costly for us right now in our budget
although it is a good value, it is probably more than I can spend at the present time.
Nothing, actually.
I wondered how good my seats would be.


Q8. What are the primary reasons you chose to become an Impromptu member? (Impromptu members)

Cost, good seats, can go to every concert of the season. My husband and I felt our children would benefit from the program.
Ability to attend many great performances at a low monthly cost. Paying for tickets individually is much more expensive.
Give a try for a year... see if it pays off.

Q11. Why are you likely to purchase an Impromptu membership? (Those who remember receiving/read flier and say they are likely
to join)

I enjoy music.
I like the idea of it but not the expense
I like the selections
It offered flexibility, which I need.
flexibility, final season for Andrew Litton
flexibility of membership
It would encourage me to attend more DSO concerts.
too busy now, but would like to be able to enjoy the symphony on more than the ad hoc basis that we do now
No preplanning required.
I like the concept and the flexibility to attend a number of concerts on dates I choose
because you can attend as the schedule fits your own - convenience thing
to support the DSO
It fits my needs.
I enjoy the programs


Q13. Why are you unlikely to purchase an Impromptu membership? ? (Those who remember receiving/read flier and say they are
unlikely to join)

As I said, the cost is slightly high for a small family who dearly loves music but who is pinching pennies right now.
Only occasionally attend DSO events -- online booking was a hassle, good seats not available for many events of interest
I am a member of the Dallas Symphony Chorus and receive discounts already.
Financial issues at this time
When we go to the symphony, we plan it well in advance. We only go a few times a season, since it's expensive for us.
I do not attend the symphony often enough to make it worth while for me.
it is the program offerings - they do not have diversity, most are all classical. they do not appeal to a broader range of music
I have a hard time spending evenings away from my 2 year old since I work during the day
because I am not that wealthy. I would if I could afford it.
The deadline is the 30th June for the best deal. That is today.. I can't buy today and I am not paying over the initial rate.
I don't enjoy the symphony enough to spend that much money.
My schedule makes it extremely difficult to plan attendance in advance
I have purchased season tickets
Doesn't fit into my current budget. The prices are very reasonable, but I do not have the disposable income for such a
membership. I hope to in the future.
Travel schedule too unpredictable to take advantage of events as scheduled
Cost. I travel too much to go to enough concerts to get my money's worth.
Were I not going to be a season ticket holder, then for those performances I wished to attend, I would purchase my ticket(s)
online, by phone, or at the box office.
I don't attend that often to make it worthwhile
Because I am not in Dallas for much of the year and do not frequently attend concerts.
Too busy right now and lots of upcoming travel for work ... I'll be lucky to catch 1-3 shows in the 2005/2006 season.
I moved to Houston and will probably attend the Houston Symphony concerts more.
Neat idea, but young kids tend to control when we can get out.
Too costly
Not a good time financially at the moment
I generally go to the symphony only a couple of times a year, and I prefer to buy tickets to single concerts as they come up.
Have too much on schedule at this time...maybe at a later time.

We decided it did not fit into our budget this year

I pay our mortgage on this huge house, put all the money into our twins' college accounts, and get to enjoy the luxury of
retirement at 42 (good savings and such--retired on Pearl Harbor Day in 2001).
Purchased 2 classical series
Was recently laid off so I am currently unemployed
I get a lot of comp tickets

Q16. What do you like most about the Impromptu program concept? (Those who did not remember receiving flier/ did not read

ability to make spontaneous decision and avoid canceling expensive tickets
You can decide at the last minute
It is flexible and there's no deadline.
I like that I can decide at the last minute and still be able to sit in (hopefully) a good spot.
It would allow great flexibility in programming options - without having to call the box office to change tickets from one
day/concert to another.
Flexibility - I could attend Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending on my schedule and as many times as I wanted to.
The fact that you can show up the day of a concert and get the best seats available.
Access to events I want to attend before the general public.
can attend any night available
The flexibility
The ability to just arrive at any time and get the best available seats, plus knowing that I can go on the spur of the moment. I also
like the discounts to the symphony store and restaurants.
It's easy-tickets are always available


