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February 2010 MEDIA COVERAGE

“Stop Phasing out the McMaster Art History Program”

1) Daily News. “New Opportunities for students in the Arts” McMaster University. Official
Memo, February 3rd 2010.

2) Lily Panamsky. Assistant News Editor. “McMaster proposes Art History Phase-out” The
Silhouette, McMaster University Student Newspaper. February 4th 2010.

3) Grace Evans. Senior Andy (Arts and Culture Magazine) Editor “What has happened to the
Humanities?”The Silouette, McMaster University. February 4th 2010.

4) Leah Sandals. Toronto Art Critic and Writer. “Are the (Janson and Janson-loving) Kids Alright?
McMaster Art History Students Protest Closure of Program”. Unedit My Heart Blog, February 6th

5) James St. North Community Blog “McMaster Art History endangered???” February 6th 2010

6) Akimbo News, February 8th 2010.

7) Hamilton-Halton-Niagra Events, February 8th 2010.

8) Elaine Marion. Opinions: “Could we ever know each other in the slightest without the arts?”
The Silhouette, McMaster University, February 11th 2010.

9) H Magazine, Hamilton Magazine Print Issue, February 2010.

10) Gabriella Pirraglia. Student Blogger for McMaster University Career Services. “Art is the
Daughter of Freedom.” Water Cooler Gossip February 12th 2010.

11) Wade Hemsworth. Reporter. “No future for art history” The Hamilton Spectator, February
17th, 2010.

12) ArtwordBlog. February 15th 2010.

13) Hamilton Arts and Letters. “Save the McMaster Art History Program” February 15th 2010

14) Craig Campbell. Reporter. “Supporters stand up for Mac Art History program” The Dundas
Star, February 18th, 2010.

15) Mary Koziol, Incoming McMaster Student Union President-Elect. Blog, February 18th 2010.

16) International Art History Newsletter, “Art History: Boring? Jones and McMaster University
Think So.” February 19th.

17) Desiree Valadares Letter to the Editor: “Save the Art History Program.” The Hamilton
Spectator. February 20th, 2010.

18) Academica Group: Innovation for Higher Education. "McMaster Considers Discontinuing Art
History Degree". February 19th 2010.

19) Adam Belovari. Letter to the Editor: “Art history students not getting facts from Mac” The
Hamilton Spectator. Tuesday February 23rd, 2010.

20)Elaine Marion. Opinion Piece. “Heading toward a blank ignorance.” The Hamilton Spectator.
February 24th 2010.

21) Dr. Hayden Maginnis, “McMaster Art History Open letter to President George” The Silouette
February 25th, 2010.

22) Carole Louis (Anonymous). “University Axes History of Art with heaps of artifice” The
Silhouette. Speculator: Humor Section, February 25th 2010.

23) Dr. Paul Rapoport. “No Mac Leadership.” The Hamilton Spectator, Letter to the Editor. Friday
February 26th, 2010.