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By Daniel Sakumai By Daniel Sakumai

A one way mirror Child’s play!

Separates two rooms Or so it may seem
And thus allows only one side When you try to understand
To be able to see another What it is that I am doing
The latter remains unaware Building castles out of sand
Then frolicking about, carefree
So too do many hearts And knee deep in the sea
Direct so much love one way
And receive none in return The shoreline is diminishing
The reefs are drowning
For many a time
We are merely reflections The air is thick with fear
Reproducing memories And I see people leaving
That affirms the other’s self love
Still, I lay in the sun blissfully
What can be done? Enjoying every moment
How can love be both ways? For I know that a day will come
When this spot will be gone
As the mirror must be broken When the sea will devour it
So that the other can see And then my island too
Love can only be withdrawn
So that the other can feel So I will enjoy every second
Treasure very experience
For it is only through its absence And one day I will speak of it all
That the truth can be revealed Describing the beauty that was
T hat you know not what you have Before my island went…
Till it no longer belongs to you …into the blue

©2009, Daniel Sakumai. All Rights Reserved.

By Daniel Sakumai By Daniel Sakumai

In search of my Juliet Mi sindaun na salem tingting

I journeyed far and wide Igo bek long ilan bilong mi
Through the valley of kings O ilan, ilan bilong mi
And across the land of Tsars Yu istap long wei turu long mi

I crossed deserts O ilan bilong mi

Staggered through snow Yu istap long wei turu long mi
I sailed the seven seas Wanem taim bai mi ilukim yu gen?
And searched all continents
Salwara ipasim mi
Yet, it was she who found me Siti liap ipaulim mi
Upon the shores of despair Mi ino ting bai mi
Battered and wounded was I Iken kam bek ken long yu
And so she took pity on me
Ilan bilong mi
She nursed me back to health
With her tender loving care
But I was blinded by hate
Vengeance captured my heart
And so I left hastily
Seeking to restore my pride

I once found my Juliet

But that was in the past
I did not take her in my arms
Rather, I left her behind

Thus is the price

For the pride of a warrior
Is the flaw of Romeo

©2009, Daniel Sakumai. All Rights Reserved.

By Daniel Sakumai By Daniel Sakumai

“Never again!” Tap tap tap click

She whispers Click tap tap
The wind holds still The screen blurs
It is in agreement But that’s just my eyes
So too is the moon My neck aches
It shines a little stronger But not as bad as my back
To guide her on her way
On the path to redemption Tap click click tap
Click tap tap
“Where are you?” My fingers keep punching keys
He yells And scrolling the mouse
The fury he wields Very soon
Is like a menacing blade I will need more coffee
The kind that cuts deep
Even through bone Ring riinnggg ring
My cell phone screams
“Mummy?” My girlfriend is waiting
Innocence inquires I’ve forgotten our date
“Where are we going?” I should’ve met her sooner
Questions unanswered About an hour ago
How to explain to a child?
A simple reply she offers Tick tick tick
“Everything will be alright!” Time is running fast
I better get going
I just need to finish up

Ring riinnggg ring

It’s my boss
He needs the report
The one I’m working on
I check my watch
Tick tick tick
I sit back down
Click tap tap
Just a few more minutes
I’ll be done soon

©2009, Daniel Sakumai. All Rights Reserved.