the price
The flexibility to attend concerts that fit my schedule rather than having to go on specific nights when I might be tired, busy, etc.
The flexibility.
The flexibility of attending more or less concerts as my schedule permits without penalty.
That it is unlimited and will create more availability for patrons to come to the symphony.
Show up at anytime without reservations
I can go when I want rather than only on a scheduled day/date
All-you-can-eat concerts
I like the flexibility of the offer and may be encouraged to attend more often then once a month.
not financially a beneficial move for us
That I could go to a concert any time I liked without advance planning
The flexibility in choosing the concerts to attend.
minimal planning necessary
not having to give away tickets that I purchased months ago and cannot use
It's a great idea for those music-lovers at the mercy of erratic schedules. We had already purchased our usual season tickets and
this did not apply to us so I ignored it. But, having seen it displayed, I do remember receiving it. Sorry for the confusion.
Last minute choice. Though if only for best seats available not clear how much advantage
have not tried it experience with it. Sounds great.
You don't have to make definite plans and can attend anytime you have time.
Showing up and receiving seats without reservations
Freedom to choose the day to go to the concert.
Flexibility of attending personal choices of programs.
No reservations; pick & choose favorite concerts
Flexibility to attend any concert without planning ahead.
My changing schedule won't cause me to continually change my tickets (as Ihave in the past)


That you can come any time and not have to make reservations; very convenient.
unlimited visits
it would not be of interest to me
additional discounts
drop in any time
Show up when I'm interested in what is being offered and when I have time to go.
The flexibility
the ability to walk up and receive a ticket without having to reserve ahead.

Q17. What do you like least about the Impromptu program concept? (Those who did not remember receiving flier/ did not read

high cost
high minimum fee even if not used
$100 upfront money
It sounds good to me.
My money will be wasted if I don't take advantage of it in a particular month.
The reoccurring $50 charge. For my husband and I to attend, it would be $100 per month.
Does the per month charge continue through the summer months of July and August when the orchestra is not playing? If so,
that is what I would like the least.
50 dollar monthly fee.
Cost. Uncertainty of when and if could attend enough programs to justify cost.
Recurring monthly fee. Not knowing where we would be seated prior to the concert.
cost - can not afford
costs too much for me (but I think it would be great if I had a lot of money!)
Monthly fee
Up front costs
Currently, I could not afford the $50 monthly fee.

Cost. I know we would never go to enough concerts to receive enough benefit for the cost.
the fact that the best available seats have the possibility of being very bad.
Inability to confirm what seats are available before showing up at the Meyerson. In some cases, if seats I want are not available,
I would opt to skip that performance.
Too expensive
The cost - way too expensive for the amount of shows that my family would see (for a family of 4 that would equate to $2800 per
Money committed, regardless of opportunity or desire to take advantage of the program
Nothing. I think it is a great program.
The $50 monthly fee
monthly cost
Would have to attend at least two per month to be cost effective, not including annual membership fee
At the present time I attend a performance about once a month. Should I accept the offer, I would need to increase my attendance
to make the initial investment of $100 worth the program incentive. Otherwise, you are asking for a $100 donation with no
doesn't seem to be a good deal to us
It seems very expensive. I would not realistically be able to go to a concert more often than once a month - so the cost would be
$75 month for 4 months
The monthly payment places pressure on me to attend concerts, or feel like I've overpaid.
too costly
$50.00 per month seems high
A fee to use it.
Cost and pressure to avoid value lapse
have not tried it experience with it
You have to attend several shows a month to make it worth the cost.
Cost seems somewhat high
It doesn't commit me to a schedule. It would be too easy to not go to a concert during the month, wasting money.
Monthly bill adding up to $600.00 a year. That's a bit steep for me.
Possibility of not seeing enough concerts to make it worthwhile, although this is unlikely.

I have no problem with any aspect of the program. Overall it sounds great.
Not worth $50 per month
the free ticket concept, given that seating can't be guaranteed (yet less two seats together), seems somewhat awkward
It seems too expensive to me. I would not go to the symphony enough to make the $100 and additional $50/month charge worth
it. Maybe if it was a one time payment of $150; higher than that is too much for me.
recurring fees
start up fee
too expensive for student taste
best available seat doesn't sound good - it could mean almost anything depending on the advance sales
The cost
enrollment fee
The MONTHLY renewal fee. Too high and too often for me.

Q22. Are there any other events that would make the Impromptu program more appealing to you?

The ability to pay for it in installments (but this may already be an option--I don't remember).
not really
Combine with a sports package -- i.e., able to trade out DSO tickets for comparable Mavs tickets and vice versa
Telescopes outside for astronomical viewing. Contact the Texas Astronomical Society.
a cheaper version, perhaps one that offered a maximum number of concerts (either per month or per season) for a lower fee
Pop music and the DSO
Book signings, raffle tickets
Can't think of any
Children's concerts are always a good thing, educating the kids about music is important to me
mostly rehearsal access, lectures
dinner or cocktail reception with the guest artist. Something fun.
Entry into a drawing for a trip for 2 to see the DSO perform in Vail or Europe.
Special concerts.
There used to be a singles program...which, by the way was called Impromptu...bring back some singles programs; family
programs to include kids and ones for teenagers would also be good.

no, i share season tickets with another person and tickets are in her name
More pop concerts...Doobie Brothers, etc...
varied musical offerings, jazz, new age, etc
no - I just don't have that much time to make it worthwhile
I would love the Christmas events to be included.
Organ rehearsals / recitals
catered food
Serious discussions of the music to be played
music from different countries
Pops events.
I have a 11 year old son, that I am trying to expose him to classical music. He loves it but it can be rather long for an 11 year old.
Add more concerts for children and adults.
Children's programs
Private organ presentations with Mary Preston
If the program proves to be even moderately successful in increasing attendance/ticket sales, then I would like to see a stronger
marketing cam-paign targeting a broader, less stereotypic concept of patrons.
Evening dinner and concert combo, post concert dessert and coffee with musicians
more POPS programs
Christmas events
Adding less likely to create value to me than somehow saving unused value
I feel you have covered the gamut
tax deductible donation when cost of program exceeds value of tickets used
Perhaps some sort of behind the scenes opportunity to explore what all goes into preparing a show both mechanically and with
regards to rehearsal.
Wine tastings are a good idea ... especially for evening pre- or post-concert activities. Appetizer or dessert tastings could be
another great opportunity. I think some sort of ball or charity fundraiser could be great as well.
The program is very appealing, just not within current budget.
A good offering has been given.
More children's concerts like the one that the Houston Symphony is doing with Bugs Bunny cartoons on July 15.
Only it would include the pops program as well.
online ticketing (or ticket availability)

If it was like the London Proms - guaranteed (almost) standing room even if all the seats are taken. I know this is impossible!
If the price was decreased, and if somehow cardholders could bring a friend for free. (There could be a limit on friend number,
but I would be 5x more likely if my card would allow me to invite at least one other person).
Olivia Newton-John began her symphony tour at the DSO. She was last at the Bass (also very lovely), just last Fall. At 56, she's
better than ever--I should know (met her in October of 1986--flew in from grad school and it's a real shock to receive a photo.
I always appreciate ideas on recordings of various pieces, especially those that are not the most current or popular versions. Such
suggestions, as part of the printed program or as part of any lectures organized as part of the concert series
The program is probably good for someone wanting to take greater advantage of DSO than 2 - 3 times a year. I am very involved
in Dallas Opera and attend many classical music events in the summer at the Aspen Music Festival so the DSO is not my priority

Q28. If you were to create your own statement to describe the DSO, what would it be?

The DSO is a world-class group of musicians whose talent and passion for beautiful music always inspires its audience.
orchestra with the sound as big as Texas
Wonderful music in a world class hall
An occasional event to attend
Rare music, classically well done.
world class orchestra in a world class hall
Acoustically nice hall restricted too much to just classical music that is an occasional treat to drive all the way to Dallas to attend.
A classy place where you can get carried away to a different time or location.
Talented musicians with interesting guest conductors, as well as Andrew Litton's fine directing.
A taste of culture in Dallas
An enriching experience - an escape from the ordinary
underrated, reliable group with enough adventurous programming to be worth going to see, though entirely too much focus on
20th century British music
Dallas Super Orchestra!
Dallas' premier arts organization.
A unique and very under-realized Dallas attraction.
A delight for the ears, a pacifier for the mind, and an indulgence for the soul
Important to the art culture of Dallas
It is a good entertainment option


Great musicians in a first class setting.

Worth listening too.
It's a fabulous place to enjoy classical music.
Brings culture to a less than cultural city
A well run and talented organization.
The symphony is a rewarding experience that allows me time to get away from a very stressful life, relax, and leave my world
Extremely impressive and uplifting.
A break from everyday life!
The DSO represents the finest in musicality, organization and community commitment The DSO delivers creative and enjoyable
musical events in one of the finest venues in the world.
Excellent music, good access at a good price
a good cultural event to attend once and a while for special occasions
Excellent, top row, highest quality
Great music, great musicians, great atmosphere, but don't attend an event if you're tired because the music is so soothing you'll
fall asleep.
A superb, but very conservative, symphony orchestra
DSO can create a great music enjoyment for different levels of people
An awesome venue for any type of musical entertainment.
An excellent professional orchestra, rivaling the best in the world.
A great orchestra in an outstanding hall
Its healthier then a voyage to Vienna.
Most beautiful symphony hall I have ever been in, lovely organ, terrific orchestra, chorus, musicians, but do not care for the
tempo with which Maestro Litton conducts with for we feel it is too fast.
A great symphony in a great hall
Phenomenal music in a phenomenal hall.
The DSO is a world class orchestra performing in a world class symphony hall.
Great show, great orchestra
The DSO is a world class orchestra that performs in a world class hall. Everyone who enjoys classical music should take
advantage of the opportunity to hear the DSO.

A really good orchestra AND AN EXCELLENT CHORUS in a great hall

A good orchestra in a beautiful hall for the music aficionado
A still-maturing, and sometimes struggling orchestra that has, however, steadily improved during the past ten years, performing
in one of the world's premier symphony halls, and consistently drawing respectable attendance from a population more
Very good orchestra, but not quite top level, great concert hall in top level
very enjoyable
It certainly would NOT be that last one; that is way over the top! The DSO already attracts people who know they have that kind
of hunger. It's the folks who don't know how accessible, enjoyable, and even humorous good classical music can be who need to
be persuaded
a tremendous asset for Dallas and the community...I have been enriched by the DSO...and the DCO also, although I realize there
is no direct connection between the two.
a wonderful organization that plays beautiful classical music at events I have no one to share with (different interests, not enough
time, too costly for them, etc.) and which are more costly (time, wardrobe, and money) than listening to CDs
A wonderful escape from the normal entertainment options such as movies and a completely wholesome, enriching experience.
An exceptional musical experience that astounds and amazes all of its patrons, whether they are seeing their first concert or their
The DSO provides an enjoyable way to connect with our cultural history through music and experience the grandeur of classical
music from some of the finest musicians in the world in one of the world's premier symphony halls.
essential to Dallas
A blissful event.
An excellent orchestra that creates an enjoyable and emotional experience by performing my favorite classical music.
An Oasis experience.
Brings centuries of cultural treasures to the people of Dallas.
they're great!
A world class symphony orchestra
An enchanting musical experience
An excellent symphony orchestra trying its very best to reach out to the community and provide programming that reaches
different audiences at different times.
An average symphony orchestra with a sub-par conductor and lightly educated audiences.


A very good orchestra that offers frequent concerts in an excellent concert hall.
A marvelous, incomparable asset to our city, the entire Southwest region.
One of the few cultural gems in the over-consumerist wasteland that is Dallas, Texas.
Lovely hall, tremendous orchestra, and two more things: please urge Renee Fleming and Olivia Newton-John to make time in
their busy schedules yet again!
Many selections are unfamiliar. Many people leave at the intermission.
A cultural treasure heard in a world-class concert hall, but one which needs continual care if it is to reach the greater artistic
heights of which it is capable of reaching
a good night of music
Awesome hall, wonderful orchestra
that which inspires and nurtures me
One of Dallas' treasures
Good regional orchestra, although with limited repertoire.
Great musicians, variety of programs and beautiful venue
It is a delightful orchestra that plays great music in a unique venue.
a very good orchestra and a thoroughly satisfying entertainment experience